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Chris, turning 20 in 2002.

2002 was the year that Chris turned 20 years old. What Chris did in this year is mostly a mystery, but it might almost definitely includes playing vidya.



  • January - Chris opens his own Bionicle website.


  • 20 February - The Shining Sonichu card is created.
  • 24 February - Chris's 20th birthday. He creates the Turbo Rainbow card to put on The Wall of Originals. He also receives a Dreamcast Astropad, some Bionicles, the Super Mario 64 soundtrack, a Powerpuff Girls card, some Sonic figurines and a Sonic Advance strategy guide.


  • 11 March - Armat, Steeline and Dark Steeline are created by Chris.
  • 15 March - Chris updates CWC's Pokésite 2.
  • 16 March - Chris offers a naïve definition of love when he creates the Sonichu & Rosechu card. "Sonichu and Rosechu love each other so much, that neither one ever forgets the other's Birthday."
  • 21 March - Chris creates the Evil Energy card.
  • 24 March - Evails, the famous Eevee-Tails hybrid, is born, as well as its evolution, Supreon. Also, Chris creates the Whammy!!!... card, featuring a character ripped off from the 80's game show Press Your Luck.
  • 25 March - Chris makes a Dark Christian card, and threatens to kill Harry Potter on it.
  • 28 March - Ultra Sonichu is created by Chris. He updates CWC's Sonichu Site!.


  • 5 April - Techti and Cytiger, technological Pokémon, are born.
  • 11 April - Chris creates the Sonichu Ball card.
  • 13 April - Chris creates the Chaos Emerald card, and makes two Power Rangers themed cards called "Bulk and Skull" and "Sonichu Zord".


  • 15 May - Chris creates the Shiney Stadium card.
  • 16 May - Fox cancels Family Guy.
  • 31 May - Chris buys a GameCube.[1]


  • June - Chris stops working as a volunteer assistant Gym Leader at Toys "R" Us.
  • June - Chris starts working as a volunteer assistant Gym Leader at The GAMe PLACe.


  • 19-21 July - Chris attends BrickFest 2002 and displays a lego version of himself at "Rockersville", Virginia.
  • 24 July - Chris makes a homemade card of Blake, called Black Sonichu at the time.



  • September - Chris signs his own guestbook on his website as Ricardo, and says that Harry Potter is a "spaz".
  • 4 September - Bob's 75th birthday.
  • 7 September - The Christian's Maintenance card is created for the Wall of Originals.
  • 17 September - Caden Peck is born


  • 1 October - Barb's 61st birthday.



  • 10 December - Barb is pulled over and is charged with the following offense: "DEFECTIVE RIGHT SIDE BRAKE LT".[2]


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