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Chris's ideas about his ancestry and lineage unsurprisingly differ greatly from what is known to be true.

What Chris Actually Believes

This Chandler Family Tree includes pets and people Chris imagines to be related to him:

      Ancient leader                 Anne Boleyn,
          of the                   Queen of England──────Mary Boleyn
       Cherokee Clan                      │
             │                           ???
             │                            │
             │                      Richard Weston,1st Earl of Portland
            ???                           │
             │                           ???
             │                            │
             │                    Daniel Weston
             │                            │
           Robert              Jean      ???
          Franklin-----------Hollomon     │
         Chandler Sr.   │    Chandler     ├────────────────────────────────────┬─────────┬─────────────────────┐
                        │                 │                                    │         │                     │
    Patricia          Robert           Barbara          Jack    Ran        Corrina    Harriett     Tom      Raymond
    Chandler---------Franklin------------Anne-----------Dale or Coleman     Weston     Ashby-----Ashby      WestonChandler Jr.Weston    │   Smithey    Yeatts                                         │
   ┌───────────┤            ┌─────┴─────┐        │                                                             │
   │           │            │           │        │                                                             │
 David       Carol     Christopher     cats     Cole                                                        Jonathan
 Alan       Suzanne       Weston               Smithey                                                       Carey
Chandler    Chandler     Chandler
   │                        │
   │                  ┌─────┴─────┬───────────┬───────────┬───────────┐
   │                  │           │           │           │           │
Savannah            Patti      Crystal     Sonichu-----Rosechu     Reginald
Chandler           Chandler     WestonChandler
                               Chandler             │
                                              │           │           │
                                            Cerah     Christine     Robbie

Poké Family Tree

Poké Family Tree
Poké Family Tree

Chris naturally drew his family tree in the form of Pokémon. He gives pilgrim hats to those on the Weston side and feathered headdresses to those on the Chandler side, both in reference to the extremely dubious tales of Chris's heritage.

Below is a transcription with the format Name / Date of Birth / Description / Culture and Pokemon.

Top row
Row 2
Row 3
  • Carrie Edna Weston / ? / ? / English Pilgrim Clefairy
  • Joseph Otto Weston / ? / ? / English Pilgrim Haunter
  • Jean Holloman Chandler / ? / ? / Native American Vulpix
  • Robert F. Chandler Sr. / ? / ? / Native American Farfetch’d
Row 4
  • Victoria Wynn / ? / ? / English Pilgrim Victreebell
  • Robert Wynn / ? / ? / English Pilgrim Fearow
  • ? / ? / ? / English Pilgrim Missingno
  • ? / ? / ? / English Pilgrim Dugtrio
  • Frances Holloman / ? / ? / Native American Jynx
  • J Holloman / ? / ? / Native American Porygon
  • ? / ? / ? / Native American Jigglypuff
  • ? / ? / ? / Native American Sandslash
Row 5
  • ? / ? / ? / Native American Missingno
  • ? / ? / ? / Native American Exeggutor
  • ? / ? / ? / Native American Missingno
  • ? / ? / ? / Native American Kadabra
Bottom row
  • ? / ? / ? / Native American Missingno
  • ? / ? / ? / Native American Hitmonlee
  • ? / ? / ? / Native American Nidorina
  • ? / ? / ? / Native American Persian

Actual family tree

Basic ancestry of Chris is depicted in this tree.

Imaginary people removed:

Harvey Powers updated family tree.gif

A full-sized family tree going back many generations can be viewed here[1][2][3][4].

Notable ancestors

This section lists Chris' ancestors in chronological order from most to least recent death. Ancestors who fought for the Confederate States of America are listed separately, in the "Dixiechu" section.

Robert Wynn

Barbara's maternal grandfather Robert Pettus Wynn (17 Nov 1882 - 20 Jan 1954) was allegedly a two-timing drunk and moonshiner who "failed to provide even the most basic support for his wife and children".[5] In his death certificate, his profession is given as tobacco farmer.[6]

John James Hollomon

John James Hollomon in 1910

Bob's maternal grandfather John James Hollomon (3 May 1868 - 16 Mar 1950) [7] was born in Meigs County, Tennessee but lived most of his later life in Wylie, Texas, a city and suburb in Collin County and Dallas respectively. He was a well-known local pharmacist in the Collin county for over 50 years. He married twice in his life, first to Mary Francis Hollomon (née Teer 10th March 1872 - 3 Jul 1914), the daughter of a doctor specializing in osteopathic, whom he had 4 children including Jean Hollomon, Bob's mother. In 1915 he married Helen E. Hollomon (née Nelms 10 Apr 1893 - 29 Oct 1972) with whom he had 3 more children including Bob's half uncle Dr. John James "JJ" Hollomon Jr (1917-1992). Bob reminisces that Hollomon gave him a straight razor "by means of [Hollomon's] last will and testament," and Bob instead broke it while using it as a screwdriver, which he later held onto this regret for decades well into his 60s because he believed Hollomon wanted him to have it as a personal item and value.

Notable enough, his father was an Esquire John Richmond Hollomon (1831 - 1899), a lawyer and attorney in the Meigs County area.[8] More notable enough, his grandfather Pleasant Hollomon (1803 - 1865), served in the Tennessee House of Representatives in the Meigs and Rhea counties from 1849 to 1851. A democrat, he was a constable of the 5th Civil district of Meigs county in 1836-1839, was a deputy sheriff of Meigs in early 1840s and a deputy and tax collector in 1845.[9]

Rev. Sidney Smith Chandler

The Reverend Sidney Smith Chandler (1805 - September 1866) was a Baptist minister and clergyman in Alabama, he is Chris's great-great-great grandfather along his paternal line. Born in Georgia, his father died in 1816 when he was 11. he moved to Alabama in 1829 and became a Primitive Baptist Clergyman and Minster in Autauga County. He also was a slaveowner owning one female slave in the 1850 slave census

He later married Mary Lucinda Walker and later fathered 12 children including Joseph and his brother Edmund, He died in September of 1866 just shortly after the end of the American Civil War. Two of his sons. James (1830-1862) and Edmund (1835-1865) would die fighting in the Civil War.

Francis Weston

Francis Weston Sr. (Feb 1793 - 19 March 1838) was an English-born immigrant to the United States and a frontiersmen. He is Barbara's great-great-grandfather along her paternal line, making him Chris's maternal great-great-great-grandfather.

Born in Derbyshire, he had immigrated to Ohio by 1820 and married at Wheeling, West Virginia a year later to Grace Moore, an English-born American, whose parents were also an immigrants from Derbyshire. They had six out of seven children survived, the second oldest being Mary Ann Weston in 1825 and the youngest Joseph Edward "John" Weston in July 1836,[10][11] all in Augusta Township. Through Joseph, Francis's surname would be carried on to Barbara, which, in turn, would serve as the basis for our hero's middle name.[12]

According to newspapers, After immigrating to Augusta Township, Francis, a frontiersmen, built a homestead house of his and his family in a wilderness place with 2 other families surrounded by wild animals and forest. The homestead house was a shanty with puncheon floor and chimney made with sticks and clay. They mentioned about the one occasion Francis was chased by wolves in a forest when coming home from buying fresh meats. Francis would pass away at age 45 in March 1838, 2 years after his youngest son Joseph was born.

In a later pseudo-historical account of events by Barbara and Chris, Francis is replaced by a certain Daniel Weston. Unlike the historical Francis Weston, Daniel Weston travelled to North America in 1620 (a whole 2 centuries earlier than Francis), and has the honor of being of a descendant of Anne Boleyn (whose only daughter died childless).

Francis' son, Francis Weston Jr, according to newspapers, was a "popular" and successful businessman and general merchant, owning iron and furnace company, and many other successful companies at Ohio, West Virginia and Missouri with a college education to his name. Through his daughter Jane, Francis Sr is the grandfather of Pierce County, Washington's Superior Court judge & attorney William Oscar Chapman, who at the time of admitting to Ohio bar, was in the same group of applicants with a later president of the United States William Howard Taft.

Captain Joseph Looney


John Chandler and Elizabeth Lupo

Although there is no evidence that his mother's ancestors were on board the Mayflower, Chris's paternal ancestors were among the first settlers of his home state of Virginia. Chris's direct male ancestor John Chandler (c. 1600-1657), a native of London, was an early settler of Jamestown, Virginia, arriving in 1610 with a boat Hercules, ten years before the Mayflower.[13] John married the widow Elizabeth Lupo (née Bassano), a member of the illustrious Bassano family of musicians who had been recruited from Venice by King Henry VIII to serve in his court (some have claimed that the Bassanos were of Jewish origin, but the jury is out). The Chandler family migrated southwest over the generations, passing through North Carolina and Georgia before settling in Alabama, Bob's home state.

John Chandler is the fifth great-grandfather of the Dixiechu Joseph Chandler, and the ninth great-grandfather of Chris.

Edward, Thomas Palmer & Thomas Overbury

Thanks to John Chandler's grandson's wife Elizabeth Palmer, Chris's 7th great-grandmother, some Christorians did research about her ancestors. Chris has three known ancestors, two of which are Chris descendent of, and other is distantly related.[14][15][16]

Chris is a descendant of his 10th great-grandfather Edward Palmer (c. 1555–1624) from Gloucestershire, England, a gentleman with antiquarian interests who was known for his extensive collections such as Roman coins and is best remembered for purchasing the then unnamed Garrett Island in colony of Virginia (now Maryland) for his plan of establishing university at the island.[17]

Edward had a son whom Chris is also descendant from. Thomas Palmer settled at Jamestown, Virginia on a boat Tyger with his wife Joan Jordan and 11 years old daughter Priscilla in November 1621. Shortly after their arrival at Jamestown, the Palmers were nearly killed by the Powhatans during the Indian massacre of 1622, but survived by living in Jordan's Journey shelter residence. Thomas was a captain in command of a company of militia from Shirley Hundred Island and was a member of House of Burgesses at Jamestown on October 16, 1629.[18]

Perhaps notably, Thomas was a first cousin of poet and essayist Thomas Overbury through his father's sister Mary Palmer and her husband Nicholas Overbury. Overbury was known for his poem, A Wife, and a victim of murder by poisoning which led to a scandalous trial.[19]

Sir James Croft

Sir James Croft (1518- 4 September 1590) was English politician, who was Lord Deputy of Ireland, and MP for Herefordshire in the Parliament of England, He is Chris 12th great-grandfather on his parental side

John Chaundeler

John Chandler (born John Chaundeler, 1513-1571) is Chris' 13th great-grandfather. He was born in Wiltshire.

At some point in his life, John Chaundeler changed his surname to the similar "Chandler", marking the origin of Chris' surname.[20] However, the prototype of the Chandler surname, "Chaundeler", dates back even further to Nicholas le Chaundeler (1240 - 1272) of Normandy, France, Chris' 22nd great-grandfather. Nicholas le Chaundeler's father, Gilbert de L'Aigle, did not bear a similar surname.

Together with Joanne (Jane) Chandler (néé unknown), John had 5 children from 1538 to 1546: First Edmund, then Nicholas, then John Jr., then Robert, and finally Henry. John's second child Nicholas (1540 - 1604) would become the great-grandfather of the aforementioned John Chandler (b. 1600), who would carry the "Chandler" surname to North America for our hero to inherit.

Hugh and Isabel Bardolf

How Chris is related to Anne Boleyn.

Hugh Bardolf (c. 29 September 1259 - c. 20 September 1304) [21] and Isabel Bardolf (born Isabel Aguillon; c. 25 March 1258 - c. 28 May 1323) [22], Chris' 19th great-grandparents, were a medieval English couple who married in 1281. According to a Redditor's Wikitree research in 2022, they are Chris' most recent shared ancestors with Anne Boleyn (albeit on his father's side, not his mother's): they gave birth to Thomas (Boleyn's 6th great-grandfather) in 1282, Margery around 1283, William in 1284, and Nicola (Chris' 18th great-grandmother) around 1294. This means that, although Chris is not descended from Anne Boleyn, he is indeed a distant relative. This is hardly surprising, as all humans are relatives of each other of varying distance.[23][24]

In addition to being the source of Chris's distant connection with Anne Boleyn, Hugh Bardolf was the first nobleman of Baron Bardolf, a noble title in the Peerage of England. His wife Isabel was a member of the Aguillon family (of French origin), who were feudal landowners in England. Isabel's father, Sir Robert Aguillon (c. 1226 - 15 February 1286)[25], was a Sheriff of Surrey & Sussex County and a keeper of two castles in both counties.

Hugh Bardolf's descendants unite with those of John Chandler (b. 1600) in 1700, when Robert Chandler (John's grandson, 1659 - c. 1720) and his wife Elizabeth Palmer (Hugh's 10th great-granddaughter, b. 1664) give birth to Joseph Chandler (11 Aug 1700 - 11 Oct 1764), Chris' 6th great-grandparent, in New Kent, Virginia.

A stark contrast can be observed in the fact that Hugh's first child is the ancestor of prestigious nobility (namely an Anne Boleyn and actual queen of England, Elizabeth I), while Hugh's fourth and last child is the ancestor of our infamous protagonist.


"Dixiechus" is a nickname used by Christorians to describe ancestors of Chris who fought for the Confederate States of America during the American Civil War. It is a portmanteau of Dixie and Sonichu. The first Dixiechu to be identified was Joseph Chandler, discovered by Kiwifarms user Meat Pickle on 20 December 2021. The term "Dixiechu" was proposed on the Official CWCki Server on 24 April 2024, by which point four Dixiechus had been identified.

During the Jail Saga, Chris was asked if he may have had ancestors who fought for the Confederacy, at a time when Joseph Chandler (on his father's side) was the only known Dixiechu. In Jail Letter - 25 May 2022, he denied that his father's ancestors had fought for the Confederacy, but conceded that his mother's ancestors may have done so. In 2024, Christorians discovered William Drury Thompson - a Dixiechu on the maternal side of Chris' ancestry - partially vindicating Chris' statement.

In chronological order from most to least recent death, the Dixiechus include:

Joseph Chandler

Joseph Chandler in 1911

Joseph Chandler (14 April 1832 - January 1925) of Autauga County, Alabama is Chris's great-great-grandfather. Joseph Chandler along his paternal line enlisted in the Confederate Army as a private in May 1862. Serving in the unit 38th Alabama Infantry Regiment at Fort Gaines, he fought in the Battle of Mobile Bay before being paroled in April 1865 after the conclusion of the war and was later discharged in August of that year due to broken shoulder.[26][27] Joseph's professions after the war were farmer, shoe maker and largely a herb doctor.[28]

Joseph also had a younger brother Edmund (1835 - 1865, Chris's great-great-granduncle), who also fought for the Confederacy at Camp of Instruction, Talladega, Alabama, died as a result during the war in 1865.[29] Joseph's two younger sons John (1876 - 1932) and Rufus (1880 - 1932), both were killed on March 21, 1932 in Chilton County area, from the 1932 Deep South tornado outbreak.[30][31]

Caleb Nelson Headley

Caleb Headley

Caleb Nelson Headley (1847-1921) served as a Private in Company H of the 63rd Alabama Infantry regiment of the Confederate States Army between 1862 and 1865 during the Civil War. [5][6]

William Teer

Image of William Teer. (Very likely to be authentic) [32]

Bob's matrilineal great-grandfather, Dr. William Teer (March 29, 1837 - October 19, 1919), was born in Neshoba County, Mississippi, and grew up in Angelina County, Texas since he was 10 years old with his seven siblings. The family later relocated to Hopkins County outside Cumby in 1860, where he worked as a farmer before enlisting in the army for the Civil War.

In October 1861, aged 24, William and his two brothers James (1830 - 1863) and Wiley (1839 - 1862), enlisted in the Confederate Army in San Antonio. Serving in the 4th Texas Cavalry Regiment, William participated in the New Mexico campaign under General Sibley. Both of his brothers died during the war; James died at a Union prison camp in Williamsburg, Virginia, in 1863. William and Wiley fought in the battles of Valverde and later to Glorietta Pass, where in April 1862, Wiley was reportedly "lost or killed" and William suffered serious injuries, including a shattered right arm, a damaged spleen, and later contracting hepatitis (It might be worth reflecting how close Teer was to dying at this point - a slightly different outcome could have prevented all of Christory a century before it began). After the capture of Texas Army's supply wagons by the US Army, they retreated, leaving William and other recovering soldiers at the Santa Fe hospital before shortly being captured. He was later paroled in May 1862, returning to San Antonio. Due to his injuries and disability, he was honorably discharged from his unit by General Thomas Green in September 1863 and returned to his home in Cumby, working as a farmer despite his shattered right arm.

William was married four times throughout his life. In December 1862, he married Mary Frances Carraway of Alabama, who passed away in 1867. He then remarried Louisa Frances Spears of Tennesse, in 1868, but that marriage also ended early. In January 1871, he married Nancy Jane Coburn of Ashley County, Arkansas. From this marriage, he had seven children, including Mary Francis Teer, Bob's maternal grandmother and the wife of John James Hollomon. After Nancy's death in 1894, William remarried to Bettie King of Mount Pleasant in March 1907 at age 70, and this marriage lasted until his death in 1919.

In November 1903, inspired by the nerve damage in his shattered right arm, William established himself as an osteopath doctor in Tyler, Texas, specializing in "Exophthalmic Goitre, Biliary Calculi (Gall Stones) Paralysis, and all Nervous Diseases." He became the president of the State Association of Drugless Doctors of Texas and advocated massaging and other holistic approaches to wellness. As a doctor in Tyler, he was described as a highly respected figure, endorsed by many prominent members of the city's society. After retiring, he resided at the Texas Confederate Home in Austin before moving back to Cumby in 1918, where he later passed away in October 1919 at his youngest daughter's Miller Grove home caused by a second paralyzing stroke.

William was mentioned in a book titled "Texans who Wore the Gray (1907)", written by a Confederate officer, journalist, and author Sidney Smith Johnson (1840-1910). Johnson described William as "a brave Confederate soldier, a man of fine education, and a Christian gentleman."

Garnder E. Shearin

Garnder E. Shearin' (1836/1837 - 28 January 1901)[33][34] was a Confederate veteran from North Carolina. He married Martha in 1859. In May 1861, he enlisted in the Confederate army in Warren County, North Carolina, fighting in company B of North Carolina's 30th infantry regiment remaining in service until the end of the war in 1865.

An obituary to him reads: "I was not with him in the army but learned from others, that he was a faithful soldier. My association with him since the war enables me to say I never knew a kinder hearted or monre congenial natured man. Always ready to serve a friend."

He is ancestor of Chris via Barb's side of his ancestry.

William Drury Thompson

William Drury Thompson (1814 - 17 May 1862) was a civil war enlistee from North Carolina, although it's unknown which side of the military force, (although there's a record suggesting he's a Confederate enlistee for North Carolina's Infantry 12th Regiment), died during his basic training in Richmond, Virginia due to illnesses, 2 months after enlisting.[35]

He is Chris' great-great-great-grandfather. More specifically, he is the paternal grandfather of the maternal grandmother of Barbara. content

In January 2017, a distant relative of Chris posted images to Kiwi Farms, on various documents relating to the Chandler family, acquired from[36]

Bob is apparently an only child, however Barbara has five deceased siblings and several more living ones.
Most of Chris's ancestors were farmers, doing tasks that Chris would find back breaking.
Chris, from what I gathered, is not 1/16 Cherokian. He is however 1/16 British and 1/8 French Canadian.
His great great grandparent's from Northern Ireland.

The "Northern Irish" ancestor was Chris's great-great-grandmother Mary Weston (née McClintic, 31 Oct 1834 - 25 Dec 1910). Mary was born in the town of Omagh (whose name means "the virgin plain" in Gaelic) in County Tyrone, in what is today Northern Ireland. She came to the United States between 1840 and 1850, likely as a result of the Irish Potato Famine.[37] She settled in Augusta, Ohio, where she married Joseph "John" Edward Weston, Chris's great-great-grandfather, in 1858, who was also from Augusta. Both later settled in Clarksville, Virginia.[38]

The "French Canadian" ancestor was Chris's great-grandmother Sarah Ann Weston (née Hamilton, Apr 1867 - 25 Jan 1938), who was born in Huntingdon, Quebec and came to Virginia with her family during the 1870s, settling near Red Oak.[39][40] Although the majority of Quebeckers speak French, her surname and the fact that she was born in a predominantly English-speaking part of Quebec suggest that she belonged to the province's English-speaking minority. Moreover, her paternal and maternal grandparents were all born in Scotland, making her of entirely Scottish descent.[41][42] Sarah is Chris's most recent immigrant ancestor.

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