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The Sarah May Skype Logs are two February 2009 and one March 2009 chats between Chris and Sarah May, co-founder of Sonichu Girls and an aspiring gal-pal during the Julie saga. Chris and Sarah discuss the plan to rescue Julie in Cleveland.


The first chat begins on the evening of 25 February 2009. Chris is upset that Aunt Corrina has just died, but is determined to leave the next day to save Julie in Cleveland, Ohio. Chris tells Sarah that God, Jesus, and Aunt Corrina have told him to leave right away. Chris also explains that he will be sneaking out without telling Bob and Barb, and he describes his plans for the trip.

The second chat takes place during the afternoon of 27 February 2009. Chris has just returned from his adventure to Cleveland and shows Sarah proof of his visit. Chris tells Sarah he is glad she didn't kill herself.

The third chat, which takes places on 4 March 2009, reveals that Sarah May was a troll the entire time.


25 February

[5:16:30 PM] Christopher C.W.C.: Hey, Maychu.
[5:16:52 PM] Sarah May: Hey best friend!
[5:16:57 PM] Christopher C.W.C.: How are you?
[5:17:14 PM] Sarah May: I'm good, how are you ^^
[5:18:42 PM] Christopher C.W.C.: I'm faring well. I've shared the pain with my mother during my Aunt Corina's funeral yesterday. and I have been planning my trip to go to Cleaveland to meet, and escort to virginia, Julie.
[5:19:03 PM] Christopher C.W.C.: I have received much support in the trip not only from my online fans, including yourself. :)
[5:19:41 PM] Christopher C.W.C.: but also from God, Jesus, AND the spirit of my Aunt Corina, as I touched her hand before they closed her casket.
[5:19:49 PM] Christopher C.W.C.: I Heard them, seriously.
[5:20:21 PM] Christopher C.W.C.: even the spirits from my past Weston family members who were buried at that same church, including my Grandparents and my Great Grandparents.
[5:20:35 PM] Christopher C.W.C.: I'm using money I got on my Birthday for the trip.
[5:20:49 PM] Christopher C.W.C.: I'm leaving tomorrow morning.
[5:21:12 PM] Sarah May: Oh, my gosh!! You heard from God and Jesus?!
[5:21:14 PM] Christopher C.W.C.: I'm all set; I have a road map for Eastern USA, directions To Julie and From from mapquest.
[5:21:49 PM] Christopher C.W.C.: I have set aside six changes of clothes, I'm bringing my cell, PSP and DS with AC adaptors.
[5:22:03 PM] Christopher C.W.C.: it's only a 7 hour drive.
[5:22:10 PM] Christopher C.W.C.: yes, I did.
[5:22:29 PM] Sarah May: Oh, wow, Chris!! What did they say?? And what did your Aunt say??
[5:22:29 PM] Christopher C.W.C.: "Make the trip and go to Julie," they all said.
[5:23:09 PM] Christopher C.W.C.: and I'm not informing my mother and father until the last minute with a note, and photocopy of my printed directions and the portion of my road map with the marked path.
[5:23:17 PM] Christopher C.W.C.: *based on Mapquest's directions.
[5:24:11 PM] Christopher C.W.C.: Confidentially, I have about 45 dollars in my bank, 16 in my wallet, my phone will be fully charged, and I have a freshly filled tank of gas.
[5:24:28 PM] Christopher C.W.C.: My mind is set.
[5:24:56 PM] Sarah May: Oh my gosh, Chris!!!!!! This is so exciting!!!!!!
[5:25:13 PM] Christopher C.W.C.: I even got a scare tatic from Clyde; he said, "we're shipping Julie to China in 10 hours. You have disappointed me." But I know he's just testing me again.
[5:25:41 PM] Christopher C.W.C.: I've replied with my fact that tomorrow morning, I'm leaving for Cleaveland to meet Julie and bring her back with me.
[5:27:00 PM] Sarah May: Oh, Chris, wow!!!
[5:27:03 PM] Sarah May: Does Julie know??
[5:27:14 PM] Christopher C.W.C.: not yet.
[5:27:46 PM] Christopher C.W.C.: I've been plotting the past few days; I would have gone this morning, but I needed part 2 of my Birthday Bucks, and the full tank of gas, so I waited.
[5:28:14 PM] Christopher C.W.C.: Listen, Sarah May, I would like you to do me a favor.
[5:28:19 PM] Christopher C.W.C.: are you going into the Mumble tonight?
[5:28:32 PM] Sarah May: I will do you any favour, Chris-chan :)
[5:28:37 PM] Christopher C.W.C.: cool.
[5:29:23 PM] Christopher C.W.C.: anyway, make sure Clyde and/or Julie's brother, Max, are in there. Copy and Paste what I have just typed up for you, for all, ESPICIALLY those two to read and know.
[5:29:58 PM] Christopher C.W.C.: I would go on there myself, but I need my sleep for the trip, and I plan on getting up at about 4 AM, and leaving at 5 or 5:30 AM.
[5:30:18 PM] Christopher C.W.C.: start fresh with the dawn.
[5:30:34 PM] Christopher C.W.C.: if I follow Mapquest's direstions, I should be there Noontime.
[5:30:38 PM] Sarah May: I will, of course, Chris. Anything you want.
[5:30:44 PM] Christopher C.W.C.: Thank you.
[5:30:45 PM] Christopher C.W.C.: :)
[5:30:49 PM] Sarah May: I'm so excited, Chris..
[5:30:58 PM] Sarah May: You can do this, I know you can!!
[5:31:23 PM] Sarah May: If you don't.. Julie will be so upset.. :( And what if Clyde isn't lying..? You know what he did to Panda..
[5:31:52 PM] Christopher C.W.C.: ]:) I am determined and set on this trip.
[5:32:22 PM] Sarah May: I'm so proud of you.. and you're totally ready and everything..
[5:32:27 PM] Sarah May: Julie will be sooo impressed!!
[5:32:42 PM] Sarah May: I bet when you get there.. she won't be able to keep her hands off you! ;)
[5:32:47 PM] Christopher C.W.C.: :)
[5:32:54 PM] Christopher C.W.C.: I gtg; I'll TTYL.
[5:33:01 PM] Sarah May: Oh, okay, Chris <3
[5:33:05 PM] Sarah May: Talk to you tonight?
[5:33:08 PM] Christopher C.W.C.: Please don't forget to log in and Copy/Paste. Thank You.
[5:33:16 PM] Sarah May: I promise I won't. :)
[5:33:22 PM] Christopher C.W.C.: no; I'm going to need my rest for to get up at 4 AM
[5:33:39 PM] Sarah May: Alright, Chris, can you contact me at all between now and then?
[5:33:47 PM] Christopher C.W.C.: and I still have a few more items to do in preperation before bedtime.
[5:33:54 PM] Christopher C.W.C.: Love and Peace. :)
[5:34:11 PM] Sarah May: Chris, I'm so proud. :) Go for it! It'll be so romantic when you show up on her doorstep. :)
[5:34:20 PM] Sarah May: I love you! Have fun!! ;)
[5:41:35 PM] Christopher C.W.C.: I've just read your PSN message; you've made something for me? :)
[5:41:46 PM] Sarah May: Yes I have :)
[5:42:06 PM] Christopher C.W.C.: Link me to it, or what is it?
[5:42:17 PM] Christopher C.W.C.: also, thank you for the greeting. :-*
[5:42:36 PM] Christopher C.W.C.: *Birthday Greeting
[5:43:40 PM] Christopher C.W.C.: please.
[5:43:42 PM] Christopher C.W.C.: :)
[5:46:25 PM] Sarah May: Sure thing! ^^ Sorry, had to find it. <3 Sarah May
[5:46:34 PM] Christopher C.W.C.: it's cool. :)
[5:46:51 PM] Sarah May: I worked really hard on it.. hope you like it! ^^
[5:47:09 PM] Christopher C.W.C.: ^^
[5:48:39 PM] Christopher C.W.C.: It's cute.
[5:48:55 PM] Christopher C.W.C.: Thank you. :)
[5:49:14 PM] Sarah May: No problem.. Happy birthday, Chris-chan! Maybe it can go on your site one day. ^^
[5:49:30 PM] Christopher C.W.C.: in the Luv Shack, after I get back with Julie.
[5:49:39 PM] Christopher C.W.C.: :)
[5:49:40 PM] Sarah May: Awesome, Chris, you're the best. ^^
[5:49:44 PM] Sarah May: Have an AWESOME time!!!
[5:51:17 PM] Christopher C.W.C.: Just so you know, sexual images would have been preffered, but I saw in what you drew that you had me in your heart, and in your imagination ;) , when you drew it up.
[5:51:31 PM] Christopher C.W.C.: *Non-Sexual images
[5:51:42 PM] Christopher C.W.C.: non-nudity
[5:51:55 PM] Christopher C.W.C.: my bad on using the wrong word at first.
[5:52:01 PM] Christopher C.W.C.: I'll TTYL.
[5:52:18 PM] Christopher C.W.C.: I'm trusting and counting on you to spread the word on Mumble tonight. :)
[5:52:24 PM] Christopher C.W.C.: Love and Peace again. :-*

27 February

[12:20:58 PM] Sarah May: Chris-chan!! <33
[12:21:13 PM] Christopher C.W.C.: Hey, Maychu. How are you?
[12:21:33 PM] Sarah May: Are you in Cleveland?
[12:22:00 PM] Christopher C.W.C.: no, but I did go. I sent you the details of my trip on the PSN
[12:24:08 PM] Sarah May: Checking it out now
[12:24:13 PM] Sarah May: I'll respond there, if you'd like
[12:24:54 PM] Christopher C.W.C.: if you'd prefer to keep your responses from the eyes of those watching my Skype typings, you may. Otherwise, you may respond here if you wish.
[12:30:29 PM] Christopher C.W.C.: I also have evidence of my journey, my receipts from the stores and gas stations I visited and paid with my debit card on.
[12:30:46 PM] Christopher C.W.C.: some I paid in cash.
[12:30:58 PM] Sarah May: Oh, Chris, can I see?
[12:31:35 PM] Sarah May: I want to be able to tell Julie that you tried your best for her!
[12:32:16 PM] Christopher C.W.C.: I don't have them scanned, but I can read to you, verbatim, the address of a store closest to Ohio I've stopped at.
[12:32:42 PM] Sarah May: Oh, could you get a scan later on, then? :)
[12:33:36 PM] Christopher C.W.C.: okay, but I'll blur out my card number, even tough they left the last four digits.
[12:33:59 PM] Christopher C.W.C.: anyway, I visited a Sheetz and a Sonic, nearby a Wal-Mart Super Center with an enclosed Subway.
[12:34:23 PM] Christopher C.W.C.: Sheetz: 9745 St. Rt. 14 Streetsboro, OH 44241
[12:34:54 PM] Christopher C.W.C.: Sonic: 9780 State Route 14 Streetsboro, OH 44241
[12:36:33 PM] Christopher C.W.C.: I got 11.68 dollars worth of regular at Sheetz at 1.829/Gallon, and I got a dollar burger and a Lemon/Berry Slushie at Sonic.
[12:38:08 PM] Christopher C.W.C.: BTW, the slushie was good; they used REAL fruit in making it. :P
[12:38:31 PM] Christopher C.W.C.: there were Two Lemon wedges in there.
[12:38:56 PM] Christopher C.W.C.: did you get all that?
[12:39:26 PM] Sarah May: Yes I did
[12:39:36 PM] Sarah May: And I really do appreciate you telling me!
[12:39:48 PM] Sarah May: I'm currently reading your PSN messages, just so you know.
[12:40:19 PM] Christopher C.W.C.: that information, about the receipts and what I bought where, you may share with the fanbase, as PROOF that I actually made the 800+ Mile round-trip.
[12:40:35 PM] Christopher C.W.C.: and I'll scan the two receipts I've mentioned for you later today.
[12:40:45 PM] Christopher C.W.C.: *Blurring out my card number.
[12:40:57 PM] Sarah May: I would really appreciate that, Chris. :)
[12:41:08 PM] Christopher C.W.C.: *and I'll add something of Sonichu to the Scan.
[12:41:22 PM] Christopher C.W.C.: *each scan of the receipts
[12:41:36 PM] Sarah May: Oooh, that would be great :)
[12:41:57 PM] Christopher C.W.C.: in any case, I am still undecided about Julie at the moment.
[12:42:13 PM] Christopher C.W.C.: I gtg do some things, but I'll TTYL.
[12:42:24 PM] Christopher C.W.C.: and thank you for staying alive for me. :-*
[12:43:03 PM] Christopher C.W.C.: so you can be here for me now at this time.
[12:43:06 PM] Christopher C.W.C.: :)
[12:43:11 PM] Christopher C.W.C.: Love and Peace.
[12:43:18 PM] Sarah May: Of course. I will respond on the PSN soon. :)
[12:43:24 PM] Sarah May: Love you Chris! We will talk later. ^^

4 March

BlueSpike still has Chris's Yahoo!

[6:01:50] Christopher C.W.C.: Hey, Sarah.
[6:02:00] Sarah May: Hey, Chris!
[6:02:40] Christopher C.W.C.: did you get my messages?
[6:02:48] Sarah May: Which ones?
[6:03:16] Christopher C.W.C.: firtsly, the one with the Codes for iTunes and PSN for SFIV I sent to you on the WiiNetwork.
[6:03:48] Sarah May: I will go look now! ^^
[6:04:24] Christopher C.W.C.: I noticed you were on the PSN earlier.
[6:05:11] Sarah May: I have a bad habit of leaving it on while I'm away. :P
[6:07:36] Christopher C.W.C.: I'm having trouble with "BlueSpike", aka the 13-year old brat who posed as Julie.
[6:08:23] Christopher C.W.C.: he won't give me back my Yahoo account he stole from me; without it, not only will there no Sonichu and Rosechu Site, but it's costing me 15 dollars a month, and I'm having no control over that.
[6:09:00] Sarah May: I'm confused.. a 13-year old got access to Julie's accounts?
[6:09:17] Christopher C.W.C.: the 13-year old WAS Julie, this whole time.
[6:09:29] Sarah May: What? No..
[6:09:34] Sarah May: Julie told me she was 19, I think
[6:10:11] Sarah May: She also said she was banned from the PSN.. did you do that?
[6:10:48] Christopher C.W.C.: I may have had a hand in that, by calling Sony myself to get MY account back.
[6:12:43] Christopher C.W.C.: I didn't know they were going to close his out in the process.
[6:18:36] Sarah May: So.. wait a second..
[6:18:38] Sarah May: Julie is a boy?
[6:19:09] Christopher C.W.C.: yes.
[6:19:14] Christopher C.W.C.: are you in Mumble right now?
[6:19:25] Sarah May: I'm not. Are you?
[6:19:30] Christopher C.W.C.: I am.
[6:20:31] Sarah May: Do you want me to go in there?
[6:20:41] Christopher C.W.C.: only if you want to.
[6:33:21] Sarah May: I don't have Mumble on this computer, I'm really sorry, Chris
[6:33:38] Sarah May: But please let me know when you're out
[6:34:00] Sarah May: So we can talk.
[6:42:31] Sarah May: Chris, can you return that gift card? Or use it for yourself?
[6:49:11] Christopher C.W.C.: why?
[6:49:25] Sarah May: Well, I don't feel right taking it.
[6:49:35] Sarah May: Not after 'Julie' tricked you into wasting your money.
[6:50:13] Christopher C.W.C.: no, it's not that. I'm giving this card to you, from my heart, after hurting you for me not being able to keep my promises before, as revealed in that past discussion.
[6:50:25] Sarah May: No, Chris
[6:50:27] Sarah May: I want you to keep it
[6:50:28] Sarah May: Please.

Sarah can come over

[6:51:12] Christopher C.W.C.: okay, I'll use it. And upon retrospective, I guess I could have kept my promises to you after all, since "Julie" was not real.
[6:51:25] Sarah May: Which promises?
[6:51:44] Christopher C.W.C.: don't you remember; me and you?
[6:52:31] Christopher C.W.C.: anyway, with all that said, I am still planning to move on and search for True Love and Romance locally in Charlottesville; I'm tired of trying on the internet, and you have your boyfriend now. And again, I wish you the best of luck in your future with him.
[6:52:44] Christopher C.W.C.: BTW, did you receive the sample of my hair from Cassie?
[6:52:46] Sarah May: No, Chris, wait..
[6:52:51] Sarah May: I have something to tell you
[6:52:54] Christopher C.W.C.: yes?
[6:53:05] Sarah May: My boyfriend and I broke up
[6:53:10] Christopher C.W.C.: really?
[6:53:13] Sarah May: Yep
[6:53:17] Sarah May: I'm single again
[6:53:25] Christopher C.W.C.: I'm sorry to hear that.
[6:53:39] Sarah May: It's okay, it was a mutual breakup
[6:53:40] Sarah May: ^^
[6:54:14] Christopher C.W.C.: well, if you still want to be with me, I ask you to come to my place, since I'm unable to make it to you, but at your own pace.
[6:54:21] Sarah May: What?
[6:54:27] Christopher C.W.C.: or I can just move on and search in C-Ville.
[6:54:42] Christopher C.W.C.: ?
[6:54:47] Sarah May: What do you mean, you want me to go to your place?
[6:54:59] Christopher C.W.C.: that was what I said.
[6:55:12] Christopher C.W.C.: but you don't have to.
[6:55:39] Christopher C.W.C.: if you are unable to make the trip.

Chris is over his autism

[6:56:02] Christopher C.W.C.: did I bother you?
[6:56:03] Christopher C.W.C.: just now?
[6:56:21] Sarah May: Yes
[6:56:24] Christopher C.W.C.: I'm sorry if I did.
[6:56:42] Christopher C.W.C.: I'm not thinking totally clear; my virus is affecting my mind a bit.
[6:58:04] Christopher C.W.C.: I guess a better way I could have phrased it... what do you want to do in your pursuit for true love again?
[6:58:15] Sarah May: Why not blame it on your autism as well?
[6:58:38] Christopher C.W.C.: I'm not going to blame it on my autism; I have realized that I am over that now.
[6:58:50] Sarah May: Over what?
[6:58:53] Sarah May: Over your autism?
[6:58:57] Christopher C.W.C.: yes
[6:59:29] Sarah May: . . .
[6:59:36] Christopher C.W.C.: anyway, what is it that you want to do?
[6:59:39] Sarah May: Christian
[6:59:46] Sarah May: Are you serious?
[6:59:53] Sarah May: Autism is not influenza
[7:00:03] Sarah May: You don't 'get over it'
[7:00:41] Christopher C.W.C.: I've broken out of my autistic shell, and I am better able to socialize in public, with the past practices online.
[7:01:03] Sarah May: No, Chris.
[7:01:05] Christopher C.W.C.: I've also had better practices with eye-contact, by giving eye-contact to my webcam/PSEye
[7:01:09] Sarah May: You haven't, and you never will.
[7:01:26] Sarah May: You've been blaming every one of your faults on your 'autism'
[7:01:30] Sarah May: Since day fucking one
[7:01:38] Christopher C.W.C.: ...
[7:01:42] Sarah May: You can't survive without your 'autistic shell'
[7:02:05] Sarah May: It isn't something that prevents you from socializing with others. It's what you hide behind so nothing appears to be your doing.
[7:02:53] Christopher C.W.C.: ...I don't know...
[7:03:00] Sarah May: What do you mean?
[7:03:15] Christopher C.W.C.: my mind is blown over this; it's a blank.
[7:03:22] Christopher C.W.C.: i'm not sure what to think.
[7:03:29] Christopher C.W.C.: sometimes, I even feel retarded.
[7:03:36] Christopher C.W.C.: mentally handicapped.
[7:03:50] Sarah May: ...
[7:04:01] Sarah May: Chris, my nephew Cameron is autistic.
[7:04:15] Sarah May: It's a disgrace for you to call yourself autistic.
[7:04:23] Sarah May: You aren't; you never were.
[7:04:27] Sarah May: It's a ridiculous excuse.
[7:04:30] Christopher C.W.C.: I had the papers that said I was.
[7:04:40] Christopher C.W.C.: and the testwork behind those papers.
[7:04:42] Sarah May: Hah, you had 'the papers'?
[7:05:04] Christopher C.W.C.: they're in a filing cabinet in my house; my father knows where they are.
[7:05:38] Sarah May: Uh, okay..
[7:05:46] Sarah May: I don't doubt that you were tested.

Chris tries to leave

[7:05:53] Christopher C.W.C.: I gtg; I have a lot to sort through in my mind now, with all the input I've just got.
[7:05:57] Christopher C.W.C.: thank you.
[7:06:00] Sarah May: Chris
[7:06:02] Sarah May: Stay here.
[7:06:03] Sarah May: Now.
[7:06:07] Sarah May: If you leave, I'll leave.
[7:06:09] Christopher C.W.C.: ok
[7:06:12] Sarah May: I'm all you have left.
[7:06:15] Sarah May: Stay here and listen to me.
[7:06:21] Christopher C.W.C.: I'm listening.
[7:06:51] Sarah May: I don't doubt that you were tested. What I do doubt is the legitimacy of those tests.
[7:07:23] Sarah May: I was tested positive for ADD years ago; I was on medication for a couple of months before I quit. I've been perfectly fine since.
[7:07:37] Sarah May: Tests often fail. They aren't foolproof.
[7:08:06] Sarah May: You're not autistic. You're just unwilling to function as a normal human being would.
[7:08:20] Christopher C.W.C.: that statement is not true.
[7:08:22] Sarah May: You just want an excuse for everything you do wrong.
[7:08:37] Sarah May: 'This girl doesn't like me, it must be because I'm autistic!! Bawwww!!!'
[7:08:40] Sarah May: NO.
[7:08:48] Sarah May: Maybe it's because you're a fat, disgusting fuck?
[7:09:00] Sarah May: Listen to me.
[7:09:04] Sarah May: I'm not trying to hurt you.
[7:09:08] Sarah May: I'm trying to help you.
[7:09:17] Sarah May: You say you want me to be with you, yes?
[7:09:46] Christopher C.W.C.: yes, only if you want to be with me too.
[7:09:58] Sarah May: Heh.
[7:10:12] Sarah May: And what makes you think I have any desire to be with you?
[7:10:32] Sarah May: You're an utterly self-absorbed, elitist bastard.
[7:10:38] Sarah May: You don't know what a relationship takes.
[7:10:43] Christopher C.W.C.: I thought you liked me and cared about me, from your past efforts.
[7:11:10] Christopher C.W.C.: you are right; I do not know what a relationship takes; I've never really had one, so how can I know or fully comprehend.
[7:11:14] Christopher C.W.C.: ?
[7:11:17] Sarah May: No.
[7:11:22] Sarah May: Don't fucking say that.
[7:11:36] Sarah May: I knew what a relationship took when I was six years old.
[7:11:56] Christopher C.W.C.: okay.
[7:12:24] Sarah May: I would never want to be with you. No woman, girl, man, or boy in their right mind would ever want to be with you.
[7:12:41] Sarah May: You are completely disgusting
[7:12:51] Sarah May: You're a child stuck in a man's hideous, twisted body
[7:13:08] Sarah May: Blaming your faults on everyone else, and your 'ailments'
[7:13:19] Sarah May: You don't 'understand the women'
[7:13:29] Sarah May: A woman, to you, is boobs and a vagina
[7:13:54] Sarah May: A woman, to you, is what makes you straight
[7:14:30] Christopher C.W.C.: a woman, to me, is more than that. they have individual personalities, minds, and opinions. And most importanly, women can be my friends and pals.
[7:15:06] Sarah May: That's why you drew porn of Megan, isn't it?
[7:15:21] Sarah May: Not only that, but you uploaded it for the world to see.
[7:15:27] Sarah May: Aren't you a wonderful friend?
[7:15:46] Sarah May: And that wasn't enough for you.
[7:15:53] Sarah May: Then you went on to draw furry porn.
[7:16:04] Sarah May: Of your rip-off cartoon characters.
[7:16:10] Sarah May: Listen to me, Chris.
[7:16:12] Christopher C.W.C.: my defense, I drew the furry first.
[7:16:16] Christopher C.W.C.: yes.
[7:16:19] Sarah May: What?
[7:16:24] Sarah May: You are a furry?
[7:16:28] Christopher C.W.C.: no.
[7:16:40] Christopher C.W.C.: I don't know what I'm saying.
[7:16:51] Sarah May: Chris, why did you draw the naked pictures of Rosechu?
[7:17:15] Christopher C.W.C.: I drew those in protest against the people behind the ED page drawing Rosechu with dicks.
[7:17:25] Sarah May: Did you feel sexually aroused when you drew them?
[7:17:34] Christopher C.W.C.: a bit.
[7:18:00] Christopher C.W.C.: but not as much as seeing a naked human woman, but that's another issue.
[7:18:08] Sarah May: But you do feel attracted to Rosechu?
[7:18:23] Christopher C.W.C.: no.
[7:18:37] Sarah May: Then why did you feel sexually aroused as you drew her naked body?
[7:19:05] Christopher C.W.C.: I was expressing a bit of my feelings for human women.
[7:19:31] Sarah May: Ah, I think I understand now!
[7:19:39] Sarah May: You felt a bit sexually aroused, you said
[7:20:05] Sarah May: Your full feeling for a human woman is complete arousal, correct?
[7:20:12] Christopher C.W.C.: yes
[7:20:21] Christopher C.W.C.: wait.
[7:20:33] Sarah May: You shallow prick.
[7:20:54] Christopher C.W.C.: Yes, I have more feeling for arousal for human women, but I am more interested in their individual opinions and personalities as well.
[7:21:00] Sarah May: That's all you can feel for a woman, isn't it? Sexual arousal?
[7:21:13] Christopher C.W.C.: No, I can feel a LOT more.
[7:21:22] Sarah May: A lot more than anything else?
[7:21:28] Christopher C.W.C.: yes.
[7:21:34] Sarah May: Boobs > personality?
[7:21:41] Sarah May: Ass > smile?
[7:21:49] Christopher C.W.C.: no; personality>boobs
[7:21:54] Christopher C.W.C.: smile>ass
[7:22:20] Sarah May: Uh huh.
[7:22:27] Sarah May: That video you made for Julie?
[7:22:36] Sarah May: The one about her strawberry-chocolate eyes?
[7:22:42] Sarah May: You were totally eying her cleavage.
[7:22:43] Christopher C.W.C.: yes.
[7:22:45] Christopher C.W.C.: NO
[7:22:49] Christopher C.W.C.: her EYES.
[7:22:57] Christopher C.W.C.: in her pictures.
[7:23:01] Sarah May: The eyes on her breasts?
[7:23:09] Christopher C.W.C.: The EYES on her FACE.
[7:23:18] Sarah May: On the face of her breast?
[7:23:31] Christopher C.W.C.: The FACE on her Head, on her Neck, on her shoulders.
[7:23:53] Christopher C.W.C.: Abover her neck

Location of vaginas

[7:24:02] Sarah May: Can you tell me something, Chris?
[7:24:07] Christopher C.W.C.: yes
[7:24:15] Sarah May: Where is a woman's vagina located?
[7:24:31] Christopher C.W.C.: in her groin area.
[7:24:50] Sarah May: Okay, and where might I find the groin area?
[7:25:14] Sarah May: You're not checking Wikipedia, are you?
[7:25:44] Christopher C.W.C.: alright, I'll check Wikipedia.
[7:26:37] Sarah May: Really all I need to know is why Rosechu often has a vagina on her stomach.
[7:26:59] Sarah May: Sex dolls do not resemble real women, you know.
[7:27:03] Christopher C.W.C.: she was sitting down.
[7:27:06] Sarah May: Yet another aspect you will never understand.
[7:27:19] Sarah May: Oh, so if I sit down, my pussy will slide up to my stomach?
[7:27:24] Christopher C.W.C.: no
[7:27:59] Christopher C.W.C.: you'd have to be leaning against something behind you to expose your pussy.
[7:28:10] Christopher C.W.C.: or lie on your back.
[7:28:25] Sarah May: That's funny, because I'm sitting down right now, leaning against something even, and my pussy appears to still be between my legs.
[7:28:44] Christopher C.W.C.: and that's where it is.
[7:28:50] Christopher C.W.C.: between your legs
[7:28:53] Sarah May: Rosechu is a very remarkable creature, isn't she?
[7:29:03] Sarah May: Yes, it is. So why would it migrate to my stomach?
[7:29:31] Christopher C.W.C.: look, I based THAT drawing on another character drawing I found elsewhere on the ED page.
[7:29:36] Christopher C.W.C.: ED SIte
[7:29:48] Sarah May: Oh, so THEY got it wrong? Not you?
[7:30:19] Christopher C.W.C.: that's about right, but that was from THEIR Point of View.
[7:30:45] Sarah May: I like how you capitalized Point of View. Just how much porn do you watch, Chris?
[7:31:35] Christopher C.W.C.: I have seen a LOT of XXX porn, enough soft-core, plenty of hentai, and a good amount of Educational Porn.
[7:32:01] Sarah May: Educational porn?
[7:32:03] Sarah May: Heh
[7:32:14] Sarah May: The words do not belong in the same sentence, let alone right next to each other
[7:32:56] Sarah May: Porn is not real life. You can watch months' worth of porn and you will still be completely and totally unprepared for a real woman.
[7:33:02] Christopher C.W.C.: where they teach you how sex is Natural; where they teach you how to do Kama Sutra; where they teach you how to treat a woman in intercourse; what to touch, where to do this and that.
[7:33:28] Sarah May: That's not porn. .__.

Chris leaves over a claim of homosexuality

[7:33:51] Sarah May: You make yourself out to be such a sweet, caring individual.
[7:34:21] Christopher C.W.C.: I am a sweet caring individual; I was raised on Care Bears for one thing.
[7:34:38] Sarah May: Oh, is that where the homosexual tendencies come from?
[7:34:44] Christopher C.W.C.: Sesame Street, and other educational shows.
[7:34:54] Christopher C.W.C.: NO
[7:34:58] Christopher C.W.C.: I HAVE NO HOMO TENDENCIES.
[7:35:23] Christopher C.W.C.: I'm tired of this. I'm going to go.
[7:35:30] Sarah May: Chris, wait.
[7:35:33] Sarah May: I'm all you have left.
[7:35:39] Sarah May: You leave, you've lost your best friend.

(He went offline; I bribed him back onto Skype by messaging him on the PSN, promising him his Yahoo account)

[7:58:23] Christopher C.W.C.: okay.
[7:58:31] Christopher C.W.C.: You have my Yahoo account now?
[7:58:43] Sarah May: Yes.
[7:58:46] Sarah May: I have acquired it.
[7:59:14] Christopher C.W.C.: cool. are you going to give it to me, or do I have to do something for you to get it?
[7:59:20] Sarah May: Yes.
[7:59:23] Sarah May: I want you to listen to me.
[7:59:37] Christopher C.W.C.: I will stay, and I will listen.
[7:59:46] Sarah May: Good boy.
[8:00:04] Sarah May: Why did you leave when I mentioned homosexuality?
[8:00:37] Christopher C.W.C.: I was tired, and I wasn't feeling well from between that and my virus.
[8:00:59] Christopher C.W.C.: I've been feeling not well for a while during the conversation.
[8:01:33] Christopher C.W.C.: and I did not even realize the last thing you brought up when I was typing that.
[8:01:33] Sarah May: What virus? The HOMOSEXUAL virus? (LOLOLOL Prickly is an immature bitch <3)
[8:05:41] Christopher C.W.C.: no. a Cold-Type Virus; Sinus Infection.
[8:06:19] Christopher C.W.C.: Last time I checked with my thermomiter, I had a 96.7 degree temperature.
[8:06:48] Sarah May: Right.

Family matters

[8:06:50] Sarah May: As I was saying..
[8:07:00] Sarah May: You make yourself out to be such a caring, sweet individual
[8:07:17] Christopher C.W.C.: I am.
[8:07:36] Sarah May: Do you think we don't know what went on between you and your brother?
[8:08:05] Christopher C.W.C.: Cole?
[8:08:11] Sarah May: Yes.
[8:09:14] Christopher C.W.C.: look, that dispute was between him and my mother; he has had lifelong hip problems, and he blames our mother (we share the same mother in relation) for some of his life's problems.
[8:09:29] Sarah May: Oh, no. That's not what I meant.
[8:09:33] Christopher C.W.C.: I was defending my mother in some of my talks with him.
[8:09:36] Christopher C.W.C.: what do you mean?
[8:09:44] Sarah May: He asked you for the truth about his parents
[8:09:58] Sarah May: You asked him for a vote in some silly contest you had no chance at winning
[8:10:04] Sarah May: What's more important, Chris?
[8:10:20] Sarah May: Cole knowing his roots.. or you winning a stupid contest?
[8:10:25] Christopher C.W.C.: I knew nothing about his parents.
[8:10:28] Sarah May: Sort out your priorities.
[8:10:34] Sarah May: You lied to him, then. You said you did.
[8:10:40] Christopher C.W.C.: him knowing his roots are top priority.
[8:10:41] Sarah May: Just so he would vote for you.. hah.
[8:10:46] Christopher C.W.C.: I Knew Nothing THEN.
[8:10:48] Christopher C.W.C.: but I do now.
[8:10:52] Sarah May: But you SAID you did.
[8:10:59] Sarah May: Who are his parents, then? Have you told him?
[8:11:22] Christopher C.W.C.: HE knows who his parents are; our Mother, Barbara Chandler, and some drunk guy named Randy.
[8:11:30] Sarah May: Hah.
[8:11:33] Christopher C.W.C.: I'm serious.
[8:11:45] Sarah May: Your mom sounds like quite the village bicycle~
[8:12:07] Christopher C.W.C.: what does this discussion have to do with anything?
[8:12:14] Christopher C.W.C.: or what is leading up to?
[8:12:37] Sarah May: You were obviously a mistake, Chris.
[8:12:45] Sarah May: I doubt Bob is your father.
[8:12:46] Christopher C.W.C.: I am NOT; I was Planned.
[8:12:50] Christopher C.W.C.: BOB is my father.
[8:12:52] Sarah May: How do you know?
[8:13:21] Christopher C.W.C.: they were married in 1980; I was born in 1982; THEY HAD SEX.
[8:13:37] Christopher C.W.C.: DURING THE TIME.
[8:13:37] Sarah May: Oh, that proves everything, doesn't it?
[8:13:49] Christopher C.W.C.: Genetics Testing will prove the same thing.
[8:13:57] Sarah May: So you say.
[8:14:15] Sarah May: Your mom has obviously been around the block more than a few times, with more than a few different men.
[8:14:24] Christopher C.W.C.: I still Love both my Mother and my Father and care for them very much.
[8:14:28] Sarah May: Who's to say she conceived you with Bob?
[8:14:38] Sarah May: Your parents coddle you.
[8:14:47] Sarah May: Why do you love them?
[8:14:54] Sarah May: They control you like a fucking puppet.
[8:15:08] Christopher C.W.C.: Because they both raised me and did A LOT for me in my lifetime.
[8:15:17] Christopher C.W.C.: my FULL Lifetime.
[8:15:36] Sarah May: That's why they left you with an 'abusive babysitter', isn't it?
[8:15:41] Christopher C.W.C.: Never doubt my mother and father.
[8:15:42] Sarah May: Stop contradicting yourself.
[8:15:48] Sarah May: I doubt your very existence.
[8:15:51] Christopher C.W.C.: They DID NOT KNOW she was abusive until it was too late.
[8:15:58] Christopher C.W.C.: I have a Birth Certificate.
[8:16:07] Christopher C.W.C.: I have Records.
[8:16:17] Sarah May: Yes. That proves you were born. It doesn't prove you were planned.
[8:16:24] Christopher C.W.C.: I WAS PLANNED.
[8:16:29] Sarah May: NO YOU WEREN'T.
[8:16:53] Christopher C.W.C.: THEY ARE HONEST, CARING PEOPLE.
[8:17:08] Christopher C.W.C.: THEY ARE SO!
[8:17:14] Christopher C.W.C.: I HAVE NO DOUBT!
[8:17:20] Sarah May: THEY ARE NOT!
[8:17:29] Christopher C.W.C.: You are only trying to stir up trouble for me.
[8:17:39] Sarah May: Oh not at all Christian
[8:17:44] Sarah May: You stir enough up on your own
[8:17:48] Sarah May: I am simply trying to help you
[8:18:05] Christopher C.W.C.: I'll admit I have shot myself in my foot a number of times in my lifetime, but I learn from those mistakes.
[8:18:23] Christopher C.W.C.: and I'll admit my mother has had her share of flings in her lifetime.

ED and shemales

[8:18:37] Sarah May: You say ED is a bunch of 'slanderous lies'. Have you not realized that 90% of that article are things you yourself contributed?
[8:18:38] Christopher C.W.C.: but I MEAN what I SAY, and I mean all that, and it is ALL TRUE.
[8:18:46] Christopher C.W.C.: So What?
[8:19:01] Christopher C.W.C.: They made fun of me and slandered me.
[8:19:07] Christopher C.W.C.: *slandered my good name.
[8:19:11] Sarah May: Your GOOD NAME?
[8:19:19] Sarah May: You give YOURSELF a bad name.
[8:19:31] Christopher C.W.C.: So I made more mistakes and shots in my foot.
[8:19:38] Sarah May: No.
[8:20:01] Christopher C.W.C.: Look, get on with it.
[8:20:04] Christopher C.W.C.: what's your point?
[8:20:10] Christopher C.W.C.: What do you want me to learn?
[8:20:24] Christopher C.W.C.: in the end.
[8:20:29] Sarah May: Every time you say, 'I'm autistic', you're giving yourself a bad name. You're giving my nephew a bad name. You're giving every real autistic a bad name.
[8:20:47] Sarah May: You're a failure at everything you do, and at everything you will ever attempt to do.
[8:21:19] Sarah May: You're an emotionless, self-absorbed manchild.
[8:21:28] Sarah May: No empathy, no regard for anyone but yourself.
[8:21:36] Christopher C.W.C.: I have Emotions. I have Empathy for others.
[8:21:48] Sarah May: They only go so far, though, don't they?
[8:21:55] Sarah May: Getting laid is top priority, of course.
[8:22:07] Sarah May: You don't know a damn thing about women, Chris.
[8:22:09] Christopher C.W.C.: It is NOT top priority
[8:22:28] Sarah May: You think drawing porn is standing up for women's rights?
[8:22:31] Christopher C.W.C.: I know enough to know their personality traits, and how to respect them.
[8:22:44] Christopher C.W.C.: standing up for them NOT TO be slandered with drawn dicks.
[8:22:53] Sarah May: WHAT OF THE SHEMALES, CHRIS?
[8:23:31] Christopher C.W.C.: NO.
[8:23:37] Sarah May: YES I DO
[8:23:45] Christopher C.W.C.: They can't help it.
[8:23:46] Sarah May: I FIND IT REALLY HOT.
[8:23:52] Christopher C.W.C.: I see.
[8:24:11] Christopher C.W.C.: well, that's your opinion, and you are welcome to it.
[8:24:42] Christopher C.W.C.: Why do they, and you, like seeing images of women with dicks drawn on them?
[8:24:59] Christopher C.W.C.: how flattering is that to your female body?
[8:25:11] Sarah May: Because we're not all homophobic close-minded twats?
[8:25:27] Christopher C.W.C.: I am open-minded to some things.
[8:25:31] Sarah May: Drawing awful porn is extremely disrespectful to the human body.
[8:25:44] Christopher C.W.C.: yet a LOT of people have done it.
[8:25:55] Sarah May: DOES THAT MAKE IT RIGHT, CHRIS?
[8:26:26] Christopher C.W.C.: it doesn't.
[8:26:33] Christopher C.W.C.: ...

Chris draws Rosechu with a dick

[8:27:03] Sarah May: I want you to do something before I give back your Yahoo details.
[8:27:07] Christopher C.W.C.: ?
[8:27:07] Christopher C.W.C.: my protest was meaningless, wasn't it.
[8:27:12] Christopher C.W.C.: okay.
[8:27:14] Sarah May: You have two choices:
[8:28:32] Sarah May: You will draw one of the following: a) Sonichu having sexual intercourse with another male Sonichu in the ass; or b) any female Rosechu with a penis, either masturbating, or penetrating a male Sonichu with it
[8:29:15] Sarah May: And you will upload it to your website, to the Luv Shack section.
[8:29:32] Sarah May: But first you will send it to me for verification.
[8:29:35] Christopher C.W.C.: okay, I will do that.
[8:29:57] Sarah May: You had better not cheat. No cutting corners. I want to see some high-quality porn.
[8:30:07] Sarah May: I expect to see it within fifteen minutes.
[8:30:18] Christopher C.W.C.: that's too short of time. may I have one hour?
[8:30:27] Christopher C.W.C.: and I can have it colored in then.
[8:30:32] Sarah May: If you take one hour, it had better be really good.
[8:30:46] Christopher C.W.C.: fair.
[8:30:49] Christopher C.W.C.: I will return.
[8:30:50] Sarah May: Alright.
[8:30:53] Sarah May: I'll be waiting, Chris.
[8:30:58] Sarah May: I'll have your account waiting.
[8:35:21] Sarah May: And if you don't deliver..
[8:35:23] Sarah May: Well..
[8:35:36] Sarah May: We'll just have to see what will happen to Sonichu and Rosechu, won't we..

[8:49:46] Christopher C.W.C.: I'm scanning it in now.
[8:49:53] Sarah May: Perfect.
[8:49:57] Sarah May: It's not censored, is it?
[8:50:07] Christopher C.W.C.: no, it is not censored.
[8:53:24] Christopher C.W.C. sent file "SilvanaMas.jpg" to members of this chat
[8:53:32] Sarah May: Silvana, eh?
[8:53:38] Christopher C.W.C.: yes.
[8:53:49] Sarah May: Silvana doesn't have a definite gender.
[8:54:09] Christopher C.W.C.: she was ORIGINALLY female, but Graduon added a penis to her structure.
[8:54:19] Christopher C.W.C.: *body features
[8:54:45] Sarah May: In that case.. I'm going to have to request another picture.
[8:54:53] Christopher C.W.C.: did you see this one?
[8:54:57] Sarah May: Yes.
[8:55:05] Sarah May: But she naturally has a penis.
[8:55:09] Christopher C.W.C.: yes
[8:55:11] Sarah May: I want something.. unnatural.
[8:55:23] Sarah May: Rosechu with a penis, or Angelica, for example.
[8:55:41] Sarah May: Or Blake penetrating Sonichu anally.
[8:55:45] Christopher C.W.C.: alright, but I want a promise from you that these drawings will NOT be uploaded prematurly.
[8:55:56] Christopher C.W.C.: before I upload them to the Shack.
[8:55:56] Sarah May: Prematurely?
[8:56:01] Sarah May: Oh, of course.
[8:56:15] Christopher C.W.C.: I don't want to get any calls talking of such.
[8:56:23] Sarah May: You will not.
[8:56:37] Christopher C.W.C.: anyway, fine; I'll do something unnatural.
[8:56:43] Sarah May: Thank you.
[8:56:55] Sarah May: I'll have your account here waiting. You had better please me.

Nice try, Chris.
Close enough.

[9:10:53] Christopher C.W.C.: I'm back.
[9:10:57] Sarah May: Hello
[9:10:59] Christopher C.W.C.: it's scanning.
[9:11:04] Sarah May: Excellent. Thank you.
[9:13:02] Christopher C.W.C. sent file "RPlusS.jpg" to members of this chat
[9:14:00] Sarah May: That's not a strap-on Rosechu's wearing, is it?
[9:14:05] Christopher C.W.C.: no
[9:14:14] Christopher C.W.C.: it's unnatural.
[9:14:32] Christopher C.W.C.: it's her dick
[9:14:48] Sarah May: What's the band around it?
[9:14:50] Christopher C.W.C.: can I have my Yahoo back, Please?
[9:14:59] Christopher C.W.C.: that was a mistake in drawing.
[9:15:13] Sarah May: That's a pretty big mistake, Chris.
[9:15:15] Christopher C.W.C.: I can remove it in paint.
[9:15:19] Sarah May: Please do.
[9:16:17] Christopher C.W.C. sent file "RPlusS.jpg" to members of this chat
[9:17:22] Christopher C.W.C.: how do you like it now?
[9:17:31] Sarah May: I like it very much. I am pleased. Thank you

How to get back Chris's Yahoo!

[9:19:10] Christopher C.W.C.: I did what you asked; please give me my Yahoo.
[9:19:56] Sarah May: I have spoken with Clyde, who appears to have not held up his end of the bargain.
[9:20:02] Sarah May: However, I can tell you how to regain your account.
[9:20:09] Christopher C.W.C.: okay.
[9:20:12] Christopher C.W.C.: how, please?
[9:20:32] Sarah May: You will need to call Yahoo
[9:20:37] Sarah May: Confirm your identity
[9:20:58] Sarah May: Tell them you're the victim of Internet trolling
[9:21:30] Sarah May: When you get your website back, or if you make a new one -- and mark my words, Chris -- these pictures you sent me had better be on your Luv Shack page, for all to see
[9:21:37] Christopher C.W.C.: do you have a phone number I can reach them at?
[9:21:42] Christopher C.W.C.: fair enough.
[9:21:53] Sarah May: If they are not.. and I will check daily.. Clyde says he will take back your account
[9:22:05] Christopher C.W.C.: I see.
[9:22:16] Christopher C.W.C.: phone number for Yahoo, do you have it?
[9:22:17] Sarah May: I will look for the number
[9:23:41] Sarah May: Do you have a Geocities account?
[9:23:50] Christopher C.W.C.: is that part of Yahoo?
[9:24:02] Sarah May: What do you currently host your website on?
[9:24:50] Christopher C.W.C.:
[9:25:05] Christopher C.W.C.: That's its alternate FTP address
[9:25:17] Sarah May: Alright
[9:25:21] Sarah May: Try this number: 866-562-7219
[9:25:25] Christopher C.W.C.: hang on.
[9:25:32] Sarah May: If that doesn't work, I'll look again
[9:25:35] Sarah May: Sure thing.
[9:26:53] Christopher C.W.C.: the phone number DID get me to "Yaahoooo", but their offices were closed. I will try again tomorrow.
[9:27:07] Sarah May: That's a shame
[9:27:08] Christopher C.W.C.: at least it's saved in my cell phone's memory.
[9:27:21] Sarah May: That's good. I wish you the best of luck.

Last words

[9:27:23] Sarah May: In the mean time:
[9:27:33] Sarah May: I wanted to let you know that I lied; I didn't break up with my boyfriend.
[9:27:37] Christopher C.W.C.: oh.
[9:27:39] Christopher C.W.C.: I see.
[9:27:48] Sarah May: We are very much in love.
[9:27:49] Christopher C.W.C.: alright; TTYTomorrow.
[9:27:52] Sarah May: Do you know where I met him?
[9:27:54] Sarah May: Chris, wait.
[9:28:05] Christopher C.W.C.: where did you meet him?
[9:31:41] Sarah May: I met him in a chatroom of people trolling you. And I'm a troll, too. I have been this entire time. I have never loved you. Because you're absolutely fucking disgusting. And you know the best part? The troll I met, we're in true love. The only thing you wanted. And we're happy because of your misery. Isn't that funny? Goodbye Chris, it's been fun. Last words of advice: no more Internet love. I tell you this because I care. Go after real girls, in real life. Bring your sign back, so they know exactly what you want (girls like that so they can't be 'lead on' etc). And most importantly, KEEP YOUR WEBSITE UPDATED. We don't want another Ryan Cash incident, which was actually real. Update your comics regularly or Clyde says he'll be back. Otherwise.. what fans you have left.. they'll be leaving, Chris.
[9:31:45] Sarah May: Be careful where you tread.
[9:32:00] Sarah May: Good luck with your Yahoo account.

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