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Sonichu + Metal Coat + Trade = Metonic
Female Metonic (left)
Metonic evolves from Sonichu by being traded while holding a Metal Coat. His armor adds weight, so he can't do a Spin Dash. But his speed stays the same, and his spikes are diamond sharp.
Metonic Animal Crossing card

Metonic is the final evolution of Sonichu from the future, seen in Classic Sonichu Strips. According to an Animal Crossing card in the Scrapbook of Fail, Sonichu evolves into Metonic by being traded while holding a Metal Coat. Chris later on went to clarify that this evolution is specific to Sonichu (the first yellow recolor) only and that the rest of his species can not evolve into this form. Metonic is an Electric/Steel type.[1][2]

Unlike Ultra Sonichu, Metonic appears to be a permanent evolution.

Metonic is not much different from a regular Sonichu in appearance. He still has the same body shape and principal colors, (at least from what we can see), but now he sports a heavy suit of armor and a sword, where the former only protects certain parts of his body. The armor covers his chest and the boots protect his feet, and he has a helmet which protects the sides of his head, but his massive eyes and most of his face, his lower stomach, neck, legs (except kneepads), tail, forearms and crotch are all exposed. One is left to wonder why Sonichu even bothers with the armor, considering that the armor is actually so heavy that it prevents him from using the spin dash attack that his inspiration Sonic the Hedgehog became famous for, though it somehow does not affect his speed. Of course, all this is really just down to a change of wardrobe. Really, the only difference between a Metonic and Sonichu wearing armor is that Metonic has spiked ears.

Metonic has yet to appear in the main episodes of the Sonichu comics, restricted mostly to cameo appearances in the collection of cards from Christian's Wall of Originals, but as mentioned above, he did make a single appearance in the Classic Sonichu Strips from Sonichu #0, in a 25 Years Later segment, wherein he's shown to chop logs and shamelessly recycle jokes from Excel Saga. The future looks bleak.

In Chris + Sarah's Life-Shares, adults are portrayed as Metonics and Vamprosas for absolutely no reason. It could be that, much like how Sonee and Rosey are generally used by Chris to symbolize people that are younger than he is at the time being, Metonic (and by extension Vamprosa) are his perception of his elders.

As part of Chris's Tomgirl transformation, he later decided that it was possible to have female Sonichus and, thus, female Metonics too, and drew one in 2020. The female is pretty much the same, except with a rounded tail and "waist guards", and a reshaped breastplate to accommodate a female Electric Hedgehog Pokémon's massive boobs.[3]



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