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Chris and gender

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Nowadays, Chris is struggling to figure out his true gender. He is physically a male but currently identifies as female. However, for someone so preoccupied with gender identity, Chris displays a staggering ignorance of how either gender typically behaves, and his views of both genders are extremely warped due to him taking the stereotypes he is presented with in television and other media at face value. The result is that he often manages to come off as both a misogynist and a misandrist.


Due to Chris's ignorance, he has gathered most of his knowledge of gender through media such as television and music. Chris views females as hyper-sexual, preoccupied with shopping, given to conversing with others for hours, and fixated on getting married and having children. This is highly evident in his female characters in Sonichu, most prominently in his Rosechu character, whose "personality" consists solely of the traits listed above, which is considered ironic as Chris constantly tries to show Rosechu with a passion for Women's Rights. Despite trying to portray them as being equal in power to their male counterparts, Chris rarely depicts Rosechus fighting, more often simply leaving them on the sidelines of a battle to wail like damsels in distress, even when their boyfriends are in mortal danger. Even outside battle, they tend to be little more than organic sex toys for the Sonichus.

Chris's vision of an ideal relationship is also sexist. On several occasions, Chris eagerly suggested having a MFF threesome, but was horrified when Ivy suggested a MMF threesome.[1][2] Chris also deemed it acceptable for him to go to a strip club when stressed, but considered it immoral for women to do the same. When approached about his sexism, Chris becomes offended. His usual defence is that that he has never harmed a woman (despite numerous death threats). This suggests Chris believes that misogyny consists solely of physical abuse of women.

In recent years, despite claiming to revere them, Chris's attitude towards women has slowly become yet more sinister, demanding and aggressive. In the Catherine E-mails leaked in 2014, Chris got annoyed when Catherine said no to a relationship, insulted her and claimed he is entitled to the relationship. He even went on to try to guilt trip her, saying that she should "appreciate the the hard work and effort I had put into US!!!", even though shortly before that he was abusing her friends and telling her what she could and couldn't do, all behaviors eerily resemblant of those of a domestic abuser.

In early 2015, a female troll concerned by Chris's unrepentant stance on his aggression at GameStop contacted Chris under the name Renee, and attempted to persuade him to seek psychological help. Instead, Chris tried to beg her to date him (even though she had already clearly stated she had a boyfriend) and taking her well-meaning request as an insult, he wished "Renee" and her boyfriend a slow demise in a house fire...then tried to beg her to date him again a few days later.[3] The ultimate message here is that Chris doesn't care who you are, what you have to say or what your intentions are. He only cares what kind of sexual organs you have, and if he has a shot at claiming them.


Chris has harbored a deep hatred for men ever since his teenage years, because he was bullied in grade school (largely because of his bloated ego making him extremely annoying amongst several students), and later because seeing other guys scoring when he was failing miserably at it pissed him off. This gradually blossomed into a general distaste for masculine traits such as body hair; indeed, in his nudes it is apparent that he is surprisingly meticulous in shaving his body hair, certainly compared to other aspects of grooming. He also has stated, as shown in this video, a disgust for "topless men" and encourages men to wear muscle bras so he doesn't have to see their nipples. He even made a (now somewhat outdated) short list of the men he doesn't consider "jerks", which included himself, his father and Santa Clause [sic].

Since becoming a "tomgirl", Chris's misandry has not abated. In recent years he has variously referred to men in general as "barbarians" and "Neanderthals", which, coming from him, are rather ironic accusations for a number of reasons.

Tomgirl Saga

In April 2011, photos were leaked by Surfshack Tito showing Chris dressed in women's clothes. Soon after Chris announced he was a "Tomgirl". Chris being a tomgirl has resulted in him wearing feminine clothes, a brief attempt at piercing his taint, and growing long hair. Despite this, Chris still rigidly maintains he is attracted solely to women.

There is still speculation as to why he has done this. Chris may have believed that joining the female community would aid his Love Quest, which naturally it hasn't, and indeed, any sensible person can see that identifying as a lesbian actually shrinks his pool of potential sweethearts, given that lesbians are a minority group.

However, Chris has recently made several telling statements that indicate he believes that he can use his gender confusion to his advantage. For exmaple, on various occasions, Chris has made statements to the effect of him being "compatible with all women", or that he can "go any way [a woman] desire[s]". Statements like these make it seem likely that he believes that by identifying as a female while remaining biologically male he can appeal to women of all sexualities, although it remains unclear if this is his main reason for crossdressing, or indeed whether it was a premeditated reason for it at all, or merely an idea he came up with later. Needless to say, this too is pure folly; a willingness to date folks with penises is hardly a given among lesbians, and most straight women would be put off by Chris's crossdressing. Not to mention that both lesbian and straight women alike would probably be put off by the sheer desperation he displays in essentially saying that he'd be willing to change genders just to get laid, and that's without even considering the squalor he lives in, his bizarre, unkempt appearance, or his many personality flaws.

Chris also may have done this in hopes that trolls would stop suggesting he likes "the wrong gender". Some just believe Chris has been TRUE and HONEST and has always felt this way, despite little evidence. Regardless of the reason, the Tomgirl Saga has continued to this day. Despite being self-described as a "lesbian in a male body", and even showing off pictures of him slapping Human Rights Campaign stickers all over his car, Chris still seems to be rendered very uncomfortable by gay men, although he has slowly backed down from his bigotry towards them, possibly recognizing that his disdain for them is irrational even by his standards.

However, being transgender does not stop him from prejudice against other transgenders; during his quest against Jeff/Francine, who is also trans, Chris calls her a "pretty little lady-man", a "he-she", and even "Mistress Jeff" showing that even after his transformation into a Tomgirl, Chris is still Chris.

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