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Note on Misinformation:

This article previously included information that was primarily speculative or incorrect. This is being fixed. For more information see here.

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Note on Credibility:

Isabella Loretta Janke has been deemed to be an unreliable narrator for the following reasons:
Bella is a pathological liar and gives contradictory statements.[note 1]
Bella often embellishes or brags about heinous or disgusting acts she's supposedly done or claims she plans to do for shock value.[note 2]
Paradoxically, Bella will also claim she didn't actually mean certain things she said.
Bella has a history of fabricating evidence. [1]
Bella will often put on a genial facade, and act sychophantic around guests, but speak very negatively of them when they're not in the same chat as her.[note 3]
Along with this, Bella will often backstab or throw her presumed allies under the bus when it is most convenient for her.[note 4]
Bear this in mind, and use healthy skepticism when taking statements from the subject being discussed.

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Note on Sockpuppets:

Isabella Loretta Janke has been known to use sockpuppet accounts. Since it is difficult to discern their sock accounts, it is best to avoid speculating an account belongs to Isabella Loretta Janke unless fully verified.

Were the best trolls on history.
Bella,[2] optimistically looking forward to the leaks.
allen ive been trolling him for almost a year now and im the hardest to find according to everyone and the most secretive
Bella gloating to one of her associates about her secrecy.[3]
Isabella Loretta Janke
Name Isabella Loretta Janke
Also known as Bella[4]
Maxine Sidero[5]
Kelly Osborn[4]
redpilled single dad[7]
Kelly Andes[11]
Ashley Hamer[12]
Jung ji[13]
Gender Female
Known for *Creating an animated intro for Chris
*Being in a call where Chris admits to commiting incest to her.
*Claiming on at least two ocassions to have plots involving harming Chris or getting him to commit suicide
Race White
Nationality American
Occupation Internet Troll
Organization TTU Chess Club (founder, leader)
Praetor (formerly)[14]
Saga Watchmen, Praetor, Incest

Isabella "Bella" Loretta Janke,[4] also known as Kelly Osborn and dozens of other pseudonyms, is known for her participation in the leaked July 2021 Incest Call in which Chris revealed that he had been having an incestuous relationship with his mother.[15]

A foot fungus-ridden,[16] currently-suspended student at Texas Tech University, Bella's sordid internet activities included being the leader of a chain of Discord servers, the TTU Chess Club, from which she and her friends made many sociopathic, edgy, and off-color remarks, including encouraging people to verbally harass other students.[17]

In the fall of 2020, Bella was hired by the Praetor group to create an animation for Chris. She and Chris kept in contact afterwards. While Bella was friendly towards Chris in conversations,[18] behind his back she would A-Log him on Kiwi Farms and her Chess Club Discord servers, even claiming on two occasions to have plots to harm Chris or to get him to commit suicide. With no proof of the claims beyond Bella's own words, whether she had any real plots or was claiming it for edgy humor remains unclear and has been the source of much speculation. Bella was also one of several people who spread rumors about Praetor following the leak of a chunk of the Taser Call, claiming that she was trying to convince them to harm Chris.

In July 2021, Chris began telling selected trusted individuals - Bella, The WCT, Null, Don Lashomb, Spunky, and his physician[19][20] - that he had begun having sexual relations with an older woman. At the time, Chris was using euphemisms such as "lady friend" to mislead them and disguise the true nature of his actions.

On 28 July 2021, Chris trusted Bella to such a degree that he decided to reveal that his sexual partner was his own mother to her during a video call conversation with her. Bella recorded the admission and shared it with the Chess Club and the Suitress. Bella planned on how to release the information publicly, wanting to gather evidence and get more information from Chris from another angle to preserve anonymity.[21] The Suitress also shared audio from the recording with her friends.[22] On the night of 29 July, the first of multiple leaks of audio from the Incest Call, as well as the incest texts, were publicly released by the Suitress and her friends, with longer (though non-essential) cuts released by Bella and her friend over the next few days. Ultimately Chris would be arrested and charged with incest after concerned viewers called police for a welfare check after the initial 29 July leaks.

In Bella's attempts to preserve her own anonymity, she tried to claim that her friends were either behind the leak[23] or were the person behind her voice in the recording,[24] a move which lead to much backlash.

In the wake of the Incest Call's release, Bella was doxed by the Kiwi Farms.[25] Out of a combination of her A-Log comments and self-proclaimed plots towards Chris, her edgy behavior, drama over the revelation of Chris having sex with his mother, and general confusion as logs of Bella's chats were leaked, speculation and gossip on Bella's involvement with Chris ran rampant, with many unproven allegations being repeated as fact. As a result, many believe Bella to be the most corrupt troll to have ever targeted Chris. However, any plans of hers, if she had any, never came to pass, making her intentions hazy.

Online Presence



Parts of this section are based on edgy commentary or behaviors Bella made or displayed in Chess Club servers or elsewhere. Whether Bella genuinely holds the beliefs or has performed the acts mentioned is unclear.
An abstract depiction of Bella
Bella had worked out a pretty smart plan on getting people into her group, she would be very outgoing and invite people to her discord, and whoever stuck around, either lurked or stuck around. so she became the catch all for the lowest common denominator of people, whether they shared views, or they wanted to have sex with bella, because she had fat tits. but most people saw the gore, and the fart/shit/piss fetish stuff posted there, and left.
A former associate of Bella's on her sychophantic behaviors.[26]

Bella's sordid online activities were exposed not long after Kiwi Farms doxed her. Even before meeting Chris, she and her circle of friends were known for bullying, harassing,[17] slandering,[27][note 5] and blackmailing[citation needed] other Texas Tech University students.[note 6]

She has also made off-color comments and posts suggesting herself to be a white supremacist,[28] animal abuser,[29][28] and fetishist for all things unholy (including snuff,[30] zoophilia,[31]scat,[citation needed] pedophilia[32]).[33]

In December 2018, an account on named narutoisgay77897 posted a Naruto fanfic about father-son incest between the characters Naruto and Boruto.[34] The link between Bella and narutoisgay77897 is unclear.

Bella has drawn gore comics about "fluffy ponies", a subset of the My Little Pony fan art community whose users create stories and art in which the characters are abused.[35] In November 2020, Bella, as user Careless-Metal-423, posted a gore comic to the fluffycommunity subreddit which received 330 votes.[36] Another comic was also found, signed as her 10anon username.[37] Her comics depict fluffies being crushed by a woman sitting on them.

Accounts going under the usernames "lilaj77897" and "friggiffartard", both believed to belong to Bella, have also created imgur accounts full of shocking images and videos, including pornographic videos, animal abuse, a screenshot of a Tor link to a website which hosts child pornography,[note 7] gore, executions, and beastiality.[30] The link between the second account and Bella is also unclear, though the former account would include videos that feature her, and the latter account would contain many pieces of art and animations created by her, many of which appear to be traced.[note 8]

TTU Chess Club

TTU Chess Club
Name TTU Chess Club
Also known as The Chess Club
Saga Watchmen, Incest

Bella was the admin of multiple Discord servers, all collectively refered to as the Texas Tech University (TTU) Chess Club, or more simply the Chess Club, in which she and her friends played chess and chat. Appropriately, creating the group, and theming it around Chess, a claimed associate of Bella's claimed she bragged about having an Elo rating score of 1700, despite this score being calculated through online games, and not actually competing in any real tournaments.[note 9][38] A former associate of the Chess Club recounted Bella creating at least two other servers predating the Chess Club, both of which being taken down for violating Discord's Terms of Services in some way.[26] He claimed that Bella had created the original Chess Club server as a more tamed down alternative of one of the prior two servers, and as a means of recruiting more people into her clique.

yea when i was in the first 2, maybe 3? servers, the first got nuked, because of gore spam, the second was a cess pool of disgusting everything, and the third was the "chess server" which was a tamed down version of the second, in hopes to get people to join the inner circle
A former associate on the history of the Chess Club servers.[26]

The Chess Club server hosted Bella's friends from Texas Tech University, including Louis, one of the Chess Club's most active members whose screennames include "louize" and "ternarymercury", and Allen, another friend of Bella who expressed interest in conversing with Chris. Bella and her friends made many vulgar and edgy comments in this server. In the wake of the Incest Call, Bella discussed the call in the Chess Club[39] and the leaking of the call.[40] She also attempted to frame many of the members in these servers for being the voice in the call.

Chess Group #15 was a separate server created by Bella. It held a more genial atmosphere than the Chess Club. On 19 July 2021, Bella invited in Chris, The WCT and the Suitress into Chess Group #15. There, WCT discussed his feud with Naught, asking for Bella's help in doxing Naught,[41] the Suitress and Bella discussed Everfree Northwest plans, and Chris made only one comment stating he was busy drawing. Bella's friend Allen also tried to converse with Chris, changing his screenname to "Alice" and pretending to be a girl, however Chris was not active in the server and didn't respond.

Bella also created another server after the Incest leaks referred to as The Pumpkin Patch, where many of her associates had moved to, and discuss many of the events that happened prior.

Interactions with Chris

she's actually cool to talk with
Chris on Bella, December 2020.[14]
Judgement is good, sycophants are cheap.
Kyle's opinion on judging Bella.[14]
Their love quests are at an end...

Bella claims that she first saw Chris at BronyCon circa 2016 when she happened to be visiting Baltimore to watch a Rubik's Cube contest. Chris did not attend Bronycon in 2016, so it is more likely she saw him there in 2017.[42] She claims that she did not know who Chris was at the time and did not talk to him.[43]

Bella's interest in Chris would not be sparked until some time in early 2020, when she began watching Chris-Chan: A Comprehensive History.[citation needed] A former associate of Bella's would also claim that she would constantly brag about actually knowing him personally.[26]

Bella has also been noted for having ties with several of Chris's other orbiters. According to Bella, she got into contact with Chris via Praetor around September-November 2020.[44][45]

The troll Larry Vaughn would claim to have been in contact with Bella early on when she first contacted Chris.[46] According to Larry, Bella would tell him that both her and Chris had been attempting to contact gal-pals from high school, claiming that he had a desire to reconnect with them. Larry would also claim that Bella would play a substantial role in helping him manipulate Chris. [46] A Twitter account of Bella's under her "Kelly Osborn" pseudonym had also followed Larry's Twitter account.[47]

Bella would also attempt to impersonate a Curiosity Stream employee on 13 October 2020 in order to get him to Richmond, Virginia, sending him an e-mail claiming interest in discussing with him about autism on a podcast due to his Sonichu comics.[48]

On 28 December 2020, Bella talked about the Avatar State, a power-up from the fictional Nickelodeon cartoon Avatar: the Last Airbender. Chris promptly incorporated it into his fantasy world.[14]

One of two leaked e-mails where Bella interacts with Chris under the "Kelly Andes" pseudonym

On 1 February 2021, Bella would do another impersonation, this time of the high school gal-pal Kellie Andes (while mispelling her name as "Kelly Andes"), all the way until mid-June of that year. [11] As only a few of these e-mails have been leaked, and all of the leaked e-mails have occured far between, it is uncertain how far Bella may have gone with this plan, or what she intended with it.

On 17 February 2021, Bella was mentioned by Chris as one option he had been considering for a potential relationship.[49] Chris would also show signs of interest in her later on his planned trip to Everfree Northwest; he wanted to book a room with Bella at the hotel at which they planned to stay.[50] She would also claim in a chat between herself and the Suitress that Chris would consistently make sexual remarks towards her. [2] In a conversation with Watchmen members, Chris would also state Bella to be "intelligent".[51]

During their interactions, Chris held a positive view of Bella, describing her as "cool to talk with,"[14] meshing with Bella's claim that she is "extremely nice to him."[52] Bella would gift Chris with mints in the shape of Pickle Rick, markers, and a few letters.[53] However, the former Watchmen member Kyle considered Bella a "sycophant".[14] Bella would also claim that many of the ineteractions she had with Chris were "pleasant",[53] though Chris also envisioned her as being a male Sonichu in Dimension C-197.

Bella claimed that she had cut off all interactions with Chris for a short period of time between the March of 2021 and the late June of that year.[53] She claimed that she did this out of the surrounding CWCsphere being "toxic", as well as concerns for the Watchmen doxing people, receiving many, many texts from Chris, and the amount of work it would have taken to give him sufficient attention. Bella claims from there that she was then invited by Chris to the brony convention, Everfree Northwest. However, Bella would also contradict this claim herself in a July 2021 Discord post, talking to one of her associates about how, as a result of her being nice to Chris, she was able to troll him for almost a year.[3] The full extent at which Bella had been trolling Chris by this point, however, is not known.

Art and Animations

Bella would create a few pieces of fanart and animations regarding Chris, or involve him and his creations in some way.

Chris Chan Sonichu Intro

Chris Chan Sonichu Intro animation is a short animated video uploaded by Chris on 13 November 2020. The animation, in the style of a 90's anime, features Chris transforming into his Chris-chan Sonichu form while his ear-piercing falsetto rendition of "Twist of Fate" by Olivia Newton-John plays.

On an unknown date, but believed to be no later than 13 November 2020, Chris provided the vocals for the video. On 15 March 2021, Bella posted on Kiwi Farms that Chris and Praetor had commissioned her to create the animation:

I was paid too by Chris himself and a group of faggy trolls who “recruited me”(essentially just gave me all of chris‘s information and bank info) and had Chris write me a graphic explanation of the “anime intro” word for word.
Bella as Kiwi Farms user 10anon.[44]

The video was animated by Bella under the aliases Careless-Metal-423 and tenthanonymous. Notably, she included some sneaky detail of Chris' Duck in the panty-shots during the transformation sequence.[54]

Chris Chan Sonichu Intro animation
Direct link Youtube, archive
Stardate Unclear
Saga PraetorPraetor Praetor
Other LeakedLeaked Leaked


Animation and artwork done by tenthanonymous.

Music is a karaoke version of “Twist of Fate” by Olivia Newton John.

Vocals done by the voice of Chris Chan Sonichu.


[Throughout the video, Chris belts out a somewhat incomprehensible rendition of Olivia Newton-John's song Twist of Fate.]

[The video opens on an animated shot of Chris holding the Sonichu medallion. He raises the medallion, which the camera focuses on from 0:02 to 0:04. Chris then transforms into Chris-Chan Sonichu]

[After Chris finishes transforming, he poses with Sonichu and Rosechu. The text "Chris Chan" appears above them, changing into "Sonichu" and finally "Chris Chan Sonichu."]

Sonichu's Update on the Dimension Merge and Sermon - October, 2020 Chris's videos Sonichu reads and critiques a Fanfic by The Crimson Libertarian

Misc. Art

Below is some other Chris related art that Bella had created.

A-Logging and claimed plots

Despite having friendly contact with Chris, Bella had engaged in some noticeable A-Logging when speaking to others, also claiming to have plots to harm Chris. In a Kiwi Farms post dated 15 March 2021, she described Chris as a "fat, overweight retard", complains about his enablers, and claimed she wanted her associates at Praetor to get him to cut his penis off, and that he should die in a gender reassignment surgery accident:[44]

The current “trolls” are just as big of retards as he is and they literally do nothing but stroke his fucking tranny cock that for some reason they won’t budge when I try to tell them to get him to cut it off instead of paying him. as much as I think the guy should’ve been killed in some freak gender reassignment surgery accident by now, I got my check to animate this shit and now I’ll dip, cya!
Bella as Kiwi Farms user 10anon.[44]

To her friends in one of her Chess Club Discord servers, Bella claimed that she had a plan to get Chris to kill himself. In conjunction with this, she also tells the same friend of a supposed plan to make Chris believe that someone seemingly noteworthy is Jesus of Nazareth.[52]

On 19 July 2021, Bella claimed that, "bc im extrmeley nice to him," to have "hacked" into Chris's bank account and "stole his money", and "got free trips and got him to join a cult and mlp porn on [Kiwi Farms] and fly [to Florida]". Someone asked Bella, "I thought the plan was to get him to kill himself", to which Bella responded, "yeah but by getting others to tell him theyre jesus and they hate them and then saying "oh no those ppl are os mean :(" and then he pays me".[52]

Chris claimed in a jail letter in response to a fan's questions that he "foreknew" that Bella had such a plot.[55] As Chris had likely gained several letters mentioning Bella and this alleged plot before this one, while also claiming to have "foreseen" several other happenings, and Bella is a considerably unreliable narrator, whether Bella actually had this plot in mind or was simply claiming this for shock value is unclear as formal proof of this is yet to be found.

Everfree Northwest

Everfree Northwest is a My Little Pony-themed convention; Chris had planned to attend during August 2021. While making plans in July, Chris sought to put together a "posse" for "sharing and protection" during the convention, seemingly in response to being informed by Watchman The WCT that Jacob Sockness planned to attend in disguise to meet with him.[56] On 12 July, Chris asked The WCT if he knew of anyone who could help, and WCT indicated that he did not. Chris also mentioned having asked Null and Praetor's Caden if they could help with the posse arrangements.[56] The following day, Chris texted Bella and assigned her to act as a bodyguard:

I wanted to check in with you on an additional detail about the convention, as in while us being together as travel buddies and friends remains genuine, there is a caveat as well. You'll also play as a bodyguard and watch person, similar to Link's Navi, unless you feel able to do physical work in defense as well. The reason being Sockness is making attempt to get to the convention as wells."
Chris's text to Bella[19]

According to Bella, she would get a message from Chris, requesting her to be his bodyguard.[53] Bella had agreed to the bodyguard role.[57][58] Chris also made plans with Bella for them to carpool to Washington, D.C. together for their flight to Seattle, WA to attend the convention there.[59] According to Bella, Chris also wanted her to act as photographer, paying her $500 to purchase a camera and follow him around the convention to take photos.[60]

Around this time, Chris was also secretly in contact with a young woman who had previously developed a crush on him, codenamed "The Suitress". Chris had wanted Bella to meet and befriend the Suitress, who would have accompanied her and Chris during the convention, in a Discord server. On 19 July 2021, Chris invited Bella[61][62] and the Suitress[63] into Knights of CWC, a Discord server of Watchmen, where they discussed Everfree Northwest and how best to protect Chris from Jacob Sockness.[57] From there a love triangle would form. Chris liked Bella, Bella liked the Suitress, and the Suitress liked Chris. Bella would detail her attraction towards the Suitress in various Chess Club servers. She would share a photograph the Suitress took of her legs,[64] call her "cute",[65] and claim that she wanted to "protect" her from Chris and woo her away from him.[66] She also expressed wanting to dance with her during the Grand Galloping Gala event.[67]

In the leaked chunks of the Incest Call, Bella would state that she was pushing for both Chris and the Suitress to have sex in the hotel room where they would stay in during the event, something which would be consistently deterred by the fact that Chris wanted a room with her, as opposed to one with the Suitress. In addition, Bella would claim that as his "photographer", she would take pictures of all of the instances that Chris and the Suitress got "romantic". The exact purpose of these plans are unknown.

Any plans that would have come out of this would never come to pass, as Chris would be arrested and detained before he could actually attend the convention, and has since been banned indefinitely.[68]

The incest scandal


Despite what you may have been led to believe, although she didn't strongly discourage him from continuing having sex with his mother when she found out about it,[69] Bella did not convince Chris to start his affair with his mother. Chris has told her about having an affair with a "sweetheart over 50" two weeks before the infamous incest call.[19] It also hasn't been proven that Bella has a genuine incest fetish.
Josh moon hates me abd I'm ok with just being a legend
Bella optimistically gloating about the incest leaks.[70]
An artist's alternative interpretation of the call itself.

Bella is most well-known for her participation in drama that revolved around Chris's affair with his elderly mother. After being hinted at by Chris about such an affair, she would get in a call with Chris about it. Parts of the call would get leaked, leading to the aforementioned drama.

Hints at an affair

On 13 July 2021, Chris had confessed to Bella that he was in a relationship with a new sweetheart who is "older than him", considering her as one of the few people he can trust to not confess this to anyone else.[19]

On about 27 July, Chris again pressed further and dropped more hints about the nature of his relationship:

I realize I am remaining and sounding distant on the questioning, and it will become more clear and obvious when I tell you, in-person, who she is. I actually wish I could tell you over text or voice call, but the government and anyone with the tech can easily hack into those methods.

Chris stated he would "feel better and safer confiding with you in person," then Chris also recommended using Signal, a texting and voice/video chatting app which features security measures such as end-to-end encryption (having used the app to communicate with Null).[71]

Later, Bella chatted with the Suitress about Chris's evasiveness. Bella said that, due to Chris implying illegal activity over his relationship from his "hack" comment, she had a feeling he and his sexual partner were related. The Suitress asked if it was Barbara and Bella replied "I genuinely think it might be"[72]

The Incest Call

At first I did not believe it, even after Christine said “Bella, I want you to look me in the eye when I say this… I am having sexual relations with Barbara”
A supposed recounting from Bella about how the Incest Call started.[53]

In the early morning of 28 July 2021, a video call took place. During it, Chris revealed that his new sweetheart was actually his mother, going into graphic detail about his incestuous relationship with her. According to Bella, the beginning of the conversation was not recorded, and she began recording when Chris showed her the vibrators and "organic lube foam" he was using on his mom.[73]

Bella acted nonchalant throughout, and even supportive at times. Afterwards she stated to her Chess Club friends that she never said the incest was wrong and that Chris thought it was justified, and that she said she understood so he would talk more.[39] Bella would also state this several times when she was questioned in an interview regarding the call leaks.[74]

Bella also made a subtle attempt to divert Chris's attention away from Barbara by bringing up the Suitress:

[Barbara]'s wise in her ways and um, you know, she has experience and she loves you, and you two have a great relationship. But wouldn't you want somebody who's younger? Right? To keep up more with your energy? Yeah.
Bella, promoting the Suitress.[69]

Bella talked up the Suitress, describing her as "a wonderful girl" who "really, really, really adores you" and painted a picture of a relationship with her:

[The Suitress]'ll be more open to stuff like, you know, having spa days, getting pizza, going out together, you know, and, she's um, she's probably newer in the bedroom, but she's willing to do it. She's willing to have fun with you.

However Chris resisted, saying he had foretold the future and that the Suitress would find someone else while at college.

Call Leaks

After the call ended, Bella then edited together multiple clips from her recording and shared the video call with the Chess Club and the Suitress. All expressed disgust with Chris for his incest.



A reaction from Bella after the call.[75]

The Suitress, though in shock, had also stated that "when I have sex with him, I hope it sways him away from his mother" and encouraged Bella to "please tell him to quit her for me".[75]

Apparently around the time of the call, Chris also allegedly sent text messages to Bella describing his incestuous actions in additional detail.

Bella intended to leak the incest news, but wanted to gather evidence from a different angle to remain anonymous.[39] However, she had sent the incest Call and texts to the Suitress, who leaked those on the night of 29 July on a Discord Server,[76] both without Bella's permission. Bella would scold the Suitress for both of these actions, evidently irritated.[77]

Sometime after, Bella started to gloat about discovering this revelation. In chats with the Suitress, Bella said she and the Suitress "broke the Internet", which the Suitress did not have much interest in doing, claiming to just want to see Chris, and seemingly being worried about the consequences that may follow, to which Bella claims that she will protect her identity.[78]


Main article: Incest Leak Interview

After the clips have been leaked, a user going by Gungann had attempted to interview Bella out of concerns that she was manipulating Chris and/or the Suitress.[79] After she had a conversation with Bella regarding the premature leaks, the Suitress would invite Bella to the interiew, which the Suitress and Gungann had agreed to. In two chunks of the interview (both of which were shared on Kiwi Farms to provide context) Bella would be repeatedly asked if she was "aroused" by the call, or if she had an incest fetish, to which Bella would frantically deny. The Suitress would attempt to ease tensions and accusations that were occuring in the interview, explaining that the way that Bella may have said things in the call may have been "misconstrued".[74]

Leak Aftermath

An artist's interpretation of Bella during Chris's arrest.

Null questioned Chris, who told him that he had told only Bella, consequently, Bella was named by Null as a troll with knowledge of the material.[15] Bella tried to do everything in her power to distance herself from the growing drama.

Watchman The WCT questions Bella for her side of the story; she deflects with absurd lies.

Watchmen leader The WCT questioned Bella, asking for her side of the story. He then created a group chat, titled Regarding Chris, with Bella and some of the other Watchmen for further questioning,[80] though this move backfired as Bella instead responded with disinformation.

At first Bella kept to her word to protect the Suitress, claiming to the Watchmen that the Suitress was not the person mentioned in the Incest Call,[81] and also claiming the name mentioned in the call to be a minor with the same name. Bella explained to the Suitress that this was to prevent the Watchmen from trying to blast the Suitress.[78]

However, later in the Watchmen's Regarding Chris chat, Bella soon turned to framing the Suitress for being the voice in the Incest Call.[82]

Bella then created fabricated BDSM texts in which Chris supposedly admitted to having BDSM-style sex with Barb.[83] Bella tried to perpetuate this notion in Regarding Chris, claiming that Chris wouldn't feed Barb unless she performed felatio on him. In the chat, she convinced Watchman The WCT that the screenshot was legitimate and persuaded him to release it publicly and to name the Suitress as his source,[84] resulting in the Suitress getting doxxed via WCT uploading one of her videos to a Kiwi Farms post.[85] The screenshot was dismissed as fake by most observers, and the motive behind its creation remains unknown.

Bella also tried to make several sockpuppet accounts on various platforms, ranging from the Kiwi Farms, Reddit, and 4chan, where she would claim that "tranny niggers" uploaded the call,[citation needed] among other disinformation to protect her identity, as well as attempting to claim that she was not "Kelly Osborn" to the Christuber GiBi. The attempts ultimately failed.

Bella would also create an eight-page Google Doc document, where she would attempt to dispel any supposed rumors that were created on the Kiwi Farms and its users. She would post this document onto the Chris Chan sub-reddit on 7 August 2021. In it, she would claim that she was never a member of Praetor (misspelling the organization as "praector"), and had attempted to bring more light onto her interactions with Chris. The veracity of many of the claims regarding her motivations made in the document are unclear, however, as she had already denied her involvement with Praetor, and denied her involvement in a chat with the Suitress, where Bella brags to the Suitress about obtaining the incest call. In that same doc, she would also claim that the WCT had blocked her after denying him the full 4-hour tape and "threw him under the bus", despite the WCT questioning her involvement in the call that was given, and even being manipulated into Bella's attempt to frame the Suitress.[2][53]

Chris cuts ties

Even after the Incest Call was leaked, Chris was still trusting of Bella as he believed her cover story that someone else had leaked the information[86] even though he had told only her.[87] Null pointed out the absurdity of this and asked how Chris rationalized it, to which Chris replied that he was "spiritually guided and sound of mind."[88] Chris then texted The WCT and asked for his thoughts, and WCT concurred with Null that Chris shouldn't trust Bella. Chris then agreed that Bella's story was not credible.[86]

Chris also appears to have developed scorn for Bella in recent times after his arrest, as evidenced in various jail letters.



Much like with Clyde Cash, several people have attempted to mimic Bella using accounts that use her likeness. Be cautious when taking anything stated by accounts that claim to belong to her.
An ex of Bella claims she got a suspension from Texas Tech University.

Eventually, Bella herself was doxed, not in small part due to one of Bella's Chess Club associates, Louis, posting an image of Bella’s mistreated rescue dog.[citation needed] After her personal information was leaked, Bella went into desperate - albeit futile - damage control, using sockpuppet accounts on 4Chan, Reddit, and Kiwi Farms to rant about how the info regarding her was fake, exaggerated, and/or a psyop conspiracy led by transgender puppetmasters.[citation needed] Unfortunately for her, this was to no avail; no one believed her due to her behavior as a habitual liar with sociopathic tendencies, and as of late August, users on the gossip forum Kiwi Farms were actively speculating about her.

An ex of Bella claimed that Bella got a two-year suspension from Texas Tech University, though the suspension reason is currently unknown. The claim was shared with a Kiwi Farms member who posted it.

Fan Video

You Can't Defeat Me - Christine Weston Chandler VS Isabella Loretta Janke (Chris Chan Edition)
Stardate 9 October 2021
Made By SheWIND
TRUE and HONEST Sonichu Fan Videos

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  1. Bella would post a Google Document onto the Chris subreddit, where she would try to deny information that has been gathered about her and her associations with other orbiters, contradicting what has already been verified or shifting blame on people she talked to. (Such as her involvement with Praetor, bragging to the Suitress, and claiming that the WCT "threw her under the bus"). In that document, she'd also claim to stop talking to Chris from March 2021 to the late June of that year. However, in one of her Chess Club servers, she'd also tell one of her associates in a July 2021 post that she trolled Chris for "almost a year".
  2. For example, Bella would claim to one of her associates that she had defecated on the floor of her dormroom, only to then be called out by the same associate that she had used a stock image from reddit when asked to give proof of this, to which Bella responded to with "Yeah no shit retard".
  3. Compare Bella's messages in Chess Club versus Chess Group 15.
  4. After the incest call got leaked, Bella would frame many of her associates as being the voice in the call, most infamously the Suitress, whom she blamed for most of the events that have occured prior.
  5. During a Title IX investigation involving her and her group, Bella would attempt to shift blame on an ex of her's who she claims was also in her clique. This ex would also post on the Kiwi Farms, while making claims about Bella and her involvement in the Chess Club servers.
  6. Bella would cite many of these targetted students in various chats and messages as being involved in events involving her. In these scenarios, their names will be edited out.
  7. How Bella had obtained this screenshot, or if she had created it herself, is not known. However, ZorgothTDK, who claims to have been an associate of her's, would also claim that she would "...collect CP for her own use and may have resold it to others".
  8. In the "friggiffartard" folder, many of the drawings vary drastically in style and quality.
  9. The Elo score is the relative ranking used to compare the proficiency of players in games such as chess. The percentiles vary depending on the scale used, but "1700" is generally considered above average. In the USCF scale, the scale is 100 and up. On that scale, 1700 is considered "Class B", which is considered to be "consistently above average" for all players. It should be noted, however, that this score was calculated through online games Bella had played, and not through any official tournament data. Along with that, the alleged associate also claims "1700" to be a below average score on the scale the games use.


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