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Chris watching the WatchMojo video Top 10 Hottest Anime Moms Ever during the timeframe in which he was engaging in incest with his mother

WatchMojo is a series of YouTube channels primarily known for videos of top ten lists. Chris is a fan and has referenced WatchMojo several times on social media and in DMs.

Mentions by Chris

In a September 2015 Facebook post, Chris shared the video "Top 10 Types of Internet Trolls" and commented, "This video is an eye opener; all of you haters better reevaluate your lives. I state that, regardless of any out of context definitions it may stir. Moo."[1]

In a December 2016 Facebook post, a melancholy Chris discussed his thoughts on relationships, spurred on by the video "Top 10 Feel-Good Anime Series" which mentioned the anime AnoHana: The Flower We Saw That Day.[2]

In a February 2017 Facebook post, while contemplating whether he was aroused by Sailor Moon music, Chris referred to the WatchMojo video "Top 10 90s Anime Intros" as one he had watched recently.[3]

In a May 2017 Facebook post, Chris commented about the video "Another Top 10 Insane Anime Characters" and quoted the sound effects from the featured Cowboy Bebop episode.[4]

In a July 2017 Facebook post, Chris commented that it was perfect timing that on the day he updated his Chris Chan Sonichu transformation, that WatchMojo came out with a Sailor Moon video.[5]

During a September 2017 interview, Chris said he felt inspired from how Leslie Jones handled cyberbullying, referencing the video "Top 5 Worst Cases of Celebrity Cyber Bullying".[6]

During an October 2017 interview, the host CopperCab brought up South Park. Chris mentioned a joke the show had done on Trump and Caitlynn Jenner, saying he had heard of it on WatchMojo because he hadn't seen South Park in a long time.[7]

In a May 2018 interview, Copitz asked about some of Chris's favorite YouTubers, and he listed WatchMojo among them.[8]

In a December 2018 tweet, Chris linked to the video "Top 10 Gifts Under 50$ for the Holidays" while recommending healing stones and birthstones and quoting a line of random-access humor.[9]

In a chat with the Teen Troon Squad dated 18 December 2018, Chris referred to the video "Top 10 Reasons Why 2018 Was the Worst" and claimed he had been informed that the disasters described in it - including wildfires, fallen bridges and lost lives - were all events leading to the Dimensional Merge.[10]

In a May 2019 tweet, Chris complained about the Sonic the Hedgehog trailer, saying that he agreed with a WatchMojo dude that the movie should be delayed and redone.[11]

In a July 2019 tweet, Chris claimed that the Dimensional Merge would not be the end of the world, but rather "Total Reincarnation if you die, or a Massive Info Dump into you if you live". He gave as examples of reincarnation the Watchmojo video "Top 10 Anime Characters Reborn As Powerful Beings", though noted that Merge victims would be unlikely to gain superpowers.[12]

In a text to Kyle which was leaked during the 2020 Discord leaks, Chris cited a WatchMojo video and wrote of how he believed that augmented reality tools could help in seeing what the third eye does.[13]

On 13 August 2020, in response to a fan's question of if he had watched any Mad Max movies, Chris answered that he didn't, but did see clips on WatchMojo.[14]

In a December 2020 chat in The Place, while discussing anime with Naught, who recommended the series Higurashi, Chris brought up the video "Top 10 Anime Moments That Left Us Shook" and commented that he had learned about the series from it.[15]

In a tweet from June 2021, Chris mentioned learning about The Binding of Isaac video game from WatchMojo.[16]

On 25 July 2021, Chris watched the video "Top 10 Hottest Anime Moms Ever" on his iPad, then took a photo of the screen and sent it to Fiona.[17]

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