September 2015

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On 4 September 2015, Chris works on Sonichu for the first time in five years.
On 13 September 2015, Chris posts the first of a series of Super Mario Maker levels.
On 26 September 2015, Chris unveils a new face for an old Sonichu character.

September was the ninth month of 2015. After the near-silence of last month, activity from Chris proceeded to shoot up to amazing levels. Notably, he resumed work on Sonichu for the first time since February 2010, posting an edited version of #9 as well as the now-completed replacement ending for #10. He also dumped eBay and instead opened an account on Etsy, his new go-to site for selling his art.

Events of September

  • 1 September - Chris shares a WatchMojo top 10 list about types of trolls on Facebook.
  • 1 September - Chris reveals that he has finished a lesson for belly-dancing.
  • 1 September - Chris comments on a video shared by Kenneth Erwin Engelhardt.
  • 2 September - Chris reveals his Etsy account on Facebook, ending his long career as an eBay seller.
  • 3 September - Chris posts six new pictures of himself at OmegaCon. He sarcastically thanks his haters for trying to communicate with him.
  • 4 September - For the first time in five years, Chris adds new pages to Book 11 of his magnum opus.
  • 5 September - Five unfinished pages of Book 11 are leaked onto the Kiwi Farms. They were apparently drawn two weeks prior.
  • 6 September - Fourth anniversary of Bob's death.
  • 6 September - Chris talks about commissioned drawings' relationship with the Sonichu canon, and the future of Sonichu 11, on Facebook.
  • 7 September - Chris releases Amiibo of the Chaotic Combo, Rosechu, Chris-chan Sonichu, and two variations of himself, on Etsy. Descriptions of the offers on Facebook tease that this is the first of several "waves."
  • 11 September - A flyer for the Cwcville Shopping Center advertising discounts for Sonichu Amiibo is posted on Chris's Facebook.
  • 11 September - A YouTuber named "DStecks" announces that he's given $1,000 to Chris to promote his comic enterprise.
  • 12 September - Chris uploads Sonichu #9 to Facebook, making a few edits along the way.
  • 13 September - First transaction recorded on the $500 gift card.
  • 13 September - Avid readers of Sonichu can preorder autographed copies of Sonichu 0 in physical or digital format.
  • 13 September - Chris finally publishes the revised ending of Book 10 in a completed state.
  • 13 September - Chris posts a Super Mario Maker level on the Miiverse.
  • 14 September - Chris posts two more Super Mario Maker levels on the Miiverse.
  • 16 September - Chris announces that he finished three Punchy Amiibo, and the he will be sending out the signed copies of Sonichu #0 by Halloween.
  • 17 September - On Miiverse, another Super Mario Maker level is presented.
  • 18 September - Codes for levels Chris made for Super Mario Maker are posted on the Kiwi Farms, after posts Chris made for them on Miiverse were removed.
  • 19 September - Chris attends Cville Pride. He is spotted by a troll, manning a booth for On Our Own and handing out copies of Sonichu.
  • 19 September - Chris posts on Facebook that he is having a good time, but still wants women.
  • 20 September - Chris's updates his voicemail.
  • 22 September - Chris recommends purchasing "Amiibricks" along with Sonichu Amiibo.
  • 23 September - Sonichu 0 is published and sold on independent literature hosting site Lulu for $10 per issue.
  • 25 September - Count Graduon and Slaweel Ryam Amiibo are added to the stock on Etsy.
  • 27 September - Chris completes a commission entitled, "Do Not Touch My Behind."
  • 29 September - Chris wants his followers to do him a "really big favor" and fund him a prosthetic vagina. The post is quickly removed.
  • 29 September - Chris creates an Etsy account.