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485-CWCsF.JPG Chris's recent failings have helped CWCki gather more information for this article.
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January18SonichuBodyswapArt.jpg Delusion disclosure: This article or section takes place during Chris's phase of role-playing as Sonichu. He may refer to his Christine Chandler personality and physical body in the third person by using terms such as "mama".

This page contains DMs between Chris and Watchmen member Naught. A batch of DMs ranging from 30 July to 6 August 2020 were leaked on 11 August 2020.[1]

During the conversations, Chris rambles about his dreams and delusions. Near the end, he shares the Chris's Last Will and Testament video.

Messages from Chris are in yellow and Naught in navy blue. Naught later commented on some of the DMs, which are in purple.

30 July 2020

I've been feeling even more all over the place today.

Even woke up, with a disoriented Chris-Core, in here with me, after she had been at work all night, and having just awoken from a dream involving a Jim Carrey type of dude who could literally transform from human into a VW Beatle Taxi Cab, and there was me playing the role of Mama Chris Chan, looking after children, wandering through a large shopping mall, and taking a side trip to a mountainside retreat full of LGBTQ individuals really having fun. And there was this very strange gas up the mountain and outside one end of their retreat facility that was considerably toxic. Mewtwo reminds me that this disorienting feeling is a side-effect of this body transitioning between dimensions for the first time, not to mention the greater rise in psychic abilities and whatnot.

interesting I'll check out the game.

31 July 2020

There's a positive development today; I did not wake up feeling disoriented, and Chris had made it back safe after yet another night of work.

The dreams were long and random.

Had one where Barb and I were driving along I-64 in the Cadillac. Barb drove some, and she ended up driving the car really fast; was about to miss a turn; hits the brakes and turns the wheel; we spin and fly out of control for a distance. In these dream instances, we sometimes end up underwater in a lake, but thankfully not this time.

We ended up by a distant and out-of-the-way diner run by a big ol' gentleman with a daughter or two, and their friends, hanging out.

I had to use the ladies' room, and so did the young ladies.

There was imagery of their privates, and some of their pee got onto me. Feeling neutral, yet partly disgusted, at that.

After leaving the place, Barb and I started with my phone and Map app to find our way back home.

We stop by a Best Buy, and I buy a $60 gift card for later, a decorative mousepad and a poster.

There was imagery on the mousepad and poster; I'm trying to recall that.

The imagery was something like that from a rock band, with orange, and some lavender, background with clouds, and the pointy shapes like that on a religious or satanic type of band.

Anyway after that, we also hit up another store for a battery-powered lantern and refreshment.

I ended up finding and getting four 16oz bottles of Mountain Dew Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Limited Edition flavour; the colour veers between the Baja Blast and regular colours of the Dew, but the flavour is more of a heavy lime, with a hint of Baja Blast flavour in it.

And then we leave the car and take a raft down a river, to make our way home. Confused, because why the hell did we leave the car?

Woke up from that dream.

It involved a fan-made Sonic the Hedgehog game with Heavy level design and elements; very large level; tried to pass itself off as Sonic the Hedgehog 4.

Same or neighbouring dream:

There was this antique store that Mama had tried to spice up a few years ago by helping the management stage and record a crime being held there; four thugs who played look-alike with Jake, Eddie, Tracey, and Primeevil, but failed at it. It pretty much was a sequence where we stop the crime, we chase down one of the criminals and apprehend them.

There was an extensive multi-part video that was also uploaded online at the original time, but new footage was made and was edited in with the old footage. Also, purchased a few brand new Transformers G1 Micromaster sets at the store. Back on that other dream, though,

There was a bunch of video editing software with clips and images between the Sonic 4 game and that antique store video.

But This dream didn't involve editing as much.

There were one or two devilish females who were on the verge of dying out with their species, and all it took to take them out was a special, Holy-Blessed mirror (handheld) to disable them and kill them by showing their reflections to them. Or shining a reflected light from the mirror upon them.

There was also a dab of Pokemon TCG, a Slowpoke plush, and random collectible cards and stickers in the dream.

Also, definitely felt and sensed more activity last night before falling asleep. We made another attempt, or further developed the ability, in getting this body into C-197.

Aside from gonna go Raquaza Raiding (hopefully with Ems) today, that's about all I have for now.

Gonna sort out another two weeks worth of meds before getting ready to head out.

End of july 31th I'll go through the next two day's and so on later.

1 August 2020

Yesterday, I had a good day with Rosey, Mewtwo and Cryzel in our outing hunting for Rayquaza Raids; we ended up completing three Rayquaza Raids and recruiting six Rayquaza (two of them are Shiny).

Aside from that, another dream of interest that I woke from.

After this dream, I am definitely getting the subtle theme that the body was going for, because this one made it blatantly even more obvious.

So, I was at a friendly mixed get-together with a few of the people from Doug Funnie's life, including that rich girl, among other individuals.

There was a segue into a costume-changing game where we each changed clothes to be as who we each felt we were (kind of a cosplay contest). A couple of the duded went femme and dressed cute. The gals dressed still femme, but more confidant and ready for action.

This is the real part that was making the theme totally obvious: I came out dressed as a scant plain Jane type: normal hair, glasses, a lavender shirt with thin green stripes that left a portion of the mid-drift exposed, a mid-thigh length skirt, and I believe skin-tone hosiery, and sneakers.


This body is feeling more and more lady-like.

And feeling more accepted by others as such.

Also, the obvious liking of being with others.

The goal remains to get this body into C-197 and to Cwcville; it will definitely be able to hang with others, including us Sonichus and Rosechus, after that, on the way to prior to going back in time to be at BABSCon, 2020, undo this freaking viral pandemic, and all that.

Today is another D&D session with the group.

Each night on the way to falling asleep, the body does glow uber-bright and attempts for itself, with help from Chris-Core as well, and myself at the helm, to get itself to Cwcville in C-197.

Every time we slip into whiting out (into slumber or whatever), we are prayful and optimistic of that being the moment of transport/teleport/transition into the other Dimension, and that I will awake with this body later, there in C-197. More and more steps closer.

interesting will Kai be attending.

Hey, just one thing before I hit the shower; this is the link to the Meetup page of Mama's D&D group.

Also, just compiled this for the group photo on the iPad. IMG_0167.1.jpg

I put in Mama's Owlbear plush for creative effect.

I trust this information with you in strictest confidentiality,

CwC sent a link to a d&d group that'll take place on the 15th. The people in the picture are his d&d friend's Kai/Kevin might be one of them.

2 August 2020

henlo how are you?
I'll be heading out in a little while for some Pokemon GO work; gotta restock the heal items in the second phone, but I have a few details from the recent dreams to share with y'all.

Rosey and I are feeling well and good.

Now, Two dreams; one was yet another Back to M.H.S. Dream where, once again, I was lost in the hallways, because I did not have my printed class schedule, and the High School worked on an Even Day/Odd Day scheduling, where students had one set of classes on even days, and a second set of classes on odd days. In this, I meditated and actually got the schedule from the faculty office, and I even wrote it down into the Dream Journal, and I will now type up for memorizing the schedule for future dreams.

"Manchester High School Classes -Dreamverse Classes-

Even Days: Rm 113: Triganometry, Rm 224: Astral Physics, Rm 110: Coping Skills, Rm 492: Goddess Training.

Odd Days: Rm 347: Psychics 101, Rm 247: Magic Conjurings, Rm 159: Recess/Free Study, Rm 492: Goddess Training (but with a different teacher), Rm 569 (Gym): P.E.

Also wrote a note,

"*Look to your friends, regardless of them possibly being hired to watch over you." There was also a deep issue that even though she was attending this school in her dreams, she felt like an outcast, because a piece of her High School memories ended up being a lie: Her circle of Gal-Pals, in particular. Which left a subconscious query of "Why am I in High School if I don't have any friends?"

Which added onto the feeling lost in the hallways portion. Next dream, was another School Bus riding dream. We ended up in a neighbourhood area that was experiencing a dark, mild amount of curses, demons and shit. There was a blood stain on the Stop sign and here and there; it would return even after someone were to make it sparkling clean with very strong household cleaners. And there was a small church-like building with multiple stories; on the third floor, behind heavily barred doors, was a gateway to a bit of hell, manifested from yet another one of Mama's quandaries. This time: her want for revenge and even blood of the Haters, Bullies and truly Evil types of this world. I went in and calmly talked it out with the subconscious fragment that was represented by a past version of Mama; it was filled with heavy rage. I told her that we will see to their respective punishments soon enough, and that it would be good for us to work together, so that rage, under control, would be a good source to work from for making some of the energy and power for this body. After that, the problems in that small town area were cleared up. Also, on the School Bus, I ended up sitting next to a big guy with some perspiration issues, yet he did hit the showers shortly before getting on the bus. I felt want of him to be with heavy B.O. But, in between him and I, guess who was on guard duty for me there. Tiffany Gowan (Mama's favorite of her Gal-Pals). In the dream, I ended up telling her my feelings, and she took that in stride and her own emotional check, with the continued task in mind of being my bodyguard. After the dream, I took a closer look at that big guy. He turned out to be a piece of Jacob. I shattered him into dust, sucked each bit into a Master Ball, and then launched the thing with him in it from within this noggin and dream verse, into our Sun. That about covers what I have for now. I also told this messenger of Jake that he, nor any of his magic or whatever, will ever do anything to me or Mama's body. Oh, and I found this video on YouTube last night; very informative and about accurate. Yeah, still trying to talk; got interrupted by a call from Kai; had to text him that I was busy and would talk with him later. We did watch the new Netflix series; How Many Times was the Refraktor body used in the season? Take a drink of water every time you see Refraktor. ALOL By yet another Twist of Fate, yesterday I found and purchased yet another Transformer that we had been wanting to get for Mama's collection for quite the while: Commander Class Sky Lynx. And in exploring its base mode, we found and made a configuration, with a combination of the sword pieces from Combiner Wars Sky Lynx, additional effects parts from Omega Supreme, and a few Soundbarrier roadmaster figures; you'd have to see it to enjoy its glory. And it further resonated by adding Autobot Chris Chan's figure with her two Rungs at the helm making a creation/deity type of magic.

4 August 2020

Last night was a real hoot; I ended up crashing about 9:30 PM; slept for two hours. But instead of dreaming, I got one of those seemingly endless stream of analyzing thoughts that typically come up as the first dreams of each sleep.

This one was an analysis of which Pokemon GO Raids were the best suited, and which of the invites and trainers were well-suited in helping me with Raids as well. Now, a dream of great interest, and you might want to listen and appreciate this, This one started with me setting up to take a box on one of those wheeled platforms, like that mechanics use to get under vehicles, and a chair, rolling down and up hill to from the eastern edge of Westwood Dr to roll on back home. After getting back to the temple, I ended up in Mama's bedroom; heard a voice like Magi-Chan's, but it was an adult human male with black hair, slender physique; I was taken in after supposedly recognizing this guy as Magi-Chan. But he did say something that resonated, "I may be controlled by someone else's input, but I do not let it get me down." In the sense, he was referring to Mama having input into his life over the years. After that, we cuddled, and then quick as a flash, I woke up in the bed, as if I had just awoken from a dream. I called out to Magi-Chan, another human male comes in, different from the first. He approaches me, and then, whoop! I wake up Again. This happened another time, and then whoop!, I wake up again. This time, however, we have someone completely different in the bed beside me. A number of dreams ago, Barbara ended up having another baby, a girl. The baby girl was in the bed with me. She said "I like you," and it was precious like genuinely amongst baby's first words. And then, I wake up for real. I processed it for a moment, and then decided that I would bite, I shouted for Magi-Chan again. Woke up Rosey and Cryzel next to me. And then I telepathically talked with Magi-Chan, he acknowledges my having called out to him in the dream, tells me he would be coming here, being fully in 1218 at this point, and then he told me to share this with you as well, On drifting off again, the subconscious was echoing over and over and over again the call out to Magi-Chan.

This suggests the importance of getting all of the piece of the puzzle together in order to make a fully realized portrait for all to see
Yes, I see that as well.

I have my likes and humble moments out of all this since I swapped with Mama months ago, but I do still have my frustrations.

How are you currently feeling?
At least we also have the bunch of successes along the way.

Little fatigued, but I'm alright. Partly, it is also the body that is frustrated with the traumas and problems in this timeline as well. Obviously, Chris-Core feels the 100-percent same sentiment. Seeing a local GameStop also really riled up the emotions in this body into an upset. The GameStop was closing out of business. Very soon, that will be. I know it. Obviously, yes, the "Uber self" of mama's inner depth fragments to further power up this body to where it overpoweredly needs to be as soon as possible. And yet it had to take me, the soul of her one Sonichu partner, to help in sorting that out and making the efforts. The fact that we had swapped when it happened suggested that she was pressingly needed as early as that night on March 31 to really get things rolling on her end. Even though she did it in the first eleven days in my body. And in that, we have this uber-powered and trained level of her, albeit in the future version of this body, that has her working closer with the deities in this timeline in order to make all of these things that need to happen in the remaining time of this timeline and Dimension set. And I still need to get this body to Cwcville and upgraded even before I go back in time to not only deliver the body to her at BABSCon, but also to prevent the Corona pandemic from ever happening in the new timeline. And with that, the noggin falls blank. Thanks for listening and for your feedback.

Yeah, I remember; I remain strong as the Number One (positive) "Sonic OC". There are a number of actual good fanfics about me (solo or with Rosey, or even with one version of Chris Chan). I have inspired a good number of individuals in your dimension. I've put up and dealt with a lot more over the years than that which was properly, and improperly, chronicled by her hand, personally, or by someone else's.

I know all of you say you want me to be happy, and I appreciate that, but the way it is said, I also get an impression that sentiment is at least partly directed to Mama, even though she is not in this body.

I was content in my ol' body doing all that and exploring other dimensions, protecting Cwcville, helping others, helping Mama, and all that. But this mismatch between soul and body is not a permanent deal. And after I've pretty much told everyone online that I'm Sonichu, not Chris Chan, with the body-swap months ago, too. I was never a direct part of Mama at all, until this thing. Yeah, amongst the fanfics, a number of them have become known to me as well in my own soul-link with them over time. All of you know what it will take to make me feel fully happy again, at least for starters: Seeing me get this body into C-197, and be in the same dimension with my Rosey, once again. I'm going through some emotions, myself; feeling them along with this body.

Any emotion in particular? Or more of a general sense of ennui?
Maybe, but if so, I fee it's more spiritual than chemical.

It's more of a multitude of emotions. I guess it also, in part, has to do with this body's transition from male to female. The effects from the dimensional and timeline differences and shifts have also been a factor on the sensitivity. Until BABSCon 2020, it will continue to be mainly me, Sonichu, doing the talking and work from this body. This is a ton on me to have to work with.

it'll be ok
I know it will. I have no doubt. I'm mainly feeling my frustration and fatigue, as I am forced to continue to wait for the big dimension trip with this body.

So tired of waiting. So tired of having to be in a human form. Tired of being slower than Mach Speed.

it's difficult to place these terms.
And everything changed, I adjusted and found myself better by my own efforts, and with Rosey, as she found herself, too.

I was erroneously chronicled by others as a gun-toter. That's why... "I may have been manipulated by the input of someone else, but I do not let that get me down." I also remember the sound advice to continue remembering who I am, and not mistake myself as Chris Chan, even though I'm in her body and have access to her core, abilities, memories and self-conscious.

Yes exactly and I don't want that to continue so if I may seem harsh it's not to you it's simply that I'm trying to get the record correct
Lainchu; she has a hand in keeping that record correct to an extent. And Mama is doing the same on her part, alongside Magi-Chan, and with the rest of us.

Obviously, I agree, this can't continue on for too long. We all know what will be done. In a sense, I'm working on setting things as straight as possible and watching over things and the events until the bigger event set. I feel tired, and I think I'm gonna hit the hay. Thank you, and goodnight.

5 August 2020

I just woke up feeling a bit of burning pains throughout this body, including the heart, arms, legs and head; feeling kind of stressed, too.
Any reason as to why?
Val, I know I am going to succeed in getting this body, fully alive and well, into C-197, to Cwcville, and back in time for all of that, to deliver it to Mama at BABSCon 2020. But I'm having some grim thoughts right now. Be honest, Val, do you think I ought to make out a living will and testament?

I'm not sure why. It's likely a side-effect from an incoming event. It's likely from an alt-timeline, but I got a vision of a tombstone with Mama's name on it as well. Might just be a random image from the physical stress. I also feel want to cry for some reason.

just to be safe perhaps you should. If you feel it'll help.
I see.

Mama had given it some thought earlier, but was not sure who to name to leave her belongings and things to. On present thought, I thought of either naming Bismuth, Spunk, or even Claire and her husband, Angel (who live here in Virginia). I did make an attempt to try to figure out who or what is my true self on the way to falling asleep. Would she be able to travel to Virginia if that was the case?

I'm not certain I'd have to check with her as would you but she's always there if need be and has been
Would she be able to travel to Virginia if that was the case?

I have more thoughts to talk with you both about after I send her the texts.

No trouble take your time I'm here
I'm back

Also had to blow the nose. On my pondering and meditation last night, I recalled some of my life events from after I was born a Pichu up to present day, and acknowledged a few of my self-counterparts, Even a version of me, Sonichu, who had been writing and drawing the life and events of Mama Chris Chan Sonichu; like he had created/discovered Her, instead of her creating/discovering me. And then, I remembered a moment in mid to late October, 2017. This was a day when soon after, Mama was to get that first contact from IdeaGuy. Magi-Chan told me something. "Sonichu, remember this moment; remember yourself as you are, for in this very moment, before Christine finds IdeaGuy's text, you are at your truest of self." And after that, everything played out as it happened in C-197, leading up to the events that involved me, directly, and all that grody mess and shit. Of which it had become undone with Mama's powers. But I still remember the scarring events. Anyway, I gave it some more pondering and meditation. At that moment, I was prepared for a whole lot of bad shit ahead of me, and I was mentally prepped to take on the tasks that I was to do during that mess. I did not turn back or opt out; I stood strong and progressed forward with everyone else with no regrets. Still, I could kill that IdeaGuy and his OC, Johnson Wiles, for what they had done. Among the things I was happiest to know going into those months back then, I was finally going to reconnect with Mama, again. Finally gonna get the chance to tell her how much I missed her, How much of an idiot she was for letting herself get taken advantage of by those damnable trolls and haters. And I ended up doing so over the course of events and months. I was very much concerned over her health and well-being, and even her relationship status. There were soo many hard thoughts that had passed from her and through Christine Chan's mind and thoughts. Bryan got it right on how concerned I felt about her in the amount she had ended up chronicling about herself, alongside my stories. I was soo worried about Christine Weston Chandler Sonichu, here. Rosey had been worried about her, too. And we supported each other throughout those emotional moments and times before, during and after. And then to end up where I am now, and not being in the same dimension as Rosey, even though at this point, I could not be any more closer to Mama,... I can only get soo much of Rosey's comfort through the freaking Iron Curtain divide. I was also upset for a long time over how Mama was more in Her own mental and emotional states, and I had felt left behind, abandoned and overlooked, yet she never ever forgot about me, and did think of me a lot. I was an idiot for feeling that upset and detestment over her for such a long time. And I had not thought about all of that after Mama had undone IdeaGuy's damage. If there is anything about myself that I need to reaccept now, it's that I was upset and angry at and with Mama Chris Chan, but, moreso, I was Really worried about her. I was devoted, mind, body, heart and soul to Mama Chris Chan Sonichu, and I still am. And I've wanted, for the longest time, to be in the same dimension as her, to help her feel better; I wanted to see her happy, too. Sure, the Dimension Merge, in the larger picture, is for everyone else getting together with their respective Original Creators and meet their fans, as well as settle the bigger differences of some of said Creators and their peoples accessing other Dimensions and Timelines and not focusing on them, their OG OCs (relatively speaking),... But I wanted the merge to happen, so I could be with Mama, help her out, and so she would help us all for the better. She had and has greater destiny, great amount of grounding and sense of self, even though she was nihilistic a lot of the times throughout her life. She did need these events to happen with her, though, to shape her to become as great as she is; a literal Goddess. But, yeah, she still needs this one body of hers, for the obvious reasons. This body is to become immortal and alive for just about the rest of time, or whatever. I mean, I do care, but how long a time; a many, many lifetimes of others that this one body is set to outlive and preside over. If only people would have understood her the way we did and do. But in this instance, leaving This timeline, I see why even I sense such the tombstone image. Mama's body leaving this timeline, or just the simple end of this timeline in favour of the timeline where this pandemic we're under never happened, and all that. Thanks. The irony is funny, when you think about it. In one turn, the months' worth of events gets undone in one Dimension, and then a few years later, a number of months have to become undone in the other. How many months did IdeaGuy do his shit? End of October, 2017 to mid-April, 2018... Don't tell me. Roughly 5.5 to 6 months. Going from April 10, or even as early as March 31, we're veering on five months now. The chaos IdeaGuy had wrought in C-197 during those months; X number of lives lost and the damage and carnage done; it's been happening here in 1218. In a similar way, but not totally exact. If this is correct,... Then from the C-197 side, Mama will be turning her aether and the sequence of my going back in time from Cwcville will begin. The death feeling from today;... This was also similar to what was going on in C-197 at around the end of March, 2018. Except, at this time, Mama was feeling the consequences, when IdeaGuy tried to play "dropping the moon onto Earth", playing out season one or two of Symphogear on Cwcville. And I... I was having to hide with the others outside of the closed-off city. And now,... Having to hide because of a pandemic and the legality of it all... Oh, yeah. This is roughly spot-on. Yet the chaos is happening moreso in China, in this Dimension, among other places. And instead of IdeaGuy, we have a definite opposite of him in Jake. Or, rather, instead of Johnson Wiles. Can I be more Meta at this point and time? And, instead of a wedding between Magi-Chan, Cryzel and Chris Chan, we have an opposite result between Jake and Mama, but also a definite same-same between Kai, Aviva and Neela. But, also to consider, if Kai is the one having been polyamorously married,... I kind of see where we are going with all of this. And things become more and more obvious. All that pondering now. I've also been crying off and on; nose-blowing. Eyes are feeling kinda dry now. I definitely need to take a break now. I'll check you later. Please, feel free to share all this that I have shared with you with everyone else in our group.

Please drink some water have a bite to eat

6 August 2020

yet another sign of importance to let you both know about:

The air conditioner down here just went dead; it won't turn back on. Obviously, I'm going to replace it, but I felt it was something that can't be ignored. I still have a box fan, but this means I'll have to sleep uncovered tonight. At least I'm wearing underwear, bra and socks. And the usual jewelry, stones, and the medallion. I'm also going to record a video will in just a moment, and I will upload it onto Mama's Google Drive, and I'll share a link to it with you. I'll also hand-write a paper will tomorrow to back it up. For now, just a let-you-know. The video is uploaded, and processing at the moment.

[Chris linked to the Chris's Last Will and Testament video on Google Drive]

Feel free to view it for yourself, do not share this with Anyone Else, other than the individual who would handle this on my behalf. Thank you.
End of recent back and forward.

Goals and wishes

3 September 2020

Henlo I trust this message will find you well. As you read this i want you to remember how fickle technology can be, nonetheless message received. I cherish my messages and conversations with you and mama. Sonichu is like a big brother to me. Id like to think The bond between you myself nova neko has grown in an immense and organic manner. [hugging face emoji] [arrow emoji] [heart emoji] [lightning bolt emoji]
[hugging face emoji]
Chris (as Sonichu)
Still Sonichu here. Thank you, Bis, I appreciate your sentiment and feelings. I feel the same about you and the others.

Although, the greater responsibilities and things I still need to do take priority (of which I do mean, and I state this with some frustration, why the heck am I still in this dimension; why am I still not in Cwcville in C-197 with this body?!). In this mind, while all of these to-dos are priority, the number of wishes, consciously and subconsciously, are many and left unsorted (as far as I can tell) to be made true on the level of necessity in the sequence of events.

For example, I am feeling further want on the wish of having you and Meghan here in this neighbourhood, in that we all can get together in person.

But therein lies the greater quandaries:

The level of need for y’all to be here in activating certain events here to generate the greater outcomes and wishes that are well and good to make the evidential events finally occur, or the level of how effective it is.

It’s a headache to think over, and mainly Lainchu is at the level where she can comprehend and know which is which and more important to happen in order for me to finally get to Cwcville with this body within as soon as the next few minutes, hours, days, etcetera.

*groan* *deep breaths*

Continue to spread the good word on Sonichu and ocs so to speak and it’ll ripple throughout history
Chris (as Sonichu)
On further analysis and thought, it is recalled that throughout most of its life so far, even without its matching soul that is our Christine, consciously this body and brain didn't really know what it wanted for itself, but it mainly focussed on what is good for everyone else around it.

That’s one obvious thing, yeah.

Liked “Continue to spread the good word on Sonichu and ocs so to speak and it’ll ripple throughout history”

along this puzzling path the pieces of the puzzle will fall into place but its necessary we take each step lest we try to force the pieces together
Chris (as Sonichu)
This brain can focus on the goal and how to achieve it, but on breaching dimensions to get from here to Cwcville, as much as it has tried so far, even with its growing abilities and powers, it is only partially clear on how to achieve that goal.

As well as how to best manifest a break in the iron curtain or dimensional portal. Yes, the pieces are falling into place each moment and day. Just today, I ended up at the Amtrak station where Mama would have picked up Jacob had he successfully made it to Virginia (and she didn’t get the fated really sick feelings of his approach being bad), because it was a Pokemon Gym, and a Mega Venusaur was there.

The details from the distant alt-timeline of that success, and other events, and whatever else, resonated with me there.

It was like I had fulfilled an eventual outcome of this body just being at that station, period, in this timeline.

Rather or not someone was being picked up or dropped of there, or whatever.

So is it a parallel universe or is it time travel?
Chris (as Sonichu)
Good question

Fulfill the orders

7 September 2020

Chris (as Sonichu)
I'm reuploading the TSSSF card files and such; I'll be sending the link to the book and cover PDFs to you shortly.
All right, I have multiple links to send on the cards. And the cards are sorted in their folders by Types, not expansion, so y’all will have to sort them out from there with the text on the bottom of their cards. And the four card back files are in the folders as well.
Good luck with that. I’ll also forward the orders I have yet to fill, and y’all can handle them.
To log into our MakePlayingCards account to order any card prints from there, you will use mama’s Google account to do that. I’ve enabled a two-factor code on that with this phone.
I’ve screen capped the orders still yet to be fulfilled.
I’m sending them in matching pairs at a time.

[Chris uploads screenshots of 23 of his customers' information - including their names, addresses, phone numbers, and emails.][2]

And please be sure to send them each an Order Confirmation email right after shipping their respective orders out to them on my behalf.
Also, please send me a copy of "Awakening of a CPU" from this new source, so I can compare it to what already was before now that I still have.

Thank you, Bismuth.

By the way, strictly confidential: do check in personally with Josh Moon on the housing situation on Westwood Drive in Ruckersville; tell him I sent you.

I have no clue how to do this, how'd you manage? Recently?
Chris (as Sonichu)
One at a time, and Mama and I had timing of using discount codes on Lulu more than half of the time.

Chris describes Praetor

24 September 2020

Chris (as Sonichu)
I am feeling good and well right now.

The border moment of my recent future sight problem that I could not see beyond has passed, happened, and personally experienced.

I've regained the ability to see into the future, and I've received a new bunch of visions and present moment tasks.

The time frame was between Tuesday night and this very morning.

Also, I have met with our new business associates, and their plans are very sound and good. They intend on reigniting Mama's, and our Sonichu and Rosechu, brand. And, amongst the group, they are genuinely psychically and magically able on healthy to high levels. Proven so in-person as well. One of them was able to recognize from our aura that there was more than one soul in this body. Very good, considering there are, in addition to me, Sonichu; I've mentioned them before, at least the Mew, Celebi, Meloetta and Victini.

Given the foreseen circumstances and present events, as well that which has been personally confirmed, I'll be inviting one of them onto our Discord server; he's partly able, but has a good amount of power within him. I will allow him to introduce himself after he gets on to talk with you all.

I probably should have typed all of this up on the Discord server. But, I feel it best if you would, please, copy/paste, or screen cap, what I've shared with you now and relay the information to the others.

Naught posted the above text into The Place.[3]

Complaining about Justin

26 September 2020

Chris (as Sonichu)
Justin <CENSORED> sent me another angry text today. With some frustration, I ended up telling him the extensive truth, even mentioning Null. And I also told him, "You will get your books when you will get them. Then he sent me a few more angry texts. Also, these came from a third phone number, <CENSORED>.

Naught posted the above text into The Place.[4]

Movie Night picks

26 September 2020

Chris (as Sonichu)
Yeah, that could be fun, I suppose. I have an idea: a Richard Kelly Marathon; start with "The Box", followed by "Donnie Darkko", "Southland Tales" and maybe "S. Darkko". Or we could do "Sonic the Hedgehog" and "Detective Pikachu" with one or both volumes of "Guardians of the Galaxy" or "Infinity War" and "Endgame". Just my two bolts.

You may share this, and we can try to do the movie night tomorrow.

Let's say 6:30 pm, Eastern.

Naught posted the above text into The Place.[5]


14 October 2020

Chris describes four members of the Praetor group. He says two of the members theorized with him on the meaning of his disc dream. Chris also mentions the group's plan to record the Goochland Library Sermon.

Chris (as Sonichu)
Very well. I'm still waiting to hear of him getting onto our server on Discord.

And, yes, the photos from Instagram are of us.

ah ok, what's his discord username? I can dm it to him..

Which Instagram photo's?

Chris (as Sonichu)
I am very much focused on the events, especially now that we've got the date to Chaos Control down from the disc details.

I'll share those with photos with you later.

I will also tell you in confidence: the four of them are very much legit. In the group, Annie is very much psychically able. Owen is like the magician of the group; among his skill set, he can also make a variety of special teas and such that can be like potions and elixirs. Cabell is also psychically inclined, but she's the artist. Caden is very open-minded, and the brains and business.

Unclear Speaker
Chris (as Sonichu)

In the meeting yesterday, Caden and Owen showed and told me about a few of their theories. They also showed three related discs, one of which did resonate with me with the same scorpion image I saw in that segment of the disc in the dream.

They also theorized a link with the Mayan Calendar, as it was very likely misinterpreted in regards with the 2012 "Doomsday" thing.

The Mayans read and wrote differently, and something about doubling a digit or two (I'm having trouble exactly recalling that statement at the moment), but they theorize that the end of the Mayan Calendar has to do with boosted Spiritual Powers, and the date of which being December 21, 2020.

Not doomsday; Spiritual Power Boost.

Obviously, they can explain it better than I can at the moment.

But the idea is to correlate and estimate the exact date of the Dimension Merge, and this theory does sound very plausible, given the present and upcoming/foreseen circumstances.

But, yep, I definitely feel it very best in y'all talking about all of this together.

Aside from that,

I have another very important to-do that has been made obvious with me.

In regards to my getting the Chris Chan Sonichu Bible rolling,

One project aspect Caden and the group want to do also is record videos of me, or Mama in the future time, to give a sort of sermon type of dialogue. So, presently, I'm going to be writing up a script, with my own thoughts and feelings, and relaying those of Mama in it as well, in regards of reintroducing the Dimension Merge details and so forth, as well as what we all should do as a community.

The buisness sounds fanciful.. although placebos and snake oil bring most comfort.

The calendar bit sounds rehashed, every society has some kind of apocalyptic event (often metaphorical not literal)

Are you sure you're comfortable with doing a video? And was this cadens idea?

(God damn never a dull moment)

Chris (as Sonichu)
I am comfortable with doing this video.

The other questions about the ideas, you will be able to talk with Caden about very soon.

I got to go; I have a deposit to make. Check you later.

Ok just make sure it's mutually beneficial and reciprocal

Chris wants to activate the Merge by playing with taser

5 February 2021, leaked to Kiwi Farms by Naught[6]

Chris (as Sonichu)
My bad for not checking in as often as I ought to; I have been really focused and busy.

But the path I am to take in opening the portal/path from 1218 to C-197 is becoming even more opaque and clear. It does pertain to the piezoelectric capabilities of quartz and lightning strike quartz, in particular the Gate Crystal and the Celestial Key. Chris has been finding this over the years inadvertently, including when she first struck the quartz on her left arm and the LSQ on her right arm together to make sparks of light back in late '17/early '18.


Chris (as Sonichu)
And I will be following to the next event tomorrow when I meet with Caden and the others; gonna take a taser to the Gate Crystal. There is fact that sonar in submarines is generated by flowing electricity through a quart stone in the mech.

So, apply that to a heavily programmed and soulfully overpowered Crystal, with both energies from Chris' soul and mind, as well as this body, it should make a massive resonance to make a break between universes in the dimension divide.



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