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January18SonichuBodyswapArt.jpg Delusion disclosure: This article or section takes place during Chris's phase of role-playing as Sonichu. He may refer to his Christine Chandler personality and physical body in the third person by using terms such as "mama".
[...]this body is going to become fully, genuinely transformed and birth-able.
This is what Chris actually believes.

On the night of 15 September 2020, Chris (as Sonichu) answered yet another 10 user-submitted questions for Discord Q&A 7, delivered through Lainchu in DMs. The questions and answers were both originally given in bulk and numbered, but they have been divided with the numbering removed to improve readability. Lainchu's messages are color-coded green, while Chris's are color-coded yellow.

U.S. Politics and the Election

Christine, have you kept up at all with modern US politics, and if so are you planning on voting?
Thank you in advance!
As much as possible and needed for our conscious to know; we know everything else having to do with politics from the wisdom of the cosmos, as well as many a future vision and foresight, so it’s a moot point to watch the news constantly, but to see and hear of the events off and on plenty and enough to confirm the path of events being continued onward as it should and will.

The Fate of Mr. C and Little C's Dreaming Studio

The Dreaming Studio.
Hey Christine, do you know what happened to the "Dreaming Studio?"
I take it you mean the Workshop Mister C./Robertchu had built in the backyard and worked from more than three decades ago. It still stands here, and it’s been pretty much used as storage for a lot of things, but it had been cleared out of the most unnecessary things within the past year.

Dimensional Police

Hey Christine, does C-197 have some sort of dimension-wide police force that you control to enforce your laws on different worlds around C-197 like Cybertron or equestria?
That job is mainly set up for amongst the deities and deity-types, and “Police” is not the correct term at all for them. There are individuals with the overpowered levels who voluntarily keep tabs and do the work as well, such as those mentioned in the Transformers media, involving the Shattered Glass dimension and so on.

Most Powerful Sonichu

besides the sonichus that are obviously a cut above the rest(you, sonichu, and magichan) which sonichu do you think is the most powerful, and why?
Taking it you are referring to the most powerful amongst the Regular Sonichus and Rosechus, as opposed to the Specials: that is a really tough call to make, as the population, including those owned by Trainers, are up into the hundred-thousands to millions, and all of the variables like excellent EVs and IVs, pumped up with Macho Brace, Shiny or not, yada, yada, yada. It’s not as easy to answer as out of all of the Mewtwos in existence, which one is the most powerful: obviously that would be our one-and-only Mewtwo that was originally cloned by Team Rocket’s scientists, and Mr. Fuji.

Internet Fame Advice

Dear Chris, what is your advice to someone who wants to be internet famous regardless of gender etc?
Internet Fame has its hefty prices and whatnot. Also, it falls into the category of wanting to become popular, as that is fickle and transparent as well. But the best sage and sound advice I can offer for someone who wants to go for it: Be yourself, Do your best, Be honest with yourself, Make content that genuinely feels right and good with you; you’ll need lots of luck and charisma to me [sic] amongst the big-wigs of internet fame.

Flip-side of the coin: you will see a TON of Hater Comments and email; simply ignore them. Generally, I would not read the comments, but if you do: do not take any of them personally or let any of them hurt your emotions, mentality, and feelings. Take em with that heavy grain of salt.

Spiciest food that Chris has ever eaten

christine what is the spiciest thing you have ever eaten
Ham, turkey and cheese omelette, with salt, pepper, and a dash of Ghost Pepper sauce.

Sexual Reassignment Surgery

Dear Christine, have you considered sexual reassignment surgery (srs), an orchiectomy, and or any other gender affirming medical procedures?
Yes, and this body is going to become fully, genuinely transformed and birth-able.

Has Chris seen more episodes of Pony Life?

Hey Chris, have you watched any other episodes of Pony Life aside from the premiere yet?
No comment.

Idea for the DNA Test

Who gave you the idea to get a DNA test from 23andme? And did someone advise you to make a video about it?
Ah, that actually was suggested by IdeaGuy during that bunch of events. No video making was suggested, but the Facebook post was made back then.

Existence of a Reverse Mortgage

Does a reverse mortgage currently exist on the Chandler house? If it does, since when?


That’s all for now; please feel free to post another set of ten questions at your leisure.
Thank you for all the answers!
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