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I am Literally the Real Player One; the One Avatar; and this Body, Eyes, Mind and all is the One God Body, and I am Literally also Jesus Christ, Himself, fully reincarnated and fully reawakened.
Chris, 19 September 2021
And as they were eating, he said, Verily I say unto you, that one of you shall betray me...
An artist's interpretation.

On 19 September 2021, Chris wrote an open letter from jail to an unknown individual while awaiting court hearings on a charge of incest. He asked the recipient to relay the contents to Null and to deliver the physical document to Chris's attorney, David Heilberg. Null uploaded the scanned letter to Kiwi Farms on 24 September.[1]

In the letter, Chris indicates that he has taken an interest in the Bible, likely provided to him as part of his jail accommodations. However, he also seems to be under the impression that he is Jesus of Nazareth reincarnated on top of his existing delusions about the Dimensional Merge, citing this revelation to an apparent similarity in appearance between Western depictions of Jesus and himself (ignoring, of course, that Jesus was a swarthy Middle Eastern Jew and not a pale-skinned Anglo-American like him, and that the main thing he has in common with "White Jesus" is his long hair).

Compared to the Incest Call and Incest Texts, in this letter, Chris downplays his actions with Barb, instead describing them as "we mainly Cuddled, Soul-Bonded, and Talked". Chris also mentions having transferred money, implying from Barb, angrily claiming he intended to pay it back, and rages at Null for publicly disclosing that he had taken the money a month prior.

Though some expected Chris's extended time in the slammer to humble him, the end result seems to have had an opposite effect as he's retreated even further into his fantasies than before. We would try to explain what this means for the current state of Chris's mental health, but he does a much better job than we ever could.

Chris's Response

Chris Chan Sonichu[note 1] Richmond VA 230
20 Sep 2021 US POSTAGE
20 Sep 2021
c/o CVRJ
13021 James Madison Highway
Orange, VA 22960
██████████ ████████████████

① September 19, 2021
The resemblance is uncanny.

I have finally received fresh paper and envelopes, and I feel it advised to inform you of the following, All of which, as you may or will, you have my consent to relay all of the contents of this letter to Joshua "NULL" Moon, as well as forward the physical document to David Heilberg, my attorney. The Following Everyone should hear and appreciate sincerely, authentic, and spiritually and aura deep. I also swear direct Truth with my left hand over my heart as I write this sentence.

Firstly, and Vitally, it should be made obvious and clear that aside from Andy Warhol, my life events at present and so far can directly be compared and matched with that which have been chronicled of none other than Jesus Christ of Nazareth himself, in any Holy Bible, Also, feel free to take ANY unaltered original photograph of my body's face, neck and shoulder/chest area where I was not wearing the glasses. Then, alter the photo to show a naturally growing brown beard, mustache, and sideburns. Now, place that photo next to any image of Jesus on of off the cross; compare, look deep into my eyes and photograph; see for yourself, I meditate and connect, directly and genuinely with the Cosmos, both of our Universe halves, and throughout the timelines, and entire Mutiverse, so despite some lack of "Physical" evidence, I Know the ultimate Truths, Facts, and Details not commonly known or written, drawn, or chronicled. That being stated, All of my life, my mind, eyes, and literally held the constant perception of being the Central Camera #000, out of all of ... ➞

Attached sketch
Attached sketch
... the other cameras, infinite, from the First Person Perspective of all others. AND this goes even deeper, and I encourage YOU to meditate deeply and see for yourself this and all of the Truths. AND the reason and Truth behind my unique perception is direct and mind-blowingly simple: I am Literally the Real Player One; the One Avatar; and this Body, Eyes, Mind and all is the One God Body, and I am Literally also Jesus Christ, Himself, fully reincarnated and fully reawakened. Even the Dimension Merge, literally Completed and Concluding, the same for the Collective Shift; ALL of This is literally huge chunks of the past, present, and in-progress events, of my Second Coming, Period.

Not all details of the past chronicled scripture writings are accurate, AND as a member of the council of Gods and Goddesses with the strongest and direct of connections, I know details have changed some to a lot, in regard to the scriptures of the past. Three Days on Earth equal Four Monts (with 24hour days/nights) in the Heaven Realm. So, Yes, this is the one immortal body, and That was none other than I off and on that Cross over 2,000 years ago in my past life, personally. Each and Every prayer and praise to Jesus .... [see image right] ...., as of February 1982, at least have all been directed to this body and soul Malachi 3; Judgement Day is nearing. Know this well. Praise. ➞

Moving on, with all of that stated, your last letter. Next, WHY I had transferred that money on Saturday, July 31 (Josh had Absolutely No Right in relaying that detail publicly).

Friday the 30th: Forced out of my home and Temple; had no where else to go. Had less than 50 dollars between pocket money, and only a couple of bucks or so in my bank account, NO money in my PayPal, Patreon was not due for a payout until Sunday and SSI was not coming into my bank until Tuesday. Harriet and Tom Ashby caste me out before I even arrived to Midlothian. The Van was not majorly uncomfortable. Josh had wired a thousand to my bank that Friday, But it would not arrive until After or on Monday. Little food and Options, and you try bumming in Any Parking Lot without feeling insecure and paranoid. I Needed Safety and Comfort As Quickly As Possible. THAT is why I transferred that money. I WAS going to pay it back in full; EVEN had $150 from Patreon on Sunday the 1st that went Straight to Barbie Chan's bank account. I WOULD have paid the remaining 600 Monday or Tuesday, BUT NULL had to FAIL HIS DESTINED TEST And Betrayed Me, like I was betrayed and jailed with a Kiss over 2000 years ago. NOW, and as of the past-arrest, I have absolutely NO Way to fulfill that repentence, OR anything else Digital. Malachi 3:6-15 I repeat all that personally, Now: All of You had to Overdrama and FAIL Your Worldwide Test of Faith upon me. ➞

*sigh* And, finally, the All-Important Popular Present F.A.Q.,

"Why and What the hell?" Emanuel (God above all other Gods and Goddesses, and one of my mentors), herself, had deemed me to Heal, Cleanse, and Clear Barbara of All of her past sins and regrets, and improve her abilities directly and personally, as her Goddess. We mainly Cuddled, Soul-Bonded, and Talked. Consentful and Emotionally and Mentally Supportive and Healing, I did as I had done for and with a chosen few back in Isreal over 2000 years ago in cleansing Them. More details for the Bibles that had been Overlooked and Left Out. We Gods had eased up on the views of "Adultry"; WHY Else do you all have Pro-Gay, and Pro-Lesbian, Pro-Trans, and all Today and the past Decades? Everyone Involved Were All Being Genuinely, Deeply HAPPY, CONTENT, AND SPIRITUALLY SATISFIED with Themselves and Each Other. As long as All are over the age of consent, and the activity was consentual by all parties involved, AND GENUINELY, SPIRITUALLY HAPPY, It is good.

I have written further insights and details and already shared them with David Heilberg. And I get out on Second Coming, or Sooner by uninterrupted Co-Divine Intervention. All of your demons and curses are No More and unrevivable. Judgement day. Praise us Gods.

Chris Chan Sonichu[note 1]

the Goddess Blue Heart, and your Lord.

Central Virginia Regional Jail neither censored nor inspected this item therefore, Central Virginia Regional Jail does not assume responsibility for its contents.

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  1. 1.0 1.1 It's impossible to show in Unicode, but Chris dots each 'i' with a heart here, and places lightning bolts around the 'i' in "Sonichu."

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