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The Idea Guys were here.

Chris was brainwashed into believing that Bubbles had become transracial and transgender by the events of Sonichu 13, identifying as a muscle bound black man (which for some reason makes her look like a blue version of Knuckles from Sonic Boom, bandages included).
Bubbles has a bubbly personality; likes to have fun often, a bit goofy sometimes, yet serious when the situation calls for it.
-Chris on Bubbles's complete non-character
Sonichu character
Bubbles Rosechu
Date of birth 2 February 1989 (in universe, original)
19 June 1995 (in universe, Idea Guy retcon)

No later than 17 August 2004 (IRL)[1]

Gender Female
Length 3'10 (91 cm)
Weight 90 lbs (41 kg)
Parents Swampert (adoptive mother)
Species Rosechu (Electric Hedgehog Pokémon)
Type Electric/Water
Evolves from Rosee (Water Stone)
Evolves into N/A

Bubbles is a Rosechu, and a member of the Chaotic Combo that formed from eggs released by the Chaotic Rainbow as a result of the collision between Super Sonic the Hedgehog and a Pikachu. Of all the members of the Chaotic Combo, Bubbles is the most generic and useless; a soulless filler character who has almost no purpose in the comic. Her initial purpose was to balance the Chaotic Combo by having a Water-type Pokémon, but in later comics, her role was expanded to be a filler character for subplots, until Chris needed to find an appropriate romantic partner for other, more important characters. Despite the fact that she was hatched in 2004, Chris still insists that she is over eighteen and therefore making porn of her and Blake doesn’t make him a pedofork. He then promptly retconned her birthdate to all the way back to 1989 for the express purpose of making porn out of her and her canonically four-year-old boyfriend.

In Sonichu #8, it's implied that she can dive to absurd depths exceeding 5,000 fathoms (for comparison, a sperm whale can reach about 1,650 fathoms). It's likely that her deep-diving habits have given her chronic decompression sickness localized entirely in her brain.

She is said to be 90% water, which is so abnormally high (the average mammal's body is around 60% water) that it's a wonder her body can hold together at all. For some reason, this precludes her from getting a tan like all the other Rosechus (as for some reason Rosechus covered in fur can get a tan at all) showing once again that Chris doesn't know shit about biology or chemistry. Getting a tan with her mainly water body would most likely result in her slowly and painfully evaporating, if sat out long enough.

She is a combination of four characters:

It's also entirely possible that she was partially inspired by Bubbles from The Powerpuff Girls, as her name, colors, and scatterbrained personality are near-identical.

Comic appearances

Sonichu Babies

While in her unevolved Rosey form, Bubbles was raised by a female Swampert, who for some reason lived in the ocean despite canonically living in swamps. Unfortunately for the Swampert, a giant whale dropped a boulder on her and injured her. This forced Bubbles to evolve into her Rosechu form, allowing her to somehow save her adoptive mother by using Ice Beam.

When Hedgehogs Meet

Bubbles first meets Blake while he is attempting to steal the Legendary Master Sunstone. He accidentally splashes her with a wave he created while riding a hover board. Despite being a water Pokémon, this outrages her, which inspires her to team up with the other Electric Hedgehog Pokémon for an incredibly unfair gang-stomping.

Sonichu #4

In Sub Episode 2, Bubbles is mentioned only by name as one of the citizens Rosechu gossips to like a good woman does about Chris's date with Fandanna on her cell phone. We do not get to actually hear their conversation, as this is about Chris, remember?

Sonichu #5

She has cameos in this issue but no speaking lines because she has no personality at all.

Sonichu #6

In this issue, Bubbles's attentions are strangely divided. One minute she pretends to be concerned about Chris's sister Crystal getting trapped in the mirror, the next minute she is talking about Bionic the Hedgehog’s great basketball skills. She and Angelica think to themselves "What a dreamboat." Way to develop your characters, Chris.

Episode 18 Prologue

Here we see the Chaotic Combo celebrating their 19th birthday on February 2, 2008. This is a lame ass attempt to make Chris look like less of a pedophile. Shortly after, on March 21, she celebrates Blake’s birthday alone with him. They share a kiss after explaining how Blake has the maturity of a 20 year old despite being cloned only four years ago. This also appears to be the start of their relationship- even though the only interactions they have had prior were her kicking his butt for getting her wet-not in that way. This may just be an excuse to pair his characters up so Blake won't be accused of being one of them, and so none of his females will be single.

Spring Break

While the other Rosechus and Angelica are sun-bathing, Bubbles gives a lengthy and tedious explanation about why water Pokémon don’t need sunscreen and cannot tan (Why she wears a bathing suit when before she was running around naked, however, is never explained). Magi-Chan telepathically tells her that he has detected a Sonichu Ball in a nearby ocean. Before Bubbles goes to fetch it, Blake kicks sand in everyone’s faces to make him look like a bad guy, instead of doing something actually bad such as injuring someone or getting to the Sonichu Ball first. Bubbles steps up to "deal with this jerk." She restrains him and leads him away from the others to be alone with him. The other two Rosechus think it’s "cute" that they pretend to not be a couple.

Bubbles and Blake agree to have a romantic epilogue under a pier after she finds the Sonichu Ball. Unfortunately for Blake, Silvana takes the form of Bubbles so she can rape him just for laughs. Bubbles finds the Sonichu Ball, but not in time to save Blake. Silvana then transforms into Blake and tries to have sex with Bubbles. Magi-Chan warns her first, even though she ignores his warnings at first, and then the two come to blows. Silvana soon simply teleports away, however. It is never brought up why Magi didn't warn Blake of Silvana's trick.


Bubbles and Blake are shown attacking a group of Punislavs on the beach, in which Bubbles uses some sort of electrically charged tidal wave to destroy her enemies, a rare time a woman actually does something of importance in the comics. Moments later, she and Blake make out, showing that she apparently forgives Blake for having adulterous sex with an evil hermaphrodite in the previous issue, even though she was disguised and acted just like Bubbles- bland and sex-begging. Blake, being a Chris-Chan character, probably only cared that the "Bubbles" had boobs and china, Nobody ever brings up the fact Magi- Chan didn't warn Blake of the disguise as he did with Bubbles.

Bubbles's Love Quest

At this point, Blake should get a vasectomy.

She's sexually attracted by Blake and wanted to have sex with him under a pier but Silvana got there first, disguising herself as Bubbles. In spite of this, she still adores Blake, never questioning how he managed to let his libido mask the fact that Silvana was a fake. Despite what most would consider a critical lapse of judgment capable of ruining a relationship, she still married Blake on July 4th 2009.[2] Since Chris is a jerk, we're given no information about the wedding or the events leading up to it. They later had a son called Donatello Sonichu, although, as he thus far only showed up in one drawing, not much is known about him. Considering how much these two fuck, it's very likely he was conceived as a result of a perforated condom or something similar.


  • According to the CWCipedia, Bubbles is a childhood friend of Yawning Squirtle.
  • According to Chris, she can convert her quills into water.[3]
  • According to Chris, she swims in the ocean A LOT. Mainly to remove trash. [4]
  • According to Chris she attends Aquaman's conventions once a year in Atlantis. [5]
  • Chris corrected any misunderstandings that her body is not made out of water.[6]
  • She does have toes, but her shoes cover them.[7]
  • She has a little collection of coins.[8]
  • Chris sometimes forgets to draw the wave patterns around her knees, where they are meant to be.[9]
  • She collects sea shells and makes necklaces for the yearly craft fair in CWCville.[10]
  • She originally had a cabin but upgraded to a better, single-story beach house that has lavish furniture.[11]



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