Jail Letter - 4 July 2022

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On 4 July 2022, Chris sent a fifth letter to Helena Fiorenza. Eels and the Egg-man shared most of the letter, although some segments haven't been published per Chris's request. Eels wrote a summary of the redacted portion of the letter, which Helena posted to Twitter.[1]

Chris's Letter

Christine Weston Chandler Richmond VA 230
9 September 2009 US POSTAGE
9 September 2009
14 Branchland Court
Ruckersville, VA 22960-2807


Hey, Helena
I am pleased and thankful for your renewed energy and inspiration. You are doing very well and better.

Firstly, I will answer your questions. The only blessings that have been best out of the jail was the quality meditation time, safety, the window from Medical cells 4 and 3, as well as my awakening, revelation, and ability to better my self and my Body in astral manifested Divine works and duties. To count the property accumulated, I am grateful to have been able to write and occasionally draw over the months, make fruit tea, Tropi-cherange (Fruit Punch, Black Cherry, and Orange) drinks, coffee, and simple water, the chicken ramen noodle soups, and Solitaire play on the (floor) Prayer Rug. The only one thing I'll miss is playing Solitaire on the Prayer Rug. Oh, and music and news on the jWin AM/FM radio.

I am going into collaborating and delegating with others in my works and efforts, yes, Mutual Teamwork is Good.

Nobody has impersonated Barbara at all. Contact with her was at a minimum at best.

Bella, like the Toxic ones over the years, wanted to thrust the mislabel of "Pedophile" from herself upon I and get me in trouble with that False Witness. Fifi[note 1] was 19, but she looked youthful like a High School Sophomore; she is not a suitress, but only an innocent follower and bystan-der who fell victim, or would have fallen worse as such . . . -->

. . . by the Fated circumstances in any of the possible outcomes from last July/August among all of the Timelines, counting this one. I have long unconsciously foreknown of Bella's, Null's and Sockness' intentions and plans from my own innate Body and Brain's innate and developmental Psychic Power and Abilities (Her, my Body's abilities are still being upgraded and strengthened Godly, despite the restrictions of 1218 Earth, and shall be Maximized to full Power and tangible Ability upon and after the completion of the Collective Shift and my Second Coming, you foreknow this as well, Helena). I have always been innately connected with all my past collective memories and insights from my Books of Immortal Life from within the Cosmos, the Akashic Records, the Universe Core of 1C-211987 and both its 1218 and C-197 halves, and so on. I had not been fully aware until recent years in intervals.

Bella had already long testified for herself through the "Leak" video and her online confession to having Faked that video's content; she has absolutely no intention to come forward in any court of law, like most of the online Toxic Fakers.

Fate and Karma are hitting Josh Moon Hard for his past sins and demonics. And yet, I still find curious if either he or Bella would have been better kissers than Judas Isacariot.


I will contact Geno as soon as I am able to.

② I had explicitly request no upload posting of these letters, due to certain enlightening details that would have been even more overwhelming, as well as Spoiler Territory and it being too soon to share certain details. For example: the mass majority of 1218 Earth who have programmed their own minds with the thought of us Gods and Goddesses being "Mary Sue" or "Gary Stu" Perfect are not as easily ready and open for accepting I or Emanuel, in the least, as well as the other Gods and Goddesses as Flawed and Not Perfect, dest despite gaming and anime chroniclings actually being rather on-the-nose and point on our flaws.

I need to state the preface, and this remains Strictly Offline for the time being, in regards to my mentioned sacrifice.

August, 2021 I have gone over the following in my Goddess Log pages as roughly follows:

I have seen into ALL of the possibilities and timelines for the outcome of August, 2021. Betrayls, and the late Sockness' sorcery and demonics, and Everfree Northwest aside, Barbara and I have long been fated to be separated then, period. If Not for my Soul Bonding with her and mentally and emotionally healing her with talking of her past, she would have died in the vehicle accident with the van in August, and not in November and survived. There were also outcomes of Her landing in Jail instead, Dying by other fated happenings, or the Very Slight chance of moving...->

...in with another man out of attraction. The reason her Body, at the least (check her Aura, Helena) continues to have been alive and at the Sonichu Temple This Long of time was in my own emotional and spiritual processes and developments.

Had Everfree Northwest gone smoothly and well with my safe return home to the Sonichu Temple, Barbara would have been lost and prematurely migrated into her Rosechu form on C-197 Earth (how I saved her), and I would have suffered emotionally and not have as successful an awakening, rebirth, and revelations as I had. It would have been tougher on me, for I and my Body had not yet fully appreciated our Friends, Allies, and Social/Business Connections to properly prosper and pay off the remaining debts and mortgage.

Also, as I had stated in my Big Talk confession letter, Also, Barbara had become a Burden of Emotional Weight on me. And when it comes to the Legal Restriction of the Courts Never going to allow her and I to be together in the same building (before the Collective Shift’s completion and her full transition to her Rosechu Body), as well as the present Paradox that in ALL of the other Pre-Second Coming Timeline Portions, she and I were Not to be together since last August, Period.

In our time, my Body and I have processed, cried, grieved, and accepted these facts, And her (human) body’s relocation Needs to happen before my Body and I can ->③ Return Home at the Sonichu Temple; it’s fated/evident.

③ So, when I had read of your prayer, on top of the Billions of Heard Prayers from our Followers over these months, in regard of her and I getting back together, as well as the inquiry of “Are you excited to see your mom again?”, there is a deep emotional trick that gets triggered within my Body. Because I consciously and unconsciously Know These Facts and Divine Details.

So, I had made my own sacrifice to let Barbara go; to have her relocated, or or what of the foreknown outcomes Destiny and Fate may manifest on her (human) body and what’s left of her with the partial soul that lingers within her.

Fortunately, I have my plans for after my return home thought out, including on debt and mortgage payment, and settling; I’ll have to help on that as well.

Unfortunately despite my directly telling her of the outcome of June 9’s Court Date and giving her the choice to relocate herself, so she didn’t have to be Forced, Three Weeks later, by Caden’s confirmation, Barbara was still at the Sonichu Temple; Redneck and Stubborn. So, giving him the list of her charable crimes, including pet negigance/mistreatment, suicide threats, emotional manipulation and abuse upon I, and ADA’s law of using someone else’s SSI, I have instructed Caden alone, to call the police on her. I keep this Strictly Offline, because I don’t want to risk Toxic ones abusing her, directly, or any defacement of the Sonichu Temple, itself, or its property span, as well as thefts. No Good.

Anyway, that's all I have to share for the present time.

Keep aware and open for the continuing Shifts, Events, Significant Happenings, and literal Portal Openings, and seeing your own Pickchu, Jeffery, and your partner Magi-Chan in person in full tangibility, among others, locally, in [struck out] where you reside.

And please let me know what you've found in the Growing Up to Lead You" comic making and what I've shared with you in meditation and insight.

Be Safe and Well with Love.

Mrs. Jesus Christ Chan Sonichu.

Eels's summary and tweets

Helena eventually posted a revised summary of the redacted pages that Eels had written up on 12 July 2022.[2] Highlights include:

  • Chris apparently believes Jacob Sockness is dead, referring to him as the "late jacob sockness".
  • Chris describes how the events of summer 2021 unfolded in alternate timelines. In one timeline he goes to Everfree Northwest and a "sad end" awaits Barb while she is at home alone.
  • Barb has been going through "trials and tribulations" of some kind. Chris asks Helena to check Barb's aura.
  • Chris has "new connections" helping him financially, possibly Praetor or someone else.
  • An agreement was allegedly reached on 9 June 2022 which will permit Chris to return to 14 Branchland Court upon his release. It is unclear if Barb will be living there with him, but everything will not be "like it was before" between the two of them.
  • Barb allegedly did things which Eels considers "VERY VERY VERY bad", but she has apparently already suffered consequences for her actions. Eels states that he may need to break Chris's confidence and reveal the contents of the letter if there is anything "legally damning" there, but he is unsure if the deeds mentioned in the letter cross that threshold.

Eels later clarified in a tweet that he does not believe the actions Barb is accused of were "explicitly illegal", only that they were "very sussy":[3]

while i cant elaborate on what was said, there was more to chris' last letter. Nothing explicitly illegal or ongoing crimes were admitted to some im ok keeping the letter under wraps for now i guess. but there was some very sussy things (although resolved now) that were discusd

With the release of the full letter, it seems that Barb's "very sussy" behavior was appropriating Chris's monthly tugboat, although it's unclear how he would have learned about this given that she has not been communicating with him.



  1. Chris uses a pet name that he has given to Fiona, which Eels had censored out. Eels would confirm this in a Twitter post.