BlueSpike Skype Logs 4

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Sure picked a hell of a time to say the "G" word for the Very First Time in my life.

BlueSpike Skype Logs 4 details chats between Chris and Julie from 5-6 February 2009.


• Julie tries to tell Chris Sarah May is a troll, Chris doesn't believe her.
• Julie asks Chris to join mumble, he rejects and asks her to join a PSN chat.
• Max changed Julie's PSN password
• Conversation about the coming out of closet video.
• Max takes over and gives Julie her PSN password as a gift to Chris for coming out.
• Julie comes back.
• Discussion about Burnout Paradise date.
• Chris talks about getting rid of his toys.
• Ends with Chris joining Mumble


February 5

[19:54:00] BlueSpike: Chris, I came all the way from a far away country, which is sadly...destroyed..
[19:55:12] BlueSpike: And you chose Sarah-May, I feel heart broken. :(
[20:08:31] Christopher C.W.C.: I'm sorry for making you feel that sad, Julie. There is still a chance in me changing my mind towards you. I have been thinking, and Sarah May is still in High School, and nothing is Officially Set on a Girlfriend-Boyfriend relationship yet. All I ask is you coming to visit me at your earliest convience.
[20:09:22] Christopher C.W.C.: BTW, I was killing time on Burnout until the rest of the DLC I wanted to purchase; LBP Valentines Day Pack, Guitar Hero Tracks, and another episode of Shuffle after I've verified that I would have enough.
[20:09:32] Christopher C.W.C.: I apologize for not logging out sooner, but it's cool.
[20:09:40] Christopher C.W.C.: You logged in at an okay time.
[20:09:43] BlueSpike: I'm not sure about Sarah-May being trustworthy, I've yet to meet her. :( I'm somewhat sad to see that seeing her makes you trust her.
[20:09:47] BlueSpike: And it's okay, Chris. :)
[20:10:15] BlueSpike: I do try to meet you, I truly do. Things are hard in America. The prices of things are high. :(
[20:10:28] Christopher C.W.C.: I hear you, Julie. :)
[20:10:45] Christopher C.W.C.: Cheer up, now. I'm helping you on the PSN.
[20:11:05] Christopher C.W.C.: and I am seriously considering having you as my Sweetheart.
[20:11:54] Christopher C.W.C.: You have a promising chance and enthusiasm to become a doctor, and that is highly respectable.
[20:12:12] Christopher C.W.C.: And I do honestly trust you, and I Love You.
[20:12:40] Christopher C.W.C.: :=*
[20:13:02] BlueSpike: :*
[20:13:25] Christopher C.W.C.: I guess we're cool then.
[20:13:31] Christopher C.W.C.: :)
[20:13:35] BlueSpike: :)
[20:13:42] BlueSpike: Hey, maybe some Mumble tonight?
[20:14:05] BlueSpike: I may talk. ;)
[20:14:30] BlueSpike: I'm configuring the new microphone for my computer I got today, at a somewhat low price.
[20:15:09] Christopher C.W.C.: IDK; I'm not really in the mood to talk to a crowd tonight. I'll tell you what, I'll chat with you on the PSN, alone.  ;)Christopher C.W.C.That's awesome.
[20:15:17] Christopher C.W.C.: *later tonight.
[20:15:47] Christopher C.W.C.: you have a mic or a PSEye?
[20:15:52] Christopher C.W.C.: or a headset?
[20:15:56] BlueSpike: I do have a headset for the PS3, yes.
[20:16:10] BlueSpike: It's not working as well as I'd like, but yes.
[20:16:53] Christopher C.W.C.: Still awesome. I'll send you a chat invite later, after you've downloaded your goodies from my account and you're logged into your account. ;)
[20:17:00] BlueSpike: Okay. :)
[20:17:31] Christopher C.W.C.: Talk To You Later then. :)Christopher C.W.C.I got to go out for a bit to get something for my mother.
[20:17:38] BlueSpike: Okay. :)
[20:18:23] BlueSpike: Aother idea, maybe we could do a skype chat, amongst the trusted Sonichu fans. :)
[20:18:48] BlueSpike: You can use your PSP.
[20:27:47] BlueSpike: Plus, I kind of bought this USB microphone for you, and I'd love to be able to use it in Mumble with you, skype keeps crashing when I try to get in a call. :(
[21:33:50] BlueSpike: Hi, Chris.
[21:39:24] Christopher C.W.C.: Hey, Julie. I just got back.
[21:39:45] BlueSpike: Hi. :)
[21:39:58] Christopher C.W.C.: Did you get your stuff downloaded?
[21:40:25] BlueSpike: Yeah, but when I tried to get in my account, it wouldn't let me. :( I think my brother changed the password...AGAIN.
[21:40:42] Christopher C.W.C.: your password? shoot.
[21:41:03] Christopher C.W.C.: how do you get it out of him? or do you figure out the password?
[21:41:16] BlueSpike: He didn't say he did it, I'm angry. :(
[21:41:35] Christopher C.W.C.: Hush, sweet angel. :-*
[21:42:11] Christopher C.W.C.: Surly he did not change the e-mail address associated with your account, did he?
[21:42:18] BlueSpike: But we can try mumble..
[21:42:21] BlueSpike: I think he did.
[21:42:40] BlueSpike: Only a few of us are here.
[21:43:04] Christopher C.W.C.: I see. how did you get relogged in previously after one of his attacks?
[21:44:45] Christopher C.W.C.: okay, I'll be on Mumble in a moment.

February 6

[00:49:00] Christopher C.W.C.: Hey, Julie. I've just put the 3 minute video together, lying out of my ass. *shiver* :(
[00:49:15] Christopher C.W.C.: It's uploading right now.
[00:49:30] BlueSpike: Okay, Chris. :(
[00:49:38] BlueSpike: Let me know when it's up, okay?
[00:49:57] BlueSpike: I can't believe he's making you do this..>:(
[00:50:01] Christopher C.W.C.: It'll be like about half to a full hour (give or take).
[00:50:01] BlueSpike: He makes me so mad!!
[00:50:07] Christopher C.W.C.: Tell me about it, Sweetheart.
[00:51:27] Christopher C.W.C.: But when it comes down to it, I would Honestly rather smear my image with crap than have someone I care deeply for get hurt.
[00:51:53] Christopher C.W.C.: I prayed to God and Jesus for forgiveness and strength beforehand.
[00:52:03] BlueSpike: Thank you so much, Chris. :) It means a lot you'd protect me to such an extent.
[00:52:44] Christopher C.W.C.: Sure picked a hell of a time to say the "G" word for the Very First Time in my life (as far as I can recall anyway).
[00:53:28] Christopher C.W.C.: At least I can delete it later, then you and I can be happy together.
[00:53:44] Christopher C.W.C.: I Love You, Julie.
[00:53:49] Christopher C.W.C.: :-*
[00:54:13] BlueSpike: :*
[00:54:30] Christopher C.W.C.: did you tell your brother about this?
[00:55:01] BlueSpike: Yes.
[00:55:12] Christopher C.W.C.: what was his response?
[00:55:20] BlueSpike: He actually wants to talk to you.
[00:55:22] BlueSpike: May he?
[00:55:32] Christopher C.W.C.: sure.
[00:55:41] BlueSpike: Well, Chris.
[00:55:46] BlueSpike: I suppose I was wrong about you.
[00:56:01] BlueSpike: You may of done wrong things, but you treated my sister truly nice.
[00:56:10] BlueSpike: And for that, I thank you.
[00:56:18] BlueSpike: With both my thanks and apologies.
[00:56:30] Christopher C.W.C.: :) Thank you, kind sir, that means a lot to me.
[00:56:46] BlueSpike: I suppose now I may just help you out someday.
[00:56:48] BlueSpike: For now..
[00:56:51] BlueSpike: I must think about this.
[00:57:29] Christopher C.W.C.: the least you can do for the time is give Julie back her access to her PSN, and promise to leave it alone from now on, please.
[00:57:43] BlueSpike: I gave her access back upon hearing what you've done.
[00:57:48] Christopher C.W.C.: Thank you.
[00:57:56] BlueSpike: As I've said, I'll think about what to do from here.
[00:58:06] BlueSpike: Farewell for now, Christan Weston Chandler.
[00:58:14] Christopher C.W.C.: Peace to you too.
[00:58:53] Christopher C.W.C.: Julie?
[00:58:58] BlueSpike: Hi. :)
[00:59:03] Christopher C.W.C.: Hey. :)
[00:59:38] Christopher C.W.C.: I helped get you your PSN back. I feel a bit better from that.
[00:59:50] BlueSpike: I do. :)
[01:00:02] BlueSpike: Maybe we can race around Paradise tomorrow, would you like to?
[01:00:41] Christopher C.W.C.: I'll have to learn a bit more about the multiplayer portions of the game, but I will, and I would love to. I'll wear my headset so we can chat during the gameplay.
[01:00:52] BlueSpike: Cool! :)
[01:02:09] Christopher C.W.C.: All I'll ask of you for now is to be happy, send me a picture of yourself, and come to me as soon as possible.
[01:02:20] BlueSpike: I will. ;)
[01:02:22] BlueSpike: Promise
[01:02:25] Christopher C.W.C.: :)
[01:03:14] Christopher C.W.C.: I'm going to learn more about B.Paradise. you may keep watch for when the video is uploaded and processed.
[01:03:20] BlueSpike: Okay. :)
[01:03:23] Christopher C.W.C.: I'll TTYL.
[01:03:25] Christopher C.W.C.: :-*
[01:03:28] BlueSpike: Okay.
[01:03:30] BlueSpike: :x
[01:03:32] BlueSpike: Whoops.
[01:03:34] BlueSpike: I meant to kiss.
[01:03:38] BlueSpike: :*
[01:03:41] BlueSpike: There. :)
[01:03:46] Christopher C.W.C.: :)
[01:40:28] BlueSpike: A gaybian?
[01:40:38] BlueSpike: What's that? :o
[01:46:56] BlueSpike: Chris, Clyde saw the video, and said you were faking! He told me in the Mumble...He's still there.
[01:47:31] BlueSpike: I'm kind of worried. :(
[03:00:52] Christopher C.W.C.: Julie?
[03:02:01] Christopher C.W.C.: Listen, I've talked to Clyde some more, and he has promised to me that he will leave you alone.
[03:02:37] Christopher C.W.C.: He has accepted the new video.
[03:03:19] Christopher C.W.C.: But he's asked me to get rid of a bunch of my toys; sell them on eBay, dispose of them, donate them or something like that.
[03:03:54] Christopher C.W.C.: I personally wanted to save the majority of that for my future children.
[03:04:24] Christopher C.W.C.: But, to keep you safe, I am going to sort it out and decide the bulk to get rid of.
[03:04:36] Christopher C.W.C.: I Care for you, Julie. :-*
[03:04:39] Christopher C.W.C.: I'll TTYL.
[18:32:00] BlueSpike: Hi, Chris. :)
[19:24:46] BlueSpike: Let me know when you're present so we can race around Paradise. :o
[20:11:48] Christopher C.W.C.: Hey, Julie. Actually, I have just opened a Chat Window and sent you an invite. Please come join me for a good talk. :)
[20:12:07] BlueSpike: Oh, okay. :)
[20:13:03] BlueSpike: Chris, can I ask what it's about?
[22:23:51] BlueSpike: Hi, Chris. :)
[22:23:56] BlueSpike: I just woke up.
[22:28:22] Christopher C.W.C.: Hey, Julie. I just got here. I can still log into Mumble.
[22:29:08] BlueSpike: I'd like that, yes.

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