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Card artwork Chris contributed to The Binding of Isaac: Four Souls (subsequently cancelled)

The Binding of Isaac is a video game themed around religion - in particular a mother who believes she hears God tell her that her son is corrupted with sin and must be saved by removing the evil from him. Isaac also exists as a card game, whose creator contacted Chris requesting his contribution for a card artwork (which was cancelled following Chris's incest scandal).

Planned card

On 17 June 2021, Isaac creator Edmund McMillen (a fan and financial enabler of Chris's)[1][2] tweeted Tainted Isaac (or "The Broken") card's artwork, crediting Chris and saying "it was a huge honor to feature her work as an alt card, please send her your love (be kind!)". Chris replied to the tweet, giving his thoughts on the design of the card. In his tweet, Chris mentioned he had not yet played the Isaac game and had gotten a basic rundown from watching WatchMojo clips.[3]

Following the bombshell news of Chris committing incest with his mother, on 30 July, Edmund McMillen tweeted about the Tainted Isaac card being replaced.[4] The website for the card game subsequently updated to note that Chris's card artwork had been cancelled, stating:[5]

This promotional card was planned to be printed as part of the Four Souls: Requiem Kickstarter. This card was originally unlocked via reaching 35,000 total backers in the Requiem Kickstarter. Following reports of a serious sexual scandal surrounding the card’s artist Chris Chan, this card’s inclusion was cancelled. The milestone unlock was later replaced with the Mega Fatty alt art card. Edmund has since stated there are plans to use the card in a later promotion.

Chris on the game

On 31 July, after Chris had been kicked out of his house by authorities over the incest news, Chris compared a bizarre dream he had to The Binding of Isaac.[6] On 19 September, Chris wrote in a jail letter that God had told him to cleanse his mother of her sins,[7] similar to the plot of Isaac.


On 20 June 2021, Chris posted a short video to his Twitter in regards to a Kickstarter page related to The Binding of Isaac: Four Souls.

Chris talking about the binding of isaac 720p
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Sylvia’s being comfy and a little bobble-headed
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Get on the fun of things with... THE BINDIIING OF ISAAAAAAC!

Hehah! [Adjusts cum-plastered medallion and enhales]

But also, more importantly- the FREEDOOOOM~! of ISAAAAAAC!

I'd like t'see heehm smile more often.

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Chris and Edmund McMillen

According to Edmund, Chris sent him many letters from jail.[8] None of these letters have been released.


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