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January18SonichuBodyswapArt.jpg Delusion disclosure: This article or section takes place during Chris's phase of role-playing as Sonichu. He may refer to his Christine Chandler personality and physical body in the third person by using terms such as "mama".

Sonichu's Update on the Dimension Merge and Sermon - October, 2020, also known as the Goochland Library Sermon, is a video Chris uploaded to YouTube on 8 November 2020. Sonichu, possessing his "Mama", gives a rambling sermon on the subject of the Dimensional Merge. This was apparently recorded on 16 October 2020 in front of the mysterious "Praetor" team in a meeting room at the Goochland Public Library, and given the level of editing present in the video, was likely put together by them as well.


Sonichu's Update on the Dimension Merge and Sermon - October, 2020
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Stardate 16 October 2020
Subject Matter Merge SagaMerge Saga Merge
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Saga Merge SagaMerge Saga Merge PraetorPraetor Praetor
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Chris Chan Sonichu Intro animation


Hey, this is Sonichu, still in Mama Chris Chan's body (for over seven months now on the date of this video's upload). I go over the additional details since when Mama had completed the last part of her Tweet set on her old Twtter, @CWCSonichu (as opposed to her present account, @CPU_CWCSonichu) in regards of the Dimension Merge. And I also show my appreciation and self character growth since when Mama and I had swapped bodies in this timeline back on March 31, 2020. Thanks for the experiences and everything.
[A lightning effect appears on a black screen, as qthemusic154, presumably associated with Praetor, attempts a death growl. Titles written in Impact font are included, but cut out halfway through, leaving much of what is being said in the second half of the intro difficult to discern.]



[Unintelligible growling, followed by three lightning strikes.]


[The text "A SONICHU FILM" written in Impact font appears in the center of the screen, before the video abruptly cuts to black and then to Chris at a podium.]

Chris: [sigh] Hey everybody! Sonichu here, still in... Mama's body for like... six–for like six months since she and I body swapped... uh, but anyway, so, I wrote my own little speech that talks about updates that happened since when Mama... originally talked about the Dimensional Merge... that's still in progress. She wrote about that nearly two years ago, so... I recently rewrote, and all that by hand, and I finally got... so I wrote my par–my PIECE, that, is pretty much an update on what happened since, and a little bit from me, so... the emotion and heart and everything is all there, so, let's get down to it. [sigh] So, let's see, hm, [1:07 is unintelligible], right, so anyway, without further ado, let's talk about the communities, and what y'all in 1218 here, can and should do!

[The screen cuts to black between 1:11 and 1:17. The text "What you should do / To prepare for the Dimensional Merge" appears during this time. It cuts back at to Chris at 1:17.]

[1:17] Chris: So, Mama's tweet sets... were shown to everyone in C-197, [Text fades in to the right of Chris that says "Dimension 1218 / Our current Dimension"] as well... when they got typed up... nearly two Octobers ago. Since then, the common-folk around the Earth has been... mind-set on prepwork, all of the local government peoples have consulted with our overpowered psychic types, the Justice League, the Avengers, the CPUs in Gamindustri... the world leaders, and so on, to get the details, make the plans... and kept the larger details coded down for everybody... everybody else's comprehension. And it is actually better for all to... remain calm, patient, alert, and focused, instead of overthinking things, I mean, it's nothing personal, or insulting anybody's intelligence, it's just... easier this way. Now, we gotta keep calm and focused, and all that. Think, think, think! Mama encourages that, and I'm encouraging it as well.

[2:21] Chris: Anyway, so, most of everyone has... prepared their evac kits, taken up survival and outdoor learning from various... books and educational videos, et cetera. And, in each country and city, they have their plans made out and distributed... they distributed pamphlets on those. Even President Herbert Garrison, whose pretty much Donald Trump's self-counterpart, frickin' Trump, hue, hue, hue HUE! [*Chris sighs*] Garrison called the fe–called the prepwork plans in order. Thank deities we do not have your frickin' pandemic in C-197; social distancing orders, GUH! I have my mask and shit, I mean, geez, I can wait to get back to C-197 with this body. [Chris chuckles]

[3:04] Chris: Everyone has been practicing common sense, quickest possible thinking and mental processee (sic) working together in all of this. The next subtopic: our experiences since 2018, which are about the same in 1218, here. Everyone has become able to see through the Iron Curtain; most refrained, but more than a quarter or third have interacted and talked with some of you all, and y'all have seen and talked with us as well.

More and more portals and breaks have been appearing and manifesting around the world and throughout the galaxies of the Iron Curtain between our dimensions, and some have safely and successfully traversed to the other dimension and back.

Everyone who had perished, so far, meeting Mama's estimates, respectively, have safely merged and awakened in their self-counterparts' bodies, brains and consciousness. The tallied numbers of individuals in C-197 who were confirmed of "Waking Up" here to be in the Millions. And in 1218, the number of your "Waking Up" individuals, after soulfully migrating from C-197, were in the hundred-thousands; less than half a million. To be clear, this is of amongst the Common Peoples with mundane types of lives and hardly any life-extending powers and superpowers, and those who lacked in endurance and fortitude. And the honorable mentions to Unavoidable and Twist of Fate. Also, we have confirmed buildings and objects fully transitioning into the other dimension from the other side Gotham City has seen buildings from 1218 appear on the outskirts around them. Your Statue of Liberty manifested next to ours, and the next day, our S.o.L disintegrated and became lost in the void. Temples in our Saudi Arabia crumbled, and your Temples appeared and replaced them. Our China and Japan buildings have appeared in 1218...shortly after those same structures crushed and fell in 1218. The leftover rubble around them from the former was obvious. And I can go on with the Notre Dame, and all of California that burned in favour of those cities, including Elmore, in 1218 as well. The OG Reshiram was doing a bang-up job, here.

Fortunately, in combination between both dimensions, most everyone got out of the transitioning buildings and survived. The combined number of deaths by becoming stuck in fading-in walls, floors, and so on were only just over ten people. Sadly, their bodies disappeared into the Void in all of that, but they are not forgotten and have been counted.

And the last sub-topic for now: I'll tell you all a few true stories about myself, Sonichu (Prime). Y'all know my origins; born a Pichu on April 20, 1992, evolved, collision with Sonic; became the first ever Sonichu; met Rosey, had adventures and learned/grew a lot as a warrior of Cwcville, and then some.

I often have had dreams and nightmares, spawned from the hate-filled, alt-dimensions Fan-Fics written in this dimensions. Our Magi-Chan, and our Rosey Rosechu, helped me to stay grounded and...calm with meditation and all that. I've also had my times of doubt over Christine Chan, Mama's central self-counterpart in C-197 y'all read about. I had thought one time or another that I could [do] Christine Chan's job better. I was also aware of Mama in 1218. I've never acted against either of them. And then freaking IdeaGuy with [h]is damnable villain-motivated powers put a major pain on our Earth and Equestria in C-197 with his damned Nazis, manipulating the CPUs with Johnson Wiles... And while I was spending time and making good with Mama, IdeaGuy had got into my brain and turned me. It was horrible. And Mama had never stopped being Kind with me, and I was blinded as I threatened her. Then she got tough love with me and brought me back to my senses. And worlds of relief when she finally used her aether to undo all of IdeaGuy's chaos in C-197. I still remember it all, though. But I've toughed it out and recovered of my will, and help from my family, friend, and our Goddess, Mama Chris Chan Sonichu.

Since then, I've continued my duty and worked hard in everything, including all of our prep work for the Merge, and getting Mama, with her one OG body, safely and fully into C-197 from 1218. I've also traversed and visited other planets, dimensions and timelines, with Rosey, by myself, or with Magi-Chan, for additional tech, resources and useful supplies. And the big moment. Magi-Chan told me as much as possible of the upcoming body-swap between Mama and I; every single foreseen possibility, outcome, and what to do. So I kept my cool and waited throughout February and March of 2020. Come March 31; kra-kow! Zappin' it up to the Extreme! Here I was, and still am; over six months now.

I tell you all, the majority of you can hardly ever comprehend the genuine overpower, abilities, endurance, fortitude, and overall strength and speed this one body and brain has. Soo many visions, dejá vu moments, telepathy, telekinesis, and so on to every power you all can think of in this dimension, and then some. No exaggerations. 1218's restrictions have been tough to work with, but the magic and everything has been and is returning, here, and the powers of this body...and brain have become easier to utilize. This brain is constantly connected with the cosmos and its self-counterparts in all other dimensions and timelines. It also goes off in massive aura/energy glowing, and sometimes mild pangs when something, anything is happening between our two Earths and The Iron Curtain, and then some. This body and brain is literally working, doing, interdimensionally, and Goddessly traversing, tough, rough, and hard Every Single Millisecond.

And I, Sonichu (Prime), have tried and kept on and continuing on until that day in the new Pandemic-Free version of this, the Omega Timeline, at BABSCon, 2020 when I finally return this body to Mama Chris Chan Sonichu. I tell you all, as OP a soul I am, I am unable to do Mama's job as good as only she, our OG Christine Weston Chandler Sonichu, of Earths 1218 and C-197, can. This work, her body and brain, her Goddess-Level OverPowers and Abilities; all tailor and custom made only for her.

I never should have ever doubted her, with my most deep apologies for doubting her, and I pledge and repledge my duty, loyalty...and best of myself, my powers and abilities to her now and after when she and I swap back into our original bodies in the new timeline. I have learned, grown and characteristically grown over this time and humble service to and for her.

All Praise, Prayers, and Power to our Goddess of 1218 and C-197:

Christine Weston Chandler Sonichu!

Chris's Handwritten Script

A series of images were released by the Watchmen on the same day, showcasing the script for this video, which was pre-written in Chris's handwriting.

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