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A small selection of Chris's pornography collection

Pornography is sexual media content. Like with many other things, Chris has developed a fixation over porn, to the extent that he views it as educational.[1] He has made many different pieces of porn and viewed plenty as well.


The pool scene in question

By the age of 15, Chris had discovered softcore pornography, which he watched on HBO and Cinemax. He would lay belly-down on a bed on top of a clean washcloth while watching it, eventually leading to his discovery of masturbation[2]. Based on a PSN chat with PandaHalo and an IRC chat, Chris would access pornography after he figured out how to bypass the parental controls on his parents' TV:

actually figured it out for myself, in my room one night after having unlocked the parental lock; I found the pool scene in "I Like to Play Games 2" [sic], and I just figured it out for myself.

Chris would go on to clarify in BlueSpike PSN Chat 3 that the scene that taught him how to masturbate featured a man and a woman having sex in a swimming pool. No such scene exists in I Like to Play Games Too, however a scene fitting Chris' description appears in the first I Like to Play Games.[3]



One of Chris's Adam & Eve receipts for a porn DVD, along with Kimmi the sex doll

Chris has been collecting pornographic DVDs since at least 2006, when he began purchasing a bunch through Adam & Eve. However, he paid full price for very few of these DVDs — most of them were either free gifts or sold at a steep discount. One of the only discs he looks to have specifically shopped for was a collection of vintage American smut cartoons priced at $14.95.

By December 2013, Chris had amassed a collection of at least 56 pornographic DVDs. He attempted to sell them on Craigslist and asked one of LoveYouLongTime's personas if she would buy them, listing as a lot for $1,000.[4][5] He listed the titles as:


Love Lessons 1 and 2, Love Doll 1 and 2, Anime Fiction 1 and 2, Sailor and the Seven Balls 1 and 2, Desperate Carnal Housewives 1. Vintage XXX Cartoons (featuring little Annie and the Phallum), Pure Love2, Fruits Cup

From Adam & Eve:

The Edge, Black Safari: Legend has it, XXX pleasure Seekers, Wicked Now and Wicked Classic, Titanium 5 star Video Collection, Rawhide (2 disc set), Jenna's Private Parts, The Best of Amateur Angels, Amateure Angels 5, The Perfect Secretary, Carmen & Friends, Build Your Own Collection, Extreme Behavior 2, Nina Hartley's Guide to Sex Toys

Educational from Sinclair institute and Alexander Institute Spearmint Rhino:

101 Advanced Sexual Positions. Sexplorations Wols 1, 2, 3 DVD and Music CD Set, Creative Positions For Lowers: Beyond the Bedroom. Sexual Positions for lowers: Beyond the Missionary Position, Kama Sutra: Sensual Secrets to Amazing Sex 1, Sex: A Lifelong Pleasure: Satisfying Heil Him Wol 1 and 2. Erotic Seduction, More of What Women Want, New Erotic Seduction, The Art of Erotic Dancing, Sexual Satisfaction, Sexual Healing. Sexual Fitness


Playboy Girls of Reality TV, Playboy's Girlfriends, Sex Trivia, pleasure principle, Sweet Young Things 1.2 and 3. Latin Sinsations, Pamm & Tommy Lee: Hardcore and Uncerts ored. On Top of Of Woody, Teen Models 1, Just Vagina, Cal Wash Girls. Angelina Aimani Statlets. Kagney Linn Karter: Superhero Sex Therapist


I am Not ashamed to tell you I enjoyed a number of the screen caps on, and when I feel like totally grossed out with even an image of a penis, and recalling and focusing on a vagina image in my mind usually works, but when it doesn't, I turned on W.L.T. and focus on those images.
Chris, September 2017[6]

Chris's favorite lesbian porn website is, mentioning it in conversations from May 2015[7] and September 2017.[6] Chris wrote that the site "really thrills me", although added that he is not a member and just likes to browse the free samples.[7] He also used it as a coping mechanism for when he saw imagery of a penis - Chris's usual technique for this emergency was to imagine vaginas. For times when this was not enough, he turned to browsing for an added boost.[6]

On 30 July 2019, MKRNightVee posted some Transformers R34 porn artwork in a Discord server. Chris commented, "I was curious about the twitchy servos in that for a while, but it ended up being hit-or-miss with me."[8]



Selling porn

Chris has successfully sold some of the porn artwork he made. On 23 April 2018, Chris listed for sale on eBay the contents of the Crumple-Lope - several pornographic drawings (which included his neatly cut-up shecameforCWC.JPG). Though the listing was struck from eBay for a TOS violation, Lukas Simpkins made a private offer to purchase the lot for Chris's initial asking price of $1,000, which Chris accepted.[9]

Effects of pornography on Chris's beliefs

Chris's consumption of pornography has engendered many false beliefs about sex in him, which he sticks to religiously. His sex chat logs are a prime example of this – Chris's fantasies are merely recreations of what he's seen in pornos, rather than plausible sexual experiences. For example, he believed that Kacey would welcome a brutal tit-fucking followed by load after load of navy to the face.[10]

Other examples of Chris's crude misconceptions about sex abound. He mimics female porn stars' sex positions, spreads an imaginary vagina a yard across, and believes that electric shocks to the vagina are pleasurable.

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