Jail Letter - 4 June 2022

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On 4 June 2022, Chris had sent a fourth letter to the Twitter user Eels and the Egg-man (@EelsandtheEgman), who had previously posted two letters he sent to Helena Fiorenza on his Twitter.

Highlights of this letter include:

  • Chris confirms that he did not receive any letters while he was at Western State Hospital.
  • Chris tells Eels not to worry about jail donations as he will be released shortly (presumably at his next hearing on 28 July).
  • Chris clarifies that his Goddess Log, which he intends to publish as a book, is not the same as his address book, and that he has no intentions to dox any of the people who have written to him in jail.
  • Chris again denies having had sex with Barbara and claims that he will explain the situation fully when he gets released.
  • Chris's transfer to Western State Hospital was purely to educate him on courtroom terminology and proceedings, essentially confirming that he was transferred to become competent for trial.
  • Chris goes into detail about what "soul bonding" is.
  • Chris finally goes into detail about how he met Bella. Chris had met her through Praetor, which he felt was not a good idea for her to be hired.

Eels' post

Alright everyone big news I got a letter from chris chan. few things i gotta set the record straight on

1.) I did not donate a penny to chris, I did however lie to him several times saying I'd give him money. to get him to write more

2.) everyone was wrong about the dox

Eel's letter

Eels had posted the letter that he sent to Chris on 7 July 2022.

Two rumors persist

a.) You were transferred to a mental institute following some kind of outburst or unsafe activity you engaged in.

b.) That you were extremely sick and/or injured and taken to a medical hospital, with some kind of chemical drip due to extreme pain you were in.

Obviously based on kenneth's letter it sounds like you can't answer or address this for now but felt you should know what people are saying about you on the outside. As per usual here's my questions:

1) How do we send you nuley? If a standard 7/11 money order is unacceptable what financial donations are accepted? Are we able to send cash, checks, is the cvrj website running again? Can we donate there?

2) I'm curious, in a jail call you talked about how soul bonding was "healing people's auras with chakras, chi and crystals. But the conversation was badly edited and taken out of context Maybe you can give me more info as I'd like to it It sounds very Hindu/Buddhist/Shintoist/Pagan- Do I need any to soul bond like crystals, candles, essential oils, robes, tarot cards ect? Is it possible to soulbond oneself? Are there health benefits to it?

3.) How did you meet Bella? There's two contradictory rumors.

A.) She met you on Twitter and null and his allies (pradetor/guard dogs/watchmen) failed to notice her and properly vet her.
B.) She infiltrated Nulls circle of allies and thus avaded screening

4.) Did you get any of my letters post December or my letter I sent on Helena's behalf? Or is this the first one to come through?

5.) Can you explain in greater detail what the goddess log is? Are you planning to release personal information of people who have written to you in it?

6.) Recently the movies Spider-Man: No Way Home and Doctor Strange: In the Multiverse of Madness came out that dealt with interdimensional travel to other universes with the letter DC Strange film hinting at the comic book (which btw are comics allowed into jail? Whafs the procedure for sending those if there is one) adaptation of Secret Wars 2015 where Doctor Doom and Ultimate Reed Richards saved the multiverse by taking pans of various Earths from the multiverse and creating a world composed of those various earths called "Battleworld". Is this a subtle hint at the dimensional merge yet to come? Will we see something maybe like this iri?

7.) Has anything like food or activities improved in jail? Are you still limited from contact with other inmates? Is there anything before they maybe wouldn't let you do that they're letting you do now since your return

8.) Is there any way to send you writing, mailing or art supplies directly? Or is the only way to get those items to send you nuney so you can buy them? Is there maybe an approved item guide you muld send us or direct us too so we know not to send any rejectable items?

Chris's Response

Hey, [redacted]

Firstly, by the time you read this letter, you will have already received a letter addressed to Helena. So, in confirmation to you: Mail from March and April, 2022 have not been received; ALL of your other letters have been received. "If I had a nickel for" every letter [redacted] sent me, I'd be well over a dollar richer.

Secondly, do not worry about trying to send me money through the jail at this point, for I shall be returning home not long from writing this letter.

Thirdly, your questions and the rumors:

  • The Address Book of mine is Separate from the Goddess Log pages, and I have absolutely no intention to dox anyone. The G.L. Pages will be published in a book, "Malachi & Revelations - Out of Jail" (working title), and names shall be changed to protect the innocent.
  • Since you're scanning to send the letters to Helena, you've may already have read the fact, so I tell you direct as well in confirmation: I have never had sex with Barbara; that was purely Big Talk to Divinely Test everyone. You may share that underlined confirmation online if you wish, for I shall personally share the expanded/full lot of details publicly after my safe return to the Sonichu Temple.
The Temporary transfer to [redacted] was only to put me through "Restoration" to (re)-educate me on the Courtroom Terminology and Proceedings. I was never in any unsafe activity nor was I extremely sick or injured with any "chemical drip".

1) Moot point now, but CVRJ accepts ONLY Cashiers Check made out by a Bank Teller at a Bank or Money Orders made and sent from Only a Post Office.

2) Soul Bonding is the Bonding and Union of Auras (Energy Fields) between at least two individuals. Crystals are not required. One can Soul Bond with themself in a (re)union of your own Soul and the separate energy manifested from your Body's Care point between the heart and Solar Plexus Chakra Points. If you have ever Astral Projected your soul out of your Body, and your Body managed to continue their functions at least on Basic Minium [sic] during your abscence [sic] with a manifistation [sic] of a Soul Copy manifested from your Body's Core, and find yourself communicating with that separate entity while in your Body, then you'd understand the situation and relationship of a Body and Soul Partner relationship. Other multi-dimensional Soul Bonding details will be talked about in the upcoming book.

3) I had met Bella through Praetor, who had/has absolutely no correlations with your "Guard Dogs", "Watchmen", or NULL the Judas. Praetor had not the best thought process when screening her, but he's forgiven.

Scratch both those rumors as False.

4) Read the beginning of this letter to answer that question.

5) The Goddess Log is my Journal; I have no intentions of releasing anyone's personal information.

6) Comics are not allowed in jail without the Major's prior personal approval for each one. Both of these movies are precurssors to the present Collective Shift in Progress (Dimension Merge is Completed; Toxic individuals of the 1218 half of the recombined Earth for Universe 1C-211987 in their being Left Behind), Yes. Battleworld is not of 1C-211987; that is an alternate dimension's planet separate from 1218, C-197, and 1C-211987. IRL, the result is essentially what you similarly saw in the series finale's end for "Star Vs. the Forces of Evil.

7) It's the same as before March, 2022, but more like back in August, 2021, for I am in a cell in Medical with a Window again.

8) Don't worry about sending me items in-jail, for I shall be back at Home at the Sonichu Temple not long from now, anyway.

I appreciate yours and Helena's support and the kindness of Neutral Good and Good alignments, respectively.

Be Safe and Well.

[Mrs?] Jesus Christ Chan Sonichu.


Eels' Letter

Chris's Response