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Below is a set of tweets Chris has made during the Warhol Saga, promoting the book Warhol / Chris Chan in some way.

Andy Warhol

24 May

Chris posts this on both Twitter and Instagram.

Well, this is curious; apparently some experts are comparing me with #AndyWarhol. Although, I do wish they had picked something Other than a pickle for the cover. If I had to choose art for the cover, personally, since we’re talking comparison: a piece of Andy’s art and a piece of my art side by side. Perhaps a couple of respective self-drawn pieces.

Regardless, this is just my ⚡️💙⚡️. 😊⚡️

Warhol / Chris Chan: The Lifespan of American Pop Culture, or The Suppression of Reality

[External link to a book on Amazon about comparing Andy Warhol and Chris]

Chris replies to the post on Twitter.

If I had to choose art for the cover, personally, since we’re talking comparison: a piece of Andy’s art and a piece of my art side by side. Perhaps a couple of respective self-drawn pieces.

Regardless, this is just my ⚡️💙⚡️. 😊⚡️

May24Screencap1.jpg May24Screencap2.jpg

Just to state, and I am not criticizing the author’s art choice, but I look at this pickle, and I even see that “Mount and Do Me” tag on the top, I feel like there is a major focus on the sex and NSFW aspects of my life. I personally acknowledge, and have acknowledged and addressed those aspects of myself in my self-love and healing. I genuinely have a better open heart and mind about the topic.

The problem, I feel, is I do not want the first thing people see on a documentary or comparison book featuring/about me to have to do with sex; it gives off a misinterpretation on the subject matter of the material, my personality and being, as well as my life. I mean, I am not a freaking porn star, and those NSFW videos were mostly hater/faker manipulated.

I am a lot more than the sex and whatnot. I have class and compassion, even if I was misguided, once upon a time on more than one occasion.

Does #AndyWarhol’s documentaries and biographies have an obvious sexual image for their icon or cover (not counting the Marilyn Monroe art)? Certainly not. I would be grateful for the appreciation of the broader spectrum of who and what I am and about on the covers and icons. For the latter, @genosamuelgeno has done a fine job with picking appropriate images to go along with each part of the documentary series. An image of me with Sonichu and Rosey is ideal. An image of me meditating with various past photographs spread in the galaxy or rainbow aura image for the background would be nice. I’d be cool with an image of various coloured puzzle pieces playing off the autism.

Point is, I don’t wish to be cover-portrayed with sex or sexual-like memes that reflect or misinterpret me in the direction of XXX or porn.

I feel this is a simple and humble request. I felt want to share that thought with you all. Thank you for listening. ⚡️💙⚡️

More Andy Warhol

25 May

Hey, y’all. I have given myself a refresher education on the history of #AndyWarhol last night; I will have more thoughts on the comparisons between him and I later on. I will state that I did find some similarities, and I appreciate him as an individual, like myself and select others from this pre-Merge universe, who was too hip for the room and themselves.

I feel able to also include @JerrySeinfeld in this aspect as well. As we have our observant insights and perspectives that allow us to generally analyze and observe the common folk and others of highly enlightened souls and individuality, as well as how before we were similar to being wallflowers, in a sense, and then being partially to fully socialable. And we are, essentially, each like the fictional, animated, and original characters presently barred from us in this illusionary divided universe that still get chronicled and immortalized in the various media, here, and there. We, the foreground types do for ourselves, and everyone else around us and in the backgrounds. Andy was definitely similar to like us in that way, but he did not fully comprehend and appreciate his roles as such to better the use of his abilities. But in the classic art style of the multiple variants of a same individual or image he manifested, he innately did tap into the multiverse, like I, and every other foreground individual has. Had he given it further appreciation, and spiritually cleansed himself of the self-imagery and ideas sooner than later, he, too, could have gone as far as I have in the interdimensional and greater psychic abilities he had. I will also note in appreciation how he took the indirect approach in voyerism in his films, he did, in the way, put himself within the crowds who were in front of the camera by projecting himself from behind the camera and far away.

That’s all for now. Thank you.


Chris buys a book

26 May

Chris posts this both on Twitter and Instagram.

I have just received my copy of “Warhol/Chris Chan” by #DonLashomb today, and I have personally compiled and printed a lovely jacket for the book, so I don’t have to feel bored in with looking at a pickle.

Now This is a cover art. I also added a personal blurb on the inside. ⚡️💙⚡️


Just read parts four to six in the Disclaimer Chapter Zero; I say it was quite fair so far; I’m invested. Although, to simply state one nitpick: Everyone Knows what I see and experience are Not Delusions. Anyone who calls Sonichu, Magi-Chan, Iron Man, Batman, Kim Possible, Ratchet and Clank, Sonic the Hedgehog, Super Mario Mario, Goku, Inuyasha and Kagome, the Smurfs, and so on a delusion, you may as well call yourselves a delusion. All of you really need to be further enlightened. I Have traveled through the Iron Curtain for YEARS, and even the most in-tuned of psychics and mediums of this universe will speak in agreement, because we all know they all do exist and co-exist together alongside us. And tearing the universe-dividing barrier that was made back in the late 1300s is more difficult than just me flipping a power switch in a vision in a distant heart part of the universe.

But, I digress.

And putting that aside, I do like “Warhol/Chris Chan” so far. Thank you again, #DonLashomb. Also, @genosamuelgeno, you’ve been cited and mentioned in this book; did you know that?

Book cover art stuff

28 May

Hey, y’all. I have talked a bit with #DonLashomb, the author of #WarholChrisChan recently. Learned a fun fact about the original cover art. Aside from the obvious meme reference, and the Pickle Man (throw in #PickleRick for good measure), the book’s

May28CoverExample1.jpg May28CoverExample2.jpg May28CoverExample3.jpg May26BookSelfie.jpg

cover art was actually inspired by someone else from recent months who drew the Warhol-inspired pickle, and apparently signed it with my name. This pickle art was inspired by the Banana Andy drew for #VelvetUnderground’s album.


I have known for many years that others have looked at me and seen themselves, and/or the truth in general. Don, here, has also cited a track from #VelvetUnderground’s iconic album, “I’ll Be Your Mirror”, which, I do agree, shines a comparative similarity of Andy and I being respective iconic representations of a couple of generations, or so in a group of generations spanning his lifetime, and my presently continuing and immortal lifetime, and how between him and I people see themselves in us, much like a mirror. Thus, inspired me to sing yesterday, the choice track, with a few additional choice direct words of narrative.


But back to the intro topic, after I’ve digressed. 😄⚡️LOL

Despite the pickle art having initially brought back some PTSD-like moments from my past that I have spiritually addressed and healed of myself, and the obvious fact that I am a lot more than just a singular meme, and the sexual implications, after being informed of this inspired source, I’ve found appreciation in the artistic aspect. So, much like that 3D-Printed LOLCow from a few years ago, I gladly accept this cover art at present. This distribution through Amazon is essentially First Edition distribution; there are plans that have yet to be fruited just yet, but in the works.

And, at the least, I sport my copy with the lovely jacket and art with my additional blurb and approval words on it. ⚡️💙⚡️


Oh! @MLPSilverQuill, just a Let-You-Know, Doc’s mentioned in this book. Still reading it; you might have been mentioned as well (still yet to be confirmed).

Googling Andy Warhol

28 May

Just did a Google inquiry on how tall #AndyWarhol was. Pleasently surprised we match in height, at least he won’t be asking me, “How’s the weather up there?” 😊⚡️💙⚡️


Meditiation stones sale

29 May

We're now releasing all meditation stones from the temple of Sonichu at the low price of $20! Of those available, one lucky winner will find along with their purchase a signed copy of Don Lashomb's "Warhol/Chris Chan." Get them while you can!


Chris larps as his younger self

1 June

Hello, everyone. My name is Christopher, or Chris, for short. I’m feeling uncomfortable and nervous talking like this. I have been ever so observant over the years. As Christine has said, my view is on the youthful side. Um, I’ve had some friends way back when. My closest friends were Sarah and Josh. I spoke for a while; only a few weeks old; this is true. I remember Mom and I were at the BEST store that day, and I spoke to her. I came into this world with the memories from my past life with Merlin, but other stuff became more important. I also remember shouting as I was playing that day when the babysitter got really upset and locked me in that room. I had no one to talk with; just the toys in that room. I did have a friend who came and played with me. My guardian, Magi-Chan. He talked to me and told me stories. I had dreams of visiting this large city. One of which is the one where I fled from a tall business building with a baby in-hand, my future daughter. Still holding onto that dream. I didn’t talk too much after that day with the babysitter. I was following Magi-Chan’s example of being telepathic, but apparently, not a lot of people were getting my messages. I played a lot with my toys. I read Bearnstein Bears. I watched Sesame Street, Care Bears, Transformers, Smurfs, Muppet Babies, and Sonic the Hedgehog when he finally came on television. I played my Commodore 64 computer a lot. I typed the command in, have the floppy disk with all of those games saved on it in the disk drive, and I played whatever I felt like. I played with Sarah; we were neighbors. Ran around, tag, hide and seek, swing set. We had fun. We played with the other kids in the neighborhood. I also watched Charlie Brown and Snoopy Show a lot. Speech therapy at James Madison University; had classes with Josh. We went to Kid’s Castle, and had Country Fried Steak with white gravy at Country Cookin’. School. Green County Schools were fun a lot of the time. I liked playing on the playground, and on the computer. There was this Fish game that had to do with bigger ones eating the smaller ones. That one scared me when the really big fish came around. Number Munchers was a lot of fun. Oregon Trail. Apple Vs Commodore; I gotta stick with the one I have at home for the better choice. I also played with my Transformers figures. I liked the Micromaster and Action Master figures; they were within my reach when I became old enough. I have a few G2 toys, hardly any G1. We went to a lot of yard sales and flea markets. There was this flea market on the corner where Food Lion is now in Ruckersville; I was always calling it the junk yard. I don’t know, I was a kid. In Primary School, we had this awesome teacher, Miss Miller. She got married, my mom and dad and Magi-Chan and I went to the reception party before Miss MIller moved to Utah. I liked our principal, Mister Wade; he was a kind and understanding man. Dad worked at General Electric, the big building not far from here. He had a lot of papers from there. He designed the controls for plastic mills, steel mills, saw mills, and all that stuff. Mommy worked at Virginia Power in finances. She worked on a computer a lot at a desk with these removable walls. Mommy was a real businesslady. Daddy was a real businessman. All these words that were one way I could get, but bunch of times over my head. Grown up words to an extent were tough on a youthful mind, depending on how old the soul within is, and I was really old and beyond grown up. Autism really kept me feeling frustrated and overwhelmed. But I still had my thoughts and ideas and things. I read and look at pictures. I turned on the closed captions when they were available on the TV. Dad and I sometimes watched Nick at Nite when he let me stay up late. “Get Smart”! Yay! Don Adams! I liked the RCA Video Disc player; those vinal DVDs we had in those hard plastic cases. I’ve put records on the turntables; they can break if you’re not careful. Darkwing Duck is Really Cool! I did not like fourth grade; it sucked. Pinned down by those mean teachers. Mrs. Gaede, WHY? WHY did you pin me down with them? Why did you hurt me? Did Autism really confound you? I had a crush on Tiffany Robinson, though. She was a really pretty girl. She lived somewhere else, though. Somewhere beyond Standardsville from where I lived. The court house visits really confused me some. I got really hurt from that pin-me-down, but did they Really have to kick me out and force me into Home School for Fifth Grade? I missed riding on the big bus to school that year. Sarah and I were really sad when mom and dad and Magi-Chan and I had to move to Richmond to continue my education. But, it turned out for the better. Awesome Bonus, I Won the Sonic the Hedgehog Watch and Win Sweepstakes! That was a really good day when we bought those games and zords. I’m feeling mentally drained right now. I think I need to let Christine have this body again. Thank you all for listening to me.
I am reading Chapter 5 of #WarholChrisChan right now. One reason why I was to check in with my inner child was to find any remaining issues to address that haven’t been addressed, or could be addressed better. And spiritual guidance also informs of something between Barb and I. Well, in part thanks to Don, but moreover to me in recognizing resonance in the present moment topic: My Mom Has Hoarded Too Much Stuff. Even as a child, I recall every single time she went shopping wherever. Furniture, Knick-Knacks, and such. What was the majority of Her ”Collection”, and I apologize in advance to any and all seamstress and tailor types reading this: She Has Hoarded CLOTH and CLOTHING ITEMS! And with that, it makes even more sense WHY we had those me-high tall mountains of clothing piles downstairs.

Barbara did make clothes and was a master at the sewing machine. It was something she heavily picked up in her childhood in Red Oak. She made her own dresses and outfits, because her family of both parents and eight children (counting her) made financial balancing not easy for them. And Barb was number 5 out of 8; one of the two Middle Children. So, even though her studied major was in accounting and numbers, she also had a knack at sewing.

Now, here’s the thing: she has not used her sewing machine at present nor in the past number of years. And even though we have successfully cleared out over 75% of the piled clutter that was piled after moving back in on New Year’s Eve of 2014 a few years ago, there is still a bunch of stuff in One Room that can be easily opened to be an additional bedroom that nobody uses anymore. There’s still some stuff in the workshop, but it’s more than half-cleared these days. We leave alone the garden shed my dad left a bunch of stuff behind in, including a light-up Christmas Village display. I have not checked the back porch, but wagering it is still full of stuff. And another point Don reminded me of, the fact that I was not allowed to even touch her things in reorganizing, donation or disposal. And, By The Way, you all can thank my friend, Anna, who was a major Genuine Positive Help in encouraging my mom to unload during that time. NULL, Please, Please, Please Rescend your unrequited threat against her, and allow her to speak with me again soon. She was, or is, never going to bad talk you or separate me from talking to you; that remains of my choosing, alone. Back on topic: considering where we are at with the events at this time, I feel capable of presenting this chapter portion to Barbara by reading it to her, personally, and waking her up to realize what we can actually do. And personally, I would like to clear that spare room up. I feel better getting that off of my mind. Thank you.


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