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I am Literally Bending Paper with my mind waves, and I can only get better with daily practice. I would use my powers for good, including the possibility of levitating myself to Fly.
Chris to Doopie[1]
Chris felt he needed to be more suggestible.

In early 2016, Chris began watching YouTube videos from the channel Subliminal Frequency Hypnosis Wizard Binaural Beats, in an attempt to deal with his gender dysphoria and improve his health for free and without any sort of effort. He has liked a grand number of videos — per instructions on the video description — and has left several comments on them.

His belief in the videos culminated on 15 July 2016, when he naïvely believed that a vagina was growing within him due to the videos, and cut his taint open with a knife to "free it". Despite being told to see a doctor after his announcement on 24 July, and acknowledging it as a wound, Chris continued to have faith in the videos, liking a video called Super Biokinesis Booster on 27 July.[2] Almost one year later, on August 5, 2017 he made it obvious he had learned absolutely nothing and claimed he believed he was developing psychic powers thanks to the videos.

While binaural beats can have a calming and/or meditative impact on the listener, there is no sort of evidence or proof that listening to them can do things like make you lose weight, or turn your penis into a vagina, or help you produce farts that don't stink.

The Subliminal Frequencies were featured in the Sonichu comic in July 2017, well over a year after Chris originally began listening to the tracks.


Powerful Breast Growth Hormones for MTF

Chris likes a playlist

Chris liked a playlist containing this video on 30 March 2016.[3]

On 31 March, he commented:

I like this song; not only do I feel it working as stated, but it has a mantra groove that I can rest and meditate to. Is this track available as a downloadable .mp3?[4]

Testes To Ovaries Conversion for MTF Works Fast!

8 April

+Subliminal Frequency Hypnosis Wizard Binaural Beats I'm still waiting for confirmation that upon complete testes to ovaries transformation, would I actually have my own natural eggs in the ovaries, or would my remaining sperm be transformed into said eggs? Also, Repeating Request for a Frequency to increase Egg Production in ovaries, or to increase the number of eggs therein, please.[5]

Penis to Vagina Transformation Level 1

8 April

Maybe put this into the video's description, but if this frequency is a combination of the individual transformation frequencies, which ones out of them does this Level One Frequency include?[6]

Penis To Vagina Transformation - Level 2

8 April

Maybe put this into the video's description, but if this frequency is a combination of the individual transformation frequencies, which ones out of them does this Level Two Frequency include (at least compared to Level One)?[7]

Become A Hermaphrodite Fast!

8 April

Much better. Thank you.[8]

Subliminal Frequency Hypnosis Wizard Binaural Beats:

+CwcvilleGuardian your very welcome

Note: Chris had made a comment on 5 April, suggesting that backgrounds of videos have images with "differing spiral and background colors." That was the case with this video.

Adams Apple Reduction! for MTF chondrolaryngoplasty

12 April

PLEASE, Disable the Ads for at least this video. Some of us actually are Looping the tracks for our self improvements, and the interruptions in between at random are not cool for the in the zone vibe. Thank you.[9]

12 April

Please, disable the ads for at least this track; some of us are looping the tracks, and the random ads in between sometimes breaks our in the zone vibe. Also, still waiting for the egg production increase in ovaries frequency.[10]

(Comment Reply) Testes To Ovaries Conversion for MTF Works Fast!

18 April

I Know, right? I have been repeatively asking +Subliminal Frequency Hypnosis Wizard Binaurel Beats about that too, and I agree with the additional details you're asking about. Specifically, I would feel better knowing if the ovum do get created and further produced after the testies to ovaries transformation. And I have been suggesting a track for beginning and increasing ovum production in both women and MTF. I, personally, would begin my organ transformation sooner knowing for sure that Is the case. Ugh, we may not know for as late as six months after someone else uses the frequency set, gets herself examined, and confirms it.[11]

Note: "Six months" is a quote from the video description.

Subliminal Frequency Hypnosis Wizard Binaural Beats:

Listen daily until you achieve desired results! Listen at a minimum of 2 weeks for a difference. Results will vary. 2 weeks to 6 months.

The comment Chris was replying to:

Jasmine Wabinoki Astarèjoice “Jazz/Jazzy” Sohlden-Alber:

+Subliminal Frequency Hypnosis Wizard Binaural Beats does this also make the gonads (after changing them from testes to ovaries) go up into the body where they are in genetic born females? and will I have eggs and menstrual cycles? if not, I have two video requests. #1 please make a video (designed to work after this video and after the XY to XX video) that firstly puts the mtf/trans female listener's ovaries up inside her body where belong, then for her ovaries to have/develop eggs? #2 would you please create another video (designed to work after the my #1 video request and after your videos which a neo vagina) that will firstly create fallopian tubes for mtf trans women, then a uterus including a cervix, then thirdly cause her to have menstrual cycle/periods and be able to get pregnant?

Channel Discussion Page

4 April

Hey, SFHWBB. I've sent y'all two private messages with questions and suggestions. Please, be sure to read them and reply very soon. Thank you.  :)

5 April

I repeat myself, at first, but some of your videos could be better at visually appealing in their playback visual content. I would feel better with something neutral, like differing spiral and background colors, such as the one in the Breast Growth Hormone video.[12]

5 April

I have a question. I have been looping and enjoying the Breast Growth Hormones track for about a week now. But, I've also found your "Grow Big + Natural & Soft Firm Breasts" track, of which I've tried that for a little while amidst the other. I want my breasts to grow up to at least the pair shown on the icon of the GBNSFB video. Do I continue with the Hormones, or should I switch for the better result, or both of them back and forth?[13]

Cwc wants these boobs.png

26 April

I have just learned of the Brrast Shape Dictionary; apparently, there are nine types of breast shapes/allignment. Assymetric, Athletic, Bell Shape, Relaxed, East West, Round, Side Set, Slender, and Tear Drop. I would recommend making frequencies that would change the breast shape to any of these. Popularly, I feel Round and Tear Drop should be the first to be made, please.[14]

Getting rid of autism

Chris discussed a video titled Subliminal Affirmations for Easing Autism Symptoms in a video on 29 June, claiming to be cured of his autism.

A Message To ALL From Frequency Wizard

30 July

I am most grateful for your work, Especially in allowing me to transition physically and mentally. Some of which I am still looking forward to final completion, but of the initial that Truly Impressed me to go further, the growth hormones DID make my breasts grow out Half an Inch per week. I have since personally Believed more and more in your Binaural Beats and frequency combination formulas, because, Believe Me, if not anyone else, These Beats DO Work. Patience and persistence in listening to the same track or set of tracks, at least while asleep, WITH clip-on earphones, the promised results Will Happen. [15]

Note: Chris made this comment a few days after apparently being persuaded to follow medical advice to heal the wound he had mistook for labia growth from listening to the channel's videos.

Open Slot Available! Post Your Request Now!

4 October

Telekenis Level 2![16]


27 December

More Telekinesis Levels, Please.[17]

Brainwave Entrainment Booster!!

December 2016

Hey, Frequency Wizard, something has gone wrong with the Brainwave Entrainment Booster video; I play it, and it sounds a lot different than normal. I recommend watching and listening to it for yourselves, then reuploading the track ASAP. Thank you.[18]

Lower Your Blood Pressure Fast! Hypertension Treatment

December 2016

Frequency Wizard, this video has gone wonky too.[19]


Chris has liked many videos. Most of them proclaim to be for various methods of MTF transitioning. However, he has liked other videos, such as:[20]

  • Lose Weight Super Fast!
  • Attract Love Fast!
  • Produce Odorless Farts Fast!
  • Eliminate Armpit Odor Permanently Fast!
  • Stop Self Sabotaging - Feel Worthy And Deserving Fast!
  • Lower Your Blood Pressure Fast! Hypertension Treatment
  • Become A Mind Reader Fast!
  • Learn Telekinesis Fast! LEVEL 1
  • Know If Someone Is Lying to you or telling the truth Fast!
  • Subliminal Affirmations for Easing Autism Symptoms


In the comic

Subliminals in Sonichu.jpg

The Frequencies are mentioned in Sonichu #12. Magi-Chan loans a CD of them to Robbie Sonichu as a means of transforming her into a transwoman. After two weeks, Robbie's breasts grow from a B-cup to DD. After six weeks, her "part M shrank, and part F opened", completing her transition.

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