Jail Letter - 27 June 2022

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On 27 June 2022, Chris sent a fifth letter from jail to Twitter user Eels and the Eggman. In this brief letter, Chris claims that David Heilberg confirmed he will be transferred back to 14 Branchland Court under "valid terms" after his sentence is finished, suggesting that he may be placed under probation after being released. He claims that he had no attraction to Bella, despite previously admitting to it,[1] and that she will not be facing legal action for any supposed crime.

In the letter Chris also states that police never questioned Barb due to her mental defects and made a random-access pun, Commodore / Come adore.

Eels' Letter

Hey Chris,

Glad to hear from you glad we cleared the air and made peace with one another. It sounds like things are going better for you. Sorry for all the letters but I felt it was important to quell any rumors and misinformation spreading online regarding you and your situation. There are some ridiculous rumors that have spread online following your arrest. Even now the trolls, fakers and haters continue to be convinced that you are panna release the contents of your address which I find preposterous as you mentioned several times you aren't going to do that. I think that it might be a kinda "conspiracy" they are pushing to deter people from writing to you, or just a kind of "chomping at the bit" because they seek to attack the people who wrote to you, who knows.

I apologize for my belated response, I have been dealing with a crisis at my new job. Or I'd have sent this letter by now. As per your request the recent letter and script supervision letter has NOT been shared anywhere online by me or helena per your instructions. Helena is really to working on sonichu content for you and I've even pitched a few ideas to her (I'm something of a writer, but lack any drawing abilities) . I'd come up with a few sonichu fan characters since the merge started. One of which I pitched you already, sort of. But some characters IVe thought of are:

Sickles: A fusion of knuckles and Scizor (sythers evolved form) but his name resembling sickle was obviously a connection to "hammer and sickle" ie communism. His origin became obvious to me that he was a laboratory grown soldier created when the soviet union spliced the DNA of knuckles and a scizor together. But much like his predecessor knuckles he would go and become a good guy after a long cryogenic freeze. Possibly one of pickchus bodyguards. He's a steel fighting type. he's a rival or frenimy to punchy?

Electrotor: A mashup of electabuzz and Rotor the walrus from Sonic:SatAm. A tech genius who combines his technical prowess with his natural electrical powers. He's a thunder ice

Sallychu: (don't mad here me out) not a replacement for rosechu (she can never be replaced) but a new character unrelated to rosechu a mash up of Sally acorn and one of the alonian variant pikachus/raichus she's a twitch streamer and intemet personality and favorite entertainer the self proclaimed •queen of cwcville- (not literally, just a "stage name" "fake title" she throws around) is considered very attractive and has lots of subscribers Of her She's a ground thunder type

Jeff the Kunai: A ninja sonichu who can tum invisible and tum into smoke one of pickchus bcxiy guards and an expert with throwing projectiles. He's a fire electric type

Rabgar: A fusion of bunny rabbot and gengar, she has ghost powers rather than powers. She was turned half ghost like Danny phantom. She's a ghost normal type

Vaporas: Her name is a pun on she's a mashup of vaporion and perfect chaos the leader of an underwater city of Atlantis sometimes a friend of humanity sometimes an enemy hates pollution and when endangered sea life is hunted and will attack the surface world when she fears sea life is threatened. She's a water dragon

Not sure what to do with these character concepts yet Helena liked a few of um but figured I'd ask for your input. I have to conscious of characters created with the merge based on what youve been saying. I really don't have many questions other than these.

1.) You mentioned that you're going home to the sonichu temple soon. Why do you think/know that? It sounds like with all the continuances the trial hasn't "started" yet so isn't it technically too early to say?

2.) Were you attracted to Bella? A Lot of people found her very attractive (until the foot fungus and weird poop things about her came out) did you ever see you and Bella as bring more than friends i.e. a potential sweetheart or was she just a "middleman" between you and [the Suitress].

3.) With the trial approaching and your confidence it will all end favorable for you I gotta ask is Bella being called in? Is she gonna have to answer on the stand in your trial for what she did? Are null, barb and Dillon gonna get called to the stand?

4.) You mentioned in a previous letter that Barb was never questioned by the police or they believed something she said that wasnt true or something like that. Can you elaborate? I thought everything between you and barb was cool? Did she perceive it as more or lie to mess with you? Maybe Bella got to her too?

5.) What exactly was your relationship with bella? You met through pradetor but what exactly did you guys talk about? A wild rumor states that Bella was trying to "brainwash" into getting into "degenerate" fetishes and that the leak It seemed like she was leading you on to try to make yo call factored in? Was Bella trying to "get you into" any of

6.) I know this has already been answered and I'm sorry I have to ask AGAIN but the way to fight the toxic ones is the truth. You mentioned in your previous letter that "the innocent ones will not be doxed" people on the kiwi farms have interpreted this as you will dox anyone who wrote you troll letters, or letters trying to mess with you. I don't believe that for a second that you'd dox anyone even trolls but some people can be really really dense maybe you can spell out for these dumb trolls what I already know I know you're not gonna do any of the trolls but maybe you can weigh in on this so we can finally put this b.s. rumor to bed? Honestly those toxic trolls and haters will have more than enough to deal with now that they're stuck on this dying ball of rock unable to shift over as the dimensions have locked them where they are.

Anywho lemme know what's up. I hate when unsubstantiated rumors spread and rear their ugly heads. Hopefully if the trolls have their fabricated rumors debunked they'll calm down and stop trying to control the narrative with their lies. Hope all is well and forward to your eventual video back at the sonichu temple.

Sincerely your friend <CENSORED> "Eelz" <CENSORED>

I do have writing talent if there's anything you want me to try and write for you like a character's backstory, or sonichu spinoffs, or dialogue for a comic lemme know. I'd be happy to assist in any way I can :)

Chris's Response



This'll be a short letter in response to your just-received letter.


Your OCs are okay.

I was never attracted to Bella, period, other than to be Just Friends until after her confirmed betrayl. Bella's never gonna be cuffed in. The talked topics were simply on light and brain-bending topics with some checkers and chess. Bella and Barbara had never talked at all. She never attempted to sway me to deviating fetishes at all.

Heilberg had confirmed my return home on valid terms. Plus, my return/Second Coming had been fortold LONG Ago with the scriptures.

Barbara was never questioned due to her age and falling mentality.

That's all for now. Be safe and well.

Mrs. Jesus Christine Chan Sonichu.

Commodore Come Adore