My Little Pony: Pony Life

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NO. #MLPFiMSeason10to14 is what we need; Not this GO! Crap.
Chris is deadly serious[1]
I got news for you: between Gen 1 and Gen 4, MLP is not for babies;
Chris not realizing that the intended demographic for My Little Pony is young children[2]
The pony equivalent of protesting to God about doomsday being inevitable.

My Little Pony: Pony Life is part of the My Little Pony animation franchise. It is a spin-off and reboot of preceding series My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic. Pony Life ran from November 2020 to May 2021. It is considered by fans to be Generation 4.5 of My Little Pony.

Chris has lashed out against the Pony Life cartoon, failing to cope with Friendship is Magic ending. He derisively nicknames Pony Life as "GOPony", comparing its style to the Teen Titans Go! cartoon.

Chris's protest

Surprisingly, Chris actually predicted one thing correctly, back in August 2018:

G5 will be like Teen Titans Go, or the Sonic Boom video game; it will be downhill. I have foreseen it. Celestia has foreseen it. EVERYBODY with the Power has foreseen it.[3]

On 13 November 2019, Hasbro, having ignored Chris's previous warnings, announced My Little Pony: Pony Life – a chibi spin-off of Friendship is Magic, intended as a stopgap between G4 and G5. An upset Chris took to Twitter and spammed Hasbro, along with users showing any kind of interest in the show, with repeated complaints:

And [Pony Life] is another reason why G5 gets delayed until 2025, and we get #MLPFiMSeason14 before then, with Seasons 10 to 13 before then. I Know you can hear us, and that you read these, @Hasbro. Celestia Has Talked With You All. Don’t be Corporate Greeds. ⚡️💙⚡️[4]

Henceforth, Chris went on to mockingly dub the new series "GOPony", due to its similarity to Cartoon Network's Teen Titans Go!. (Incidentally, "go" translates to "five" in Japanese, which is somewhat appropriate given My Little Pony having five generations of content.) He elaborated that the two shows coexist in the same "jerkish" dimension:

Actually, it is literally linked in the same Dimension as Teen Titans GO, and they are ALL Jerkish. This #GOPony show is simply Not Good At All. It needs to remain OFF THE AIR, Period.[5]

Having no impact in the real world, Chris retreated to C-197, where he recruited Night Star, Kun T’Nyuget and various major characters from the series to picket outside Hasbro's corporate headquarters and in Equestria. His imaginary protests were depicted in TSSSF cards, published on 16 November – one of which portrays Chris and Night Star confronting the "greedy" Hasbro executives and convincing them to renew G4;[6] Hasbro is yet to issue a statement in the real world regarding this change of direction.

Chris's reaction to Pony Life's premiere, June 2020.

Chris continued to spam Twitter with complaints about Pony Life well into 2020 – especially with the the #GOPony hashtag.[7]

Unable to attend BABSCon due to the COVID-19 pandemic, Chris claimed to have swapped bodies with Sonichu in March 2020, in order to attend the convention in C-197.[8] (It's possible that Chris believed that he could go to the convention to campaign for more G4 in spite of the series ending, and his retreat from reality was done to cope with his inability to do that.) On 21 June 2020, with Chris still in C-197, the first episode of Pony Life premiered. "Sonichu" viewed the episode and posted a selfie of him with a cartoonish frown on his face to express his displeasure:

Literally the face I simply can not help but make as I watch the first episode of #GOPony. UGH! Freaking @Hasbro executives! 😠⚡🔥

What did Mama say Months ago? That’s right: #GOPony is confirmed Epic Garbage! Ugh! I am soo upset and angry over this abomination! Do you hear me, @Hasbro? EPIC Garbage![9]

In the middle of 2020, Chris steadily stopped protesting Pony Life, choosing to protest the upcoming G5 instead. Chris's latest form of protest against Pony Life came in September 2020, after being asked a question about the series by a fan on Discord, Chris simply replied saying: "No comment."[10]