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Chris proclaiming he’s a saint[1]
For I am ze kind and compassionate Chrrristine Chandler!
Chris, proclaiming his kindness and his ability to roll his R's

Despite all of his moments of rage, death threats, lies, and... yuck, Chris does have a soft side, and he is not afraid to show it. He will sometimes be motivated to act kind towards other people, although due to his autism and upbringing making it difficult to empathize with others, these attempts are often awkward and occasionally cross the line to disrespect.

Chris and his morality

Chris conflicting with his morality and his desires at the same time

Like his beliefs on religion and gender, Chris' stance on morality is difficult to interpret. Chris often claims that he is a kind, good-natured, saintly person that doesn't deserve scorn. To a certain extent, he's right, but for all of the wrong reasons.

Despite what one may think about Chris, the reality is that he is relatively harmless and is somewhat capable of distinguishing right and wrong. But that is only scratching the surface, as Chris' selfishness and naivete often turn out to be the main culprits behind him doing immoral actions, rather than true malevolence.

One infamous example of this behavior is when he foolishly drew and uploaded SheCameForCWC.jpg onto Encyclopedia Dramatica as a means to combat all of the pictures of ducks and pickles he found on the site, as well as to prove his straightness, not thinking about how Megan might respond to being depicted in such an undignified manner in a shoddily drawn piece of porn. Megan, who was looking for just about any reason to stop talking to Chris[2], was understandably revolted. However, what cements the fact that his naivete was partly responsible is how Chris tried to explain to Megan what happened in the picture itself, thinking that she was inexperienced with sex, and didn't understand what was going on, rather than the obvious fact that she was depicted in such a demeaning situation, and that Chris obviously wants to pound her.

Whoever Chris acts kindly to depends on who he would classify as his "friends" and his "enemies". If someone gets in the way of whatever he wants to do, or he shifts the blame on someone else for his own fails, Chris will deem that someone as a troll that wants nothing more of him than to make him miserable, showing very little respect of whoever inconvenienced him. Whoever Chris doesn't classify as a troll or feels "temporarily" joined the trolls side are his friends. Typically, Chris will attempt to befriend internet celebrities and staff members of media he enjoys.


Chris has a very warped understanding of empathy. This could be attributed to his autism, as autistic people generally have difficulty empathizing with others, although Chris's case has much more to do with his upbringing.

Motivations for doing good

Love Quest and gal pals

Doopie White Knights Chris.jpg

While socializing with his alleged pals, Chris always takes the time to act as kind as possible to them, to the point where it becomes downright disturbing. Unsurprisingly, Chris has used Social Media as a means of continuing his Love Quest and finding the sweetheart he has desired for over a decade. Because of that, most of the people Chris attempts to befriend are girls, with and without boyfriends.

In terms of friendships on social media, whenever he feels he's up the creek without a paddle, Chris will almost always doubt that he is in any way responsible for anybody turning against him because, in his eyes, he is too kind for anyone to simply block him on Twitter or to be hated by the masses, and instead shifts the blame on the trolls. This coupled with the fact that Chris refuses to see the worst out of his friends unless he gets the hint that they denied access to their china makes it sound even more disturbing.

Avoiding trouble

In other instances, Chris will only act kind to people to avoid getting into trouble.

Personal benefit

In general, the reason for Chris's acting kindly towards others is his thinking that doing so is the best way to manipulate them into doing whatever he wants them to. This is possibly due to his misunderstanding of simple etiquette and manners.

How Chris demonstrates kindness

Apologizing As mentioned above, Chris has a very limited understanding of empathy. On the rare occasions in which Chris admits his misdeeds and apologizes for them, ulterior motives are usually, if not always, present.[3] This is in part to his upbringing[4] and otherwise due to other things such as autism, all of which limit his ability to understand empathy.
Using pet names To refer to a gal-pal in a "kind" nonsexual manner, Chris will often refer to them as either "darling" or "dear"[5]. However, since Chris obviously doesn't understand how creepy it is to refer to a girl he's just met on the internet as a "darling", most girls who talk to Chris online will be set off by Chris's misuse of the word.

Genuine acts of kindness

Chris once participated in raising funds for Alex's Lemonade Stand, a charity program that works to raise awareness of childhood cancer. Although he did it in memory of his deceased father, who actually passed away as a result of heart disease rather than cancer, it was still considered a positive contribution Chris made to society.

He also donated to Red Cross in the wake of Hurricane Harvey in September 2017.

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