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Chris in July 2021

July was the seventh month of 2021. At first, it seemed like a promising month for Chris, apparently having found a new love interest, and being financially aided by a fundraiser in order to attend the Everfree Northwest My Little Pony convention, on the caveat that he does commissions and drawings to the backers, something which manager Null noted he was actually doing well with in terms of productivity.

It was sadly not to last.

Midway through, the month saw a sad turn in Christory, as one of the Chandler's dogs, Snoopy passed away. However, this situation utterly paled in comparison to what happened later in the month.

Late on the 29th of July, audio leaked of Chris confessing to having sexual intercourse with his own mother, Barbara Chandler. Incest in Virginia is a Class 5 Felony as it stands, but questions quickly arose as to Barbara's ability to even consent to the sexual intercourse in the first place. This prompted many horrified onlookers to immediately call local law enforcement, who conducted a welfare check on 14 Branchland Court and took Barbara to a hospital. An emergency protective order would be served against Chris, barring him Chris from entering the premises of the house and contacting his mother until 5 August of the next month. To add salt to the wound, the aforementioned Everfree Northwest convention promptly banned Chris from attendance due to the heavy media attention that the situation garnered.

Things only got far worse on the 31st of July, when Null, after looking at Chris's email, had discovered that Chris had stolen $750 from Barbara's bank account, prompting him to immediately cut contact with Chris, cancel the GoFundMe campaign, and to refund all of the backers of the fundraiser.

The full consequences of this infamous weekend would spill over into August 2021, where Chris would find himself tracked down by weens and being arrested in a motel parking lot while Ethan Ralph, a podcaster based in Virginia, live-streamed the entire arrest to thousands of people on Youtube.


  • 1-3 July - MKR and Chris text each other about Chris having left The Place, a Discord server with her and other Watchmen.[1]
  • 2 July - Chris gushes to The WCT that he has a new sexual partner, but avoids revealing her identity.[2]
  • 3 July - Chris tweets a recording of himself saying the meme Ara Ara.[3]
  • 5 July
    • Chris enters a call with several Knights of CWC members, where he talks about his 'older lady friend' and about how they've been having sex. Due to The WCT not recording the call, it is lost. [4]
    • Chris talks to Null about a 'new, older, disabled girlfriend' but avoids revealing her identity.[5]
  • 9 July
  • 11 July
    • Chris uploads two photos of Barbara to his Instagram, stating that she had gotten "a styling haircut."[6]
    • A Watchman, The WCT, is interviewed on Discord by a CWCki editor regarding the breakup of the Watchmen.[7]
  • 13 July - Chris tells Bella about having an older romantic partner he is having sex with, but avoids revealing her identity.[8]
  • 14 July
  • 15 July
  • 16 July - The first of the known Suitress DMs, in which Chris attempts to give her dating advice.[13]
  • 17 July
    • Chris drops hints to Bella on who his sexual partner is. He then says he has chosen her to know who the sexual partner is, but is not yet ready to state it. He says he might also tell Jacob Sockness as a "truth bomb". Chris tries to guilt-trip Bella into refraining from asking questions.[14]
    • Chris and Toffee Rosechu discuss a drawing Toffee had purchased.[15]
  • 19 July - Chris invites Bella and the Suitress to the Knights of CWC Discord server run by The WCT.[16]
  • 19-20 July - Bella invites Chris, the Suitress and The WCT to Chess Group 15.
  • 22 July
  • 25 July - Chris watches a WatchMojo video titled "Top 10 Hottest Anime Moms Ever".[19]
  • 27 July
    • Chris is triggered over seeing toys for the G5 series of My Little Pony while at Wal-Mart and Target and claims to have snapped his fingers and phased the toys out of existence.[20]
    • Chris records Direct Message to Hasbro: MLPG5 Is Cancelled., a rage-filled video demanding Hasbro cancel its fifth generation of My Little Pony. In the background of the video, multiple punched-in holes in his bathroom wall can be seen. When asked later the same day about the damage dealt to the wall, Chris replies that it was apparently from past attempts from which he was trying to quite literally break into another dimension.[21] This will very likely be the final video Chris uploads to YouTube.
    • Chris says to Bella that he wants to tell her who his sexual partner is, but is concerned that the government may hack into the conversation. He recommends she download Signal, an encrypted call and chat app.[22]
    • At 9:30 PM EST, the Incest Call takes place between Chris and Bella in which Chris describes incestuous acts with his mother.[23] Partway through the conversation, Bella covertly begins recording using her iPad.
  • 28 July - The Incest Texts occur, which take place on the Signal app.
  • 29/30 July - During the night, the Incest Call is leaked to YouTube by EllDudeRocks.
  • 30 July
    • At 12:23 AM EST, EllDudeRocks, also known on Reddit as GunLoader420, posts a thread on r/ChrisChanSonichu about the Incest Call.[24]
    • At 1:32 AM EST, the Incest Texts are leaked to r/ChrisChanSonichu by the Suitress.[25]
    • The WCT, Null, and Dillin Thomas each message Chris to ask about the contents of the incest leaks; Chris confirms to all three that the leaks are legitimate.[23][26][27]
    • Chris is removed from his house by social services. A welfare check is conducted over the incest allegations. An emergency protective order is issued forbidding Chris from contacting his mother and from being at the Chandler house until 5 August.[28] In the wake of the scandal, Chris trends on Twitter.
    • Chris posts in The Knights of CWC Discord server asking members for at least $100 for a motel room, but does not specify why he is asking.[29]
    • Chris posts in The Knights of CWC server that Everfree Northwest has banned him from attending its upcoming convention.[29]
  • 31 July
    • Shortly after midnight, $750 is transferred from Barbara's bank account into Chris's.[30]
    • In the fallout from the incest leaks, Don Lashomb pulls Warhol / Chris Chan from sale on Amazon, and Null announces a refund to the donors of the GoFundMe intended to fund Chris's trip to Everfree Northwest.[31]
    • Null asks Chris about the $750 money transfer. Chris admits he had taken the money and that he had control over Barbara's bank account, potentially constituting a violation of his protective order.[30] As a result, Null entirely cuts ties with Chris, notifies jerkops of the theft, and releases the chatlog from earlier in the month in which Chris had vaguely and misleadingly described sex with his mother as if he was simply in a relationship with an older, disabled woman.[5]





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