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Artist's impression of the virtual interview

Internet Dream Lounge 4 - Chris Chan (unused version) refers to the original, scrapped interview the Internet Dream Lounge podcast had with Chris, which took place on 4th September 2017. Following feedback from Kiwi Farms users on the announcement of the interview, the Internet Dream Lounge decided to scrap the original and record a new interview with Chris using different questions.

The file for the scrapped interview was leaked in August 2020.

Why Did Chris Accept This Interview?

IDL only had 1200 subscribers at the time,[1] so it was an unusual move for Chris, since it wouldn't give his Patreon very much publicity, Merry himself has reported that although he can't be sure either, but he thinks it could have something to do with his massive Patreon following, and that Merry could improve his marketing strategy to reach that same level. This is why it was agreed that Merry would help Chris with his Patreon in exchange for the interview, giving him the role of "Social Media Manager". Later, when Merry had talked to Chris more, he made another post on Kiwi Farms[2] painting a better picture of Chris' motivations. Chris knew that Merry had connections with people in the industry that he was trying to gain favour with, namely Doopie, who had blocked Chris previous to this. Merry was friends with a lot of people that Chris follows on Twitter, so he wanted to get in their good books, or even in their circle.

Why Wasn't This Interview Used?

Merry has said that the interview was boring, saying that "Chris sometimes drones on and forgets where he was going." causing the re-record to take place, as well as all the feedback from the Kiwi forums.[3] In the 9th October Kiwi Farms post[4] Merry gave a fuller account, saying "[Chris] was a bit anxious, defensive, had a tendency to ramble off for 10 minutes at a time", with only minimal content that he would regard as interesting. Merry has stated that the only reason he asked the basic questions is that he hadn't been following Chris, otherwise he would have seen the interviews which- like this first interview ended up being- was basic and slow. Merry preferred the newer interview because the relationship that he managed to establish with Chris at that time allowed him to ask deeper and more advanced questions.


Unused Internet Dream Lounge interview
Stardate 4 September 2017
Made By Internet Dream Lounge
TRUE and HONEST Sonichu Fan Videos


Chris's Internet Dream Lounge avatars.

Intro (0:00:00-0:01:14)

Merryweathery: Great. Great. U- Yeah, Uh, I'll go ahead and count us down, um, 3, 2, 1. Hello everyone and welcome to another episode of the Internet Dream Lounge. I'm your host, R. Merryweather, and with me, as always, my co-host, Easy-K.

Easy-K: What's up, guys?

Merryweathery: And on this week's show, we have the honor of presenting to our dear viewers: The Eternal Hero of Love, The Defender of Autism, and the God-Emperor of Cwcville: The Creator of Sonichu- Christine Weston Chandler!

Chris: Hey! What's up everyone?

Merryweathery: Thank you for joining us, Chris. How are you today?

Chris: I'm doing good, how are you?

Merryweathery: I'm co- ba- fine! Thank you! Uh, so uh, Easy, uh, has actually been quite a big fan of Sonichu, for, for some years.

Easy-K: I love Sonichu, I- I really do.

Patreon Comics (0:01:14-0:03:03)

Chris: Support me on Patreon, and I can send you copies of the books.

Easy-K: Dude.

Merryweathery: (laughs)

Easy-K: Dude, uh, for how- how- what's your, what's your base amount for Patreon?

Chris: Hm. Well basically, minimim- just so I can make sure that I make can money- money the books are uh, varying, because, uh with my publisher minimum has to be 48 pages, and the more pages there are the more, the more expensive it is for me and then I have to pay shipping of course.

Easy-K: Right.

Merryweathery: Of course.

Chris: Yeah, between from getting there, from getting from there to me and then, from me to the customer, urgh, so it compli- so I'm just the autographing, between, until I can find, uh, fine- like, a publisher or something that can, sell my books without the, uh, needing the middle person, [Easy-K: Right.] and uh, and not, and not be sabotaged.

Easy-K: Right.

Merryweathery: Wonderful, but the so- so-

Chris: But in the meantime- but in the meantime, we have this- the Patreon.

Easy-K: Well, are those the, so those are just, prints?

Chris: Hm. Yeah they're, uh, they're printed of my original, hand drawn pages.

Easy-K: Do you still have the originals?

Chris: Oh yeah I still have the original p- hand drawn pages.

Easy-K: That's great.

Merryweathery: Chris, uh, let's say, I want, uh, issue 1 of Sonichu, how much money would it probably cost me? Let's say I live in America. Let's forget I live in Europe.

Chris: Ok. Well, first book is 0 by the way, but to get you book, but to get you book 1, uh, considering it's definitely closer to uh, 50 pages, um, I would add like, I mean, if it was from illus- from, directly I would add, two- I would- I mean minus the sh- not counting the shipping, yeah, that would be like, about 5 bucks.

How Chris made Sonichu (0:03:03-0:05:54)

Merryweathery: Alright wonderful. Um, I actually want to ask you, because, uh-as, everyone wants to know, as you are, uh, famous on the internet for, uh, Chris, is the creation of the Electric Hedgehog Pokemon character, Sonichu, your personal character. Would you like to tell us a bit about how, er you, created this character.

Chris: Mkay, uh, well back in uh, 2000, when I was ilvantin- still attending Manchester High School, I was taking a computer graph- computer graphics, course, and uh, and they desi- we had to design our own custom CD insert, uh, front and back, and I wanted to, and I did want to include, Sonic and Pikachu, but um, they did not like copyright- well leuschy- my teacher didn't want copyright characters, so, I ended up merging the two and made Sonichu. But I did not, uh, it's Son- uh, I wanted to seperate, uh, seperate, my prime sonichu personality-wise, from, sonic and a wild Pikachu, of course. So, so I left the ears roll by and I- and I let him do the talking for me. we have kind of like a psychic connection, my characters and I.

Merryweathery: Of course.

Easy-K: Interesting.

Merryweathery: Uh, Chris, uh I, of course, us as the creator of the character but you first started drawing the comic, many years later, during your college years, is that right?

Chris: Uh, yes, during my early, college years, I s- started writing the comic book pages, I had drawn a few, little short strips which are actually in Book 0, as well. But I felt like ey let's, uh, suol- start doing co- my own comic book series now. I just felt like it, because, y'know, I had started with Sonichu then I- added Rosechu, and then I eventually added Blake- Black Sonichu, and uh, that was a good start for me and then, uh, I ended up making up Naitsirhc, who was, adopted son of Giovanni.

Merryweathery: Yes, which is your, your, of course your dark opposite. In the- in the comic's lore.

Chris: Or eventually to be cursed to become more my dark opposite.

Merryweathery: Oh, alright, so he didn't- he didn't start out that way, this character?

Chris: Yeah, bu- yeah he was just essentially like a, Pokemon trainer, to rival against, Rosechu's trainer Kel, Which, uh, you find out- you find out more about their relationship in book 12, which, uh, I'm still, working on very much, I've finished up the, pride festival episode.

Merryweathery: Oh! Wonderful! So, so you are actually still drawing the ca- the, uh, the comic.

Chris: Yes.

Merryweathery: So, in Sonichu,

Easy-K: And I suppose you, sorry, go ahead, Merry.

Merryweathery: Go ahead, Easy.

Chris' Social Commentary (0:05:54-0:10:54)

Easy-K: Oh yeah, well in Sonichu, I noticed that there's, a lot of, y'know, commentary, on, y'know what's going on in the world, and like, things that matter to you, and the issues of like, like what's going on in the world, what kind of comments on the human condition were you trying to make, in the Sonichu series? And what are you try- what comments are you trying to make now, with these, uh, new issues?

Chris: Hm, well, I pretty much just, commentary with, what's relatable to me and how I feel about, uh this and that. Although, pretty much going onto shwamean- in retrospect, we're still in this phase, where I had just come back from the future of 2015, and uh, and so it's still 2009, the books, but I can, actually input, pages, that, are actually more, up to today's date.

Easy-K: Right.

Merryweathery: Ok.

Chris: But- but to still to catch up we've still got Graduon's introduction, about who he was, and all that, and, his coming back to earth in book 14.

Merryweathery: Ok.

Chris: Yeah, but anyway, um, is there any specific, um, comments, from amongst my books that you can recall? In particular?

Easy-K: Well, um, I did notice, that there, was um, a lot of it was things that were happening in your life? But then a lot of it was, um, s- I would almost go so far as to say as political. Um, like, with how you've felt about...

Merryweathery: There is, um, of course, the...

Easy-K: H- how you felt about drugs? How you've felt about, um, homosexuality, and just people, in general who you, uh, [Merryweathery: The, the...] for lack of a better word, look down upon.

Chris: Hm.

Merryweathery: There is, of course, the matter, uh, indeed, as Easy mentioned, that the comic, was a lot about, uh, your, real life, and the challenges, that you've faced, in- in your life.

Chris: Yeah.

Merryweathery: Both past and present, Uh, a lot of it, uh, so for example, the, uh, manager, characters, the Slaweel character, which we'll- which was based on, uh, at least formally based on a person in your real life, who caused you trouble.

Chris: Yes.

Merryweathery: Um, I'm not sure if we can say that name, uh, just in case.

Chris: Uuum, yeah, probably best not to.

Merryweathery: Of course, um, s- d- w-wha at what moment did the comic stop being m-mainly about Sonichu, and more about your troubles, and the things that happen to you, specifically?

Chris: Um, I feel like it was kind of a miss, actually initially, because um, earlier in the books I was, pretty much very naive, trying to feel it out, see what genres best suited my pages and whatnot, and, lk- also ended up, taking in the, random criticisms, which uh, realising I shouldn't. And to, talk about, uh, my past [coughs] excuse me, uh, that wasn't fun, that was something in my throat, but anyway, um, to talk about the, homosexuals, I was naive, and, there was all those mislabelings that was thrown, on me as, y'know before I c- actually came out as a lesbian trans-woman.

Easy-K: Right.

Chris: That I was, uh, gay for men, but uh, [Merryweathery: Of course.] of course that was never the case, just the, the trolls throw that mislabel on me, and, and also between that and a combination of where I was on my sweetheart search and, uh, I just had this, uh, frustrated, feeling about, and feeling against just, men in general, because I was like, they take all the women and leave me with none to choose from, but clearly, I eventually, realised that was, not the case especially when you consider the percentage of them being, taking each other, away from the equation. Anyway, I use that term lightly, usually though, I never ever actually had, anything against the homosexual males, my, uh, feelings were more, just, were more aimed at, uh, against, males in general that I used to have, and more- and more over the uh, mislabelings the trolls have thrown upon me. But, uh, I'm, fortunately I had, I have come out, and over the years I have become more, heartfelt and open, towards, uh, male, uh, towards men in general, but definitely I'm more attracted, to women and that still remained the same as always regardless of sexual orientation, and gender and whatnot. But, anyway, um, Ah! Lost my train of thought, got- gotta get back on track!

Merryweathery: That's fine. We can, uh, I can ask you a follow-up question, if you'd like?

Chris: Mhm.

Trans Story (0:10:54-0:13:43)

Merryweathery: Uh, when did you start realising you were, transexual?

Chris: Hm, yeah hm, transgender in this case, I mean look at what you ghe- there's a difference between transvestites and transgender, but I'm, trans- gender, transwoman...

Merryweathery: Oh of course! Sorry, I didn't know the difference.

Chris: But anyway, I, uh, I also went to the, short, two page coming-out story in the, uh, that I have just uploaded in the up to my Patreon, I, uh, did a lot of soul searching and self-realisation throughout my lifetime, I- I get quite deep in thought, into myself, and explore myself from within, and, and- eventually I, uh, flicked- I put two together when I, saw an image of my head of me in my past life, as a woman, in my later years where beforehand I had gone to Woodstock, but I-w- that which the, uh, image that I saw I had drawn right on the second page of this little two page coming out write up, draw up, anyway, that's pretty much how, how it was, like y'know somewhere in the late- in the late seventies there was this grey-haired woman with the braids, wearing a rainbow tie dye dress, looking at- lay- me- sitting against a tree with her beaded bag, just, uh watching the sun set. And uh, anyway I saw that, and, just put it all together with, everything in my mind, in my memories, and of course, uh, in my younger years, I, actually exhibited, feminine, more feminine habits than masculine. And, so I put- so anyway, all the realisation, and, pru- and, real- and, yeah, came out as a lesbian transwoman.

Merryweathery: Alright.

Easy-K: How, um, how'd, how's your- and I don't know if this is too personal, if it is, we can cut it out, how does your mother feel about all that?

Chris: Yeah, initially my mother was, quite put off by it, but, a little bit at a time as I dressed more fede- more feminine, and acted more feminine she got used to it, though she still calls me by my old name "Christian", and still refers to me as her son, and I'm just gonna leave that only for her to, do that y'know because she's like in her- in her mid 70s right now,

Easy-K: Absolutely.

Chris: I- I- It's just difficult to get all- to get used to the change, the name change, also, and the gender change, even though I had passed the psyc- psychological evaluation, and had my name legally changed, and changed both of those on my driver's licence.

Easy-K: Ok.

Merryweathery: Nice.

Chris: And the- and then I got on the, HRT.

Merryweathery: Chris, uh, ok, uh Chris, I wanted to get into something that we, uh, agreed to talk about before, that's been going on on your Twitter right now.

Chris: Yes.

Barb's Begging with Bling (0:13:43-0:16:59)

Merryweathery: But first, uh, because you mentioned Barbara, uh, which is your mother, Barbara Chandler? Is that right? That the correct name?

Chris: Yeah.

Merryweathery: Ok, I just want to ask you, because, I believe it was about a week or two ago, uh, you uploaded a, YouTube video, uh, which was, uh, your mother, Barbara, asking for donations, uh, for food, uh, i-i-is she quite alright? Because a lot of people were a bit concerned about that video.

Chris: Hm, yes that was about a month or two ago, um, second half of the month, so I mean we're on fixed income, so, like, y'know, between like, the 15th to the 30th or the 31st, it, tends to get more difficult for us financially, we have to, buckle down, we eat- mostly stay at home- we try mostly to eat at home anyway, aside, from y'know the beginning of the month where we can splurge a little bit.

Merryweathery: [Bewildered] Right.

Easy-K: [Not paying attention] Right.

Barb Chugging Huel.png
An artist's depiction of Barb preparing to go and trim the hedge.

Chris: Yeah, and, bu- but anyway, health-wise, my mother is doing ok, physically- she's physically able, she, tends to stay in bed, alo- a lot, because, uh, she, kinda tends to get, bored? But she- she's been on meal replacement shakes, and she has been, enuh- she has been able to do, more physically, she, went outside trimmed the bushes on her own accord and decision, and it was like, she trimmed that bush so far down! And it was like oh my God, mom, don't kill the bush.

[They all laugh]

Merryweathery: Of course.

Chris: And I told her about what else that she could do, like, um, she wants to do something for the, uh, cluttered, junk that's on our back porch, [Both: right] a- a lot of it's a sore, anyway, so take it out, put it on the curb for the trash people.

Easy-K: Right.

Merryweathery: Ok. Uh, Chris, I want to ask you, also a thing, this is not a critique, uh, at all, [Chris: [getting defences up] alright] and we can skip it if you like, however, uh, a lot of people have been wondering about, like, uh, in the video where you ask for food, your mother is actually wearing a pearl necklace, and a gold, necklace, uh, chain. Have you considered, uh, selling these?

Chris: Um, yeah, she ha- y'know like, months ago she sold her original gold, Cleopatra style necklace, for, like a few hundred bucks, uh, but then I was- but then I was like, uh- my mo- ah I've always wanted the necklace, she never took that necklace off, that was her favourite, necklace. So- uh, much later on, uh, I did come across a, few other dollars, I forge- I forget where, exactly? I think it was, uh, I think it was a generous donation or a really big sale, oh wait- now I remember it was the sale of the Sonic Totem pole hm, yeah I sold that to somebody for a few hundred bucks, but anyway, from that I went and bought a, I went and replaced her, gold Cleopatra necklace and told her: "Let's not sell this one!"

Merryweathery: Hah. That's nice of you, that's very kind of you, Christine.

Fangirling about Bob (0:16:59-0:19:27)

Easy-K: Um, you know, speaking, toward your, family, and- and things like that, um, could you tell us about your father? I mean he seems like a really stand up, y'know respectable guy.

Chris: Yes, he was, he was a very smart person, he uh, he served in the- he served in the uh US army, he was stationed in, uh, Seoul Korea in the Signal Corps.

Easy-K: Wow.

Chris: And he uh, he went to uh, coll- and he made friends with lots of the- with the, Koereans, and start- and y'know, Seoul, Korea, uh, and did he meet some from the north? I'm not sure, but anyway that was a long time ago with him, anyway he uh, was also in the scouts and he earned his share of badges, and, uh, he was also like, uh, a scout master type figure for, uh- some of the scouts, they made him the wall[?] that he's always carried around. And he was- and he was stapled for that but anyway, um, he designed the controls for the. plastic moulding machines and steel mills, saw mills when he was at- when he was working for General Electric, and this is nice to go onto this little bit of commentary, because today is his birthday- Hw would have been...

Easy-K: Oh! Wow! Happy Birthday!

Chris: Yeah, he would've been, like uh, shoot- 84? Huh! I guess he would have been, uh, 90, 91 this year.

Easy-K: Wow.

Chris: Well, um, actually, well, yeah 90, because uh, he was born in '27, and this is '17. That works, yeah that's right. 90, nine-zero, but anyway, um, he was very smart, and, well, elle- and, well, eloquent, um, and, and he was a strong and able fella, he had a workshop, he, did his own woodwork, here and there also, where y'know, he, made- y'know just put things together for himself, whatever, um, and, w- anyway he was quite t-more, enable, and he taught- he raised me on, the music of the uh, like the uh, 20s, 30s, 40s, including the- and the musicals, featuring Gene_Kelly.

Easy-K: Ooh.

Chris: Yeah, so goes way back, yeah- I like all kinds of music, uh, just not the, heavy metal where, this- where the, singer is quite, incoherent.

Easy-K: Right.

Chris: It's just, it's just really stressful from, do they call that music?

Easy-K: I believe they do. I'm pretty sure

[Chris laughs, regressively]

Video Game Tangent (0:19:27-0:19:57)

Chris: Yeah, but I mean not to criticise, everybody who enjoys that type of music, and, aha, like, I thought, y'know- to even to, just bring in Chloe I just started playing the new Life is Strange video game wherein her, where, we're playing as Chloe, and it's here before Max came back, it's pretty good so far. Anyway

Merryweathery: Anyhoo,

Easy-K: Yeah, I saw that game, it looked pretty interesting.

Chris: Yeah, hm, and I did enjoy the, uh, first game all throughout.

Bob Tributes (0:19:57-0:23:09)

Merryweathery: Chris, I just want to ask you, have you seen some of the internet tributes, that were made in honor of your father? During- uh, after his death? My condolences, by the way.

Chris: Um, thank you, um, no I ha- no, I haven't uh, because I'm still in the trans- I'm still in the emotional mental transition, uh, [Merryweathery: Of course] between where, I couldn't tell the difference between the trolls, and the fans, but now, I am, more uh, like there, they're a whole entire group as long as they are talking about me one way, or another, their, uh, they at least still like me in one aspect. [Merryweathery: Of course] And that's another thing, the comments, on, the haters, who, don't really know, or, refuse to, express their feelings, in love, or anything Huggy-feely like that, haha, they're probably, just squeamishing right now just as I said that. Huh, but anyway, they express their love and like, other ways as well, it's just more in tu- just more like in body language and like, you know, one worded subtle, cues like "Hm, yeah, whatever" and-

Merryweathery: Of course.

Chris: And that could be interpreted as "thank you" among which, by the way, yeah, but- but still, respect them for, s- for showing love the way they do, just y'know, on the internet they, may not be so, cussy-fussy...

Merryweathery: Of course, uh, Chris, I just want to tell you, um, while, a lot of trolls, who have obviously come after you, have done it for horrible reasons, a lot of them have tried to ruin your life, and a lot of people really, rather dislike them for that, because a lot of people do find you to be a very interesting person, and I think the majority of us felt very sad about your father's passing. Um, and- and if you ever one day feel like you, you could get a good laugh, then you might want to take a look at the different tributes and fan-art that people made when your father passed away, uh, I know at least one, YouTube video that, uh, put me a little bit, uh, to tears. He was lovingly called the Internet Lumberjack, because of that one time where he threatened to cut down your internet.

Chris: Yes, um, yes I'm aware of that meme.

Merryweathery: Yes, it was, um, completely, in- in love of your father, it was, not at all, meanly meant, or anything like that. So my condolences, and, uh, if you want to check your- your- your inbox, right there on- on- on discord, I've sent you a piece of fan-art of your father, knocking in the doors to heaven, with a rainbow in the background, saying "Get away from that internet! I'm cutting it down!"

Chris: Heh, huh, oh my gosh.

Merryweathery: [Laughs] So, maybe you can enjoy that a little bit, but, yes of course, congratulations on your father's birthday.

Chris: Thank you.

Twitter Blocking Saga (0:23:09-0:33:40)

Merryweathery: Uh, of course, I want to move on a little bit from- from that rather sad note, uh, block the trolls, not the heros, your hashtag, uh, your current Twitter campaign, where you uh, talk about getting blocked by various people,do you want to talk to us a little bit about that? Maybe tell us what it's about?

Chris: Ok, well, I'll try to make the long story short, and go into mentioning, DoopieDoOver, over on Planet Dolan, and then Lazycast, I mean all things aside, she's still quite alright, kind, upstanding person just as her- just has her emotional flaws, but I look, I look over that, and I just feel for her, because I felt, I feel in my self aha, not often drunk, but I mean it's cool, it's her thing, it's her need, there, she do what she do, but anyway, um, so, so- so before that started, uh, another one on plane- another one on the PLanet Dolan crew mentioned national girlfriend day on her Twitter, so I saw that, so after I saw that I was like "oh, I should actually be able to meet, uh, actually make acquaintance of all these fam- uh, all these famous people" I mean yes mostly women, but I mean, it's not like I don't like, my share of males as well, but I mean I like Kelsy Grammer and Jerry Seinfeld, among which, but anyway, so, w'e- like you know, in the sense that they're not my, I mean- In the sense that they're not my, we're not in a relationship, or we're not totally, we aren't totally friends yet, but, still I just appreciate, just, being able to communicate with them, in my life. I was just vastly misunderstood, for like "Oh! Yeah sweethearts, everything", no, no. But anyways, so, with that the trolls started harassing- saying Doopie- after I made the, post and tagged her amongst a few others, um, but anyway so she started getting harassed, poor thing, on her Patreon, and definitely on her Twitter, and then she, came and attacked me, she felt like I was doing the harassing to her, I mean, it was just misunderstood, I mean, on anoth- on her other Patreon page, which that one was NSFW, I just, I lent her a bit of s- support like, you know, just one little suggestion! About to one to maybe between Vinyl and [Tavi] in human forms, haha, that's aba- that's a good, that's, probably the best ship in the whole MLP series, uh, but anyway, uh, aside, yeah, so I was being supportive, and I was meaning to be kind, I, did not, I, did not mean to be harassing or offensive in any way, but, poor Doopie, she just, took it that way, and eventually she blocked me on Twitter, but, it was not I who was doing the harassing, because, if I was, I would have been more, y'know, I guess I probably would have cursed more, or I would have, uh, commented, uh, like, you know, "please be kind, please reconsider, I'm not harassing you" I hardly ever said all that, but trolls were like "Oh, here we go again, Chris is harassing this poor girl, oh Doopie! You should block Chris here, he is totally harassing you!" and I mean that was not the case, it's just that the trolls were just throwing that label, onto me, and eventually Doopie blocked me.

Easy-K: Wow.

Merryweathery: Yes, and I believe it was Nowacking who also blocked you?

Chris: Yeah, that was- that was the, uh, third one, I'll get to her shortly, but then uh, a little while later, because uh, she was getting uh, we- uh, ear of the insults because they forgot to untag her from the- from that argument in the comments tab of the senjume who voices [Rarity] on My Little Pony, and also Luna, [Princess Luna], "We must speak in the royal we!" haha, but any- but anyway did like- I did like her, fight too and, uh, and I told her that I will- that I- that I will practice, uh, untagging and if I end up leav- uh, if I end up, leaving a tag, then just my mistake, like I forget, another one recently, with the trolls, commented on, but that's uh, a whole different kettle of fish right there, but anyway so- but anyway so shortly after Tabatha thanked me for, uh, y'know, for promising to, untag, dir- the ones that are not involved in the argument, yeah it was like shortly after this I guess she was still getting harrased by the trolls, at my expense, and so she blocked me on Twitter.

Merryweathery: Yes. So...

Chris: Ok and yes, uh, so now we will talk, now we are gonna talk about, Nowacking, Jessie Nowacking, who I really appreciate, being the voice of Vinyl scratch on YouTube, at least, no- that's, now that's still a very awesome person I feel I've, uh, I'm good at analysing a person from what they um, what they say like, just, not to be judgemental or anything, but it's just like, y'know, just to put uh, personality aspects in there, but anyway, so, she wanted to- she was just- talking, shooting off, the uh, just- shooting off her mind a little bit, she wanted t- uh "How about I offer some of my own input advice from online dating sites, like, I'd listen to that." And then she, put six portions of like, uh, where, these were like, y'know, like, If I said it then it's not cool, but if she said it then that's cool, so then she put her response to that, but, between those things I commented, I mana- I even managed to splice together the, uh, the central type, of a woman that, apparently she may, or may not have been, getting, a lot of comments of relationships from past relationships, just putting the s in the parentheses, there, with and uh, she kinda fell flat from there, and uh, and then the trolls took that from, took from that and, once again threw the "harassing" label onto me, and then, Jessie, kinda blocked me there, and that, was just like that really upset me, and it still upsets me that I'm still blocked by Doopie, Tabatha and Nowacking, but it's like, I'm pray- I'm praying that they will realise that, yeah it was not me who did the harassing, but the trolls, and on my one alt account I did have the, put up the screen capture from, all those, uh past, comments, uploaded them onto there.

Easy-K: Well, you can think of this as kind of like a platform, to kind of address them directly. Like if you were to speak them directly, like what you would say.

Chris: Yeah, although for- although for this little move that I recently did by uploading the past, I took that from Leslie Jones, I've seen that on WatchMojo top 5 video of these five celebrities were cyberbullied, yeah Leslie Jones is number 3 and the way she countered them, like: "I'll tell you what! Yeah you give me the bullying and the harassing I'm gonna retweet that, and show every- showing everyone how punk-ass you are, and how block-worthy YOU should be, you damn internet bully!"

Easy-K: Wow. Thats...

Chris: But- but- but- but I did- I did like Leslie Jones on Saturday Night Live and Ghostbusters 2016.

Easy-K: Yeah.

Merryweathery: Oh, you've watched it, have you? Ghostbusters.

Chris: Yeah.

Merryweathery: Right. Oh, yeah

Chris: I liked it, I don't care what anybody says, I like it.

Merryweathery: Ok.

Easy-K: That's good.

Merryweathery: You're supposed to like whatever movie you like, it's not about what other people think.

Chris: Yes.

Merryweathery: Anyway, uh, Chris, I want to ask you, uh, following up a little bit on the, uh, the matter of the, uh, troll thing, it is clear, by this point that you are very used to trolls coming after you and attacking you in various matters, whenever you post anything, have you gotten, sort of immune to it? Have you stopped caring about it?

Chris: Uh, back to that, uh, just- alright, just we'll get to that- answering that question but I just want to backtrack a little bit, [Merryweathery: Go ahead.] because I forgot to mention, um, I mean who's doing more harassing? Me? Or the trolls on the internet? I mean, I've been the victim of these trolls for, since like 2007, and they're now throwing the harassing label onto me, And they're the ones coming at you more than I would- ever would, because there are multiple people and I'm just one person, so- it's like, who do you block? The uh, hero, victim? That's actually more k- that's actually more often to be more kind and underst- and compassionate and all that? Or do you block the, number of those, in the internet trolls that should not be ba-bang ba-bang ba-bang ba-bang ba-bang- harassing.

Merryweathery: Yes.

Easy-K: Right.

Chris: Uh, but anyway that was, what that was, what that was about, um, now the other question, uh, shoot, it just slipped out my mind, uh, could you repeat the question, please? The, the new one.

Merryweathery: It actually slipped my mind as well, um, uh, oh yes, of course, regarding the, uh, many trolls, you have.

Chris: Oh yeah! The immunity, um...

Merryweathery: Yes. Are you immune to it?

Chris' Troll Immunity (0:33:40-0:34:33)

Chris: Yeah, um, for the latter I would say that I have become mostly immune, to their hatred, I have a- I have a mental emotional shield against their feedback. It doesn't always work, because I, tend to fall, emotionally it's- I'm still only, I'm still only human, but, but for the latter I have, do to to try to block the, uh, hate, those criticisms, those comments from affecting me, deep.

Merryweathery: Yes. Well, I can imagine, since you mentioned you've bee the victim of trolling since 2007, uh, I- I'd imagine that you would already be like, you've already heard the most horrible things anyone could ever say to you. I can't imagine much, for you to imagine, hurting you.

Chris: Mhm.

Trolling IRL (0:34:33-0:36:27)

Merryweathery: Regardless, um, you've obviously, as mentioned, become, um, the target of multiple trolling, uh, campaigns, I'm sure anyone who is familiar with your name will know at least a few of these campaigns, uh, have you ever? Well, you- well you've obviously encountered a few trolls in your real life, as well, uh, do you have any stories, you'd like to share?

Chris: Um, encountering trolls in wh- in real life, well, first off one where the troll was definitely have, foot, on the webpage, not gonna name them specifically, but the one where, yeah, this, uh, this was one of my theoretical ex-girlfriends, did turn out to be a woman, came to visit and meet me in Virginia, my father wa- my father was there as well, this was long before he passed on, anyway, so it was a nice little, get together, apparently, the uh, then the troll was hiding, nearby with the camera just recording- d'our, conv- the, the events between the three of us, uh, her, my father and I, and then she and I, uh, walked off together and and then we were intercepted by, this guy in a pickle suit, pickle costume, [Merryweathery bursts out laughing and tries to stifle it] and it was like, I was strung up, by that, and then, uh, I didn't know what to think, but eve- but then eventually she walked off to her car with the guy in the pickle suit escorting her, and I was like "Oh my Go-" and I was like "Oh my God, what the hell was that?"


Easy-K: Top ten anime betrayals.

Merryweathery: I'm very sorry for laughing, Chris, you must imagine, in retrospect it's a bit funny.

Chris: [Not finding it in the least bit funny] Yeah, kinda funny, especially when you've go the adult definition of how a pickle can be interpreted.

Merryweathery: Yes [giggles].

Chris and Pickles (0:36:27-0:37:45)

Chris: But really I, but really that's- well, that is one of the aspects that turns me off from, the vegetable, what really turns me off from the vegetable, is actually the taste and the flavour, and yes I have eaten pickles before, you know off of, a, burger or a sandwich, it just, it doesn't suit that, pickle brine doesn't suit me well, yeah.

Easy-K: What about Kosher? How do you feel about Kosher pickles? As opposed to Dill?

Chris: Uh, never- I also kinda never tried kosher.

Easy-K: They're pretty good, that's the one that I like better.

Chris: I'd sample it, see how it tastes...

Easy-K: Yeah, it's worth a try.

Merryweathery: It's good that you're, open to new things, at least. So, the- the man in the pickle suit which has been kind on an infamous situation, of cou- of course the video that was leaked, from your date. Um, now, now I like to ask, have you encountered the man in the pickle suit more than once? Or is that the only time?

Chris: Um I'm not sure, I think that was, um, uh, I think there might have been another time where, outside of the pickle suit he came back to Virginia and, we, and we just hung out for a little bit, but I- know- that's I'm not 100% sure but I mean I do- I do know, who he, is.

The MIPS redemption arc (0:37:45-0:38:22)

Merryweathery: Oh, ok then, so you've actually met the man inside of the pickle suit?

Chris: Yeah, outside of the pickle costume.

[Merry laughs again]

Easy-K: Right.

Merryweathery: Is he, is he friendly, to you then?

Chris: Um, Kinda, um kinda, yes and no, I want to say, because um, he yeah, he's contacting me on Twitter again, I was like "I vaguely remember him, but I couldn't really say, I just remember exactly why", and now I do, because he was the guy in the pickle suit.

The Magical Man's Identity (0:38:22-0:39:30)

Merryweathery: Of course, the-the-there are several situations, um, of course, where um, standard videos from your previous channel, and, uh, of course there's extensive archives on the internet of various videos of yours, that you uploaded once to your channel and they got deleted, or maybe you deleted them, or something like that. But there's one video which you uploaded once, which features a man, a-a young guy, a young, decent looking man, who is- is acting with you and joining in a comedy skit where you drank a potion and became this man, um, a lot of people, were very curious of who this guy was, was it a family friend? Do you remember who I'm talking about?

Chris: Um, eh, uh Yeah, I know who you're talking about, he, actually, he actually was a friend of mine and another- a friend of mine and one of my gal pals, who actually lives in the Charlottesville area, not gonna name any names, but yeah, he was a friend, and he's currently, uh, he's currently married and very, uh well-to-do I haven't talked to him in a very long time though.

Virginia is for Virgins (0:39:30-0:40:59)

Merryweathery: Oh, ok, he's currently married, then? That's very nice, well, uh, Virginia is for lovers, after all?

Chris: Yes.

Merryweathery: Um, you- you you're fictional version of Virginia, is of course, uh, is, uh very much centred around your Love Quest, and and um, [Chris: Yeah.] I believe it was um, did you make some different version of the, Virginia is for lovers, handle?

Chris: Ye- Yeah, I said Virginia was for virgins, but now that's not the case, I'm not a virgin anymore, not for- not be- not been that way for a few years now, but anyway, uh.

Merryweathery: Congratulations.

Easy-K: Yeah.

Chris: Thank you but a- thank you but anyway, um, so pretty much, uh, so that's an outdated thing anyw- just an old outdated joke, right now.

Merryweathery: Of course, of course. Well, I-it's still entertaining to still look back at those old things, I'm sure you'll- I'm sure you must, uh, do you ever just read the old issues of Sonichu? [Chris: Yeah.] And think- just think to yourself, "wow" at those times?

Chris: Definitely yes, I mean I have my own set of the printed books, as well as the, original pages, and also, it amazes me that, uh, uh, I've increased and I've definitely improved my drawing skills from book 0 up to now.

Anime (0:40:59-0:43:21)

Merryweathery: Yes. At one point during your comic's history you started drawing with a little bit of an anime style, do you like anime, Chris?

Chris: Yes I like anime.

Merryweathery: Which ones?

Chris: Uh, I'll name a few of my favorites off the top of my head like Sailor Moon, um, I did also enjoy the first season of Futari wa PuriKyua, also known as Pretty Cure in American language, uh...

Merryweathery: Ok.

Chris: Lemme think a moment, um, [internet connection problems]

Merryweathery: Excel Saga?

Chris: Yeah, oh yeah, Excel Saga, yeah that was a- yes that was a crazy fun anime. I def- feel like it's- although people may say otherwise I think it's- I think it's better than Fooly Cooly. Yeah

Easy-K: Oh really? I'm a huge fan of Fooly Cooly so I should check that out. Would actually want to know...

Chris: Yeah I've seen all six episodes. Of that, of the original, I'm still waiting on th- I'm still waiting to watch the, reboot of that, and uh, also I did enjoy Inuyasha and, Cowboy_Bebop.

Easy-K: Uh, Chris, if you had an animation budget, like let's say you had, um, a big animator team, and, y'know production team, at your disposal what kind of, y'know, film, like I know obviously you'd probably want to make a cartoon, what would you, y'know produce? Would you, like wanna animate Sonichu? Or, or what would you like to do?

Chris: Um, not fully decided, yet, um, I kinda think I'd like to have it, something in the line of the art style being a modern cartoon- Oh! Now I remember, um, something on the level, um, of the original Teen Titans series? Not, Teen Titans Go, though, uh, something on that level, um, and then also, yes, um- um- um- also the animation of My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic, so it's some, um, some combination in between those two.

Easy-K: Any animation teams out there, listening, contact us, contact Chris.

Chris: Probably contact them directly, because I wouldn't be able to tell the difference [between a troll and a real company].

Merryweathery: Haha that's true.

Chris: And then, and then they can relay, and sort it all out for me.

Julie Trip (0:43:21-0:45:16)

Merryweathery: Absoloutely, of course, well in-in the past, I believe, you were contacted by, well at least someone claiming to be Shigeru Miyamoto from Nintendo?

Chris: Yeah, that was an obvious prank, my mom and I, we saw this all the time, we actually made plans, we almost made plans for the trip, but my father, in his wisdom, was like "No, too much, don't go." and- and then, we didn't go.

Merryweathery: Have you ever been tricked into going places, like that?

Chris: Um, yeah the one time I was tricked by a theoretical ex-girlfriend, uh, I drove all the way up to Cleveland, Ohio, definitely was a dead end, out there, but y'know, the dr- the uh, drive and my sou- and my, uh, soul s- and my, all my self, deep thinking, throughout, it was, good to get away from the h- get away from the house, in that sense, day, forth and back, trip, took all day.

Merryweathery: What happened when you turned up to the location, and she wasn't there?

Chris: Um, yeah, old lady d- answered the door, and I was like "was that girl there?" and she was like "No, nobody lives here" and I was like "Ok, thank you, have a good day." and just printe- pretty much just went back to the car, disappointed and, then I made my way back home.

Merryweathery: Right.

Chris: And uh, and this was shortly after, the- my, uh, Aunt Corrina's funeral, also, that's all a different- that's a whole different kettle of fish, but that's nouwe- how I remember when this happened.

Trolls Chris misses (0:45:16-0:48:40)

Merryweathery: Right, you've obviously had a lot of different kind of, uh, internet love interests, uh, I believe most of them turned out to be trolls, uh...

Chris: Yes.

Merryweathery: In the later times, unfortunately, of course, um, is there any, um any of them you actually miss?

Chris: Uh, um, I have, um, miss, 'em, hm... uh, I guess uh, yeah, uh, I miss um, I miss like 2, or 3 or 4 of them, uh, not to name anybody right now.

Merryweathery: Of course, uh, very well, um, other than that, to speak a little about the trolls thing, because that's obviously been, that- that- I don't mean to focus solely on that, you are more than just, a trolling victim, or course, but it is, obviously, a very interesting part of you, uh, Chris, it is- it is a very big part of your internet presence, it's your fight with the trolls! Your epic battle! Lasting years, and years and years, with these troll people who keep messing with you, um, have you ever? The- and- and- and in this time, professional animators have made, uh, like Sonichu, animated openings on YouTube, uh, a- a- a- uh, particular animator YouTuber, uh, I can't really remember the name right now, he made like a Sonichu label, uh...

Chris: Uh, send me a link, uh I'll watch it later.

Merryweathery: Of course, of course, have you ever consumed?- my question- Have you every consumed any of the troll content that you actually liked?

Chris: Hm, um, ye- um, yes and no, I have to s- I think, uh, any that I actually would consider a favourite, that I would actually consider as inspiration, as a part of the, of the clip of their web- of the event, the one, the 5- 5 t- to 10 page short comic about Sonichu and Rosechu's wedding.

Merryweathery: Ok.

Chris: And I have, uh, printed that out and read through that for my reference, ah, between where Bubbles was wearing her red dress and it fell off because she became instantly wet[?], and there's something about a rabbit's foot in there.

Merryweathery: I see, so that's something- that's something you like.

Chris: Yeah, that's, uh, one thing, but, really I prefer- uh, feel better with, uh fan comics and drawings, uh, that's generally put with- heart and lave into it, and respect to, [Merryweathery: Yes.] the original work. But- uh, but y'know, save for, television- save for, like, y'know, TVY7, uh, I guess, at a certain point, if you want to go up to the uh, TV14 range, you just don't want, you just, it's not- totally t- I mean Sonichu, who I have delved, into rating f- the mature rating, but that's not the main fo- that's not the main deal, of the stories.

Shonichu's Mature Content (0:48:40-0:49:38)

Merryweathery: Yeah, it's not a part of the actual issues, it's more like small bonuses, correct?

Chris: Yes, yeah, someti- it's just somewhere in between, uh, Y7 and 14, uh, ss- as if I were to, If I were to put it analysis to that,uh, just some content to- maybe suh- they're gonna learn about it on the streets eventually, like, you know, definitely in book 12 the SLGBTQ community, and transgenders, and whatnot, I hope that- I hope that they're teaching that in schools, as well.

Merryweathery: Th- yes, but, do you consider- I'm sorry, [Easy-K: Oh, yeah.] Ok. Well I- I- I'd love to personally go to the- to go to the, uhh... To go to the library and see a Sonichu comic there, that would be, interesting.

Chris: Yeah.

Easy-K: Or the- or Barnes and Noble, and see a Sonichu comic, that would be am- like, uh, like awesome.

Merryweathery: Honestly, honestly, to be completely honest, I don't think, it's, impossible?

Chris: Thank you.

The Heart-Wrenching Elevator Scene (0:49:38-0:52:42)

Merryweathery: Of course, um, Chris, I just want to ask you, um regarding, uh, the Sonichu, uh, there's obviously the whole, you- you- you- you've spent a lot of the older Sonichus on the fight with the trolls, against these troll characters, who make these appearances, uh, of course Reldnahc Notsew Naitsirhc, your, uh, rival character, which was your dark version of yourself, was in fact gay-

Chris: Yes.

Easy-K: Hold on just a second-

Merryweathery: He was a homosexual, uh, during the death of this character, uh, along with, uh, I believe it was another character, you actually had a moment, in the comic, where you, almost vindicated them in a way, they held each other's hands and said "we won't die to his hands"- referring to your character, in the comic, uh, and jumping down an elevator shaft, di- di- do- di- was that, uh, a bit of remorse? For killing these characters, who, were, of course, who were your enemies? You- you kind of humanised them, these villains, in- in a brief moment.

Chris: Hm, yes, and plus also- and plus also in that same book, just to, uh, bring it up, uh, the original- back- the original, from the vaccine that I injected the vaccine into Reldnahc, I turned him back into Naitsihc, um, I mean, yeah, in book 12 I re-evaluated that, and y'know, repurposed that like y'know to remove his hatred, and d'uh to prevent a sooner coming of a- of an army of hate, an- and of course originally it was the anti-gay- like it was sort of to remove the homosexuality within him. But, but the I've come around and that's- and so I did my editing- and- which was definitely doable and well- long before we got the print of book number 10 there, so, that's all good there, and then book t- and then book 12 I just wanted to say, aside from it being, like, y'know, the pride festival, and all the, lesbian transwoman-ness of myself and Roberta Sonichu, within it, uh, I also badly, want to could that, as a sincere apology, and love-letter, to everybody in the SLGBTQ communities, because, uh, I was, uh, [naive], and I was under different impressions, but I have become more mature and more educated better now, so, hopefully- it's- it's nice ya'll we're, I do appreciate ya'll's kindness in the communities, and uh, I uh just pray that we can- let- by- that we can forget that one, or two instances in my past books, where I was more naive, and then we can move forward.

Fan Designs (0:52:42-0:54:11)

Merryweathery: Of course. I'm sure- I'm sure most people, wouldn't really mind, in the first place, um, uh, anyway, uh, going back a little bit to your comic, and you mentioned before that you prefer when people actually- when people are making fan content, of your comic, that you prefer, um, staying, uh, sticking to the original, um designs and plans you had for the comic rather than making something different, there is of course a very, kind of famous, alternate designs of one of your characters which is Slaweel, where she is instead drawn... uh, Slaweel in the comic, just to give a little bit of a reference, is a- an old- an old witch-like woman-

Chris: Yeah.

Merryweathery: But, in these fan drawings, she is a busty, uh, blonde, uh, very attractive young woman, what do you think about this?

Chris: Those pieces, I'd say "alright! That could be a younger version of her!" haha.

Merryweathery: Pft, alright.

Chris: But, uh, on fan-art, I wanna just say, um, yeah wha- offering respect to the original work- and I do encourage everybody do their own fan-art, uh, y'know, all due respect, but, you don't have to be a prege- gore-head and dive into, uh, alternate theories and fan-fiction, that's all good.

Painting the White House Black (0:54:11-0:55:49)

Merryweathery: Is there anything that you, uh, did, like any choices you made in the previous issues of Sonichu that you regret?

Chris: Hm, anything updated, the previous choices, um...

Merryweathery: Like, um, plots or characters, or the things that happened in the comic that you, uh, particularly regret?

Chris: Hm, uh, yeah, definitely one, that, my father, had done when Obama was running for president-

Merryweathery: Oh, the one with him painting the house black? The Whitehouse black?

Chris: Yeah, that w- yeah, that was my father's misrep- misinterp- [sigh], uh, well not to go further, to what he was thinking at the time, my father but, he is- uh he's said "Hey Chris- um, Hey Christian, you should definitely draw this, at least for me" and I was like "Oh my gosh, I don't wanna do this I like Obama, I watched the A&E biography and actually related to him. Y'know and empathy and, there was y'know similarities, and yeah a social outcast and whatnot. And, well, all shame befall me I drew it anyway and I put it in the triple-X version of, uh, book number 8, and I still regret that, it- that little bit- that, one thing in the long, 70 plus story elevator ride.

Merryweathery: Yes, uh, of the, uh, [[|9-cent-garbage], which was of course, a reference to 4-chan.

Chris: Yeah, 4-cent-garbage, not 9.

Return of (0:55:49-0:57:20)

Merryweathery: Oh, 4- 4-cent-garbage. Um, very well, yes, um, s- is there any chance of this 4-cent-garbage coming, uh, making a return? In your comic?

Chris: Um, nobody in par- nobody specifically in particular, actually yes there has, uh, Graduon, when after- uh, before coming back to work, and uh actually when he had come back to work, he has uh, actually taken the minds of they- of the people who have a computer, and they start spreading hate and, hurtful comments all over the, um, internet, and then hu-it pretty much, to uh, make- in his quest to make love of all kinds, even between man and woman in ge- make love, in general, illegal because uh, yeah, as it was expressed he never could never feel love EVER, even in his original lifetime, and even onward into him, just being a wandering spirit, t- 'till what he does- find, his body, in that crowd of his possessed jerkops and goes from the Metal Sonichu body to that.

Merryweathery: Alright. So I was interested...

Chris: there's a for- there's a mild spoiler.

Merryweathery: I'll- I'll- I'll look forward to reading it, just need to he- Easy, are you back yet?

Easy-K: Oh, yeah yeah I'm here.

Merryweathery: Do you have any questions for Chris before we go into the lightning round?

Sonic Games (0:57:20-0:57:54)

Easy-K: Uh, yeah, um, how do you feel about, um, Sonic 25th Anniversary, and Sonic Mania?

Chris: I liked Sonic Mania, I played it through.

Easy-K: Cool, yeah, uh, it looked pretty fun. What about, uh, 25th Anniversary?

Chris: Uh, it's geat- cool, 25th Anniversary is great, and I did like, Sonic twe- 2006, despite anybody- and what anybody says, and despite the glitches.

Easy-K: W-right, did you make it through the- [coughs] excuse me, the whole, game? Like you played through the whole thing?

Chris: Yes. Yeah. (0:57:54-0:58:34)

Easy-K: Have you ever considered, like, maybe doing letsplays? Maybe at Twitch?

Chris: Um, that has come to mind- that has come to mind, but, it's- I don't know, it's just beyond me on how to set it- set all that up at the moment.

Easy-K: I mean, um, you could just, like have the s-stream of the game, going, like, while you're just talking to us, like right now, um, I would watch it.

Chris: Yeah, uh, I tried that with, uh, Destiny, but, had trouble with the microphone, the s- obviously my voice did not make it through into the, uh, final video that was uploaded.

Easy-K: Aw man.

Bronycon 2017 (0:58:34-0:59:58)

Merryweathery: Uh, tell us about Bronycon, Chris.

Chris: Oh yes I had an awesome time at Bronycon, I was met with a whole lot of true, honest, sincere, kindness and love, it was, very refreshing, and, got to meet Cathy Weseluck, and uh, Kelly Sheridan [Note: Chris repeatedly mispronounces the name as "Sheradin".], took me a while to memorize her last name, Sheridan, I had trouble, but then I remember, from the British sho- from the British comedy Keeping Up Appearances, Hyacinth's son: Sheridan, [Also actually Sheridan, unbelievably] "If Sheridan were here, he'd be appalled!" But in rememberance, of a name, of a famous voice actress, I thi- I think, he would, applaud.

[Easy-K laughs]

Merryweathery: Wonderful um, bu-

Chris: And then- the- also, big buzz, uh, all three cutie mark crusader voice actresses, plus [Babs Seed]. That was- that was just totally awesome, right there, and got to meet Daniel Ingram too and as I- I said to Daniel "Give Vinyl Scratch her voice! Let her speak, we KNOW she's not mute!"

[Both laugh]

Easy-K: What did he think about that?

Chris: Hu, he was like "hm-yeah, alright. We'll give her a line eventually."

[All laugh]

Merryweathery: Oh, right, oh, well, I'm- I'ts go- good to hear you went out, and had fun, Chris.

Chris: Yeah

Easy-K: I- I have-

Merryweathery: Um I wan- I want to ask you some, oh, go ahead.

Chris' Politics (0:59:58-1:02:12)

Easy-K: I have one more question, Merry, uh, Chris, y'know, we live in a pretty polarizing time in the world, and I would just l- y'know, just wanna see- know your feedback, on you know, how you feel about the current, political climate, not just in the ni- United States, but in the world, y'know, you seem to have a pretty interesting opinion about that.

Chris: Hm, not totally into politics, and I definitely do- I definitely, did not like Mr. 45, in the White House, not to say his, real name, y'know, but anyway, -because he's the 45th president.

Easy-K: Yes, yes.

Merryweathery: Yes.

Chris: Yeah, but anyway to have, him in the White House, and what he's done, since he, went into the White House, and- I mean IN the October, pol- in the October debates between him and Hillary, I mean I could- I could just see his malignant narcissism, from, more than a mile away. I just didn't- I didn't know the term, yet, but then the psychologist put the term on the internet. That's what- that's what he is, but anyway- um, moreover, with um, the countries and how they feel, um, I do- I do, feel, that we should be more peaceful we should, try to be more tolerant, of, each other, at least, and, there's no need to- throw out all- to throw all this, war weapons and whatnot, and, it's also like- it's also, our life, and everybody's life at this point is like a sample platter, it's like there's a little bit of each of us, on the world, and just a whole differing, various bunch of people, and, we like some that's on the same platter, but we don't like some wha- that's some that's on the same platter, but we're all on the same sampler platter, that is, earth.

Easy-K: Wow, that's a great way- that's a beautiful way of looking at it.

Travelling (1:02:12-1:03:16)

Merryweathery: Yes. Very much so. Have you- uh, Chris have you ever considered uh, travelling? To other countries?

Chris: Yes, I'd like to visit, uh, London, England, eventually, at some point, I'm might even like- I might even like to go see, uh, Ontario, Canada, I mean- I mean.

Merryweathery: Oh! How about, how about Asia?

Chris: Asia, that, hm, uh Asia's cool. Although, If you wanna send me more- If you wanna send me more Middle Eastern, I m- i would definitely visit China and Japan.

Merryweathery: Yes. Alright, well, uh, Chris, I- I, want to ask you a few more questions, like, kind of a lighting round, before then, do you have anything more to ask him, Easy?

Easy-K: Uh, no I think I covered, just about all the questions, that I, I had.

Merryweathery: Alright. Uh, Chris, I'll, uh, jump into a lightning round, where, you'll have to say some extra words, and then, uh, we'll call it. Uh, alright?

Chris: Alright.

Forgiveness (1:03:16-1:04:04)

Merryweathery: Alright, wonderful, Uh, of all the trolls, that have ever, uh, trolled you, Chris, are there any of them that you would consider forgiving? Perhaps becoming friends with?

Chris: I, would like to, consi- I really would like to, forgive, every. Last. Troll. Period.

Merryweathery: Wow.

Chris: And if any of them still, hate m- and still want to, hate me and take it to an extreme, then, uh, I would still want to forgive them, and give them a chance, but, huh, well, we can only go up to a certain point.

Merryweathery: Right.

Chris: I mean, Je- I mean Jesus is forgiving, not to insult religion there[?] but, He would forgive everyone regardless.

Easy-K: Wow.

God, Jesus, and the Bear (1:04:04-1:04:40)

Merryweathery: How about the bear?

Chris: Uh, I'm sorry, how about what?

Merryweathery: Uh, that's a little, fun reference to, God, Jesus and the Bear?

Chris: Hm, I do- I don't.

Merryweathery: Heh- your- your-

Chris: It was like the bear? I'm no- I'm not, familiar with that story.

Merryweathery: No, No! It's something you always say! It's why you're not- you were born Christopher Weston Chandler, but, you became Christian, Weston Chandler, after the bear, uh, misheard your-

Chris: Oh, oh yeah THAT bear.

Merryweathery: [laughs] yes, it's just a fu- a fun little reference, for those who got it. Uh, anyway

Chris: Leonard Bearstein.

Getting a Normal Job (1:04:40-1:06:44)

Merryweathery: Yes, um, anyway, uh, Chris, this isn't, to criticise, your choice of how you want to live your life, I don't, uh, I'm- I'm, personally I'm not even in any position to actually do that, because I also live off my Patreon, haha, uh, I also live off the internet- have you ever considered- have you ever considered... Just, getting, a, normal job, um, getting a normal apartment, uh, living...

Chris: Uh, uh- uh yes I have considered getting a job, but unfortunately, because of my background I just feel I would not be hard- hired, and I have tried getting a job, uh, even after- long after 2007, and I hadly ever got call backs, so, in fact I have lots of responsibilities here at home with my, mom, and, taking care of the dogs and cats, and- and my books, and everything.

Merryweathery: Of course, I wanted to ask...

Chris: A- and also, I WOULD like to, eventually move somewhe- move from this house, to somewhere, else, uh, maybe a similar sized house, or smaller, I'm not sure, I don't- I can't say, yet, but, for now I'm ki- I'm ki- more comfortable living in, this one.

Merryweathery: Yes, of course.

Easy-K: Um, about tha- about that, uh, Chris, like, if you- y'know- were to get a job, like, let's say like soon-ish, um, where would you like to, y'know, um, actually work? Like w- what's an, ideal job for you?

Chris: Uh, I'm not sure, let's pass that question.

Merryweathery: No problem.

Easy-K: Ok.

Merryweathery: Uh, Chris, um, one of my friends, names Mr. Matika[?] uh, asked me to ask you this, uh, and it is a little bit of a serious question, so, i- it's perfectly alright, if you want to, uh, skip it.

Chris: Alright, what's the question?

Barb's Death (1:06:44-1:07:03)

Merryweathery: Uh, IF your mother Barbara's health wasn't, if, um, things start to decline further, if you- dyo- do you have any plans for the future? Any emergency plans?

Chris: Uh, my mother and I are still working on- that discussion, and planning.

Future Comic Villains (1:07:03-1:08:36)

Merryweathery: Very well, it is uh- it is a hard question to answer, so I suppose... Uh anyway! Uh, regarding the Sonichu comic, back in the day, you usually would, like I've mentioned several times, during this podcast, you usually would- kind of uh- villainise, uh, different people, who played, uh- played an antagonistic role, in your life, like the uh, jerkops, which is the- uh, cops that were, jerks to you, uh, manajerks, were managers, at supermarkets and the like, and- of course- uh, Slaweel herself, um, in the- in the uh, new- in the new, kind of, Sonichu comic, that you are drawing right now, uh, do you have any idea, uh, what kind of villains might show up in the future?

Chris: Um, well, among which I definitely have, rese- I am definitely- repurposing so- some of the villains, but not all of them, or rather s- I should say Graduon, is r- is re-enlisting, some of them, yeah, but not all of them still, because, they, have their own skill set, and, they- and the ones that he doesn't hire, they, don't have quite such a high level skill set, that he'd feel, would validate, his cause. And, they would not be repurposed, for, jerkops, or jenkops, as it were, uh, because, they're- they're pretty much immune to his power, because- they're, already, they were already kind of, uh...

Merryweathery: Cut out.

Chris: Yeah.

Therapy (1:08:36-1:09:56)

Merryweathery: Alright, wonderful, uh, yes- anyway, uh, Chris, you've obviously been through a lot, in your life, you have lived through, a lot of stress, you have lived through a lot of various things, and you've obviously had, kind of a hard time. Have you ever considered, uh, perhaps going to a therapist?

Chris: Hm, yes I have, seen, a ther- I have seen a few therapists including my pastoral counsellor at church, and, ta- and we've talked, and- and that was good, and uh, for more uh, for more, uh, current I have s- I have talked with a- a- with someone over at Region Ten, and- she helped me out, some, and I found, a transgender support group in Charlottesville, and, I'm going there w- once a month, now.

Merryweathery: Ok. Wonderful. Uh, let's see, do we have anything else?

Easy-K: Um, I- I asked, just about all the questions that I have. [big old cough]

Merryweathery: Well, uh, wonderful, uh, let's see, so we have, uh, anything? Well I think, that's it! Uh, Chr- Chris, do you- uh, do you want to say anything else, to the listeners?

Chris's Beautiful Conclusion (1:09:56-1:13:32)

Chris: Uh yes, I do have one final parting thought I'd like to, uh, offer before we close out.

Merryweathery: Go ahead.

Chris: Uh, over the years, of which I have been mislabeled, or, mis- or, miss-imaged, or, uh, slandered, by the tro- by the, bad people- let's just call them that, neutrally[?] by the bad people, um, uh of course, that's, all in the past, and uh, that's- in between the miss-content I uploaded they, repurposed, for, that. It's- uh, that's not me- that's not me totally, you can't define me, in those aspects, all the way around uh, while I was s- still, consi- young and naive, I didn't know, as much as I do now, and I don't know everything, we're not supposed to learn everything, I have always been, and will a- will always will be, and am, a kind, heartfelt person, and I've always liked- helping, and sharing- sharing a smile, making people feel better, tha- that was always me, and I encourage everybody, um, regardless on rather, they- on however they express- their feelings of like, and love, uh, to just, go out, and, be like "ey, you're cool." whatever, fist-bump, handshake, maybe a hug! Do whatever is comfortable for you, as long as you share a little bit of sinc- a little bit of good, sincere kindness, I encourage that, with everyone.

Easy-K: Wow, that's beautiful.

Merryweathery: That's- that's very- very beautiful, yes.

Chris: Thank you.

Merryweathery: Uh, Chris, I want to tell you something, on behalf of, I believe- a lot of people, who might feel, the same, you are, obviously, and have been, a uh, and individual who's faced a lot of, uh, a lot of adversity, in your, presence on the internet, you've, uh, faced many quarrels, you've uh, jumped over many obstacles, to become the person, who you are today, and, uh, while there are people who have been bothered by you, while there are people, who dislike you, uh there is, uh- uh, honestly, and I am completely honest with you, when I say this, Chris, most people don't dislike you. I believe the m- vast majority of, anyone who's ever made jokes, at your expense [Easy clears his throat], or anything like that, in fact, have, a, fascination with you, as a person, because, I think, within all of us, there is, a little bit of a Chris chan, there is that person, who just wants to sit back and play playstation, and go back to those comic books we used to read, when we were children, and, just sit around, and draw, and do creative things, and be whoever we want to be, and not care what the world thinks.

Chris: And also be kind to people. And what to be, and help as much.

Merryweathery: If you- and also be kind to people, and- and for whatever criticism anyone can give you, Chris, uh, you, are clearly who you want to be, and you will not let anyone tell you differently, you can, say that as a positive thing, you could say that as a negative thing, but, you are obviously happy with who you are, and I think that's something that I can respect you for.

Chris: Thank you. And thank you everyone.

Outro (1:13:32-1:14:14)

Merryweathery: Wonderful, thank you for joining us, Chris.

Easy-K: Yeah, you were great.

Chris: Thank you.

Merryweathery: It's been an honor, thank you.

Chris: And- it's been a pleasure.

Easy-K: Alright.

[Conversation ends]


Merryweatherey and Easy-K ask Chris about his comic. First they ask how to get them and how much it costs, and are immediately met with Chris' greed and ego, causing Merryweatherey to laugh at how Chris told Easy-K to donate to his Patreon. After revealing that he thought that Sonichu started with issue 1, Merry asked Chris how much it would cost, and Chris estimated $5 before shipping. Chris hints at the plot of Issue 12 in which Naitsirch is revealed to have been trained by Giovanni as an opposition to Kel, Rosechu's trainer. Easy asks Chris about the message he's trying to convey in his issues, Chris just says they're about what's on his mind at the time, which is very observable in the comics. He also talks about the Graduon back-story he needs to do.

They then ask Chris about his transition, and Chris talks about how deep he is and him daydreaming that he was a girl, and thereby becoming a woman. Merry then decides to ask about why Barb was begging for money when she has jewellery costing hundreds of dollars, and Chris just says it has sentimental value, but Merry doesn't want to push him back into reality too much. They then have a nice little talk about Bob and his achievements, and the fact that it was Bob's birthday that day.

Chris has a little tangent about video games, and then Merry asks if Chris has seen any of the many tributes to Bob people have made, and Chris said he hadn't yet, so they agreed that Merry should send him some. Chris then goes into excruciating detail about how him harassing women on Twitter (calling them darling and stuff) was actually the trolls mislabelling him, and claiming that he's a hero which is just about as arrogant and egotistical as one could get from someone who has saved these women from nothing. Chris then lies about being immune to hate, and talks about the man in the pickle suit stealing Emily from him.

Easy asks him about pickles, and whether he's tried Kosher pickles, and Chris said he hadn't. but would be willing to try it, and Chris says that he and the man in the pickle suit are friends now. Chris then drops the only really new information in this interview, which is a tiny clue to the identity of the magical man, which Chris told us was a friend of a gal-pal, who was later revealed to be Kim. Chris then mentions he's lost his virginity, which Merry misguidedly congratulates him for, as he did not reveal that it was lost to a prostitute. They then talk about anime, and Chris reveals he prefers Excel Saga to FLCL. He also asks any production companies that would like to work on a TV show with him to contact Merry instead of him, since he wouldn't be able to tell the difference between a real one and a troll, and he is too lazy to arrange it himself.

Chris goes on to talk about his trip to Cleveland, Ohio to save Julie, and talks about one of his only times feeling freedom from the possessive nature of his mother and father. Chris then talks about the trolls and their media, and says he misses a few trolls, and he likes one of their comics, specifically the wedding one. Then they talk about Sonichu's mature content, and Chris lies to make it look like he didn't put a vast amount of porn in a children's comic. Chris then talks about the elevator scene, where Chris, attempting to depict depravity and self-preservative remorse, fails, but in that failure blossoms a beautiful depiction of humanity and sensitivity buried deep in Chris' one-dimensional characters. Chris just says "yes" and ret-cons some homophobic parts of the comic.

They then talk about fan art and designs, and Chris says he accepts Spazkid's interpretation of Slaweel Ryam as a younger version of her. He also explains that he doesn't want fan fiction of his Sonic fan fiction, because that- after all- would just be wrong. Chris then says that he regrets making the "paint the White House black" joke in Sonichu 8, and says he likes Obama, because he is a social outcast like him. He says that there won't be a return from, but some of the characters will be recruited by Graduon in future issues. Chris also says he likes Sonic Mania, Sonic 25th Anniversary, and even Sonic '06! He also states that his brain is too small to twitch stream, which as we all know, isn't true.

Then they talk about BronyCon 2017, it was very exciting and Chris met a lot of people. Easy then asks him about politics and Chris says he has no opinion except Trump bad. Merry asks Chris about where he'd like to travel, so get ready London, Ontario, China and Japan. Definitely not the Middle-East though.

In the slowest lightning round in recorded history, Chris initially gets asked forgiving trolls. Chris straight up lies to him and says he forgives all trolls, when he has been known to hold grudges for years, anyone who even slightly disagrees with on the reality of his escapist fantasies is labelled a troll and blocked. Chris then reveals he is not familiar with his own usage of the phrase "God, Jesus and the Bear" and doesn't remember it until Merry explains it to him.

Merry then enquires about Chris' job prospects, and Chris gives his usual excuses, but surprisingly says he does want to move out at some point. Chris then reveals he has no plans for Barb's death, acting with minimal urgency, as it is probably not allowed to happen in his escapist fantasies. Chris then talks about Graduon building a new army again. Chris touches on his experience with therapy, and says that Rocky Shoemaker was good, despite him complaining about her to her whole congregation before leaving his Methodist Church and officially being a Christianity-free-girl. He also mentions a transgender support group he attends monthly.

Chris then finishes off with a beautiful speech, just like a real protagonist would, and says his goodbyes to his lovely new friends.

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