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Equestria Daily's Twitter account promoting Chris's entry (tweet since deleted).

Equestria Daily is a website and fan blog dedicated to coverage of My Little Pony, which, alongside the accounts of its current (Sethisto) and previous (Calpain) heads, Chris previously liked and republished posts of. Other than the usual anti-Russian propaganda replies to some of these, Chris has also submitted a rant complaining about Generation 5 of My Little Pony for the blog's "Community Soapbox", which was briefly featured[1] before being removed.[2]

Community Soapbox entry

Equestria Daily posted the below entry on 5 March 2024. It appeared alongside entries by other MLP fans, before being scrubbed.

MLP G5 Does Not Exist in this very Timeline

By: Jesus Christine Weston Chandler Sonichu Prime

Anything MLP G5 is simply not meant to be. The typical reasons include the executives being money-hungry, wanting something "Fresh and New", and competing with the likes of Disney with the video technology and all when they never had to, as well as laying off the original staff of MLP G4 to cut costs and whatnot. But moreover, G5 was literally foretold, by me, and everyone agrees after the fact, that it was to be simply awful and out of place. And this is not due to quality of art, story, characters, or whatever. It goes deeper, as not only there is a lot more to explore and chronicle with Princess Twilight Sparkle and everyone else of Equestria and Earth (counting Equestria Girls, because that IS canon, period), including Doctor Wolf and the OCs of the fandom being literally canon. And existent in Equestria, period.

Friendship is Magic and Equestria Girls was perfect in quality, Not counting the premature Season 9, Episode 26 "Future" episode, and the additional five seasons that is to be manifested gives it even better quality, character growths and closures. DJ Pon3 has a voice (Jesse Nowacking is the perfect voice actor for her, hands down), Dr. Wolf, Lightning Bliss and the others interact with everyone in Ponyville, Canterlot and all. Nightstar Sonichu, the Half-Unicorn, Half-Sonichu, with dimensional and psychic powers is there and has personally worked with Twilight and her friends as well. This is not "head-canon", it IS canon in this timeline.

And the resuming of G4 will only bring about better peace and order restoration with everyone, in general, and metaphysically. And on top of that, the executives have lost since G5 began, and they still have the chance to redeem themselves and Hasbro by simply cancelling G5, completely shelving it (like a write-off like Coyote Vs Acme, presently), removing G5 from all streaming services and downloads and removing it from YouTube. The fanbase should cease to produce or even talk about G5 right now, by Divine Will and Timing. I know this, personally.

Nobody asked for G5 nor even Pony Life, and now is the time to resume G4 before everything gets worse, period. This is not just a feeling or opinion, this is cold hard fact from the literal core of this Universe and the core of this Timeline, along with Devine Will. And Drama can go somewhere else with the Toxic ones that linger.

But in short: Forget MLP G5, right now, and no longer acknowledge it, because it does not exist in this Timeline. And Encourage Hasbro to resume Friendship is Magic And Equestria Girls, Right Now. Divine Order, Worldwide Peace, Peace of and withing the Brony Community that I am part of, regardless, along with authentic Love supersedes Greed, Money, and Hatred.


As his article was removed from the Equestria Daily soapbox, Chris read his copypasta right off this CWCki page in his 18 March 2024 video, Telling It To All of You, and the Hasbro Executives and Staff.