A Wild Chris-Chan Attempts Human Interaction

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He did [get banned from the GameStop], but they decided it was safer to let him in and take a neutral stance to everything he says and does.
The clerk.[1]

A Wild Chris-Chan Attempts Human Interaction is an eyewitness video of Chris uploaded on 13 March 2019. Since Chris is shopping for Nintendo Switch accessories, the video can be dated after his 7 March video. In the video, a GameStop clerk captures footage of Chris in his store (location unknown). As the employee rings up a Poké Ball Plus (RRP $47) peripheral for his Nintendo Switch, Chris boasts that he is infamous on the internet.


A Wild Chris-Chan Attempts Human Interaction
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Stardate 13 March 2019
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Very Cool Birthday Present! :)
A Melodic Burp
So if you wanna check me out on the internet, I've been famous for... long time.


[Recording begins. The clerk is behind the counter. Chris is browsing the shelves near the far side of the store. He appears to be the only other person present. Camera shakes as the clerk zooms in on him, then abruptly pans down to the floor, presumably so Chris doesn't see that he's being recorded.]

Chris: [Stress sigh] Hey, dude!

Clerk: Hi. How are you doing?

Chris: Doin' okay. I am in the market for a brand-new Poké Ball Plus.

Clerk: A brand new Poké Ball Plus? Uh, let me see if we have any.

[Camera is now facing the ceiling as the clerk checks a drawer]

Yes, we do.

Chris: And I need a pre-owned, non-closing 2DS.

Clerk: Pre-owned, non-closing 2DS. Let's see if we have any of those, I'm not sure we do.

[Camera goes completely black as the clerk sets his phone down to search the store]

Chris: Wem. Wem wem. This Poké Ball Plus contains wem!

[The GameStop TV is audible in the background for a few seconds]

Chris: There it is. [long pause]

[high-pitched] How'd I miss this? It's right there!

How'd I missed it? It was right there! Hmmm...

[The clerk returns to the cash register]

Clerk: Yeah, looks like the only DSes we have in stock are the folding ones.

Chris: Okay. I was hopin' to save some money, but that's okay. I'll just take the Poké Ball Plus for now.

Clerk: Alrighty.

Chris: I do have my reward card on me [unintelligible, typing sounds]

Clerk: Okey-doke.

Chris: I guess I'll try another GameStop then.

[Register beeps as the clerk rings him up]

Clerk: Did you want to protect the Poké Ball in case anything happens to it?

Chris: No.

Clerk: Okay, cool. $52.64.

Chris: [talking over the clerk] But something is gonna happen. I'm going to paint it into a special custom Poké Ball I designed, called an S-Chu Ball.

Clerk: An S-Chu Ball?

Chris: N'yeah. Hang on a second. Designed [coughs] after the classic and most popular Sonic OC ever, Sonichu!

Clerk: Yeah.

Chris: Specially used for capturing electric types.

Clerk: Okay.

Chris: [talking over the clerk] Sonichus, Rosechus, Roseys, Sonees, Vamprosas, and Metonics.

Clerk: Okey-dokey.

Chris: So if you wanna check me out on the internet, I've been famous for... long time.

Clerk: All right. Well, that's cool.

[TV is briefly audible again]

Chris: 'Cuz guess who created that OC.

Clerk: You?

Chris: [simultaneously] Yup. [Chuckles]

[Several beeping sounds]

Chris: And Sonichu has a Pokédex number! Number 982.

Clerk: Really?

Chris: And dere are nearly over 1200 Pokémon in existence. They just haven't all been chronicled yet in this world.

Clerk: Gotcha.

[Receipt prints out]

Clerk: [unintelligible] printing the receipt. Do you want a bag for this?

Chris: Um, no.

Clerk: Okeydoke. There you go.

Chris: Thank you. Have a good day.

Clerk: You too.

[The door alarm beeps as Chris leaves]


The following week, as one might expect, Chris did not hesitate to redecorate his peripheral (and subsequently devalue it):[2]

Also, today is a deserved day of rest after a Busy, Busy Week with LOTS of Appointments and Errands. Also, a Pikachu wandered into my Switch from a friend, and I gave my S-Chu Ball Plus an awesome workout with Lots of Walking. Wem (my new Mew) had an awesome time. ⚡️💙⚡️


The above Tweet also confirms that during the GameStop sighting, Chris was muttering "wem", as in Mew backwards — a character exclusive to the Poké Ball Plus.[3]

Very Cool Birthday Present! :) Chris's videos A Melodic Burp