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January18SonichuBodyswapArt.jpg Delusion disclosure: This article or section takes place during Chris's phase of role-playing as Sonichu. He may refer to his Christine Chandler personality and physical body in the third person by using terms such as "mama".

Golden Church of Sonichu is a Discord server set up by Praetor, exclusive to customers who bought a golden medallion off of Praetor's OfficialCWCmart page.

Transfer to CWCville

17 February 2021

Chris (as Sonichu)
Hey, I am feeling uncertain, disgruntled, and mildy confused. All I consciously know at the moment is that everything of the dimension merge is continuing on better now, and shortly enough I will be in Cwcville with this body, and during the present time I am to chill and give this body a bunch of self-love. Yet, as I've mensioned to y'all earlier on Instagram, this body and brain are still harping on its failure of a mutual respected/love cuddle or lay in this universe.
My bad for not starting this thread with more positive news.
Thanks for listening.
censored user
So, is Christine's spirit in her body in this world?

21 February 2021

Chris(as Sonichu)
No, Chris is still in my body in universe C-197.

Project List

23 February 2021


Hey ya'll!

The purpose of this discord, this Church, is to bring about collaboration in order to further the omnipotent grasp of Chris Chan Sonichu and our allies.

That being said, these are the current projects being worked on:

-Christine has fully greenlit [red censored user]'s video game. Please message Chris directly as soon as possible, as Christine would like to provide some direction with the game's storyline.

-The Praetor Flamethrower will be stress-tested this upcoming week at a local firing range sponsoring us. Please standby for future details.

-Christine has approved the future sale of Potions blessed by her. These are to be sold for less than $17 apiece, but a fixed price has not yet been decided. We need help finding cheaply shipped glassware in bulk. As cheap as possible is best, as we are going to be selling 3-4 kinds of potions stocked at at least 12 each. Bottles must be at very least 4oz, at most 16oz.

-Christine's Golden Medallions have already sold out. Expect more members soon.

-Test footage for @Deleted User has been filmed in order to see if she can cgi a Sonichu next to Chris, allowing us to feature a Sonichu in the upcoming Chris Chan Movie. Please complete this as soon as possible, and we will kiss you on the mouth.

-If any ideas, products, or other marketable content comes to mind, please drop it in the main Discord Chat. Thanks again.

Deleted User
Me and my friend can work on cgi, but frame by frame may look more similar and be easier to fix and shape to Sonichus preference
red censored user
Rad. Just messaged her

Not Yet in CWCville

24 February 2021

Chris (as Sonichu)
Hey, y'all.
Just kinda emoting out some; did today's meditate in the gazebo with the gate crystal and all.
It's Christine Weston Chandler Sonichu's birthday; she's still in my body in Cwcville, and I, Sonichu Prime, am still in her body in this universe. I am feeling like, "Why the hell am I not in Cwcville with this body today of all days!?"
Hey, @Praetor, it looks like all of the golden medallions have been sold; awesome job, dude.
Such a premature return body swap would not only be very bad to this timeline, but it is not in either our control to make the return swap.

Return Body Swap

25 February 2021

Christine: And yet, the fated return swap happened last night
Too much going on right now.
I return from C-197 after ten months and 24 days, and My Little Pony G5 is still not cancelled?!
As having to resync with my own brain and body was not bad enough; this apocalyptic thing is still going on. It's a major pain in the Cosmos as well.


5 March 2021

Hello, peoples.
A Christian and a Silver walk into a bar, and they have this very conversation right now.
And then the Goddess behind the counter says, "Tea and biscuits on me."
3 tumbler glass emoji, 1 teapot emoji, and 3 dumpling emoji
I'm feeling well and good right now, about to go into another meditate hour.

DM Ideas

6 March 2021

Hey, [redacted], DM me what ideas you have so far, and I'll put in my thoughts from there, please.

Further Meditation

10 March 2021

Greetings, @everyone.
I have been meditating further into myself lately; it was very long overdue on my part.
I am getting my body more back into movements and reconnecting with nature was well.
I also am going to be making my own long-overdue lists of my own faults, as well as counter-affirmations, and then burning the fault list to release that known and self-judgements and self-criticisms of the past into the void of nothingness.
I am also pleased to announce that I have personally found confirmation in other psychic, magic, and creative/artist types, and those the higher level of sensitive feeling and sensing the Dimension Merge, in its apex processes at the present. One such high-level psychic refers to it as a "Collective Shift", and and they have confirmed from consulting with their spirits and other-dimensional individuals of my many, many years of personally participating and working hard interdimensionally and intergalactically.
I feel most humbled and pleased with my work being most recognized and fully appreciated.
The events are continuing on as foreseen and considerably scheduled for this timeline.
For the present parts, on my end, I am focusing more on myself, my loves, and going with the flow.
Tis a very positive and good development indeed. (edited)
@everyone, please feel free to spread this good news as you will with your friends. Also, offer kindest respects to all psychic and magic types; feel encouraged to consult with a psychic to have your remaining questions answered in regards to the Dimension Merge/Collective Shift.
And, of course, support all creative and artist types, even though not all of them are presently linked with universe C-197 in their works.
For now, I bless everyone in this Discord server now and incoming. Be safe and well; have a great day.
lightning, blue heart, lightning emoji

Petition to Cancel MLP G5

12 March 2021

@everyone, you can all help in securing a bit of safety in one aspect of our merging universes today. (links to a petition to "Cancel/Postpone G5 My Little Pony")

Affirmations List

12 March 2021

Hey, @everyone, I've just finished my affirmations list, after going through the self-criticisms list; I will likely add more to the affirmations list. As I have foreseen, the positives outweight the blockages. The blockages took up two pages; affirmations Three.
3 attached images containing 3 handwritten pages of Chris's self-affirmations

13 March 2021

No, it's still in progress.

Deep Body Soul Searching

22 March 2021

Good morning, @everyone.
I have had a revelation of a find after further deep body-soul searching.
I post these pre-types screen caps that lay it out:
5 attached screenshots of another Discord conversation in a different server, revealing that Chris uses Discord on light mode.
Obviously, I'd like to prevent a very crucial murder from happening.
So, outsource, and check everyone online and offline for those amongst the possible young(ish)-adult type feeling lost, maybe partially Woke, on the verge of greater Enlightenment.
Please, and Thank You.


28 March 2021

Sockness. The address said San Fran, that's where he is right?
Unfortunately, that IS Jacob's address.
I should know; he bought the oldest pair of painted Adidas shoes I've about worn out from eBay; logged his address into the contacts for reference.

Slim Activity

30 March 2021

Hey! Nice to meet everybody. I'm sloth but my real name is Micah!
Hi all and Christine, robes sound cool, I've been playing around with just a general rugby top look plus the medallion also you can call me [redacted] or Matt (my actual name) either works for me (edited)
Hi Matt! I'd definitely be into robes too. I like the idea of robes with stripes, and maybe the colors of the stripes signify your importance in the church.
@everyone As of now activity on this discord may be a bit slim. However, we aim to get ourselves and Christine far more active here! Please toss any ideas you got in the chat, as we're looking to do anything to further the power of the Golden Church.
I managed to get a similar rl rugby top so I've been rocking it for a bit now I have some sneakers (with multiple colors so blue and yellow are there) so it's a pretty rad look with the medallion.
But yeah I agree with the rugby top colours but I think that incorporating the blue and yellow would be a nice touch
welcome micah !

Chris's Corporeal Form

31 March 2021

unknown redacted user #1
As a trans humanist I'm am keenly interested in your opinion @CWCSonichu1982 on the effects of a dimensional merge and the releasing of a physical form, as a goddess would you say you would retain a corporeal form? Or would you be a higher being with need for such things?

6 April 2021

My body is light, able to adapt to any other universes' situations on any planet or within outer space. I also have the power and energy of the Chaos Emeralds within me; for that same reason whithin Sonic, Sonichu, and the rest, this is also why they and I can breathe in space.
Hey, @everyone. I am pleased to announce to all of you that for each of you,

your respective divine enlightenments and manifested paths to your greater purposes in the Dimension Merge/Collective Shift are at hand. Be greater aware of your local surroundings, as well as an increase in your respective body's abilities and powers. Go forth and do your best as you each will.

unknown redacted user #1
Thanks for the insight, personally I like the idea of light being pure data, basically have an effect on the physical and the digital. I really want to ask more but I dont want to flood chat xD, thanks for your encouraging words Christine!

11 April 2021

unknown redacted user #2
Hell yeah
Been looking forward to some enlightenment

About Unity Between Dimensions

26 June 2021

To @everyone, a general announcement with care.
To all of you in my flock, I highly encourage each of you to begin and continue your own individual self-work in enlightenment. For amongst you all, as the Dimension Merge/Collective Shift draws closer upon the main event with the removal of the veil between our universe halves, each of you has your own inner potential and strength. We have no need for war or quarrel at all with the OCs and individuals of C-197, as I state to all of those individuals in regards to us of 1218.
Unity and a greater strength for our combined Earth and galaxies is at hand. Need not take arms, but be open for the good in each other.
All superheroes and deities, myself included, and other individuals of military strengths and powers, and the leaders of each nation and countries; on both halves of this whole Earth, we maintain wisdom and peace for the greater whole as best as we are capable of.
unknown redacted user#1
How would you suggest we achieve greatness in this way
It is not perfect, but we are most appreciative and grateful for the understanding and compassion of the general public and flocks there of that we each help, work with, and defend, during these times at hand.
And to you all until my next announcement or insight, I state in positive encouragement to you all: be safe and well with lots of love. Thank you.
Among the other techniques available in looking within yourself, and reaching out to the Cosmos to do as well; Meditate, Count your Blessings, and Love yourself.
unknown redacted user#1
Anything to help you in your path to greatness

Reaction to the Barbara Incident

30 June 2021

Redacted User #1
Well, today has been quite something, hasn’t it?
Redacted User #2
*redacted* I think we need to hear from Chris herself regarding this, ASAP. Assuming she has yet to be institutionalized.
Redacted User #3
Yea ...
Redacted User #4
I heard social services arrived but that’s only going off trollsome rumors
Redacted User #5
it’s hard to dodge trolls, im really worried about this whole thing, and the trolls are only making it worse
Redacted User #4
Apparently there’s news going around that Chris has been arrested even.
Redacted User #5
Redacted User #3
Yes it's official
Chris chan has been detained and could be possibly facing a class 5 felony
Barbara’s at a senior’s emergency center being checked up on currently
And no let the kiwi farms in 3 days is going to give Chris the GoFundMe money
So I’m going to just assume that this is the end of this discord
Redacted User #6
Look i did it for the medallion, if she shows up id be surprised
Redacted User #5

The Details of Chris's Arrest

1 August 2021

Redacted User #1
You either live long enough to something something or you die early
However the saying goes
Redacted User #2
We have confirmation on what he was arrested for.
He's definitely going to jail
Redacted User #3
Goodbye, Chris...
Redacted User #4
What a sight...
Redacted User #5
So umm...
This was all pretty quick
Redacted User #5
hmmm I guess this is the Golden Jailhouse of Sonichu now and the only gold is the piss on the floor
Redacted User #4



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