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Sonichu 12-9

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Sonichu #12-9
Sonichu 12-9 Cover.jpg
Cover Date: 25 August 2017
Finished: 20 July 2018
Page Count: 22+
Episodes: n/a
Sonichu Comics
Sonichu #12
Sonichu #14

I am an artist, but I also traverse dimensions, and I posess psychic powers. Moreover, I enjoy having fun.


—Night Star introduces herself.

Sonichu #12-9 (formerly Sonichu #13), takes place after Sonichu #12. The unusual title is due to Chris's superstition about the number thirteen.[1]

The plot of this issue was heavily shaped by the sagas and events in Chris's own life which occurred during the 14 months he worked on the comic - namely, BronyCon and the Doopie, Jessica Quinn and Idea Guy sagas.

Production notes

Original cover, for the Dolan crossover, cover date of 29 May 2017

Chris planned this in May 2017 as a crossover involving Planet Dolan, completing at least the cover and one page; however, the aftermath of the Doopie saga compelled Chris to cancel writing the story. Chris has claimed that the Planet Dolan arc has already happened in the Sonichu canon, but he never explained what actually did happen, like how the crew got to Planet Dolan in the first place, what happened between them, and whether or not there was conflict.[2]

On 25 August, following BronyCon, Chris posted a new cover of the issue, featuring his My Little Pony-inspired Night Star character. Other main characters are Diamond Melody, a character based on Jessica Quinn, and Kun T’Nyuget, Idea Guy's character. He also stated that My Little Pony versions of the Chandler family will be involved in this issue.[3]

Final front and back covers.

Based on the new cover, Chris seems to have deviated from his usual Comic Sans font, switching to Proxima Nova. He had discussed wanting to purchase the font on Twitter after talking with someone he met at BronyCon.

One of the consequences of the Idea Guy saga was that Chris's perception of reality and fantasy had been distorted more than ever. This is reflected in the cover, which originally stated:

This is a fan-fiction of My Little Pony. But, also side-canon to "Sonichu". But this story, and this unicorn, doesn't have to remain a fan-fiction; she could become canon. ;)


...and was then edited to:

From the world of Equestria and My Little Pony. This is not only canon to "Sonichu", but these events all really did happen, period.


Chris finished the comic on 20 July 2018. The back cover is a piece of art Chris commissioned from artist Feather Shine[4]. For the record, Feather Shine didn't know he would do so, but was fine with it upon finding out[5].


This is barely a Sonichu comic to be honest, focusing almost entirely on ponies.

Night Star tells of her origin, born to Missus Sugar Darling, an Earth mare, and Mister Gallop Crush, a blue-printed Pegasus. She was born on the same day as Comic!Christine and also has "a bit of the autism" and shares his heterochromia. She shared thoughts and visions with the young Christopher, looking at him watching Ghostbusters.

Night Star gains a cutie mark, and goes to school, learning how to hatch a dragon egg. she also perfects her "dimension magic and psychic skills", allowing her to travel to meet the Autobots, Sailor Moon, Red Skelton, and many others. When Chris created Sonichu on 14 March 2000, Night Star soon found CWCville and produced pony versions of the Sonichu comic.

Fast-forward to 1 September 2017. Night Star attends Canterlot High School and can transform into human and teleport. She meets Sonichu and travels to KCWC radio station to help Jamsta Sonichu prepare for a concert.

Returning to Ponyville, Night Star bumps into Comic Chris. Chris tries to ask out Diamond Melody. Pinkie Pie accidentally sucks herself into an S-Chu Ball.

In the chemistry lab, the pony-folk make a permanent hair dye.

Night Star explains that Canterlot High is located near Foggy Bottom, D.C.

Night Star then tells of her meeting with Diamond Melody; they argue about whether Diamond or Rainbow Dash is faster. They share a hot dog. Nepgear is there too.

The comic currently stops here.

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