Jail Letter - 20 November 2021

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Christ.JPG Delusion disclosure: This article or section takes place during Chris's phase of role-playing as Jesus Christ. He may refer to his Christine Chandler personality and physical body in the third person by using terms such as "soul partner".

On 20 November 2021, Chris sent a letter to a Twitter fan, Adam, also known by his screen name Maniacwesker.

In this letter, Chris outright says that as a result of the Dimensional Merge, the world that we live in is now the same universe as the one that the Sonichu comics takes place in. Chris also discusses with Maniacwesker about how he interacts with his imaginary friends in jail, and how all of the events prior fit into the canon of the comics. Of particular note is how Chris also believes that he has made allies with the jail guards, and how the sender appears to be giving his phone number to Chris.

Chris's Response

Jesus Christine Weston Chandler Sonichu Richmond VA 230
22 Nov 2021 US POSTAGE
22 Nov 2021
c/o CVRJ
13021 James Madison Hwy
Orange, VA 22960
November 20, 2021

Hey Adam,

I am in quite good health, mentality, and spirituality, and feeling good. I appreciate your offer, but I am managing my finances well. And I appreciate your offer for donations to my account. But, be sure to send donations to Barbara at the Sonichu Temple as well.

I will accept your phone # and surprise you with a call soon enough.

I am in a cell "by myself", but I am not alone, for I have Magi-Chan, Cryzel, Sylvana, Mewtwo, and everyone else within my reach (with my hubbychu chillin' with I and our highest Rank Gardevoir in this cell at the moment), and I work Out of Body in my continued hard work, duties, and efforts with Everyone of our Allies and Friends, during these events and Everything. As if the Northern Lights within Your View, and the Solar Flares in high numbers are not Obvious Clues towards the Happenings with Chaotic Rainbows, and Judgment Day upon the Toxic Minority left behind.

Anyway, I am disbarred from interacting with the other inmates, and am allies with some of the Ladies and Gentleman of the police staff in this Male and Female occupied facility.

You are Litteraly Living the Sonichu Comics I have written an drawn already on our recombined Earth, and I shall write and draw more after completing the tough Diving Task, with the Collective Shift, my Second Coming, and all. NES: Kabuki Quantam Fighter, SNES: Super Mario World, N64: Pokemon Stadium 1 & 2, Gabecube: Sonic Adventure 1 DX and 2 Battle.

Thank you for your kindness, Adam.

Go forth with Peace, Clarity, and Blessings by my Power, Glory, and Authority as God.

Be Safe and Well,

Mrs. Jesus Christine Weston Chandler Sonichu, the Goddess Blue Heart, and Lord, Messiah, Savior, and God of all.

Central Virginia Regional Jail neither censored nor inspected this item therefore, Central Virginia Regional Jail does not assume responsibility for its contents.

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