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mom and dad's relatives gave us constant cold shoulders, thinking they're royalty, when really they're no better off.
Chris, 2011[1]
It's a Chandler family reunion! From bottom left, clockwise: Uncle Raymond, Cousin Jon Carey, Christian, Bob, and everyone's favorite, Yawning Squirtle.

Chris has many minor family members who are not important enough to constitute their own articles. Those who do not reside at 14 Branchland Court generally lead relatively normal lives. Few of these relatives are still on speaking terms with Chris or Barb, but many of them were a presence in Chris's earlier life. This article aims to chronicle said relatives mentioned by Chris and his parents directly or indirectly.

Long-deceased family members can be found on the Chandler Family Tree.

Chandler Side

Patricia Chandler

Patricia Harley, 1954

Patricia Faye Harley (born 20 November 1935), is Bob Chandler's first wife, a native Floridian and the mother of Drs. Carol and David.[2] She and Bob married at the respective ages of 20 and 29 on 29 September 1956 in Winston-Salem, North Carolina, and divorced on 28 January 1980 after a year-long separation. She was still alive at the time of Bob's death.

Carol Chandler

Carol Amiibo.

Dr. Carol Suzanne Chandler (born 7 July 1969)[3] is Chris's half-sister and daughter of the late Bob Chandler and his first wife Patricia.

According to Chris, Carol is a Math "Geinus" [sic] and "wiz."[4] She is known to have won the 1988 Mathematics Department McShane Prize at the University of Virginia.[5] Carol attended Providence Middle School.[6] Later, she was a member of Phi Beta Kappa. She earned a Ph.D. and is or was working for the federal government in Washington, D.C.[7]

According to Chris, Bob was always concerned about Carol. She and Bob seemed to have a negative or distant relationship, as it was implied in the Savannah messages that she did not attend his funeral.[8] In November 2015, Chris made a YouTube video in which he and his allies beat up Carol and other family members in Super Smash Bros. "Alan and Carol, you two have never really appreciated our Father", he wrote in the video description. "There WAS Time for you two to share time with him before his passing, but NO, you all have been selfish and caught up in your own lives that HE gave to us". He posted an image of a Carol Amiibo on Facebook, depicting her as a heartless Janekop.

David Alan Chandler

Dr. David Alan Chandler.
David as a Jerkop, in Amiibo form.

Dr. David Alan Chandler (born 28 November 1962)[3][9] is an ophthalmologist in Richmond, Glen Allen and Mechanicsville, Virginia, son of Bob Chandler and Bob's ex-wife Patricia, and older half-brother to Chris. Both Bob and Chris call him by his middle name. Bob's obituary told us that his wife's name is Kimberly.[2]

David went to high school in Chesterfield County,[10] studied medicine at Virginia Commonwealth University, and trained at Washington Hospital Center.[11] He donated $1,000 to the Republican Party between May 2007 and September 2008,[12] showing that he agrees with his father on politics if nothing else. He specializes in small incision cataract extraction with lens implant, medical and surgical management of glaucoma, and the diagnosis and treatment of diabetic eye disease.[10]

Chris had an eye exam with him on 6 January 2004 and learned then that David had a daughter by the name of Savannah, making Chris a (half-)uncle and Bob a grandfather. Chris also falsely claimed it made Barb a grandmother.

Diary entry:

January 6: Today, I had an appointment with my optometrist [sic], and big half-brother, Dr. David Alan Chandler, for an Eye-Exam. I needed new lenses, but I can keep my current frames. But apparently, he has an 8-year-old daughter, Savannah. So for about 8 years, I’ve been an uncle and didn’t know it. Of course, this also makes my parents into grandparents as well. Needless to say, we were happy to know about that.
Christian Weston Chandler

One weekend Chris and Bob traveled to David's house to visit his family. The family was not at home, so Chris and Bob left gifts with the next-door neighbors to give to them; an angel for Savannah from Bob and squinkles with a display from Chris.[13]

Unlike Carol, David attended Bob's funeral. At the funeral Chris presented him with further gifts to give to Savannah.[14]

In Family Needs to appreciate Family, Chris called David out on not visiting Barb, seemingly unaware or ignorant of the fact that, being a practicing eye doctor, David probably had more important things to focus on, and that David likely has little history with Barb which would inspire him to visit.

Uncle Wayne

A copy of Chris's DVD that was sent to a troll included a list of people whom Chris wanted to present in the DVD, but could not due to not having a picture of them. One of those people was an uncle from Bob's side called Wayne.[15] Virtually nothing is known about him.

Unnamed relatives in North Carolina

In his letter to Chris from 1987, Bob mentioned that his father, like him and Barb, had children through a second marriage, who at the time resided near Salem, North Carolina. As Bob was the only child of his father's marriage to his mother, Uncle Wayne was presumably one of these half-siblings.

Unnamed relatives in Oklahoma

Over the course of two prank calls Bob mentioned that he had a cousin in Tulsa, Oklahoma and several Cherokee relatives living in the state as well.[16][17] Nothing else is known about them.

Weston Side

Aunt Harriet and Uncle Tom

Main article: Aunt Harriet and Uncle Tom

Jonathan Carey

Chris's cousin?

Jonathan Bailey Carey[18] (born 21 September 1987) is Chris's first cousin once removed (being Aunt Corrina's grandson) who was married on the weekend of 27-28 June 2009, the same weekend in which BILLY MAYS tragically died. According to Chris, his presence at the wedding in Red Oak, Virginia is proof that he did not murder Billy.[19]

Sonichu-themed drawing by Chris to commemorate the wedding

Uncle Raymond

Raymond Inge is Chris's step-uncle, the second husband and widower of Aunt Corrina, and the step-grandfather of Jonathan Carey.[20] According to Chris, Uncle Raymond can be contacted as a witness to Chris at Jonathan's wedding. Raymond is the stepbrother-in-law of Snorlax, making Jonathan her great-nephew.

Other Careys and Westons

A copy of Chris's DVD that was sent to a troll included a list of people whom Chris wanted to present in the DVD but could not due to not having pictures of them. Along with Jonathan Carey the list included Joseph Carey, Beverly Carey, Joey Carey, Matthew Carey, Leroy and Ruby Weston and somebody just called "Van".[21] Joseph Edward Carey, Sr. is Corrina's son and Jonathan Carey's father. Beverly Carey (née Bailey) is Joseph's wife and Jonathan's mother. Joey is probably Joseph Edward Carey, Jr., the son of Joseph Sr. and Beverly. Matthew may be Daniel Matthew Carey, another son of Joseph and Beverly. Van Wade Carey is Joseph's brother. Leroy is probably Leroy Lewis Weston, Jr., the son of Barbara's deceased older brother Leroy (1937-98). Ruby Weston (née Puryear) is Leroy Jr.'s mother and Leroy Sr.'s widow.[22]

Chris's Facebook profile lists Beverly and Joe as cousins.

Unnamed autistic cousin

According to the autism papers, Chris has a severely autistic cousin on his mother's side. Nothing more is known about this cousin.

Unnamed genealogist cousin

In the Rental House Tour Barb mentions that she has a cousin who shares her delusions about the Weston family history and "put together a pilgrimage" related to it. Catherine and Al cut her off before she could tell them where they went.


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