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Anyone who wants to be a good writer must be well-read. It's one of the most natural ways to become acquainted with good style, the elements of a plot, and correct spelling. Chris's ego is so inflated that he thinks he can produce something brilliant with no effort whatsoever. While in school, the only books Chris read voluntarily are paperback Goosebumps and Fear Street novels by R.L. Stine which are notable only for their sheer mediocrity. Chris read these books, which were written for elementary schoolers, well into high school.

Before Stine, Chris enjoyed reading Berenstain Bears,[1] ironically claiming that The Bad Habit was his favourite book as a child.[2] Given that the books are simplistic morality tales about talking animals in which problems come out of thin air and are easily resolved by the final pages, it's not hard to see how they appealed to Chris (let alone possibly influenced his childlike worldview and literary style).

In terms of the readings he was assigned at Manchester High School, Chris retained only a superficial understanding of them. During the Father Call, Chris said that he read To Kill a Mockingbird a mere month prior, which in all likelihood he only mentioned because it was assigned in high school. This was almost instantly proven false when he confused it with Of Mice and Men, another high school assignment. The essay he wrote about a selection from Geoffrey Chaucer's Canterbury Tales earned only a 69%.


Develop Your Psychic Skills

Develop Your Psychic Skills.jpg

Develop Your Psychic Skills by Enid Hoffman was published in 1981 (and republished in 1997).

According to an excerpt from the back cover of the book, it "gives you a broad overview of the whole field of psychic experiences. The exercises and practices given in this book are enjoyable and easy to do. Use them to strengthen and focus your own natural abilities and turn them into precise, coordinated skills. You'll be amazed at the changes that begin to happen in your life as you activate the right hemisphere of your brain; the intuitive, creative, psychic half which has been so seldom used for so long."

When Chris read the Psychokinesis chapter, which mentioned magician Uri Geller by name, he decided to try emailing Geller in September 2017 to ask for help with developing his psychic skills (although Geller replied that it was a waste of time).[3]

Numerology: the Key to Your Inner Self

Numerology the Key to Your Inner Self.jpg

Numerology: the Key to Your Inner Self by Hans Decoz and Tom Monte was published in 1993. It is a book on the mystical belief of numerology, an attempt to use numbers and math to interpret meaning in life.

Chris discussed the book with The Place during April 2021, where he chatted about using numerology to interpret his birth name of "Christopher Weston Chandler".[4]

The Man in the High Castle

The Man in the High Castle by Philip K. Dick was published in 1962. It is an alternative history novel based on the idea of the Axis powers winning World War II.

During the Idea Guys saga, Joshua Wise convinced Chris to read the novel. By 10 January 2018, Chris reported that he was on chapter 11.[5] The book is also mentioned in Sonichu 13.

The Ultimate Guide to Sex and Disability

Guide to Sex and Disability.jpg
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The Ultimate Guide to Sex and Disability by Miriam Kaufman, Cory Silverberg, and Fran Odette was published in September 2020.

Chris purchased a copy from Amazon for use during his incestuous Affair with Mother. He described the book as "a valuable and informative book to add additional guidance".[6]


A Girl Who Brought Down the World

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My Friend Sonichu

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SNT Vs Sonichu

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Use of highlighters

Also, so y’all know, I have a rainbow of highlighters, each specified within the false-true range, and then some. Pay Attention.
Chris, June 2021[7]
Chris's chart explaining his highlight notation

A highlighter is a writing tool for specially noting text. Chris has a system for highlighting, demonstrated on at least three occasions.

When reading Warhol / Chris Chan, Chris highlighted selected portions of the text in various colors. He explained his methods in a Twitter post:[7]

  • Pink - That's Wrong ~ See Facts of from me
  • Orange - Half-Right / Half Wrong, See my Facts
  • Yellow - Generally Interesting, or made me smile
  • Green - Additional Facts for Context, I have (More To It Than The Stated)
  • Blue - Totally Agree, and on Point
  • Purple - Highly Resonant with me


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