Jail Letter - 30 October 2021

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On 30 October 2021, Chris sent the 3rd letter to Kenneth Englehardt.

This is also the first letter that includes a Holy Label. Chris would continue this tradition of including written on bottle labels in subsequent letters.

Chris's Response

Hey Kenneth.

This Letter, I wish for thou to post on Onion and see about posting it on Kiwi as well, for this is of utmost importance.

I have heard confirmations from Barbara that she has not recieved many visitors, or Donations to the Sonichu Temple, as I had decreed and requested of thee all. I feel mild disappointment, But it is not too late. I shall offer direct instructions.

In regards to ALL monetary donations to be utilized to pay off the Temple's Mortgage (X<$90,000, at present), there is no online options at all in doing this, even with my PayPal, since it is not confirmable to Barbara or I at present to check its balance, unless we're talking about old-fashioned Money Orders. Mainly, Chashier's Checks, and Cash, in amounts of no less than $10.00 per person, but Go for sending more than $100.00 if able, can be directly sent, and made out, to none other than Barbara Weston Chandler at... 14 Branchland Ct. Ruckersville, VA 22968-9545

Absolutely NO Gift Cards are to be sent to her or the address of the Sonichu Temple at all.

As for Food, this is Best offered unto Barbara In Person. Barbara Has Been Fully Vaccinated of Covid-19, so ALL are safe to be near her, as long as thou art Kindest and Positive Vibrations in Intentions and Aura, with no ulterior motives at all. Food Delivery Services that Have Been Paid in Full for and sent to Barbara is okay. She is not picky, nor does she have any allergies. Fresh Fruit, in low quantities (especially Bananas) is okay. No Pizza allowed during my jail presence. Orange Juice (Tropicana), canned vegetables and soups, packaged Tuna (no cans) in small amounts/quantity, Oatmeal Cream Pies (the cookie), cans of Pedigree Chicken/Beef dog food and Ol' Roy dog biscuitsfor Clover, Friskee's Seafood (in cans) cat food and Meow Mix original dry food for the cats; these items are Choice with Barbara.

IN PERSON Social Interactions and Genuine Kind, Good Vibration, and Good Intention People are what is best for her as well. She is Intellectual and Spiritual, as long as the topics are Not Too Personal and Safe For Work, I encourgae thou to visit, talk with her, and listen to her stories.

She is Likely reluctant to be interviewed, so No Recording Devices while in her presence. Ask her first if she is okay to be in a seflie photo with thou. Thou may Ask her to be interviewed (On Site-Only at the Sonichu Temple, and outside, especially if Clover is still barking at thee in thy presence). The Gazebo in the backyard is a good and safe spot for an inteview with her. Allow Barbara to make the choices in this instance. I understand all of thy great interests in her backstories and history as well. →②

② Also, thou may continue to donate to my Inmate Account online through the Central Virginia Regional Jail's website, but, again, it is not mandetory, and I would rather the large sums of monies be used to pay off the Sonichu Temple's Mortgage As Quickly As Possible, as well as the remaining debts, please.

An Update, here: I have all of the clothes I require during the remaining time in jail, as well as an AM/FM Radio, Bible and Qur'an. If anything, at most, I only woud require about $50 per week to keep good stock in good foods, including the Instant Soups, Mac&Cheese, Jalepeno Cheese Squeezers, Soda, Tea w. Lemon Powder Mix, Pens, Paper, Envelopes, Stamps, Toothpaste, Deoderant, Triple Antibiotic Ointment, Soap Bars, and Batteries for the Radio.

I humbly and directly Thank each and every one of you all who have donated so far. Know and Feel the Blessings and Enlightented Vibrations I had further personally bestowed unto thee as promised. Kenneth, I know thou can personally Testify of my abilitys and powers as God how thou hath been Blessed since your earliest kind donation.

To ALL, I bid thee Go forth with Peace and Clarity by my Power, Glory and Authority as God. Keep The Faith, and Have No Doubt of me. My Second Coming is Nigh, and so is Judgement Day, after, upon the Minority of Toxics.

Be Safe and Well with Love.

Mrs. Jesus Christine Weston Chandler Sonichu, the Goddess Blue Heart, and Lord, Messiah, Savior, and God of all.


Kenneth, I have manifested and enclosed a repurposed Holy Label with my Neo Spiritual Christianity Symbol/Logo on it. Laminate it, or cover it with shipping tape, attach it to a bottle (mainly for water and NON-ALCOHOLIC Beverages) to enjoy thy liquid consumptions with my Blessings, safely, from that bottle.

Thank you, Kenneth.

Scrawled on the back of a plastic bottle wrapper:
The Joy of Gods, Goddesses, the Heavens, and the recombined new Earth! JailLetter2NewCWCCross.jpeg Lord, Messiah & Savior, Jesus Christine Weston Chandler Sonichu, the Goddess Blue Heart.

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