The Chris-Chan Show

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The Chris-Chan Show.png
The Chris-Chan Show
Created by Liquid Chris and AfroNinja360
Seasons 1
Episodes 1
Original Run 29 November 2020 – 29 November 2020
Partially unlisted because I felt a wash of shame realizing a Chris Chan animation was on my channel. Extremely appreciative of the response to the way this looked!
AfroNinja360 on why he made the video unlisted.

The Chris-Chan Show is a fictitious television program about the life of Christian Weston Chandler, a spiritual successor to Sonichu: The Animated Series... Or at least it would be, if there were any plans to do an entire series based on an animated intro to said fictional show.

The video itself was created as a tribute to the "Classic Era" of Chris-Chan, featuring no references to anything following his temporary retirement from the internet at the end of 2010.

In spite of the fact that it is a fan animation, Chris has insisted that it is a real intro for a real television series in Dimension N-641.


The Chris-Chan Show first began life as a parody of the theme song to The Cleveland Show (a show that Chris personally doesn't care for in spite of his enjoyment of the parent series Family Guy). The song, naturally, feature modified lyrics to reflect various aspects Chris's internet life prior to becoming a Tomgirl. The song itself was written and performed by Liquid Chris at an indeterminate point in time – either just before, or just after, retiring from actively trolling Chris and having a happily married life with his sweetheart Kacey. The original video was lost with the deletion of its creator's YouTube channel, but was later reinstated by the same creator under a new username in 2015.

The Chris Chan Show Theme Song (Audio Only)
Direct link Youtube, archive
Stardate 10 November 2015 (reupload)

Before the song was reuploaded to a different account, YouTuber BigVanElecMan created a version of the intro with limited animation using TRUE and HONEST images of Chris and anything else he could find on Google Image Search. Unlike the song, the intro features some shots alluding to the Gamestop incident and its legal fallout, alongside Chris's crossdressing habits that sprung up well after the time of The Miscreants. It also ends with Chris's infamous sex tape with Kimmi.

The Chris Chan Show Intro
Search for video Youtube, archive
Stardate 30 July 2015

Although the Liquid Chris Saga is one that's popular with Christorians, the song itself would remain relatively obscure until 2020.

AfroNinja360's Animation

Nearly five years after the theme song was uploaded, alongside the proof-of-concept animation, animator AfroNinja360 came across the audio and decided to make a more fluid animation reflecting Chris's life before the death of his father. He noted that he did this animation mostly for fun, because he personally thought that animated videos making fun of Chris-Chan were "a tired subject". AfroNinja360 eventually unlisted the video (meaning that only those with the link can actually watch it), although he noted that he was pleased with the response.

AfroNinja360 deleted his upload of the clip around the time of the incest fallout, however it had been mirrored by user "ReuploadChannel" on 1 December 2020.

The Chris Chan Show Theme Song
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Stardate 29 November 2020

Solid Chris: This does not even deserve a Captain's Log introduction... BECAUSE THIS IS DEAD SERIOUS.

Liquid Chris: My name is Christian C., and I am proud to be

Playing my PS3, with my virginity!

There's old trolls, and new trolls, and God and the Bear!

Sonichu, Rosechu, mine since Senior Year!

And so I've found a place, where there are no Homos.

My happy manchild face, this is The Chris-Chan Show!

Ha-ha-ha! Mm... Yeah.

The Chris-Chan Show Theme Song

Chris's Reaction

While being "possessed" by Sonichu, Chris took to Twitter to respond to AfroNinja360's video. Chris was frustrated by it, and according to him, it only exists as the result of a temporary Dimensional Merge between two universes... Or something. He also notes that in the universe he visited, it was a full series.

Oh, Sure, this is the theme song for the show that aired in Cwcville in Dimension N-641 that #opuscon987 forced our SNT to travel to, and the rest of us to temporarily merge with; that was a nightmare version. I have mentioned that I am sick of all of you misterpreting us. ⚡⚡⚡

AfroNinja360 has since deleted his tweet between Chris's response and the swarm of weens posting about the video.