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January18SonichuBodyswapArt.jpg Delusion disclosure: This article or section takes place during Chris's phase of role-playing as Sonichu. He may refer to his Christine Chandler personality and physical body in the third person by using terms such as "mama".

Taser Discussion is a 48-minute long call involving Chris, several Watchmen, and Praetor member Caden. Among the topics, Chris discusses wanting to use a taser, a desire he had expressed previously in a leaked text message; he believes tasing his Gate Crystal and Celestial Key quartz crystals would assist with activating the Dimensional Merge.[1]

A brief clip was leaked by the Watchman leader Naught on 8 February 2021.[2] However, the context of the clip was spun to paint Caden and Praetor in a negative light - Naught prefaced the leak with the comment, "Caden and cwc as Sonichu prime discuss the tazer and who will be tazed," omitting that, in the clip, it is a Watchman member, Val, who jokingly floats the idea of Chris tazing himself, Chris volunteering himself for it, then Caden telling him it is a bad idea.

The full audio was released on 30 June 2021, lending new context to the nature of the discussion.

Original Clip

In the clip, the Watchmen member Val states, "Can you put, 'Can CWC- uh, like, tase himself on video for lulz'." Chris then responds, "I'll do it," to which Val bursts out laughing. Praetor member Caden then objects, saying, "Look, are you sure- There- they- like, we had a whole discussion about why it's a bad idea."

In his Kiwi Farms post, Naught named only Praetor member Caden and Chris as those present in the call. This omission led to speculation that Praetor's members were attempting to get Chris to tase himself. The Christuber GiBi produced a video on the topic in which he erroneously attributed all of the voices in the clip to Praetor members.[3]

In a DM over Discord to a CWCki editor, Naught clarified that the voices present in the clip are Watchmen members Val, Nova/Kyle, The WCT; Praetor member Caden; and Chris.[4]

Taser discussion
Stardate 8 February 2021
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From a Kiwi Farms forum post by Watchmen member Naught:

Caden and cwc as Sonichu prime discuss the tazer and who will be tazed.


Caden: I- I-

Val: No, I don't think they were. Like, at all.

Caden: I don't think they were either.

Val: I don't think anything at all was ever solved. In the slightest. [laughs]

Caden: Not even a little bit.

Val: Even-

Kyle: When are you gonna do the- uh, testing video you promised?

Caden: The testing video?

Kyle: Yeah!

Val: Can you put, "Can CWC- uh, like, tase himself on video for lulz"?

Caden: Well, we're gonna-

Chris: I'll do it.

Caden: WAT.

Chris: I'd volunteer.

Val: What? [laughs]

Chris: I'd tase myself.

Val: [laughs some more]

Chris: In serious and in joke, I would.

Caden: Look, are you sure-

Val: Oh no...

Caden: There- they- like, we had a whole discussion about why it's a bad idea.

Val: Oh no...

Caden: Are you- we'll talk about this later, okay?

Val: OH NO!

Caden: I really gotta go before we make any rash decisions that involve CWC being zapped.

Chris: Obviously. But I mean, this body is part electricity literally, So I could take it.

Uncut Version

A Watchman explains the context of the full chat, and why it was clipped.

On 30 June 2021, Watchmen member The WCT released the uncut audio call (lasting about 48 minutes) onto YouTube, seemingly out of a desire to lend full context to the minute-long clip that was originally released on Kiwi Farms. In it, multiple Watchmen and Caden, a member of Praetor, talk to one another regarding the taser.[5]

CWC and Friends talking to Praetor (February 8, 2021)
Stardate 8 February 2021
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The never before seen original and uncut infamous taser call.

The pinned comment, written by TheWCT, reads:

Who was in the wrong?

you decide.


CWCism-IllBreakYouDead.png  This media needs a transcript. Help CWCki by transcribing the content. If the media is too long, transcribe select portions which are funny or informative.

Text fades in and out onscreen:

On February 8, 2021.

Chris and the Watchmen would get into a Voice Chat with Praetor's leader Caden.

After the call concluded, the Watchmen's leader Naught uploaded a minute long audio clip to Kiwi Farms without full context that aimed to demonize and discredit Caden and Praetor as a whole.
For 4 months, this call remained private and kept away in local storage...
until now.
Originally recorded on February 8, 2021

Audio begins.

0:24 timestamp

Chris: Literally and truly, putting a taser to the crystal was my own idea, and I got it through meditation and seeing into the future.

Kyle: Well where's the ground in that circuit? Just thinking of it from an electrical perspective.

Caden: The taser itself is a closed circuit. It's all contained within a little box. It's a handheld zapper, we don't use anything that's, ya know, firing any projectiles. That's just not only a m-

Kyle: That's because you keep erroneously calling it a taser when it's in fact a stun-gun.

Caden: I don't want to bust chops over symantics here, when I bought it it said "taser" on e-bay.

Kyle: Didn't you show a different one?

Caden: No no, we're using the exact same ones

Kyle: No you said in the past a different one.

1:24 timestamp

Caden: No no, it's the same one. So we bulked ordered them, for the original purpose of sale. There's 10 of them right now. Uh, depending on how sales initially went, we were considering another order of 10-20. But, ya know, it's all based on what happens in this coming month. Whatever the case, this specific idea... what I don't understand is - while I do get while you're concerned about the safety of CWC, especially when it comes to the usage of a little zapper like that - at the bottom line that is that - not only

Kyle: [interrupting] Don't downplay it. Don't downplay it. A little zapper? No - it's a fucking self-defense instrument. It's not an instrument of mild irritation.

Caden: If you don't wanna downplay it-

MKR: Chris has had heart troubles in the past, so why wouldn't we worry?

Caden: Well, I won't - I won't downplay it, these things are brutal. But, if you're using them correctly, you have no chance of getting zapped whatsoever. And frankly, we recognize Chri-

Kyle: And this is [a very much off-label] use.

Caden: Well hold on. We recognize Christine as an adult who can make her own decisions and the fact that she requested one of these tasers… we thought that we’d let it happen. And will continue to let what she requests happen, happen. Unless it's something that's an absolutely out of proportion judgement - but we've never ever seen anything like that in our personal experience with her. We've full faith in the choices that she's making - and if she feels that this taser will bring about this-the dimensional merge than we're more than happy to experiment.

Chris: Or at the very least, a portal for me to finally get this body to CWCville.

MKR: I really don't think that's gonna work like that.

Chris: Well you don't know.

Chris: You can get sonar by running electricity through just a regular non-soulfully powered quartz that you would get a lot more through a heavily programmed overpowered one!

Kyle: That's because it's a distinct electrical instrument, using electrical purity quartz with a tolerance of something like 35bpm and that's for sonar which now presumably took out of scope or frequency.

MKR: Besides the regular electricity from any regular device wouldn't really count, I mean, wouldn't the electricity coming from your body naturally be the kind that you would need to power such a thing?

Chris: That is one thing, yes. It’s not tangible from… it's not so tangible, I mean… I wish I could do a thundershock from this body where you could see sparks coming from these hands or these cheeks. But that's not happening right now, at least at this moment-

MKR: Maybe your training's just not complete.

Chris: The best I can do to show some power is between the visions and foresight and the limited tele- the limited telekinesis and telepathy.

WCT: IMO you don't need that thing.

MKR: You really don't.

Kyle: D'you really need to prove-

MKR: Unless you're defending yourself from a predator, I don't think so,

WCT: A gun is more effective in self defense, but that's obviously not what we're talking about here.

MKR: *laughs* No.

Kyle: Oh trust me, I know!

Chris: Alright but anyway, the results were very good and Caden here will vouch for that - especially on the before on feeling[/filling?] the gate crystal and then AFTER sensing the gate crystal and the boosted energy that came out of it.

Kyle: You got extensive experience tasing yourself Caden?

Caden: Well ya know I've zapped myself a couple of times, I wouldn't sell something if I didn't know if it felt like - and uh - it doesn't feel good, I'll tell ya that!

Kyle: Really? I've seen the one you've mentioned and uh - it seems like a lot to subject anyone to.

Caden: It's a little rough - it's a little rough around the edges but, ya know -

Kyle: Oh yeah, yeah, I'm sure that's -

MKR: Maybe you should do it again and videotape it.

Kyle: I'm sure that's why they sell it. It's a little rough.

Caden: Oh it's a little rough for sure.

MKR: Just to prove it's only a little rough...

Kyle: Yeah; shove it up your ass to see how much you like it.

Caden: We were thinking of a demonstration if we could find a willing participant, well ya know, we're - we're looking. [...]

9:36 timestamp

Chris: Caden is the salesman. But you know the other members of our group here, uh, you know, uh, Caden, Owen, Bella, Annibelle. But, yeah, we have a couple of genuine psychic types and they...

14:23 timestamp

Val: There’s been lots and lots of people who could’ve made a buck off Chris, but they didn’t. Why?

Caden: Well, because they weren’t smart enough.

Naught: Do you really believe that?

Chris: Actually that’s a valid statement right there, especially considering the [past life with Praetor?]

Caden: We recognize the value of partnering with CWC. We recognize the value of her talent and what she brings to the board. Now I understand the controversy we’ve raised, but frankly, we don’t intend on really moving that much, we’re very pleased with where we are, alright? If you have any grievances we’re happy to hear them, and we love feedback, ya know? Regardless of how much it hurts us. But we-

Naught: Just interact with the retards that buy shit. I think it's that simple. It's what I said earlier, if you want to be a businessman or whatever, interact with the people, keep the optics up, and that's pretty much it!

Caden: That's what - that's our intentions.

[long pause]

Caden: So anything further?

WCT: Does anyone else have anything else to discuss with Caden?

Naught: No, I don't want to get pissed on and told it's raining.

WCT: No, of course.

15:52 timestamp

MKR: Chris why… why do you trust these people

Chris: Because they have proven themselves in person with their kindness-

MKR: Because they bought you things

Chris: No, that’s only part of…

MKR: That’s the reason though isn’t it

Chris: Not initially! Not initially!

MKR: laughs in disbelief

Chris: They proved it to us without buying anything… initially… that is the truth. Eventually yes, that did come to be – but – they have proven themselves very much without-

MKR: So you’re going to choose them over us, is that how it’s going to go? [...]

17:07 timestamp

Caden: […] Let me just say, our goal is not to take anything. Our goal is not just to be screwing with Christine. Our goal here is just to make cash with her, as a partnership - right?

MKR: Then why don’t you pay her more?

Caden: We do!

Naught?: That income split is kind of fucked.

Chris: THEY PAID ME 400 BUCKS las- abou- about a few weeks ago! They paid me 400 bucks…

MKR: Out of the $6,000 they made

Caden: Let me just say-

Chris: It didn't.

Caden: Let me just say- Let me just say here, that our relationship with Christine, the friendships and the business side that we have with her, is not intended for- we're not going to move on it. We don't want to - we don't want y'all to think we're trying to take anything from y'all. Right? We don't want to screw around with sides. Because this shouldn't have to be a war.

Chris: You're right.

Caden: Now I understand that there's a lot of animosity here, there's a lot of general discomfort, right?-

Val: Where were we? Before, I uuh... what happened? I was pretty sure I said ”stop fucking lying”.

MKR: Oh well, they're saying that they don't want to take Christine away from us, that the- they're not trying to [unintelligible]

Val: ...*laughs* Christine...

Chris: I'm not being taken away from anybody, okay!? [...]

24:39 timestamp

Chris: ...his name is Daniel. He lives he most majority lives in virginia. He works at Martha's Vineyard. He trucks around sometimes. He's lived in Vegas. His number was from Vegas and so forth. Freakin' bats. And after we confirmed all that information that we have foreseen...

Val: Confirmed with who? Confirmed with who? Confirmed with who? You said "confirmed the information", with who? Who confirmed that information?

Chris: ... all right, well, Bella...

Val: All right...

Chris: Well, confirmed the information. But don't tell anybody outside this group about that.

Kyle: You know that was leaked a little bit ago.

Chris: But aside from that, I... we... confirmed it now. But she had... she confirmed it. She told us and that allowed us to confirm it, with Mewtwo, with Magi-Chan, and with Christine here.

Still in my body! This is still Sonichu!

29:42 timestamp

Caden: I understand that. Personally, I'd kill for a sheet cake. One of those [Scream in the background] nice vanilla based ones? I just love that. It kills. [Scream continues]

Val: Is Chris like...?

MKR: I don’t know

Val: There was like some shouting or some fucking shit…

MKR: “Maybe Chris ate something spicy and there’s issues to be had; the bathroom’s become a war-room”. [...]

34:00 timestamp

Val: You're a total fucking faggot, Caden.

Caden: Now I'm just ruined.

Val: And you will be. And I garuntee by the end of the night, I’m going to be speaking to your mother and telling how terrible her son is.

Caden: honestly, if you end up getting me a paddling from mommy, I’m going to be so upset.

Val: [laughs] and I hope you should be!

MKR: Honestly I started out trying to be really nice, but you just like started getting like more suspicious and creepy and mean, and I just-

Chris Why do we have to have all this sarcasm and negativity talking shit?


In Virginia, you can legally own a taser without a permit, unless you were convicted of a felony (not to be confused with a misdemeanor).[6][7] This can come as a bit of a shock to readers from some countries like Germany and the United Kingdom, where even the police must have a good reason to use one.


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