Telling It To All of You, and the Hasbro Executives and Staff

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Telling It To All of You, and the Hasbro Executives and Staff is a video Chris made on 18 March 2024, where he rants about My Little Pony: Pony Life and My Little Pony: Make Your Mark, trying to conclusively prove that the Generation 5 My Little Pony is, in fact, Russian propaganda. He notably uses this very CWCki as source, in addition to Wikipedia, Reddit and the fan wiki for My Little Pony. He reveals his Reddit account as u/VirtualActuator7381.


Telling It To All of You, and the Hasbro Executives and Staff
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Stardate 18 March 2024
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AI Chris Chan Vs Christ Chan Bloom
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As Foreknown and confirmed with research, MLPG5 And Pony Life not only are really bad, and that they do not exist in this Timeline, but they all were originally Licensed By Russia. Truth, direct and addressed.


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Raw Captions

Text from YouTube's captions
hey everybody Jesus CHR Western Channel

San Brian once again right here and

today we're delving into the why as we

have confirmed and also Prem premonition

details I have known this entire

time why MLP

G5 and even Pony

life no good no

good just no good so that being said as

I'm finally going to tell y'all right

now in a video

and it's already been noted worldwide

and it's been popularly overwhelming you

know what even some they just

essentially they it's been it knowledge

and appreciate but then it's like they

couldn't handle the truth and neither

could you you fakers and haters and

toxic darkest siners I'm shedding light

and Truth very good very Divine oh

all right well let's get down to it all

right so let's so let's get down for the

starters where essentially I just for I

foresaw it even before Pony life and

long before Milo P French Magic season 9


24 because obviously I just knew and for

knew the episode 26 of that season was

just no good ler done nonexistent and

future tense to premature and why it'll

be come shortly as we process through

this lovely set so let's start with

right here with my expansion pack from

within an expansion pack this lovely yes

fop and I am Seasons 10 to 14 it's a

mini expansion that was put in with

night star friends expansion pack of

secret ship fake

folder and obviously yeah we are going

to get f is Magic and equestri Girls

resumed without the influence of that

country in question that started the war

recently and there's s those sanctions



anyway so we got all these cards but

yeah I made this within two within the

year 2019 that's their little reference

point but yeah obviously I just was able

to for tell everything I knew this

beforehand and I said it's Bally over

and over again and obviously just

no we know your game you great corporate

excuses and everything I mean night star

is saying that not me night star but


obviously I'm there I'm giving my share

of my two points and my two bolts in the

heart about it as



yeah just appreciate this moment and

where we are right now we're going to

get equest girls and friendship is Magic


but now let's dive deeper all right so I

found these back on February

22nd upon further exploration and

confirmation of all that so I end up

finding this Reddit page where let's

just I mean well past tense still there

anyway so obviously you got this uh

media right here the marketing

calendar now this was posted three years

ago obviously of course includes Pony


and obviously we got the people oh yeah

what's the original Source used by the

Ruban website the screenshot doesn't

exactly see scream official

communication darn right and he and this

guy found on an account that has been

posting on the

official news of that of the Russian

propaganda there but yeah not

fake anyway he also found the references

which there's a website to the Russian

legality but of course then the PDF

which I have open right here of all the

screen Cap Caps all this media so we got

all this and then right underneath yeah

look at the Russian look at all the


there and it's been posted on the

website that we'll go to in a moment

where Pony life and G5 Russian license

and of course you'll know all these

continued Russian even

this and

that of course that

that and even just these all that now

let's go back here for a moment not say

you again

so yeah oh here we go though I'm still

puzzled why there's a Russian MLP flyer

before before we could see an English

one yeah but we also got news from

Russia about the movie and the fact that

there would be an hourong special

yeah yeah anyway so there's those

details now on this website they even

cited that oh yeah right here September

17th 2020 there's no allegedly there's

no allegedly it's fat it's just fat they

attended the rush on rushing license

Summit so yeah and with that g py life

and G5 totally Russian licensed now

let's take another note also from right

here so September 4 24th 2021 was when

that when that film was released this

generation does not exist in this

timeline at all period we'll get to that

a little bit later now taking not of

this now it decided in the credits of

that movie the executive producer

somebody of uh the Hasbro chair of

Executives Brian goldner the late Brian

gner and he passed on on October 11th

2021 we go from September 24th 2021 his

name in the credits and then nearly a

month later he was given the

ATS he was given he was asked so yeah

obviously just even I connected with his

soul and everything he had regrets about

G5 period as well as Pony life and the

Russian connections and just obviously

everybody there I forgot what this one

is oh yeah and then right following

Brian's death the course unfortunately

links with my birthday Russian attacks

Ukraine 2022

February yeah so we got all this going

on so I told you before we got the

connections Pony life and G5 Russian

license the movie came out the

the business chief executive Hasbro

passes on and then World War


period the timing and everything is so

important you got appreciate appreciate

that now let's take another note also

because I do have this file pulled up

tell it to the executives and guess

who's in the

picture ah and this C was made back in


2019 and all this happened I talk to him

and then what

happened you think about that it's

divine time in regardless of what

happened or the possibility of Russia

influence like you know slipping a

little something this drink or

whatever now that's alternate time L but

obviously know what happened in this

time he wasn't feeling well in the

office so yeah that likelihood is still

there as well and then just yeah he had

his has cancer problem anyway sorry on

that just much appreciation for this ual

and realizing he was in the wrong in

regards to G5 and pony life and then

yeah much appreciate but it's also like

give an aible mention to these other two

I have for knowingly foresighted put

into this very

card Steve zeltic Executive Vice

President and Chief Information

officer and Lisa gers outside zy outside

zyber advisor former Chief Executive

officer noted Alexander Wang that's

where she she works at so yeah these top

three influential individuals right

there now moving forward back to what

happened shortly after Russia attacked

Ukraine all of those

sanctions over five well over 500

against Russia because you know

obviously Putin the Kremlin and all that

and the fact that Russia is literally

the modern modern day Babylon the

dragons the Kings I'll tell you I even

also on a connection with China's

government and all that Dragon shangin

the banana peel I'm quite aware of the


protest and I do support those that

actually participate in that

protest they were against the government

and the Chinese government not perfect

just fortunately that's a minority out

the majority being more spiritual with

the Zen and Chinese zodiac and all that

good and all that authentically good

stuff anyway now let's talk about one re

one thing that came about from those

sanctions which this is true this is to

be the fate of MLP

G5 yeah several supermarkets and states

have removed the Russian made vodka the

vodka from their shells in response to

Russia's Invasion Ukraine you think

about that moment mhm mhm just mhm

I mean you got Russia that just being a

mad mad really mad bad bully against

Ukraine that one peace and good and then

what does Putin do he's like oh sure

I'll give you some more peace let's

negotiate and then let's do peace talks

but then guess what he attacks him again

he just he's constantly lying behind his

back he's got those fingers crossed

behind his back sheesh I mean

sh oh let me also just thr in there is

an horrible mention as well and in

relation to uh V Vladimir Putin Donald

Trump I mean the fact that all of you

were like uh you mis Chronicle me as

like president of the United States and

just being really bad arrogant and

everything I mean shoot I'm not freaking

Nazi I do not support Nazism I am a part

I am part ashkan and Jewish physically

and spiritually as well so I'm

multi-religious and look at this I'm

wearing this loud and proud you take

note of this pin right here you take not

of that pin I'm very proud of that and I

propose and support what is good life

powerered and

righteous it has nothing to do with the

political governments or whatever

misconceptions from hatred and demons

and devils and doubts y'all had and may

have I do these protests I do in this

right now because is divinely right and

so mlg5

nonexistent in this time Tim line

because that Empire life Russian

influence and Russia over 99% toxic it's

going to go down like


period and I'll say one more

time Putin shall die by his own sword as

I had drawn while I was in jail for

knowingly anyway so getting back to this


obviously we got the details regards to

resuming friendship is Magic equest your

girls this you know the last three

episodes premature well actually episode

26 of season I totally premature um but

just 24 and 26 that two part um I'd see

give it a decent pass but it's like

totally that's why totally delayed on

watching any of those three episodes

period and just oh that now let's talk

in another details so even the AI

Microsoft Bank helped me out here so

let's look at the popular feelings about

Pony life now just obviously reception

of pony life yada yada

yada yeah

some yeah I mean just it's all like teen

teen signs

go yeah anyway it's just the whole

comparison and contrast but still

definitely avoids character

assassination and whatnot definitely Ry

on play but Point

life Russia influenced like G5

definitely but yeah after just watching

obnoxious obnoxious like Russia constant

streaming noise see AR La of cleverness


humor it's like Russia does not does not

want to promote any

cleverness period there's no it's just

no heart no soul and just if you know

anything about Russia and uh everything

that the government is over polluting

with them there's hardly any churches

over there they hardly and there's


any spiritual goodness no spiritual

accus uh

spiritual promotion in

that because they got because the

Russian government we're like no Soviet

Union no fortunately Soviet Union is

long gone right now but we still got get

rid Putin and Donald Trump they're going

to go down to the fire and brimstone

just as stated in the Bible

between Revelations and uh it's this the

last book in the Old

Testament God anyway I know the outcome

of that story we have just I've read it

and reread


yeah oh yeah but

yeah it is it is just overhead this is

lack equality in that and just that's

what rush is lack of authentic good

light powerered righteous quality

there's too much Evil Within that and I

got to support and give props to those

the minority that remain in Russia right

now that are good light powerered and

righteous stay strong the toxicity the

evil going

down now let's compare let's talk about

uh the the feelings of Chief five now of

course everybody has mid

feelings she look at this less positive


negative and just range of

emotions yeah anyway not assignment more

over rage just forget about G5 period it

does not exist and I'm not the only one

that feels this way even Dr Wolf is like

uh make you mark CH 5 is what exactly

and look at that expression of motion

right there that's on point and doesn't

know what it wants to be because it does

not exist

so there just no no I even mad munchkin

is like hell no it's sucks it sucks Gen

5 sucks she knows it Dr Wolf knows it

even lightning Bush took a look at it

but uh it's like final thoughts before

G5 movie release I mean she saw that

from a mile away too just it's face

like yeah so I'm not the only one and

that's talk about more recently because

they couldn't handle the truth equestri

daily acknowledge the fact that G5 does

not exist in the very timeline let's

take a closer look at that tweet because

that had been


deleted does not exist yes I'm going to

read this out loud because all of you

should appreciate this as

well anything MLP G5 is simply not meant

to be the typical reasons include the

executives being money hungry

wanting something fresh and new and

competing with the likes of Disney with

video technology and all when they never

ever ever ever had to as well as laying

the original laying off the original

staff of MLP G4 to cut costs and whatnot

but more G5 was literally foretold By Me

and Everyone agrees after the fact that

it was to be simply awful and out of

place and this is not due to the quality

of art stories characters or whatever it

goes deeper metaphysically deeper as not

only there is a lot more to explore in

chronicle with Princess Ty Sparkle and

everyone else including the background

ponies of Equestria and Earth County

Equestria Girls because that is Canon

period including Dr Wolf and the OC's of

the phandom being literally Canon as

well and existent in Equestria

period friendship with magic and

Equestria Girls was perfect in quality

not counting the premature season 9

epode 26 future episode and the

additional Five Seasons that is to be

manifest that gives it better quality

because they are not to be influenced by

Russia I'm going to throw in China the

government of China in that as

well so it gets better quality from that

character growths and closures DJ Pon 3

does have a voice Jesse no whacking is

the PO perfect voice actor for her hands

down Dr Wolf lightning BL and the others

interact with everyone in Ponyville

caner lot and all Nic to ass you to have

unicorn half Sonu with dimensional and

psychic powers is there and has

personally worked with Twilight

interference as well this is not head

Cannon this is it is canon in this

timeline and in general period and the

resuming a G4 will only bring about be

peace and Order restoration with

everyone in general and metaphysically

and spiritually as well and on top of

that the executives have lost since G5


began lost lost

lost pardon

me and they still have a chance to

redeem themselves and Hasbro by simply

cancelling G5 completely shelving it

like a ride off a like a ride off like

coyote versus acne present tense

removing G5 from all streaming services

and downloads and removing every single

trace of it from YouTube the fan base

should cease to produce or even talk

about G5 right this very instant and now

no more pins no more fan art nothing

nothing of

pip Sunny zip and all of them down in

the Fire and Flames the cleansing blue

flames and if they stick around and they

continue to linger just they go to fire

and brimstone

also this the fan obviously is by Will

and by Divine will and timing I know

this personally cuz I've connected with

literally through the universe core and

Matrix of our universe right here the

the core and Matrix of this very

timeline all the way to the alpha omega

point of all existance and its core

Matrix the definite source and beond

Bond so I know this unconsciously

subconsciously consciously and backed up

in all my cloud sies within the cosmos I

mean nobody has ever asked for G5 nor

even Pony life and now is the time more

than ever to resume G4 equestri Girls

and friendship as magic before

everything gets worse period This is not

just a feeling or opinion this is cold

heart fat from the literal core and

Matrix of this universe core and make

sure this timeline along with Divine

will and drama can go somewhere else

with the toxic ones that linger but in

short forget everything MLP G5 and pony

life right freaking now and no longer

and no longer acknowledge it because it

does not exist in this timeline and

encourage Hasbro to resume friendship

with magic and equest your girls right

freaking now divine order worldwide

peace peace of and within in the Brony

Community oh look at them they put G in

that as well somebody mped maybe I

mistyped that

anyway like well whatever within the B

community that I am a part of regardless

along with the authentic love that super

seeds greed money hatred and toxic

cities I mean sh shoot I was

acknowledged and you know what you got

the file I mean you saw the Tweet right

here I'm just asham I'm just sorry I

missed that tweet and they did not get a

chance to like

it but look at the page where all that

was on that very Page look and then

compareed with this like you know evil

for B significance l

b look at this significance

Bama this boy point I was right there I

was right there I was right

there H even Hasbro was like questiony

gave a whole bunch of knocks in the door

responds to that they're


right you know what let's bring that

image right on it's just on point I to

it to those Executives and they checking

out then they they're like to question

daily but hey

no I turn it to the executives right now

the ones that remain you can't handle


truth so yeah it's divine will divine

told if G5 is not shelv right now when

when Hasbro has a chance to redeem

themselves during the limited time it's

just going to be divinely will and done

period with G4 being resumed with Adobe

Flash and all the original animation

programs no CG and nothing that came

about in the likes of pony life for

uh that Russian propaganda which is G5

as well as Pony life which that is also

Russian propaganda so yeah it i' be

dissolved destroyed totally wiped even

every single piece of merchandise

including any of those G5 towels that or

blanket as it was that was put in that

one leak that lightning Bush also

responded to it at one


yep well that was the violent time right

there so yeah let's zap it up to ex

stream I'll see y'all



R redeem yourselves you know what to do

people Hasbro you know what to do

original staff of G4 hire them all back

get rid of everybody and everything G5

maybe bring some of them back on for

like uh guest details and whatnot for

the resuming of G4 John Deany has

Discord is going to be like okay I'm

sorry so this future episode of uh that

was premiered at the end of season 9

yeah I'm sorry that's not canon right

now so we're going to take you back to

the earlier time when Princess Twilight

had actually just made it into being

princess of Equestria oh and I will

admit Luna and Celestia they still do

their sun and Dream Work despite taking

retirement there's no escaping their

Divine duties

period yeah obviously go with the

original Ry and as John Delany will

really support that guy by the

way I'm going to make this reference one

more time because of silver quill so

what about Discord what about him no the

episode what you think of the episode

what about Discord what about him that's

just so funny on Loop but still

appropriate all right yall take care

have a blessed safe day let's do this

it's divinely timed and will and rightly

so light powered good


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