The Vaughn Interlude

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January18SonichuBodyswapArt.jpg Delusion disclosure: This article or section takes place during Chris's phase of role-playing as Sonichu. He may refer to his Christine Chandler personality and physical body in the third person by using terms such as "mama".

On 4 February 2021, a set of screenshots were publicly released by Watchmen member Lainchu, detailing behind-the-scenes events regarding the troll Larry Vaughn, and the discussions that occurred about them in The Watchmen's Place during January 2021. Lainchu named this collection The Chroniclings of Chris Chan: The Vaughn Interlude, describing the event as "a cautionary tale." As before with the previous collection of screenshots, Lainchu made color-coded censors and redactions. Messages by Chris (as Sonichu) are color-coded yellow throughout the article, while the Watchmen and their messages are named and color-coded after their respective censor colors.

Lainchu's Foreword

4 February 2021

This message was sent from Lainchu to a Christorian, along with the screenshots. Lainchu's messages are color-coded green.

Given the recent incident involving the figure known as Vaughn, our group wishes to illuminate the circumstances around him and his failed trolling efforts. Thus, the following is a collection of screenshots that detail the timeline of events, as well as Sonichu982's reactions and responses to them within our server.

We present this cautionary tale, The Chroniclings of Chris Chan: The Vaughn Interlude.


Letter and Gift Bag from LAnon

3 January 2021

Hey, @everyone,I have received a very symbolic development that I feel coud do well with y’all’s perspectives and input. I have received a gift bag today, which included a bag of candy, an unopened bottle of wine, and a jar of kosher dill pickles, as well as a five-page letter.
It was raining, so the letter got wet, and it was a cautious effort to separate the pages, yet the letter is still legible. I will type it up, word for word, so you all can read it as well.
Page 1

Dear Christine Weston Chandler,

Salutations, this is a letter sent by the exploratory commission of LAnon in Dimension 1218, or partially at least. We will not bore you with details, as you already know a lot it seems about other dimensions and the forces behind it.

You see, like you we have had similar experiences, both with beings from other dimensions, travels to these realms, and in some cases, even merging with our true selves. Our most seminal work, regarding the dynamics and the forces of these dimensions from our own personal experiences is chronicled in the visual novel by [redacted], [redacted].

While not as gifted as you, this was crafted largely on drugs such as LSD and Magick Mushrooms, which enabled us the ability to view these realms and document their events.

Page 2

We have namely observed the realm named Vanaheim, a flat-world. This is similar to what the writer of Vril has experienced in his reality.

Like you, some other members have been able to come into contact with fictional characters from different reals from C-197. One individual, most well known as Jinn, or the “Man Whom Married Twilight Sparkle” (adding in the quotes myself, because Twilight is not married; that dude must have married a Twilight Sparkle from another universe/dimension), is one such individual. Sligar the Tiger is yet another individual who has discovered the dangerous, but equally hypnotic place known as Furryville, where the women are endowed as queens, and what is masculine, what is feminine becomes blurred.

Most excitedly, other members of LAnon have been blessed enough to experience a merger, a synthesis of their truest forms, like what Karl Jung, L. Ron Hubbard, and Julian Jaynes have posturized. The most prolific of these has been [redacted], formerly known as [redacted]. You’ll find that all artists have control...

Page 3

...over their own small sections of a multiverse. The Ancient Egyptians, Myans, and Austro-Hungarians all knew this, and have used this extensively in their enrichment of their citizens.

This letter is exploratory in that it is to engage your sincereity to our cause. Beacuse you are performing King Solomon’s work, we may appoint you as the leader of LAnon. The fact that this letter is taped to your front door, (nope, it was in the bag, not attatched to the front door) and isn’t a mere email speaks to how serious we are. The sensitivity of the courier’s identity as well as the current apocalyptic events transpiring in this dimension makes face-to-face contact a gamble we may both lose. We will eagerly await your response.

Now, you may be wondering how you can contact us. Because of security, security against those who wish to undermine us and have their own sinister motives, expect us to be apprehensive, even hostile when you first contact any of us. This is for...

Terrible bait,
Page 4

...both your, and our protection while we make sure that you, reall are you, and that we really are who we say we are. The following list is who you are the most likely to get ahold of. Keep going down the list, keeping confirmation that you have messaged and spoken to everyone on it. Your next letter will arrive on March 10, or you may instead be given the opportunity to arrange a meeting with one, or several of us. We also authorize you to post this publicly in some capacity to confirm that you have indeed received this letter. In the meantime, enjoy the bottle of a premium liqueur found below.

May the light of Karl May and Lord Bucc-ee shine upon you!

After that, is a list of individuals (most of which are on Twitter).
I have also received contact from an associate of their group who calls herself Miss L.
Miss L Texts 1.jpg
Miss L Texts 2.jpg
[Message redacted]
This is the number she texted me from.
The listed contacts are as follows:
[3 lines redacted]

SligartheTigar. @Dubmare

[3 lines redacted]

Rouge, Internet Man. @roguemanYT

[7 lines redacted]

I took the liberty of looking up all of them on Twitter, confirming their presence online, and gave each of the Follow (with the exception of [redacted]).
This is one of the people who messaged you, said they were "o9a"
As I have told Miss L., Magi-Chan and the others and I will be psychically observing them and confirming their intentions.
With that, I am also confiding this information with you all.
One idea is to check the phone number and clue Josh Moon in this as well.
Stay safe, with people aware the "merge being on" as it was put, people are getting desperate
The goal here is to confirm their intentions.
What kind of wine was it?
These are the consumables that were included; none of them have been opened.
Might want to ask Josh about some of this.
LAnon Gifts.jpg
That is the plan, Kyle.
Cali wine, white wine, no less.
Sounds like gas station pruno.
This is so random, I think I can find an angle.
We're looking for an outlier.
They want something, but these are losers.
On further thought, I have decided to delay informing Josh about all this; do not tell Null until further notice, please.
Let’s see what else we can find for ourselves, first.
I'm smart, but there is no better opsman on Earth than him.
I sense their intentions may be devious.
Please, listen. We will continue psychic observance of these people.

Whoever these people are, trolls or not, we know one thing. They like us.

Only fans would come so far to grant you such gifts. However, there intentions may still be poor. We must be guarded.

With you all and our new alies, here and in C-197, we feel now is the time to pull together this massive army we have now, and gather in our local resources. There is a chance this could work in our favour in the longer run.

To play this right though, we must be careful. Sweets and wine might simply be bait. The best thing we can do is wait a bit.

I shall not speak of this on Twitter or publically, either.. We must keep this secret so that if they are trolls, they do not see things working in their favor.

That's 10 dollars of garbage I could buy at any gas station on earth.
They're fail trolls,
These names have come up before I believe...
Not that this would be any more convincing had they sent decent stuff...
I will bide the time and psychically investigating them and wait to talk with them, until we can confirm rather their intentions are true and good.
How about some short circuit logic, are you familiar?
Concept in computers...
I don't think they have good intentions, its pretty obvious this is a cheap ploy to bait you into giving your trust so they can troll and humiliate you.
People like this are the worst...
I must agree, but can explain more if you want to work through it.
The names are most relevant.
I will see what else I can gather from them in light chat, as well as psychic investigation with our family and allies. Thank you all.

"The Anonymous Society of the Transreality"

4 January 2021

just read a few new texts from Miss L, received earlier today.
Miss L Texts 3.jpg
That, isn't French...
Effort posts
no shit
rolled my eyes reading that part.

Twitter DMs

16 January 2021

Dubmare DM.jpg
@Sonichu982 your Twitter is posting random messages
Uh oh. Not hacked again, I hope?
Looks like it?
Fucking assholes...
Firstly, blame “Miss L./Mr. Vaughn” for the recent messages, and on my part those were voluntary mishaps. I was testing the field with the dude, obviously.
The obvious nobody who he had referred me to even knew of him or his group.
And then another step up to see they not only would not get the “ciphered message” at all, but the fact that those got shared online, and Vaughn was making observations of that and enjoying the “manipulation” and “attention” of him.
He did not manipulate me at all; what I did was a conscious checklist and confirmation set that Mewtwo, Magi-Chan and the others also wanted confirmation of as well, before we were certain to add this jerk onto the guilty party list.
And, to note, and I will state this only once:
@Praetor had absolutely nothing to do with this dude nor LAnon, outside of that one phone conversation with him less than a few days ago, and Vaughn called Him only after I suggested that he ought to do that.
Off-topic: it suddenly feels like February instead of January right now; been feeling this for the past quarter hour or so.
So, who had access?
Given they got what they seem to have wanted, well...
So, you met Vaughn on Twitter?
I'd like an @ just to look into it
Did you ask Praetor for help in this situation or did they come to you first @Sonichu982 ?
[Replying to "So, you met Vaughn on Twitter?"]

No; this is the guy who sent the guy to deliver the candy, wine and pickle jar. The dude is not on Twitter, so he has said.

[Replying to "Did you ask Praetor for help in this situation or did they come to you first @Sonichu982 ?"]

He offered to help in this situation.

[Replying to "So, who had access?"]

Nobody else got into Chris’ Twitter; that was me doing that dirty work.

Already told you why in the earlier thing here.
I know you were trying to test them, but this ended up playing right into their hands
Hmm, ok, would you like to issue a statement here, and I'll post it on the farms?

(Remember people love to speculate, and are willing to believe the worst).

Now they have a screenshot of you saying potentially embarrassing things to someone that appears to be a stranger from the outside
That's exactly what they wanted

17 January 2021

[Replying to "Hmm, ok, would you like to issue a statement here, and I'll post it on the farms? (Remember people love to speculate, and are willing to believe the worst)."]

For now, do not make any public statements.

It may only seem we played into their hands, but in reality and ultimately, their justice will be served upon them.
Chris and Magi-Chan are already instigating the event that will do just that upon Vaughn and his actual peoples.
We have a plan on how to throw this back into their faces.
Hmm, ok, you know I have your and mama's back, just please keep us updated
Just be cautious is all I'm saying.
Don't be afraid to ask for help.

Vaughn's Twitter

17 January 2021

Hey, @everyone. I remember Kyle asking me for Vaughn’s Twitter; he did not say he was on Twitter. But today, he has stated in a text that he had started following me on Twitter. And yeah, as I had foreseen, the account is clearly freshly made.
So, @[Red Watchman], to reanswer your question, here’s his Twitter:
I also texted him a counter of our own, with a “cryptic message” of our own, and a mild related scare upon them.
Actually, yeah, the idea of going on RIM’s show was Vaughn’s idea.
BUT, now we have the wheels in motion of our counter-plan in regards to Vaughn.
Vaughn DM.jpg
He has requested that I Retweet this from his Twitter, but I am not going to.
Instead, as you all may look on there right now, I am shifting the focus on another topic of interest, in this case being a precious stone that is literally this dimension/universe’s counterpart of the Slime from Neo Milwaukee.
Along with a couple of cool Retweets before that.
And the next topic that I will be typing up, with consent from Chris, herself, and by Mewtwo and Magi-Chan’s suggestion, is what happened with Chris since she body-swapped with me over nine months ago.
Obviously, I will have to shorten it a bit, but I’ll still have enough details to elaborate with.
Please don't give Ben Saint more attention. Let's keep these details private.
good for you chris, im glad you aren't playing into vaughns self obsession.
[Replying to "Please don't give Ben Saint more attention. Let's keep these details private."]

It is cool, actually, and it is for this one time only to deviate from the worse recent topic and event.

Meanwhile, Chris and Magi-Chan, in part, will be dealing with Vaughn and his confirmed peoples with their respective punishment and justice payback.
The other deities are working on the related events surrounding this as well.
And with this Deja Vu feeling and moment taking place just now, we continue on the right track.
please don't give them attention.
please please please
No more than as we have done today, I promise.
Ok good

Danny Boy

24 January 2021

Y’all wanna know what Danny Boy’s (Vaughn’s) ideal waifu was?
He even went so far to say, and I quote the text, “I love it when my wife calls her “My husband’s girlfriend.”
Oh no XD

Not my console!?

I hear you on that.
I find it kind of, disturbing.
[Replying to "I find it kind of, disturbing."]

Yeah, back on Daniel’s waifu; I agree with you, Kyle.

I agree too
At least that trolling dumb called it quits and backed off.
His name was Daniel?
They tried
As a final piece of advice, I told him to count his blessings and believe.
It was a helluva effort post,
[Replying to "His name was Daniel?"]

Yeah, Daniel [redacted], and that stays Strictly Confidential.

Josh knows that detail, too.
At least I was prepared a few days in advance with a burn or two on him (Before the confession evidence piled up against him).
I really liked that “Are you sure they’re your relative, or are they another name you drew out of a hat for the “Who does Chris Chan or Sonichu Contact Next Sweepstakes?”
[Emoji of an anime girl with her arms raised in the air]
Done with the guy, and left him literally scared shitless.
He feared I’d go to where he worked and get him fired by telling them what he did. Not me, but he was that paranoid.
These failfags always think their ops are the center of the world
Bella, once again, was a major help, in trolling the guy for the intel.
Mewtwo, I and the others already foresaw and knew; all we needed was the confirmation for this timeline.
Bella is a Praetor, right? The animator?
And she is very intelligent.
Sounds like it
You’re super intelligent, Kyle.
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