Jail Letter - 13 June 2022

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On 13 June 2022, Chris sent a third letter to Helena Fiorenza. Eels and the Eggman received Helena's letter and per Chris's request has not revealed the contents of the letter. At least for now, all that has been released is a summary.

The biggest revelation from the letter (if Eels's summary is to be believed) is that Barbara is no longer living at 14 Branchland Court, and that a "sacrifice" must be made to get to 14 BLC.

Eels' Summary

  • Does continue to use the backwards 5.
  • Talks about and gives detailed script on what to draw for 3 pages and gives little doodle of how soul bonding works. Just holding hands.
  • Stories I sent are good but the script sent by Chris is better.
  • Confirmation that alien doom cults that think of Jesus as an alien are wrong. "Garbage in their speculations".
  • Is ok to not believe. Chris believes anyways and took a while for Chris to do so.
  • Chris leant [sic] from Aang and Korra to be a goddess.
  • Agrees that the gods alingside [sic] The God Emanuel used to be more bloid [sic] thirsty but now are loving, but will nit [sic] punish mystics or witches but WILL leave toxics behind.
  • Something about CPUs working for a long time and a character called Rey Rights losing to them?
  • Pride? Not a sin. Arrogance? Is the sin. Poluce [sic] and politicians are not only arrogant but greedy. They will be left behind.
  • Not all cults are bad. Look at all the religious branches that come from just believing in Jesus.
  • Atheists are ok because found strenth [sic] in themselves. Is ok for you, Helena, to not believe in me." We watch over you antways.[sic]"
  • Helena's mom had to die to make her the woman she is today. Yeah, death is hard and sad but we all have to go through it.
  • When god punished the Pharaoh, also punished his people. Evil energies (like demons) were the cause of his arrogance. Hell wants to extinguish the good of the righteous ones through bullying.
  • The devil pact Helena did 10 years ago is null and void. All debts (spiritual) are paid. Helena gets personally blessed.
  • Demons are having fun but just you wait.
  • Helena is nice for seeing that jail has been ideal. Chris made the same wish for a comfy life. Chris expected more from the half broder [sic] Cole but what can be done?
  • Chris adores Pickchu (Helena's oc) but is more like a nun than a husband because nuns are married to god, right? The list for the harem is way too long for Chris to write.
  • Chris? Angry? Never.
  • Chris always knew of Bella's betrail [sic]. Chris tried to save her but she was possesed [sic] by demons. Bella did not participate in the sales of CWC items but only did that animated clip.
  • For some reason Chris referes [sic] to the Suitress not being is [sic] the ""Pedophile" scandal Bella was cooking up". (What does Chris mean by that? Was the Suitress underage?)
  • Again, Chris has secrets only the other gods know but we will never receive the doxxes (names, addresses, etc) of people that writes [sic] to Chris.
  • Something about 1. "Dream state", 2. "make a sacrifice to go home" and 3. to clean the temple (house) since Barb is gone.
  • Chris has Magichan and the rest when "Crystal Weston Chandler Sonichu" to be born (no due date. What happened in Jail??)
  • No spoilers for the books Chris is writing.
  • The merge is complete but is taking a while because the toxics need to be taken care of.
  • "♡♡ Thank you for caring♡"
  • Same signature.

Helena's Tweets

Despite not providing the letter she sent to Chris, Helena has made tweets that provide context regarding what she had written to Chris. Helena's tweets are represented in purple, while tweets from other users are represented in various other colors.

also the anger thing, as if the last video we have of Chris isn't being angry over my little pony
I told Chris that anger is not something new age entities have, now a days god is all loving and stuff


I’m sorry what the fuck is this ? I get it he’s autistic and has no sense of reason but , it doesn’t justify this , he has no right to comment on the death of anyone, it’s absolutely distasteful and cocky to make such a statement , @HelenaGFiorenza this is not ok


Is ok, I brought her up. I forgot what I said. Basically that despite believing in her internet alien doom club, that didn't save her from her cancer



Christine Weston Chandler Richmond VA 230
9 September 2009 US POSTAGE
9 September 2009
14 Branchland Court
Ruckersville, VA 22960-2807



Eels' Summary