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A selfie Chris took to verify himself to server member Waifu.

CWCville is a Discord server by ViviChu. Chris joined it in September 2018.[1]

Chris's chats

Chris joins

2 September 2018

Chris joins the server and chats with members. A screenshot was uploaded to Kiwi Farms.[1]

Asking about The Sergeant at Arms

3 December 2019

Chris inquires about The Sergeant at Arms's fan art pack of Sonichu Villains TSSSF cards. Chris also clarifies pricing details of his TSSSF cards to server members.

Hey, @everyone. I originally came on to ask about @Thesergeantatarms's cards, and I find everyone in denial of the prices of the packs and deck. Please, allow me to personally reference.

One Moment, please.

And my printer and distributor Is MPC (MakePlaying Cards).


Chats about Chris

Guard Dog dissuasion

25 July 2018

Guard Dog Marvin tries to dissuade ChuuChuuRocket from interacting with Chris.

At this point I'm trying to befriend Christine, at least a little. I've laughed enough, time to give back. I wish I could get back to working on those stupid sonichus - they are so complicated.
@Churippu please don't
My thought was that I'm a legitimate human without an agenda and that wouldn't be harmful. I'm not looking to debate though.
no, it's very harmful


    Chats and calls