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Sonichu Powerpoint is a two-part video series of Chris delivering his PowerPoint presentation on Sonichu, The Sonichu Chronicles. The fact that he was trying to court major companies with a presentation that was almost a year old did not apparently occur to Chris, nor did the fact that filming a computer screen with a shaky, hand-held camera would look pretty unprofessional. These videos are intended to complement the CWC Personal Sonichu Presentation videos.

Part 1

Sonichu Powerpoint, Part 1
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Stardate 24 November 2009
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CWC Personal Sonichu Presentation
Sonichu Powerpoint Part 2

As for his name, rumored to be a comparison to— combination of Sonic and Pikachu. That was not the case! I originally played the name from Sonic's Japanese name "Sonniku"!


Presenting the PowerPoint presentation of the Sonichu Chronicles! This is the, uh, background logo for—that was originally on the CWC's second Pokésite, which then spun off to Soni—Sonichu Site. Wr—Drawn by me, Christian Weston Chandler, 19 February 2004, updated more recently within this year. All Sonichu and Rosechu materials copyrighted by me... [Smug singsong voice] with my proof on the CWCipedia!

[Slide changes to an image of Sonichu and Rosechu making out. Rosechu's panties are visible] Zoooop! Yay! [Weird nasal voice] L'il romance.

[Slide changes to cover of Sonichu 9] Mm, yes, the good cover of Number 9!

[Slide changes again, this time to "Sonichu's beginnings. The original CD case is shown.] Sonichu's beginnings: What started an idea for a CD cover in a computer graphics project eventually grow and grow and grow into his own dividual—individual character—stories and more friends and enemies among the way! Dun dun duuun! On the faithful day of 17 March 2000, I wanted to feature on my favorite hits CD lifelong hero Sonic the Hedgehog and cute, newer character Pikachu, but copyrighted characters were prohibited from the project, so, in my mind, I pondered and pondered and hit me visually: Sonic and Pikachu combined! As for his name, well—rumored to be a comparison to—combination of Sonic and Pikachu. That was not the case! I originally played the name from Sonic's Japanese name "Sonniku"! The very first thing I drew before the CD cover was a private, never-played homemade Pokémon trading card on that very same day. I made a bunch of homemade trading cards, only for my own personal fun and art. [Card slides into view] Dah-da daaaa! That's it, the very first one ever drawn.

[Chris fiddles with the camera for a few moments, zooming in and out of the card. Eventually, it is replaced with an image of Sonichu and Rosechu standing in front of an American flag.] Da da daaaa! And over the years, since 2000 to today, he grew better with my own hand-drawing styles.

[Slide changes, the image on this slide is page 1 of Sonichu Zero.] Granted, it is a... parody of Sonic the Hedgehog, the larger story of Sonichu and Rosechu started from the attack of the Chaos from Sonic Adventure—Sega Dreamcast/Nintendo GameCube—but the concept of this outside evolution I've thought up, I've decided to go for it as the origin story. Dun da daaa!

[Chris goes though several pages of the comic, complete with a Capella freestyle.] Sonichu and Rosechu... [more a Crapella] You can read these in details on the CWCipedia, which is the current CWC Sonichu and Rosechu site, officially! That is provided with the link—that is provided next to this video on YouTube. Da da da da daaa! Helps Super Sonic save the day that day. As would—and when you think about it, it is an untold chapter of one story, so it is additional, yet not major plot change.

Enter Rosechu, Sonichu's sweetheart. In the form of the first hand-drawn page of the Number Zero comic book, on 24 November 2004, I continued to create more Electric Hedgehog Pokémon for the world of Sonichu. Less than a year after Sonichu, I drew up Rosechu. Yet another parody in comparison to Amy Rose, Rosechu evolved from a female Rosechu that... fateful day.

Major differences between Amy and Rosey: Amy does not have spikes on the back, the clothes are different... her headband is white, not red like Amy's, and Rosechu has a modern-girl-kind of attitude, and, lucky for her, Sonichu reall—Sonichu rarely runs away from her charms. [Peter Griffin laugh] And, of course, she has her electric-type attacks to boot. And don't forget the tail; that's another difference. Rosechu is a gal who will not take any abuse from a foe, laying down. She is a warrior heart steady up for women's rights! Daa da-daaa! My very first Rosechu card....

The genesis of the lovehogs: again you can read these... for yourselves on the CWCipedia, but, right now, we'll skim to pictures.

And there's the first kiss between Sonichu and Rosechu. Yay!

Oooh, and this one in m—in where she got really angry.

[Empties his blowhole, and then, in an attempt to be Matthew Bellamy, warbles out a sing-song 'Mmmmm' ] Dunn dunn-dunn dun dun! These are from—these images from from book number eight. Evolutions for the original Sonichu and Rosechu: for the idea I had of a possible Pokémon game title, Pokémon: Lightning Version, featuring Sonichu, I have the idea for the story beginning in my head. I have created babies for all the Sonichus and Rosechus, and evolutions for the original Sonichu and Rosechu only. This here is a Sonee... and this here is a Rosey. Sonee... plus maximum friendship equals Sonichu. And, uhh, Rosey plus maximum friendship equals Rosechu. Sonichu plus metal coat and trade equals Metonic. Rosechu plus maximum friendship and level-up at midnight hour: Vamprosa. Metonic is met—is metal and electric; Vamprosa is dark and electric... with levitatability.

This here is Black Sonichu, uhh, as known as—later to be known as Blake. He is easily explainable as the clone of Sonichu from his DNA with an accidental dose of cherry cola to change the pigment from yellow and brown to black and red.

And this is the cover of the Number One book, introducing Blake. And there's facts between the two! Under the Pokéball of Naitsirhc, adopted son of Giovanni (the Team Rocket leader), Blake followed the commands of his creators (quote/unquote) until Naitsirhc would later transform into Reldnahc Notsew Naitsirhc, the complete opposite of me, Christian Weston Chandler... and this is all complete opposites.

[More sing-song dumbassery]

Aaand eventually Blake would fall in love with Bubbles, and... yep, first kiss came in book number eight.

The Chaotic Combo: after a blind scientist's creation, I created five more Electric Hedgehogs edgehogs that came from the Chaos Emeralds' power, from Sonichu's fateful origin. First, we have Wild Sonichu. ...Hmm. Then we have Bubbles! Wild is grass, umm—grass/electric. Bubbles is water and electric. Oh, yeah, Wild has the ability to Chlorophyll. Bubbles has Volt Absorb.

Angelica Rosechu: flying/electric-type, Serene Grace ability. Punchy Sonichu: fighting/electric-type, Limber. Magi-chan Sonichu: psychic and electric with Synchronize.

And with every thought that randomly popped up in my imagination, I was very likely to create a new character—er, or, given—or even given one, from amongst my growing—to currently massive fanbase. Well, of course, Bionic is my own. That was origninally created during my high school days, when I was varsity basketball manager.

In any case, it all happened in and around the city of CWCville, Virginia: a grand community of men, women, and children living in peace day by day, and hard at work, a plus for the city that is smokefree and non-alcoholic. Alright, one of end of the city is the CWCville Shopping Center, featuring many favorite stores, as well as my Mayoral Office above the front main entrance, followed by the residential area (of houses and a few playgrounds), then the metropolis [squeak, squeak] where the major businesses go work in the tall skyscrapers. It is also has a beach leading to the ocean, by the big forest and mountain regions from a dormant volcano or two.

This is me, Christian Weston Chandler. Like in most artists, I let myself get into my work storywise, where, in real life, I have been in search for a woman to become my true sweetheart from ground-up, starting as friendship. I am also the mayor of CWCville. I deal with may—my mayoral duties over WiFi with my Nintendo DS. I came up with the name of CWCville long ago, starting with the city that I built (and grew bigger, over the years) of Lego bricks pieces and people. I also later came up with the radio station KCWC. Then, I recorded some real shows for fun on some audio cassette tape—

Part 2

Sonichu Powerpoint, Part 2
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Stardate 24 November 2009
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Sonichu Powerpoint, Part 1
3 December 2009


[Image changes to a shopped pic of Chris standing next to Patti-chan.] Mmm, there's a good one of me and my—my dog Patti... even though that's just a redrawn version of her. [Poorly drawn image of Chris appears.] Dun Dun dunnnnn! Yep. [Cover of Issue 0 appears.] Yeah, from me from real life to animation—hand-drawn cartoon... [Drawings of interior of mayor's office appear.] and hand-drawn capabilities growing better over time. [Slide changes. Variety of Pokésite logos appear.] In real life I also create a number of website starting with my Pokésite. I had taken two HTML classes, so I know the raw data on notepad, as well as Netscape Composer, HP—HTML processor. After creating Sonichu, I featured him on the Pokésite, but later decided to make the Sonichu site as a spin-off from the Pokésite. I vent—then eventually Sonichu and Rosechu grew a fanbase grew and grew, and with the true good fans came the [voice drops in pitch] jealous dark trolls: Internet bullies. I was hacked a number of times before, and unfortunately the Sonichu site was temporarily down, but, as soon as I got some more money, I opened up a new account, with different web-hosting sites but that—that later got hacked. With new E-mail addresses I kept secret from most anyone, the family was informed. I don't know how but the trolls managed to get in there—into those things in the past, somehow. But, currently, it is the—but, currently, it is the original and official Sonichu and Rosechu site, also known as the CWCipedia.

[Slide changes. We see poorly-drawn Chris again, and get a glimpse of the title "Chris Chan Sonichu.] Story-wise, I describe my Anchuent Prophecy, that I would take pen in hand, create a Electric Hedgehog that take the Sonichu Medallion... [Camera spins around to focus on the Medallion of Fail hanging from Chris's neck.] from my neck, right here! [Camera returns to screen] To enclose the... to enclose the darkest evil that would come out from there. This would be the transformation from me to Chris-chan Sonichu. [Image changes to Chris and Sonichu in the cave with the old man. Chris makes some background music.] Pen in haaand... [Picture of the medallion appears on screen.] Real life, I have crafted the original Sonichu medallion from Crayola Model Magic, clay, acrylic paints, key rings, superglue and a necklace. It does not grant me any powers in real life, but it does in the comics. [Another scene from the comic appears, in which Chris is considering blowing someone away. Chris blows loudly.] Like I am able to access the attacks of some of my—about—of my Electric Hedgehogs I created. I can preform any single attack at will. It may lead there most doubt I transform into [Image of Chris transforming into Sonichu appears, More stupid background music. After a few moments another new image appears, this one featuring Chris Chan Sonichu in a variety of poses.] Chris-chan Sonichu! Soldier of love and honesty! [Image changes to a comic of Chris-chan Sonichu fighting a Jerkop. Chris provides sound effects.] In this form, I can execute my own personal selection of attacks as a Normal/Electric—Electric-type Hedgehog Pokémon, with keen-eye ability including Mach Punch, Thunderboat and Hyper Beam. As well as—as... human as Sonichu form, I am the only being who can execute the special attack, that inflicts bad luck, extreme misfortune, with some damage to the foe, used to be called "Curse-ye-ha-me-ha", now it's called "Shin-ye-ha-me-ha"! [Cover of issue ten slides into focus] Chris-chan Sonichu... that is me! And I—again, this is from—this art is to be the cover of book number ten, from my Australian gal-pal fan... who was—nickname was PandaHalo. She is dead now... and I miss her. She was a great friend. Anyway... it is, yeah, fandagreat—fantastic rendition, she was my partner at the time until her death.

[Slide changes, now displaying the hand drawn Nintendo power cover.] And, now, the gaming proposition! Let me prep this the subject with a spot of history between me and Nintendo! Dun da daaa! I had a dream! Around June 1997, I had a dream of Sonic the Hedgehog on the original Game Boy. I had written a letter to Nintendo of America suggesting to work with Sega on a Game Boy Sonic title. Basically, they said I had rocks in my head, but now look in 2001, Sonic Advance on Game Boy Advance! I pretty much foretold that outcome! [Image changes to Metal Gear Solid Nintendo power cover.] Dun dun duun. [Image changes to the Animal Crossing feature that Chris's video appeared in.] And this would be the article from "The Crossing Quarterly". In volume 179 (May 2004) of Nintendo Power... I had been long-time subscriber. In November of before, I had videotaped a voiced-over documentary of my Sonichu and CWCville in Animal Crossing—on Nintendo GameCube! I got full credit for that documentary, which is noted in lower-box right there: "Special thanks to Christian from Virginia for his Sonichu documentary."

[Camera zooms way in, displaying a blurry mess. Chris does more background music, then changes his voice to pretend that he's in Star Trek] Zoom in on the article!

Soon after I was feat—soon after I was featured in Piedmont Virginia Community College's newsletter, The Forum, for being featured in Nintendo for my Sonichu and CWCville.

[Frontpage of The Forum is displayed, telling us that a student named Crowsey has won Prestigious Awards. The members of the CWCki wish to congratulate Crowsey for his efforts in his chosen field, and hope the years since this headline have brought him further success. Sadly, Crowsey and his daring accomplishments are soon covered by the "Meet Sonichu" article]

"Meet Sonichu, soon featured in Nintendo Power magazine!" Also, I had later submitted a letter with high regards to a DS game, Sprung, in reference to mo—momentary progress at that time. That letter appeared in this issue... with the screenshot. "Christian C., from Virginia, via the Internet." [Note that "From Virginia" was not printed in the magazine, but scrawled in pen by Chris.]

Now we can talk about—bit more about my current ideas for Sonichu...'s start in the video game world. Until we get ten feet off the ground on the whole thing, you may use this cover for the following NP—Nintendo Power issue that would follow... ["The King Chris-chan Royal Anthem" is reiterated once more] for Sonichu's Adventure on Nintendo GameCube, or Nintendo Wii, maybe.

My game title ideas: before, or during, the drawing of the Number Zero book, and afterwards, I came up with a few stereotype ideas for video games around Sonichu and Rosechu. Firstly, Sonichu's Adventure—on Nintendo GameCube! A Christian Chandler production. First, yeah—as featured on the first eight previously-uploaded comic books, come up with that game (subject to upgrade for Wii) and maybe go multi-console—never on Xbox; hex on HEXBox! [Thinking that he can address someone as superior to him as Miyamoto with "Mayamoto-san"] Mayamoto-san, ugn... yeah... had a copy of my introductory ideas. Turns out that I was talking to a impostor at that time, when I updated this.

Anyway, then, to follow, Game Boy Advance version of Sonichu's Adventure, and, only on GBA: Pokémon: Lightning Version. And then, much later, Christian Weston Chandler's Adult Chronicles. Would definitely go multi-console—never on HEXBox. This one'll basically be me going through my ordeals with Sonichu, Rosechu, and the rest of the Electric Hedgehogs fagging along, like in Shadow of the Hedgehog. I would be able to transfrom into Chris-chan Sonichu in this game. Multi-console between PS3, PS2, Nintendo Wii! Off to a zappingly-extreme, great start, uhhhhh... as rumored, it was, uhh, at the time that I updated this, uhh... Takashi Tazuka—Nintendo can correct me on this, if I am mistaken, or... verify—took—he took it upon himself, with the most-appreciated inquiry of my approval, as the original creator of Sonichu and Rosechu and the world of CWCville, to create a Sonichu/Rosechu video—villager for Animal Crossing: City Folk... who now will be likely to zipping across Sonichu Crossing, and—mind the traffic. [Laughs as though he made a joke] As a fan of Animal Crossing since the GameCube title—could have released, uhh—could have released as a US version of Nintendo 64 title, as well as the Animal Crossing movie—I often like to quote Blathers, after going on with the expression, but I digress, so thank y'all for teaching me that expression.

Sonichu and Rosechu and CWCville: Nintendo can be—can and will be profiting big from my well-grown fanch-base, as well as Sega and Sony. I personally give good word of mouth to Nintendo systems and games included in references in my comic book series. Sonichu and Rosechu on Animal Crossing: City Folk b—would be a great raise of s—sales of Wii consoles, Animal Crossing: City Folk game discs, and the Wii Speak. Also, with me starring in the games, as the voices of both myself and the original Sonichu, and my s—my past... well... my sweetheart...-to-be as the voice of Rosechu, that there will be three less voice actors to hire. [Ignoring that profits include creating revenue, not just cutting a portion of expenses...] This is a great start in profits from the Electric Hedgehog that started humbly from the mind of a well-rounded, church-going, high-functioning autistic, recovered individual. Nintendo will see good profits in the timeframe... of the game's release. Sonichu, go!

Thank you very much for you time, and I look forward to working y'all—with each of y'all in person very soon on the Sonichu Project. Peace!

My contact info... [Displays the contact information slide of the PowerPoint, which includes his name spelled incorrectly as "Christain", as well as listing his Wii number—you know, because a big company executive is totally going to message him on his Wii—which is 8626-5211-8387-4771]

Thank you much, and have a safe day. Peace out!

CWC Personal Sonichu Presentation Chris's videos 3 December 2009