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I am a sweet caring individual; I was raised on Care Bears for one thing.
Chris to Sarah May[1]
Chris's DVD set of generation 2 of Care Bears

Care Bears is an animation franchise featuring colorful, anthropomorphic bears, which originated during the 1980s. Chris is a fan of the franchise, particularly its second generation, citing that the characters are given more individuality.[2] Chris has referenced that he had watched Care Bears when claiming that he is a good person.

Chris likes the character Champ Bear as depicted in the second generation. He dislikes Shreeky, describing her as, "What a major brat Shrieky was, on top of her high pitch and shrieks."[2]

Mentions by Chris

In the 4 March 2009 chat with Sarah May, Sarah criticized Chris, writing, "You make yourself out to be such a sweet, caring individual." Chris claimed this to be true, citing that he had watched Care Bears. Sarah shot back by asking if that was where his homosexual tendencies came from, leading Chris to rage-quit from the chat.[1]

In the Mailbag 12 from 8 December 2009, Chris listed Care Bears as among the shows he had been raised on, alongside Transformers, Jetsons, Smurfs, Filmation's Ghostbusters, and Sesame Street.

In a 9 July 2011 email to Jackie, Chris brought up the notion that viewing cartoons such as Care Bears taught him lessons on friendship, sharing and caring.[3]

In a 12 December 2014 email to Catherine, Chris criticized her empathy and suggested learning from Care Bears.[4]

In the 29 November 2015 video Group Embargo on GameStop, Best Buy, and Simon Shopping Centers, while claiming he was being discriminated against for being banned from retail shops (from which he'd been causing trouble), Chris ended his rant by saying people should learn from positive media such as My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic and Care Bears, suggesting this would lead to less wars.

On 19 July 2021, Chris discussed Care Bears at length with The Knights of CWC group.[2] He had been reminded of the franchise character Beastly after viewing a Rick and Morty episode. Chris mentioned that he still owns two Care Bears plush toys - Swift Heart Rabbit and Lotsa Heart Elephant.