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Sonichu, coming soon on Family Guy.
Chris, being surprisingly TRUE and HONEST.[1]

Television is a widely-used telecommunication medium for transmitting and receiving moving images. It is a staple in almost all North American homes, as well as many other homes throughout the world. It's also one of the favorite pastimes of our mutual friend. Indeed, when not "socializing", recycling, playing video games or ranting about blue arms, it's a fairly safe bet Chris is sitting down and watching TV. Lots and lots of TV.

Chris gets most of his information concerning the outside world through the television, among other entertainment media. This leads to blatantly ripping off concepts and characters from whatever he watches.

Interpretation of media

Chris is prone to interpreting various forms of media in his own strange way. During his attempt to put up his own ads on the CWCipedia, he claimed that the award-winning film Avatar was meant to promote the eradication of homosexuality, rather than the tolerance of other cultures.[2] How he contrived this idea is a complete mystery; not only does homosexuality not feature in the film in any way, but the message of the film is it's wrong to exterminate anything. His fear of homosexuals destroying the future, incidentally, emerged from an episode of South Park called "Goobacks", which was a satire of the controversy of illegal immigration. In the episode, a group of rednecks who had lost their jobs to the illegal immigrants from the future decided that the best way to get their jobs back was to destroy the future by making everyone gay so there wouldn't be anybody in the future. Chris, however, took everything at face value and interpreted the episode as a scare film on par with Red Dawn. In a similar vein, Chris is convinced that Family Guy is anti-gay Republican propaganda, owing to his failure to interpret that the show is parodying Republicans, and that the show's creator Seth MacFarlane is famously a supporter of gay rights. Interestingly, Chris does not have this same misconception when it comes to live-action media. He's explicitly stated that Seinfeld characters aren't real and justified his like of the Saw series by saying that the violence is all made up.

As shown above, Chris rarely understands any moral dispensed by media, generally wildly misinterpreting them and then citing them as justification for his ridiculous and bigoted behavior. For example, while attempting to justify his attempt to pretend to be Liquid Chris in an attempt to steal his girlfriend, he claimed that he was "wrong, but for the right reasons".[3] This comes from another episode of South Park called "Best Friends Forever", where, after a satire of the Terri Schiavo controversy, it is stated that Cartman was "right, but for the wrong reasons". In context, it meant that his goal of shutting down the vegetative Kenny's life support was the right thing to do (for reasons involving the fate of the universe that are too complex to explain here), but his motivation was completely off mark: he only did it because he knew that Kenny's death would cause him to inherit his PSP. Meanwhile, Stan and Kyle were "Wrong, but for the right reasons", as they wanted to keep Kenny alive in a perpetual vegetative state even though they should just let him die, but they were doing so because they actually cared about Kenny, rather than exploiting the situation for their own benefit like Cartman was. Chris seems to have interpreted this as "If you do a bunch of bad things, like pretending to be someone else in order to steal their girlfriend, you are completely justified in doing so if your dishonest actions lead to a positive outcome, like proving that you are the TRUE and HONEST Christian Weston Chandler and getting laid".

Dimensional Merge

Taste in TV

Chris enjoys ancient sitcoms thanks to his parents.

Chris is a fan of South Park and almost all of Seth McFarlane's creations (Family Guy, American Dad!, The Cleveland Show). He bought tons of their episodes via the PlayStation Network, for a sizable amount of money. Adult Swim is another big favorite of our autistic hero, and he even entered one of their contests and raged when he didn't win. He recently got into F is For Family, a Netflix original created by Bill Burr.

Anime is another area where Chris's choices are very transparent. Among some of his favorites over the years include Shuffle! (essentially a tale of a somewhat unlikable guy suddenly being accosted by several obedient and attractive females), Gunslinger Girl (essentially a slightly unnerving bit of softcore eroticism), and Excel Saga (while generally regarded favorably, is chock-full of in-jokes and parody, things that Chris can't understand but is eager to copy).

Certain bizarre choices do stick out, however. Monty Python's Flying Circus has been brought up or 'referenced' several times, along with comedian Red Skelton, and I Love Lucy. The former feature's absurdity probably piqued Chris's interest, while the final two are probably an offshoot of his decrepit parents.

Chris is a fan of movie musicals, and that his top 3 are "On The Town", "Singin' in the Rain", and "Meet Me In St. Louis". In the same conversation, he described Mary Poppins another movie musical, as his favourite film.

Chris seems to have also watched a fair bit of Cartoon Network and Nickelodeon in the late 1990s and early 2000s, making references to Cousin Skeeter, Ed, Edd n Eddy, and The Powerpuff Girls, among others. Many of these shows have gained significant cult followings, but were made for kids much younger than Chris was at the time. Seeing his other interests, though, it's not that surprising that he was watching shows designed for elementary schoolers when he was in high school and college.

Chris has also shown an occasional preference for some horror movies, including the film adaption of Silent Hill, and the Saw series, which although rarely mentioned by Chris could be viewed as an inspiration for the events of Sonichu #10, where the Asperpedia Four were executed via elaborate death traps...well, elaborate by Chris's standards.

If this picture is clear, Chris may be using Hulu or Hulu Plus lately to watch all the shows he can't on Netflix. Chris has also hinted that he might be using Disney+.

Mods Chris uploaded to ModNation Racers indicates he's a fan of Drawn Together, for obvious reasons.

He copied a scene from Beavis and Butthead in an issue of Sonichu.


Main article: Netflix

Chris has used Netflix to satisfy his watching needs instantaneously, enabling him to reach a near-comatose state of mental saturation. Put in more practical terms, he spent more than 6 hours watching Keeping Up Appearances and South Park in a single day. Twice. In terms of averages, Chris watches roughly 3 hours of television a day, at least for the week viewed.[4]

The huge selection and 'Instant Watch' feature, combined with Chris's need to whack, has led to some interesting choices in film. To date, he has rented Maniac Nurses Find Ecstasy, Story of O, Virgin, and many more titles with sexual names and/or posters. Considering Netflix doesn't deal in porn, he's wasting his time. Other than these porno hunts and impulse rentals, Chris is pretty much interested in only two types of three types of programs; adult cartoons, British sitcoms, and comedy, displaying a remarkably narrow range of interests. The only movie that really stands out in his selections is Twilight.

Netflix has also allowed him easier access to the cartoons of his childhood, Transformers and Sonic being the most prominent. The apparent binge of Transformers-related television may have been the "inspiration" behind Sonichu #9.

Beginning in the second half of the 2010's, Netflix also began investing in anime for original content. Of all these, Chris spent a single day in early July 2020 binge-watching BNA: Brand New Animal, merely stating on his social media it's "a very good anime"[5]. Given that it's a flashy action-packed anime consisting of humanoid animals, overpowered protagonists, moralizing lectures, a villainous conspiracy and the heroine's blood being used for a vaccine to cure the populace (many of which should sound familiar to anyone on this wiki), that Chris would find it enjoyable is unsurprising.

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