June 2012

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June 2012 started off with Chris's return to Facebook, although it was far from triumphant, as Chris confirmed that, once again, he was duped by the trolls, deflating his (borderline insane) ego trip that had started in April. In stark contrast to the months before, Chris spent this month ranting and raving about various things, most of all, blaming the trolls (again) for his misery.

Amazingly, Chris actually upheld his promise to collect donations for cancer via Alex's Lemonade Stand, though it's unknown if he actually sent the money or kept it.


Chris's lemonade stand.
  • 1 June - 480th anniversary of Anne Boleyn's coronation.
  • 2 June - Chris spends the day in a state of fear and panic regarding the trolls' supposed poster campaign.
  • 4 June - Chris posts publicly on Facebook, angrily saying that there was no poster campaign in Charlottesville.
  • 8 June - Chris writes privately on Facebook that he wants to eliminate all men, and that he feels like a "super villian."
  • 9 June
    • Chris writes on Facebook that he is suspicious of a possible troll at McDonald's.
    • Chris announces on Facebook that he will be selling lemonade for charity at his church tomorrow.
  • 10 June - Chris sells lemonade and collects money for children with cancer as part of Alex's Lemonade Stand. He states on Facebook that he raised $50.
  • 12 June
  • 14 June - Chris swears at a McDonald's employee and blames her for giving him a "hard time." He posts her picture on Facebook.
  • 15 June - Chris believes that he looks like a television personality.
  • 18 June - Chris writes on Facebook that he feels lonely and blank.
  • 23 June - Chris makes another public Facebook post, declaring his fragile emotional state and (yet again) blaming trolls for it.
  • 25 June
    • Chris tells his friends that he is bored and lonely.
    • Chris writes that he does not understand the rationale behind "dark parodies" of My Little Pony and Sonichu.
  • 26 June - Chris posts several tweets about the adult parodies of My Little Pony, and blames the trolls for draining him of his creativity.
  • 27 June
    • On Facebook, Chris angrily lists every single thing he'd like the trolls to stop doing to him.
    • Chris posts a photo of a black woman who "gave him a hard time" at McDonald's.
  • 28 June
    • Chris removes the picture of the woman from his profile.
    • Chris shoots himself in the head with a toy gun, symbolizing his depression.
    • Chris inquires about the steps he would need to take to get Sonichu published.
  • 29 June - Chris is furious at Michael Snyder, calling him "CHILDREN-FUCKING-DAMNED."
  • 30 June - Chris panics about losing power to a fallen tree branch.