Jail Letter - 22 July 2022 (1)

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On 22 July 2022, Chris had mailed a sixteenth letter from jail, a duplicate of the letter he sent to Eels and the Egg-man on 21 July 2022. Kenneth Engelhardt had received the letter on 25 July, and had chosen not to share the letter, but posted the envelope. Kenneth had stated that the letter primarily consists of Chris discussing legal matters that he is dealing with, and that Kenneth and other people are trying to help him through. Kenneth had also said "Yes, she is still in jail."

Kenneth's Posts

Can't upload letter but is dealing confidential personal/legal matters that myself and a couple of other people are trying to help CWC out in. Just got this in the mailbox tonight.

Yes, she is still in jail.

Kenneth explains on Twitter that the contents of the letter was Chris bribing him and Helena Fiorenza for $150,000.

Chris sent me a letter asking to get a fundraiser going with Helena and another person to raise $150,000 so she could pay off the mortgage and use some of the cash to influence Barbara to move to a nursing home. Both me and Helena agreed this was ridiculous.

Summary of Letter

This has already been pretty much posted on Twitter but I will add a few more details in a summary.

In order for Chris to come home to the Sonichu Temple he is legally forbidden to live in the same residence as Barbara.

Barbara is being very stubborn and does not want to leave. He wants Caden to contact Barbara and persuade Barbara on the legalities of this matter to move.

Quote from the letter "On that, I know one (shallow — because she has been shallow) way to sway her is with money, and I have literally told all of everyone to donate their tithes and offerings to her and the Sonichu Temple, especially the money."

Chris wants me, Helena and Caden to organize a fundraiser page and raise $150,000 to pay off the mortgage and the debts and have enough left over to out her in a nursing home. Chris wants me to be in contact with both on this crucial project.

Reality Time

I sent a letter that evening to Chris and told him the following

Me and Helena are in agreement that the fundraiser idea is just plain asinine.

Elderly people don't like going into nursing homes because you lose your independence and become "institutionalized"

If you are worried about Barbara I would suggest talking to your attorney about the idea of an apartment in a retirement community with home health aide to help with ADLs (Activities of Daily Living). (As a disclaimer, I have never met Barbara IRL so I can 't say how severe her dementia is but there is a clue in the next letter and it's not good).

As for Caden contacting Barbara about the legalities of this: My answer simply put was NO, NO, NO, No way. Let your attorney do this and Barbara will be to get legal advice on this from her attorney or however something like this would work

Chris's Letter

Christine Weston Chandler Richmond VA 230
9 September 2009 US POSTAGE
9 September 2009
14 Branchland Court
Ruckersville, VA 22960-2807