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January18SonichuBodyswapArt.jpg Delusion disclosure: This article or section takes place during Chris's phase of role-playing as Sonichu. He may refer to his Christine Chandler personality and physical body in the third person by using terms such as "mama".

On the afternoon of 4 November 2020, Chris (as Sonichu) answered another 10 user-submitted questions, for Discord Q&A 10, delivered through Lainchu in DMs. The questions and answers were both originally given in bulk and numbered, but they have been divided with the numbering (and lettering, for a couple questions with multiple answers to them) removed to improve readability. Lainchu's messages are color-coded green, while Chris's are color-coded yellow.

Indirectly Creating the Kiwi Farms

Here are the next questions, when you are ready to answer them:
How do you feel about indirectly leading to the creation of Kiwi Farms?
Hey, Lainchu. I’m going to answer the set of questions now.
Mama and I, we feel mixed emotions on that indirect creation. On one hand, it’s humbling, because her suffering and trials led to this creative outlet for the online individuals, with or without the fetish for hatred. And on the other hand, the feeling is regretful, because the hatred and hurtful sentiment still remains at times. On a third hand, the whole thing is a double-edge sword on its log of the mixed genuinely kind and supportive, as well as the plain ironic and the spiteful, commentary, feelings, criticisms, and so on. The respite being that it is also a source of some specific information and intel that we use as reference on the rare necessity.

Current Status of TSSSF

What is the current status of Christine's TSSSF project (i.e. can we expect any new Expansion Packs or individual cards in the future)?
The Sonichu and Rosechu cards for Twilight Sparkle’s Secret Shipfic Folder card game is ongoing as well, so there will likely be more cards from Mama’s hands in addition to the comic books down the line in the new timeline.

When Chris Realized He Was Assigned to the Wrong Gender

To Christine, today you identify with female pronouns and are a prominent figure in the LGBT community but this wasn’t always the case. How early in your life did you realize you were assigned the wrong gender?
On recollection, there have been a number of instances wherein that fact was hinted at. The times of looking into alternative timelines wherein Mama was born female; a bunch of what if scenarios; many, many self-examinations in the mirror and within herself; past examples wherein she was more feminine than masculine in habits, traits, and so on. The feeling was there since birth, but the earliest moment when the thought process was going further was around when Mama was in the seventh grade. And, of course, the fated event in June, 2014 when she came to the conclusion and started down the hormone replacement therapy and all of that.

Paranormal Experiences

Hey Chris, have you ever experienced anything paranormal (ghosts, demons, folklore creatures, etc.)? If so, can you describe your experiences?
Yes, Many, many times (aside from seeing into C-197 through the Iron Curtain), throughout this life, these eyes have been able to see into the void and the spiritual-lingering limbo dimensions.

To list a few, there was the time at Mama’s Aunt Corina Inge’s funeral on February 24, 2009, where all of the souls appeared before Mama, and they wished her a Happy Birthday, as well as wishes for a safe journey on the trip to Cleveland, Ohio the next day. And there were the times when Mama visited the abandoned Dejarnet Sanitarium and was able to see and speak with the lost souls there; good and bad, mostly good souls. And Mama has this ability to see into the history of an individual person or object, and sometimes find the lost soul connected to said object, or related to the person.

Advice for Trans People Who Are Transitioning

Do you have any advice for trans people who are currently transitioning?
Never regret or turn back if you genuinely feel you are the gender you identify as and are transitioning towards. And never let anyone who tells you otherwise or gives spiteful commentary reach your view and hearing. Keep your self-confidence and go forward as you do what makes you feel happy and satisfied.

If the World Were to End

Hi Chris, if the world were to end tomorrow, and you had a suitcase, what would you bring along with you as you run away?
The basics and essentials, as well as the ol’ books, the cell phone, pen, paper and clipboard.

What It's Like For Sonichu to Live in Chris's Body

Dear sonichu whats it like living in christines body? whats your biggest dislike and like about living here rather than cwcvile [sic]?
Thank you for asking me directly and acknowledging me; I deeply and fully appreciate that. Going from 3 foot 5 to 6 feet tall is a major throw in my viewpoint for one. The body does as I will it to and suggest, yet it also does for itself with its backup systems (very powerful); it can get annoying when the brain and body act on their own and all I can do is observe. The running speed of this body is improving very well, but. I still miss running at mach-speed; so much is just so slow to me now, yet also normal speed simultaneously. On another note, I don’t know how y’all can get along with no fur; it gets chilly and sensory on the surface of the skin. At least you all do have the clothes. Us able animals do like and appreciate the option to wear clothes as well.
My biggest dislike of living in 1218 rather than C-197 is the restrictions in this Dimension, which are slowly being less restrictive, in regards to magic, psychic and extradimensional abilities and super powers.

Chris's Favorite Ethnic Cuisine

Dear Christine, what is your favorite ethnic cuisine? (Chinese, Mexican, American, etc.)
Mama’s not picky, and she is very much open for sampling the cuisine of other cultures and countries. Call her one that enjoys a sampler platter of the world’s delicious edibles. What she does like out of them is the vegetable and meat combinations, in a simple meal or in soups or noodle deals. She is also a big fan of fruits.

CWCville's Sister City (and Sports Teams)

Christine / Sonichu, does CWCville have a sister city? I’ve read that Charlottesville is closely linked with CWCville, but I couldn’t find an official answer. Additionally, does CWCville happen to have any sports teams?
The nation of Cwcville, including all of its cities within, exist to the north to north-east of Fredericksburg, Virginia, rather or not there is a city or forest or field in that area in dimension 1218. All sister locations of the cities and whatnot in either dimension in the other dimension from the origin is simply the exact location where that city is in the first place. If there is a city in the other, that is the answer to your question. But since Charlottesville is well south of Cwcville, the two cities are not sister cities.
Cwcville does have a sports team, the Cwcville Zappers; their logo is a set of lightning bolts, and their mascots are a Sonichu and a Rosechu (regular ones, but trained to speak human, put on occasional light shows, enourage [sic] the audience, and to help clear the stadium/gym out in case of incoming impact or danger).

What Chris Would Talk About If He Was Invited to Speak to Students at his High School

If you were invited back to your high school to give a talk to the students what would you talk about?
When Mama is personally invited to give a talk to the students, her talk will include motivation towards being kind and empathetic of and towards each other, to ignore and not take any negative remarks from anyone, encouragements of all being themselves as they will, a few related short life stores and experiences, additional good nuggets of wisdom, staying creative, and so on in empathetic kindness and optimistic confidence and mindset.


There you are.
I’ll check you later.
Great, thank you so much!
It's much appreciated.
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