November 2008

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November was the eleventh and penultimate month of 2008. Chris's activity slowed down in a month similar to the first half of the year. Chris stays in good contact with PandaHalo, a formal website documenting Chris's life pops up, and Chris plays a fuck-ton of LittleBigPlanet.


  • November - In an attempt to curb the spam in the ED article's talk page, a humble wiki and a blog documenting Chris's updates are set up. Eventually, the site gained the PVCC boards, the CWCki you're currently browsing, and would later become the de facto headquarters of the coordinated trollings from 2009.
  • November 3 - Chris updates his Sonichu site to warn his fans about "impostors" in the Guitar Hero contest.
  • November 11 - Chris announces on his Sonichu site that he has won a $400 gift card in the Guitar Hero contest and thanks his fans.
  • November 14 - In a new video, Chris shows he has created a Sonichu character in Little Big Planet.
  • November 14 - Chris also posts two videos regarding his concept of an LBP "collector's case."
  • November 14 - Finally, Chris also posts on this date a boring LBP video incorporating the Aqua Teen Hunger Force.
  • November 24 - Chris publishes his History of Playstation 3 LBP level, thus ending his period of solitary confinement.
  • November 26 - Chris's PS3 History level is given credit on the LBP' site, pleasing Chris, and enraging many of the game's fanboys.
  • November 26 - Panda shares some messages from Chris with his fans on IRC.