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This page lists the stuff Chris offered for sale in 2016. Also, for the first half of the year, he made hundreds in sales on various Sonichu-themed goods on Etsy before being kicked off due to failure to send orders.

Month Sales (based on when item was listed)
July $100
August $50
Total $150


Pokemon Cards

On 13 July 2016, prompted by the Financhu Crisis, Chris began listing Pokemon cards for sale to raise money. Typically for Chris, he didn't bother researching the prices on the cards, instead choosing arbitrarily high numbers for his minimum prices.

Christian Weston Chandler's Birthday Pikachu Sweepstakes Winner Card

  • Listed: 13 July, as an auction
  • Starting bid: $50
  • Ending bid: $9,101.00

The winning bidder did not pay.

  • Relisted: 9 August, as Buy It Now
  • Price: $500
I, Christine Weston Chandler, past name, Christian Weston Chandler, Creator of Sonichu and Rosechu, was personally one of the lucky winners to be the first to receive a US Promo #24 ______'s Pikachu holographic card, in my mailbox on January 29, 2001, as personally written in the back of the Winner slip received with the card (viewable in the photo). This auction is for not only the card, itself, but also the History, with the Winner slip, as well as my personally written cards. Two card sleeves (one of which with taped slips with my name, birthdate, and a star), and a hard plastic card case, as shown in the photos.

A Real Collectible not only for the Pokemon card game, but also a Memorabilia of myself, Sonichu and Rosechu's Creator. The value of this card And documents kept together will surely rise in value in Years later to come.

It will all be shipped together in a bubble envelope after successful payment receipt.

Thank you.

Base Set Charizard Holo, No Shadow

  • Listed: 14 July, as Buy It Now
  • Price: $100
  • Sold: 18 July
The Near Holy Grail of Pokemon Cards: Shadowless, Base Set Charizard, 4/102. Gently used; Excellent Condition; sleeve included. Will ship in hard card case in bubble envelope.
Gently used in deck; kept in sleeve the whole time; retired to book, in sleeve, for Years.

Error Misprinted Jungle Electrode, First Edition

  • Listed: 14 July, as Buy It Now
  • Price: $100
Misprinted First Edition Jungle Electrode; Never has been played with; has been kept in card sleeve for years; Excellent Condition. Will ship in hard card case in bubble envelope.


Aladdin VHS Black Diamond The Classics

You can either buy Chris's copy for $3,000, or buy a different one for a much lower price.

Chris fell for the common Internet rumor that Black Diamond VHS editions of Disney movies are incredibly valuable, because the newer digital editions contain modern edits and so the only way to get the "original" is to buy up old tapes. In reality, these are not at all rare and demand is limited to a few obsessive collectors, so the tapes are only worth $5-$10.[1][2] Used copies of said tape on Amazon can be as low as 44 cents, and many other Disney movies on VHS can even cost just a penny (plus shipping, but still).

  • Listed: 9 August, as Buy It Now
  • Price: $3,000
Aladdin VHS

Black Diamond Edition

Case and VHS Tape in Great Condition.

1993 edition

ISBN 1558906630


Megatron pistol

  • Private sale, arranged through text.
  • Price: $50
  • Sold: 16 August


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