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14 Branchland Court

Chris has lived all his life in the Commonwealth of Virginia, leaving only to visit other parts of the United States on a few brief occasions. However, for various reasons he has lived in five different homes (plus a jail) over the course of his life, in two different parts of the state.

Chris was born in a Charlottesville, VA hospital, and he first lived in Ruckersville, a bumfuck town on the outskirts of Charlottesville which is mainly inhabited by people similar to the late Bob Chandler. During his middle and high school years (1993-2000), he lived in a somewhat less bumfuck suburban area 77 miles (125 km) away, just outside the city of Richmond in Chesterfield County. His family decided to return to Ruckersville after Chris finished high school in 2000.

In August 2021, Chris was jailed for incest at a facility in Orange County, as Greene County (where Ruckersville is located) does not have a jail of its own.

Chesterfield County (Richmond suburbs)

Cloverleaf Lakes Apartments.

Richmond is the capital city of Virginia and the former capital of the Confederate States of America. Chesterfield County is just southwest of Richmond, and contains many of its suburbs. Chris and his parents lived in this area from 1993 to 2000. During his life here, Chris attended Providence Middle School and Manchester High School. He attended a Korean Methodist church with his father, and occasionally went swimming at the local YMCA. By 2000 he was regularly playing Pokémon at Books-A-Million.

The Chandler family moved back to Ruckersville at the end of Chris's senior year, meaning that his transition from childhood to adulthood was marked by a physical relocation across the state. This move has therefore acquired enormous symbolic significance for Chris. His complete failure to become a successful adult since then, coupled with his rose-tinted view of high school and his gal-pals, have caused him to romanticize Chesterfield County. He continues to believe that had his family not moved back to "lame Ruckersville," he would currently be drowning in china and everything would be perfect and uncomplicated.

The Chandlers have ties to the Richmond area going back well before Chris's birth. Barb moved to Richmond in the early 1960s with her husband Ran Coleman Yeatts, and Bob moved to the area with his family in 1975 for work. Barb's son Cole was brought up in inner Richmond, and Bob's daughter Carol attended Providence Middle School, the same school Chris would later attend. Bob and Barb met at a bar in Richmond in 1979 and were living in Chesterfield County at the time of their marriage in 1980. They left the area shortly afterward when Bob was transferred by his job to Charlottesville.

Chris's Aunt Harriet and Uncle Tom also live in Chesterfield County. Chris leaked their then-current home address in the Miyamoto emails, hoping that Shigeru Miyamoto would send them a letter to somehow establish his legitimacy. They have since moved to a different residence, also in Chesterfield County, and wisely chose not to share their new address with Chris or Barb.[1] In the wake of the summer 2021 allegation that Chris had committed incest with his mother, Chris was forbidden by Emergency Protective Order from the home he shared with her and made plans to stay with his Aunt Harriet and Uncle Tom; however, they refused to accommodate him. The city would nonetheless be where he spent his final night to date as a free man, specifically at the Regency Inn, a drive-in motel a short distance away from the Regency Square Mall; after spending the night of July 31 there, he was arrested and jailed the following afternoon.[2]

Cloverleaf Lakes Apartments

The Cloverleaf Lakes Apartments are a set of apartments located just outside of Richmond in Chesterfield County, where the Chandler family lived from 1993 to 1995.

Chris claimed to have often seen "whooping cranes" in the duck pond behind their domicile.[3] Whooping cranes are nearly extinct and are not found in Virginia, so it's more likely that he saw sandhill cranes.

Surreywood Subdivision

The Surreywood Subdivision, or as Chris spells it, "Surrywood", is an area of Chesterfield County where the Chandlers lived from 1995 to 1996.

Newberry Towne Subdivision

The Newberry Towne Subdivision is an area of 500-odd homes in Chesterfield County.[4] The Chandlers lived at 6008 Partingdale Circle[5] from 1996 to 2000, Chris's important high school years. It is a three-bedroom, three-bathroom condominium built in 1978.

According to Chris, the neighbors spread rumors about his family. He "didn't care much ado about it", but his parents "couldn't take it sitting down".[6] Chris has never discussed these rumors in any great detail or mentioned whether they were a factor in the family's decision to move away from the Richmond area. He has, however, speculated that dark forces on the Greene County School Board, back in Ruckersville, conspired to force the relocation.

Greene County (Charlottesville suburbs)

Bob and Barbara first moved to the Charlottesville area circa 1980 when Bob was transferred there from General Electric's location in Richmond. Prior to this, neither of them had any ties to the area.

14 Branchland Court

Main article: 14 Branchland Court

Chris spent his first years in Ruckersville, VA, where the Chandlers resided at 14 Branchland Court. He and his father moved to the Richmond area after Chris left the fourth grade due to a dispute with the local school system. According to a video address Chris released on 8 May 2010, the Chandlers tried to sell 14 Branchland Court at some point during their time living in Richmond, but were unable to do so. As a consequence, Chris says, they were forced to move back to Ruckersville after he graduated high school.

Rental House

After the January 2014 fire at 14 Branchland Court, the Chandlers moved to a temporary rental house at 6382 Flintstone Drive in the nearby unincorporated community of Barboursville, Virginia. They returned to 14BC by January 2015.

Central Virginia Regional Jail

Chris at his most recent housing. He clearly likes it!

In the wake of his August 2021 arrest for incest, Chris was sent to Central Virginia Regional Jail in Orange, Virginia, where he is being held without bond. He was transferred to the jail on 2 August after one night in Henrico County Jail in Richmond, where he had been arrested.[7] Central Virginia Regional Jail serves five largely rural counties in central Virginia, including Greene County.

Family in Red Oak

Back when the Chandlers were still on speaking terms with their relatives outside of Ruckersville, they would make occasional trips to Barb's hometown of Red Oak (or, as Chris tends to spell it, "Redoak"), an extremely remote backwoods settlement near the North Carolina state line, to visit Barb's sister Corrina and her family. It was here that the Chandlers picked Patti out of Corrina's litter. After her death in February 2009, they came to Red Oak to take part in her funeral.[8] In a 2013 video, Chris claims that everyone living in Red Oak after Corrina's death hates the Chandlers.

Chris visited Red Oak again over the weekend of June 27-28 to attend the wedding of his cousin Jonathan Carey. In a July 2009 interview with Guru Larry, Chris uses this trip as an alibi to prove that he could not have been the one piloting the plane BILLY MAYS was on shortly before his death.

Chris and Barb visited Red Oak in April 2012 (shortly after Chris lost his virginity) to plant flowers at her father's and Corrina's graves, but they did not visit their living family members as they were all "busy". Instead Chris and Barb stayed at a hotel in nearby Clarksville.[9][10]

Confusingly, Chris once claimed in a conversation with a fan from the city of Fredericksburg, Virginia that he had passed through his hometown, which is nowhere near Red Oak, on the way to Corrina's house "a few times".[11] He may have been confusing it with Petersburg, which is on the way to Red Oak, or with Wylliesburg, where Barb's old church was, or he may have simply been bullshitting in an effort to impress a fan.

Chris and the rest of the world

For most of his life, Chris rarely left Virginia, save for a trip to San Francisco, California for his half-brother's birthday circa July 1989,[12][13] his ill-fated road trip to Ohio to visit Julie in 2009 and the occasional day trip to Washington, D.C. Since 2017, however, he has attended several conventions outside of his home state, including BronyCon and MAGfest in Maryland and TooManyGames in Pennsylvania.

The California trip was the farthest Chris has traveled and the only time that Chris has flown on an airplane. Barb described the flight as "painful",[14] but it is not clear if she was referring to the ordinary discomforts of air travel or if Chris's autism presented additional difficulties. Chris has expressed an interest in returning to the San Francisco Bay Area for BABSCon, but so far financial circumstances and the COVID-19 pandemic have prevented him from doing so.

To this day, Chris hasn't left the United States. He does ship internationally, and he sent a lock of his hair to a fan in Mexico, but that's the closest he has ever gotten to traveling abroad. When asked which countries he would most like to visit in 2008, he mentioned Japan, England and France. When asked the same question again in 2019, his answer had changed to England, Japan, Canada and "maybe Germany, Scotland and Ireland".


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