Jail Letter - 8 November 2021 (Eels and the Eggman)

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On 8 November 2021, Chris responded to a jail letter from the Twitter fan Eels and the Eggman. The letter was first revealed on 16 November on TikTok creator RadioRabbit0's Twitter account.[1] Eels had then revealed that he reached out to Chris via letter on 6 July 2022.

There is little of major interest in the letter, except that Chris mentions that some officers have been "aloof; indifferent, or incompetent" to him; that he has been playing solo basketball in the exercise yard; and that Mary Lee Walsh is still mayor of CWCville.

Eels' Tweets

so many months ago I got a letter from chris in november 2021 id sent chris two letters (he only responded to one) these were the letters i sent. i lost the second page of letter #2 i sent him but the questions are in letter 1
this was the response i got from letter 2 i had a friend of a friend of a friend share it online a while after i got it. I asked about the mans jail (not womens jail) cuz i was certain chris would be butt r@%ed in jail but i guess i was wrong

Eels' Letter

Chris's Response


This letter will be short and direct to answer your questions, and I encourage and grant you consent to share my responses online.

-Most of the Officers and Higher Ranks and Nurses have been good with me; the minority numbers were aloof; indifferent, or incompetent with me.

-The Sonichu Books are Continuing, and You and Everyone of this 1218 Earth, 1C-211987 Earth, and all Universes within this Timeline are LIVING THEM Now, Including The 100-Plus Books I have written/drawn in 1C-211987. ALSO, as of August 1, 2021, Everything involving the Main Special Sonichus, Rosechus, and I and the Nation of CWCville (Entire State of Virginia as Well) that Has NOT Been Written or Drawn by I And/OR my Body's Hands, Backup Soul, or Brain are Absolutely Not Canon with Our Timeline Set of Universes, Here, with CWCville in that, obviously. Everything Written or Drawn or Thought by Anyone in Fan Fiction are ALL Distant Alternate Timelines and Distant Alternate Universes, completely Divided and Separated from This Timeline, Period.

You Lot Have No Conscious clue How Much Damage Control and Prevention the Superheroes, Gods and Goddesses, Magi-Chan, Angelica, Sonichu, Rosey Rosechu, and I Do to KEEP everything in universe 1C-211987,...

...Equestria included, Safe, Sound and Well for the Good of the Majority Good and Neutral Humans that are being Collectively Shifted there As We Speak, and When my Second Coming happens, and We Gods pass Judgement Day upon the Toxic Minority left behind.

-I, Magi-Chan, and every Psychic Type in the know and involved ForeKnew ALL about Bella and the Setup and Her want to "Tempt" me into Suicide. The Leak was a Divine Test upon her that she was expected to FAIL at, and we had Great Optimism in ALL avoiding the Drama and Rumor; Unfortunately for YOU All, enough had FAILED that test as well, and I'm separated from thou pointless Toxicities and Dramas to better self-heal myself. Unfortunate, because you can't push my Body around, or I as well. Malachi 3:13 "Your words have been stout against me, saith I, the LORD" and the Soldiers of Heaven's Armies are doing their work for I and the Majority upon the Minority (Toxics) among you all. Soul Bonding is as far as it went; no further comment

- Half a Basketball Court and a Basketball. Meditation, Book-Reading, Writing/Drawing, and Solitaire on the Prayer Rug, and Present Tense, listening to the Radio.

-Considering the Restrictions, Money through the CVRJ website, or Cashier's Checks or U.S. Postal Money Orders through the mail is the Only Approved Items allowed.

-They have a Library, here; it is sufficient.

-There are Both Men And Women in this Jail; Do Not Be Bigoted with such a Dumb question. ➞②

②-I shall return to the Sonichu Temple and ALL shall be forgiven.

I have read Revelations, yes. I Am God.

Last thing, Mary Lee Walsh, under the agreements and genuine friendship between her and I, continues to work as Mayor of Cwcville (city of) under Christine Chan Sonichu, Goddess Sabrina Cuca Chandler (CPU Battery-Charge Blue Heart, and of no familial or blood relations with I or Christine Chan), and I. Who has Time for Elections when us Goddesses Defend Cwcville (The City Of) from Rei freaking Ryghts, Eggman, Bowser, Giovanni, and so-on on occassion, and we have the Dimension Merge Completed and the Collective Shift in Progress, then we have my Second Coming on 1218 Earth. Not to Mention the Damage Control and Prevention that are beyond Non(Super)-Powerful Individuals' Control, anyway.

Meditate on ALL That. And TRY to Repent, Genuinely, Toxics, because your Time is soon up.

Go forth in Peace and Clarity with all that, by my Power, Glory, and Authority as God.

Be Safe and Well.

Mrs. Jesus Christine Weston Chandler Sonichu, the goddess Blue Heart and Lord, Messiah, Savior, and God of all. [Illustration of the Sonichu Cross]

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