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This page is an archive of Naught's key posts about Chris on the online forum Kiwi Farms, under the usernames anameisaname and naught. Posts are sorted by date.

Orbiter General, post 1

15 August 2020, as anameisaname[1]

Orbiter General, post 2

16 August 2020, as anameisaname[2]

Sammi the Angel A-46 West to east Midlands @BiscuitBanna#6832 Colluded withFc Jacob sockness and daughters of inana. Admitted too having at least 1 kiwi farm's account.

The person who argued with daughter's of banana. And is making 100% original Sonichubreboot

Aly Hirschberg was involved as was William Byzantium who an herod.


Sammi driving around with his camera on.


A-46 West to east Midlands


Vm of a fail troll.

Helena Flotenza Twitter artist who wants to have sex with chris Tran.

She's also on the cwcki as an attention whore.

Thanks to my many source's.


3 September 2020, as anameisaname[3]

This falls into the toy category, hedgehog likely covered it. Chris submitted the 'Temple" to be a Pokemon stop, it was rejected due to not having enough roaming area.

PokeStop rejection letter.jpg

Chris will submit it again, for some reason he has faith people aren't malicious duplicitous cunts.

CWCs Temples Gazebo TSSSF.jpg

Chris looks up the home barb leveraged.

14 BLC August2020 Satellite View.png

Chris uses the tablet from the corona bucks to the fullest watching anime and mlp.

23 Aug 20 iPad screenshot - 14BLC.jpg

Chris's nomination slip

20 Aug 20 iPad screenshot - Pokestop Nomination.jpg

Chris wants a taser

5 February 2021, as naught[4]

(Im not sure where to post this, although this thread seems fitting especially since in my more paranoid moments ive wondered if Vaughn and praetor LLC are on in the same.)

(An alarming update from cwc, who's still acting as sonichu.)

My bad for not checking in as often as I ought to; I have been really focused and busy. But the path I am to take in opening the portal/path from 1218 to C-197 is becoming even more opaque and clear. It does pertain to the piezoelectric capabilities of quartz and lightning strike quartz, in particular the Gate Crystal and the Celestial Key. Chris has been finding this over the years inadvertently, including when she first struck the quartz on her left arm and the LSQ on her right arm together to make sparks of light back in late '17/early '18.

(This part is alarming, someone in another thread even joked of this when praetor appeared.)

And I will be following to the next event tomorrow when I meet with Caden and the others; gonna take a taser to the Gate Crystal. There is fact that sonar in submarines is generated by flowing electricity through a quart stone in the mech. So, apply that to a heavily programmed and soulfully overpowered Crystal, with both energies from Chris' soul and mind, as well as this body, it should make a massive resonance to make a break between universes in the dimension divide.

(Rest is modern cwc)

Taser Discussion clip

8 February 2021, as naught[5]

Caden and cwc as Sonichu prime discuss the tazer and who will be tazed.

[Naught uploads an audio clip. See Taser Discussion#Original Clip.]

Attempt to dox Larry Vaughn

12 February 2021, as naught[6]

CwC said: I confide with you: Vaughn's real name, Daniel Arias, and his real phone number: [CENSORED]

Probably fake Vaughn/LAnon has been faggy as fuck from the start, with the letters the bottle of wine, but who knows.

Editor note: Naught included the above phone number in his Kiwi Farms post - however it is the phone number for the location of a chain restaurant, so has not been transcribed into this page.